Who is Martin Vrijland?

Who is Martin Vrijland and why does he write articles? Martin Vrijland is a journalist, writer and researcher who now has the largest website in the Netherlands for the real truth seeker. In 2012 he quit his job as international sales managers and decided to make a different sound. Back then you mainly had the mainstream media and some alternative media website. That was still relatively in its infancy. His website has since grown into one of the largest in the Netherlands with a strong sound.


In many articles I speak about something that may not immediately sound so positive, but it is important to take a look at it. We think that only the mainstream media is in the pocket of the established order, but could it be that the other side of the coin is also in the pocket of the same club? Could it be that the alternative media in the Netherlands is fully controlled?

I literally mean 'controlled by the secret service'. In the Netherlands, that club is called the AIVD. In order to prove that, you actually have to infiltrate. I did that unplanned. There have been quite a few incidents, as a result of which I was remarkably excluded by those alternative media. So what I will do is briefly describe the history of my rise as a writer and outline the contours by which you can read for yourself whether you agree with my opinion or not.

In the beginning

When I started writing in 2012, it was not my intention to do that forever. My last employer where I worked as an international sales manager went bankrupt and during the job that I took afterwards I suddenly got fed up with 'tailor-made suit and lease car'. I decided to write for a while (I thought 'temporarily') and chose a pseudonym so as not to damage my CV. So I let myself be fired in close consultation, which meant I was entitled to benefits. That writing started with an article on the (now defunct) website Argusoog by Arend Zeevat and ended in my own website.

After a few months, my website was suddenly visited up to 150 times a day during the Anass Aouragh case. This was because I decided to just go to the 'crime scene' with a camera, because Peter R. de Vries had said on TV that every hair and every fiber would be investigated in this (self) murder case. I was curious if that was really the case and went to the site with an amateur camera. I found a lot of rubbish at the spot where Anass would have been found and witnesses reported that they took their dog for a walk there that same morning. That case kept everybody in the Netherlands busy at the time and I also published the NFI autopsy report. It was all over the news, because no one has risked such a thing before, but my name was not mentioned (that would give even more visitors to my website).

Almost immediately when I started investigating this case, I was attacked with all sorts of online libel and slander and despite a very comprehensive and an extremely detailed police report, nothing has been done with it to this day. In addition, there is no lawyer who's got the nerve to initiate a procedure when I explain that it can be proven that this campaign comes from the government. I also received no answer from the rebellious lawyer Sven Hulleman.

The alternative media was stirring at that time and I was more or less absorbed by sites and people that I had hardly heard of before I started as a writer. Micha Kat was one of them. I was also invited to a Frontier symposium and even nominated for the 'Frontier Award'.

Then I noticed the first things. For example, I would be interviewed by John Consemulder, but suddenly it got canceled spontaneously. My performance was recorded, but not broadcast anywhere. Marcel Messing (a well-known name in the alternative media) took me into a room after the final show of some hypnotist. Here he told me in private that I had to be very careful. "They" could target me with a directed energy weapon just like that.


My attendance in the alternative media was now fiercely opposed by dozens of sites for the libel and slander at my address, that seemed to sprout like mushrooms. I discovered that the driving force behind this libel and slander was a state employee (and OTO priest) Jeroen Hoogeweij , who at the time literally lived around the corner from Micha Kat.

Nevertheless, I was embraced by Micha Kat. Until then, Kat was the big name in the alternative media, because he had been fighting the pedophilia of the highest man of justice: Joris Demmink for years. Kat invited me to come to the Demmink processes of the foundation De Roestige Spijker and paid for my fuel. All this time, Kat seemed to be able to throw money like it was nothing, so that caught the eye. During the hearings I found out that the members of the foundation that sued Demmink were quite hesitant and anxious about me. That piqued my interest. Why did they react so anxiously to me? Wasn't I in their camp?

When I noticed the orange ribbon on the lapels of a member of the foundation, I wondered how a member of the foundation who more or less attacked the Dutch state could wear an orange ribbon. So I started digging into the background of the people in that foundation. For example, I came across the fact that this ribbon carrier (called Ben Ottens) had helped to upgrade the value of the grounds around Schiphol from agricultural destination to building land.

The Poot family, who financed this foundation, the Roestige Spijker, were able to claim billions from the Dutch state for those lands (including fictitious development projects). I also discovered that the foundation collaborated with Jack Abramoff, a man who had extorted 'higher-ups' in the US with sexual abuse videos. So I unintentionally and accidentally found out that Kat was financed by the Poot family and that it all turned out to be a great deception. The case against Demmink therefore did not revolve around the actual elucidation of pedophile abuses, but apparently much more about the extortion of the Dutch state.

At that time not one website in the alternative media wanted to face the abuses around their (until then) hero Micha Kat. I was even invited to a radio broadcast in which I could explain what I had discovered. I was informed that this would be an 1 on 1 interview, but during the live broadcast it was suddenly announced that Micha Kat was also in the broadcast. That was a refined method, but the radio broadcast did not do Kat any good, because I managed to find out that he was paid by the Poot family and he indeed worked with Jack Abramoff. The entire alternative media has ignored me as a pariah since then. They already didn't defend me during the online libel and slander attacks and there were (except Niburu.co and Micha Kat's Klokkenluideronline website) no or hardly any links to my articles, but now they had to let me down emphatically and even attacked me for exposing Micha Kat.

Before all this happened, I had already been invited once by Marcel Messing to a kind of meeting to join forces in the alternative media in the south of the country. At that time I received some support because I donated to meet my fuel costs.

It was clear that my unemployment benefit was about to expire. At that time I could barely make ends meet and at that time I had already been evicted from my house to live forced anti-squat. I therefore had to drive 4,5 hours and 4,5 hours back in an old fuel-guzzling car. During that meeting of alternative media websites, where practically everyone of name and fame within that alternative media was present (Marcel Messing, Ad Broere, Guido Jonkers, etc.), the establishment of a cooperative was discussed. There had to be a collection channel for the alternative media. Marcel Messing indicated that he knew people who wanted to make millions available. I thought that was a remarkable observation and it raised the question of who those “people” would be. I never found out, because my presence was a one-off. I clearly became a threat after Micha Kat's exposure.

Up a notch

Since 2014 I suddenly saw a new name appear on the scene. A lady with the name Irma Schiffers suddenly appeared to be writing articles about subjects that I also mentioned and it seemed as if an alternative for Martin Vrijland had to be launched in the shape of this Irma Schiffers. This lady was strongly promoted by all well known websites in the alternative media. We also saw an old journalist named Janneke Monshouwer appear who did something similar to what German journalist Udo Ulfkotte had done before. Ulfkotte worked 17 years for the 'Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung', 'Frankfurter Algemeine' or 'FAZ' and came out with a book in which he proclaimed that the CIA occasionally bribed journalists. The Netherlands could not stay behind, so we got our own 'Udo Ulfkotte' in the shape of the sweet and trustworthy looking Janneke Monshouwer. She preached more or less the same about Dutch journalism. The club WantToKnow, Earth Matters, and many other websites eagerly promoted the mentioned new names. That was exactly what the awakening Dutchman wanted to hear.

We also suddenly saw the emergence of all sorts of other new names, such as Martijn van Staveren, Willem Felderhof and Coen Vermeeren. All these people were into sub-areas of "conspiracy theories" or spirituality. They were suddenly shooting out of the ground like mushrooms and it seemed that, since my very active period of 2013, they had to kick things up a notch to absorb the awakening group of people in the Netherlands. It is not my intention to discuss and fillet all these names 1 by 1, because you can find out for yourself who is or is not reliable. I only describe my perception. I already discussed Martijn van Staveren once; Willem Felderhof was suddenly the driving force behind a conference series called 'Open Mind' and Coen Vermeeren stirred himself as UFO and 911 expert.

What all these names have in common is their rapid attendance and their seemingly unlimited budgets, opportunities and 'feel good profile' and their promotion by everything and everyone in alternative medialand. Of course that is possible and you can regard it as positive and at the same time you could consider it as vindictive, jealousy, frustration or 'self-created isolation' of Martin Vrijland. None of that. I would rather have come to the opposite view to be able to work together with truth seekers, so that I can focus on writing about my own insights regarding news and current events. Because I noticed that subjects are literally hijacked and often linked to disinformation or false tracks, I feel a need to give a clear warning. I also want to remind you of the fact that all websites in the alternative media turned their back on me (and opposed me from the moment) when I exposed fraudster Micha Kat. That should ring a bell.

What all new springing up mushrooms also have in common is that they do not seem to be affected by the proclamation of their 'conspiracy theories'. Should that be necessary? It is at least remarkable that this happened in my case. That did not end with libel and slander about scams, imprisonment, assault and so on, but even went so far as posting all kinds of details about my daughter including age, place of residence and school. But that remained completely unnoticed and not appointed by all those alternative media websites. Yes, perhaps you took your own poison, could be the thought, but the fact that things are made up and pressing charges does not matter; the fact that this is proven to come from the sleeve of a state employee; the fact that such attacks are absent from other newcomers; added to the fact that they promote and support each other, should raise some questions. Could it be that they were all trained and launched by the AIVD? Or is that a conspiracy idea?

Wait a second. So we can believe that governments use false flag operations and propaganda and use the mainstream media, but we can not believe that a secret service has the alternative media in its pocket? Why would you want one just so dangerous movement stay undisturbed? Vladimir Lenin already stated that the best way to control resistance is to give leadership to that opposition. Or is that only something that applied in the old, cumbersome Soviet Union? Could it be that the AIVD's octopus arms in the Netherlands might be a little more rich than many people think? Could it be that the Godfather of the Dutch alternative media, Marcel Messing, who came in high-ranking circles and is not unseen in freemasonry, is the founder of this principle in the Netherlands? To conduct good opposition, you must give people what they are looking for: 'the truth'.

What is Truth?

In your quest for truth, the point is that you at least have the feeling that 'this sounds really plausible'. Then you approach the eureka moment where everyone is looking for out of frustration about the mainstream media and its obvious propaganda and (mostly) lies. It seems that this need has been entered into a higher gear since about 2014. Irma Schiffers, for example, is very busy with it. There is something for everyone in the alternative media. Do you believe the earth is flat? Then you will receive that. Believes in aliens or UFOs, you can go to multiple channels and you can even find a spiritual "reinforcement" with someone like Martijn van Staveren. Do you believe that children are ritually sacrificed? Then you can also find that recently with "ex-banker and insider" Ronald Bernard. And of course there are the subjects that everyone is scratching their ears about now: 911, vaccinations and chemtrails. You will be served at WantToKnow, Earth Matters, Ninefornews and so on. We can almost call it the 'alternative media church' and that church naturally needs unspoiled ministers. Pastors with a good background, thorough knowledge and an inspiring story. Those who dare to say that the earth is not flat and that a 'false flag operation' is sometimes a hoax or the one calling that you are being played like a television dime-maker once played the American audience, you do not want them in that church.

It is about your urge to search for the truth. This urge is a fairly obvious consequence of the awakening of many for the ruse and deceit of the mainstream media. But to discover the truth, you must not learn to use your own brain. You have to learn that you can best find it with a solid and reliable church: the alternative media church. In this way you will once again learn to trust the minister, as the pastor preached the truth of the pulpit to the churchgoers. This way you will once again be able to rely on the new ministers of the alternative media. And that is why it is important that you know that you are dealing with reliable pastors who are chewing you reliable truth because they have investigated that. Then you do not have to do anything yourself. You have no time for that and the pastor has studied for it. Well, that is about the message of the Coöperatie Vrije Media; the initiative that is apparently being launched by Ad Broere and Irma Schiffers, but which actually comes from the sleeve of the alternative media that have been working together behind the scenes. It is the initiative that was already discussed during my one-off presence at the meeting with Marcel Messing.

What has been the tactic in recent years? It turned out that the elimination of unwanted researchers such as Martin Vrijland, through libel and slander online, did not result in 'abandonment', so that thousands of readers per day were suddenly confronted with new insights from that unwanted writer. That leak had to be closed and to close that leak, the playing field was fully planned with trees. Dozens of trees that could all grow a bit and all had something interesting to say about the mentioned topics, but always a bit different. A forest of websites in these alternative media was set up. That forest had already been controlled by the AIVD and behind the scenes those sites already worked together in a coordinated way via coordinators such as Marcel Messing and Guido Jonkers, but in the visible field the eyes increasingly unclear en more and more information. You did not see the forest through the trees anymore! And that was precisely the intention. And tada! Suddenly there are a few reliable-looking father and mother types (who have already come from the same litter). The reliable-looking economist Ad Broere and the reliable-looking Irma Schiffers. Does not that give you a very high 'feel good' content? And of course we have the always sweet and happy Arjan Bos of Earth Matters who of course wants to help to bundle all those little churches into 1 big church. You may guess who appoints the ministers. And would you please become a member of this church? The church needs money to carry out all its good plans. That there is money behind the scenes (as Marcel Messing accidentally pointed out in my presence during the meeting) you do not need to know. The Catholic Church also has money, but by becoming a member you confirm your faith, and you commit yourself to the church. You should now also do this with this new church of De Vrije Media. They will search for the truth for you. After all, they are now "proven reliable". Ah, and if you are already a member of that trustworthy church, you will no longer have to support such an outspoken Martin Vrijland, who can not even receive social assistance benefits. After all, you already contribute to a club that presents itself as reliable. Welcome to the new church. Mission accomplished. (Read more under the video)

You are being served

From now on you can be served with the "real truth" of De Vrije Media. This is how the AIVD first created the forest and that is how it is now launching the solution. 'The best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself'. But how do you know that the AIVD is behind it? How do you know that it has been checked? Take the revelations of ex-banker Ronald Bernard! Who only speaks truth? Yes of course! As I said, you are looking for the truth and you are being served with the truth. Although 'truth' is of course a relative concept. Do you know if you see the truth when you are on a ship sailing along the coast? That you have water around you, see the coast at a distance and be surrounded by your fellow passengers; that is irrefutable truth. What you can not see is what happens on the shore. The controlled ship sails off the shore.

In the drawing below you do not have to look closely to see gray intersecting lines. And sometimes you see a tip. But can you also see all the dots at once?

In another picture (see below) you can clearly see the black-and-white image, but if you look at it for longer than 10 seconds (focus your eyes on the 4 dots), then your eyes will flash and look up blinking, you will see a "pretty familiar character". You will see a hidden image. This way your perception of truth can also be played. If you think you are seeing something right, you still seem to miss a few points or the visible image conceals a deeper image. What if the mainstream media gives you 'the black' in the picture below and the alternative media you "white"? What seems? You still can not see the hidden image. And that, in my opinion, is exactly the intention.

The term 'light worker' is a beloved term in the alternative media. That 'light' shines in the dark. Or like Ronald Bernard this movie explains so beautifully when he says that a group of people are sitting in the dark for a while and have to get used to the darkness. Then the general lights a lighter and everyone is overwhelmed by the light. Sounds interesting, but that light could just refer to the Luciferian light. I will come back to that later. The question you should ask yourself is: If the alternative media represents 'the white' (light) in the black picture of the mainstream media, do you see the truth or a shadow of the truth?

Prove it!

You want hard evidence that the alternative media has been set up by the AIVD. They are quite statements that I do, so I understand you. It is just like with the picture above; it shows you the black and the white, but to be able to see the hidden image, you have to stare at the 4 dots for a little longer, then look up with your eyes blinking and pay attention to what you see. I can only show you the contours of the created visible image. And you can sometimes tell from those contours that people act and that the stories seem to be 'white' in the black image, but that they mask the hidden image. To see the hidden image in the visible image, just blink your eyes.

The story of Ronald Bernard is in that sense a perfect example. Ronald tells you everything that seems to be right. He tells you how the banking world works and even explains that politicians are boy boys of the banking system; the banking system at the top of the pyramid. At the top of the pyramid is the BIS bank; underneath the central banks and underneath the ordinary banks. He explains the well-known pyramid picture that everyone who has been active for a while already knew the alternative media. Ronald seemingly puts his finger on all sore spots! Irma Schiffers interviewed him and at the end of part 2 of the interview series (which happens to be the neat Masonic number of 33 minutes) Ronald has put his maconical tie back in order to appeal to everyone who dares to question his story . That was probably directed to the controlled alternative media affiliated with Micha Kat, who were hunting for Bernard's CV. I had not written about Ronald at the time of the production of this film.

I've been poking through NLP methods in the mainstream media before, but Ronald Bernard also uses it full-time. Especially the hand gestures in the last minutes of the video below give clear signals. Spreading the hands gives the subliminal message "I am great" (and you are small); the quiet tone of self-control that spills over from anger into emotion with finally an acted tear; the pointing fingers say the angry voice and body language 'hold your waffle'. Ronald gives the unconscious message of "I am authority" in dress style, hand gestures and verbally. The entire interview is interspersed with "unquestionable truths" and Irma mainly has the task to say 'yes' and 'right', to keep your mind in the adoptive mode. (Read more under the video)

In my first article About Ronald Bernard I explained how it is clear to read that he is an actor. Irma Schiffers also appears to be using the Derren Brown 'Miracles for sale' method (see this movie) have been trained. Of course her story is also perfect. She is an artist, has HSP and .. well you can read what she says herself [quote]

Born (more crashed) on 3 February 1962 somewhere in Hilversum; Jungian therapist; truth seeker; coach; lightwarrior; very dedicated to people, animals and nature; sensitive and allergic to deception and corruption, intuitive painter; (ex-) bassist; yes also HSP; social idealist; sense of humor, spiritual and earthly (all-in-one!) and waterman in optima forma; I go for it freedom, independence, equality, justice, transparency and honesty. Is often interpreted by others as inimitable, eccentric and weird ".

There we have the term 'lightworker' again, which you will have hit more often in the alternative media. Do you remember who this light came from; who colors that white in the black picture? Of course, Irma is highly sensitive with her HSP. That is a good thing, because because of this (and not through her support from the AIVD) she suddenly knows how to talk about all the conspiracies since 2014. But that is not the only thing! Irma is also medium. Well, then you are well with Irma! She feels just or something is right and she paints the white on the black cloth.

Now you might think that I just call and not come with proof. Did you see what you should see in the black and white picture? I outline the contours. You have to make an effort to see it and not everyone sees it. The proof sometimes lies in the symbolism and the hidden messages.

Hidden signs

Until recently, these hidden messages were not so clearly visible, but you will be shown. The only problem is that you simply can not see it. You may already be in the church in the meantime and you are already paying a contribution and the Coöperatie Vrije Media or have already paid your € 100 indulgence to the Happy B (who can not yet call himself a bank). You're not going to attack a church that clearly sheds light on the dark? Well, then you may close your eyes to symbolism.

For example, a reader noted the following about the Joy B (ank) of Ronald Bernard [quote]

I have looked at this for a long time home page of the happy bank. The first thing you notice is of course the orange logo that represents the phallic symbol on its freemasons. Directly next to it is the slogan "your bank in formation."

And another commenter said the following [quote]:

The db logo of De Blije Bank is mirrored. Can you remember those photos of the Rothschilds party including photographs? The invitation card was written in mirrored see here.

The mirror is indeed an important symbol for the Aleister Crowley (Luciferian) techniques of 'reverse speach' and other 'inverse techniques'. The mirror shows, as it were, that you are Luciferian. The 'd' in the logo of the Happy B gives the 'b' in mirror image. Moreover, these two letters next to each other do indeed give the phallic symbol (in which the word 'establishment' in the slogan 'the bank in formation' subliminally refers to a phallus erection). So that is a Luciferian symbol. But well, let's not do it hard and just take a look at the logo of the United People foundation. You do not have to look very well to recognize the pyramid? Lucifer supporters and supporters of the 'We are all one', the 'One World Government' and 'One World Religion' always show their Luciferianism because they believe that this respects the law of free will. They also like to show you the truth, so that the whole picture is colored. They form the white on the black background, but you only see the inverse of the hidden image.

United People wants to unite all people. Does not that sound very Luciferian? You can of course consider the pyramid in the logo as innocent. Do you recognize the 666 hand gesture by Arjan Bos from Earth Matters with one of his YouTube videos? The preachers of the alternative media church like to show you in which camp they are, but hidden. Do you recognize the mirror in the video below behind Irma Schiffers? (Read more under the video)

The respondent to my previous article continues with a (not yet verified) comment [quote]

De Blije B. is based in Switzerland, how could it be otherwise, is not it? Their concept will certainly be further developed and then expelled to other banks, I guess so.

If that is not a sign on the wall? So you're supposedly ex-top banker; points to all the sore spots that could already be found in the alternative media; collects these in a set of interviews with Irma Schiffers; to start a bank yourself! Ronald and Irma and all other actors in the alternative media have tried to convince you with a well-directed and very credible story, in which all elements can be found that every truth seeker could have found over the years. It is a brilliant compilation and very well put. But it still has all the smell of high-level acting around them. Irma Schiffers did not ask an 1 critical question and all of Ronald Bernard's stories are unverifiable. However, the entire alternative media has taken over and used it to bundle the alternative media into the initiative of the Coöperatieve Vrije Media. They will show you the way through the (self-created AIVD) forest to alternative media sites (without of course pointing you to Martin Vrijland).

Disillusion and now?

Good, thanks for the disillusion and what now? Who can I trust now and what can I still read or not. "We from toilet duck, advise toilet duck"Would be very easy, but I advise you to read my articles, especially not to leave it to the" new church "and the" alternative minister ", but to activate your own intuitive faculty and your soul. to connect. Yes, the 'light workers' tell you that too, but they want to keep you in the Luciferian matrix. I hope you will escape from that. So if the alternative media and media color your image, you should see the hidden image through the image. They make you miss the hidden picture.

Take a look back at the image above with the gray lines. You see every now and then a dot and it looks like the dots are connected by those alternative media, but you never see them all at once. They keep you away from the total unmasking of the Luciferian matrix. Even though they are going to tell you that child sacrifices are being made in the top layers. Did you poke through the acted emotion of Ronald Bernard? Or would you rather be a member of the Happy Church anyway? And do not forget the Free Media! They really need your support!


What all these sites also do is ask for donations while secretly having money. This is a deliberate strategy, in order to catch the wind out of the sails, which is really ruined and does not have a red cent. Who will take Martin Vrijland's calls for support seriously if all those websites (funded by the AIVD) all seem to be fine? Right..and that was exactly the intention.
Freedom of speech may officially exist, but you will simply be ruined socially as financially. This way you can also criticize your criticism. Because I have become completely dependent on donations due to all the libel and defamation and the online attacks, I want to ask you to support me. This is indeed a serious appeal (in contrast to the calls from the controlled opposition sites that all bathe in luxury).
To make it clear that I do not sell a booth, you can view the size of these donations online this link.
Question everything! Think for yourself. Do not be fooled by "almost truth" and coloring the picture, so that you do not perceive the real and hidden image.


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