Michael P. has extensively announced the murder of Anne Faber: fake news or fact?

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Yesterday reported the media that Michael P. (who now everyone knows that the P for Pan house state) would have extensively announced the murder of Anne Faber. That could suddenly come out during the pro forma session. That this has not been brought out before, does not fit in completely with the openness that the police have always given to the case. Earlier we heard that Michael P. had confessed the site, but especially not confessed to the murder. That this remarkable fact was noticed on the site as paradoxical, is probably the reason for this turn. After all, almost nothing of the official lecture is correct and the news was adapted if it came out better. For example, Anne Faber was first buried, but this 24 hour later was adapted to a cremation. As if you can make a mistake with such a professional spokesperson as uncle Hans Faber. Justice and police have been spokespersons for years, but today families also have spokespersons and they remain out of the picture themselves. After all, you do not want to express the sadness about your daughter or girlfriend yourself, you leave that to a professional.

The psychology of man has a special characteristic that was already known to Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister under the '40 /' 45 regime with our eastern neighbors. If you repeat something often enough, people will automatically believe it. In fact, it no longer matters whether something is logical or not, or not. A title from a headline or a serious-looking and hypnotic voice-speaking news reader does wonders. "Michael P. has extensively announced the murder of Anne Faber"Is enough to program your subconscious mind with the idea that the case has been solved and that the whole thing has happened. You can put the facts side by side and explain exactly why something does not seem logical. Your cognitive reaction is determined more by the media than by facts. You have been programmed with the idea that media can not lie and bring you news facts. You believe it to be facts. It probably does not matter to the average reader whether the Anne Faber case is possibly a PsyOp or not. We prefer that the case is simply completed. And there is no better rounding than a perpetrator and clarity about someone's destiny. Then we will sleep well again. Close eyes and beaks.

Do you not find it remarkable that we never get the family or friend of Anne Faber in the picture and that they are in a separate room in court cases? Do you not find it remarkable that Michael Panhuis does not appear in the courtroom? No care. With the necessary greenscreen techniques, the media can also meet that need. But the possibility of a PsyOp case is still standing above the surface. What we hear or see are stories in the media. Preferably supported with photos, because with photos everything gets credibility boosted.

The website www.nepnieuws-checker.nl explains how you can make news through various techniques. The software and artificial intelligence of today have actually ensured that we can not blindly trust anything we hear or see. What is the problem, however? Our psychology is not yet that far. We blindly believe the media; except for a few exceptional cases. If the media say that there is a fake news factory in Russia, then we believe that sometimes fake news roams on social media. However, we do not dare to question our holy minister. The media (the news, the newspaper, talk shows, magazines, radio, etc.) have taken the position of the church. The media are our new living room minister. We blindly believe them and they are high; even though we sometimes catch them on a mistake. Your pastors, NOS news, Telegraaf, Trouw, Eva Jinek, Jeroen Pauw, and others can not be blasted. They are good and bring you the truth and are open to criticism. They sometimes sin, but that is human.

The murder of Anne Faber still resembles a PsyOp and should be investigated in a forensic and independent manner. Then questions arise when:

  1. Why it took 6 days before the police saw Michael P. after Anne's coat was found, knowing that the NFI can have a DNA profile within 6 hours?
  2. Why did Anne Faber ride an ANWB bicycle route on her training in the knowledge that bad weather was coming and while it was getting dark?
  3. Why did Michael P. swing Anne's things around in different places?
  4. Why was Anne Faber first buried and she appeared a day later suddenly cremated?
  5. Why did Michael P. confess the site?
  6. Who was Anne Faber and who is her friend? Nathan Fidder?
  7. What is true of the earlier conviction of Michael P.?
  8. Who are the main characters in this story and can we see evidence of their existence other than photos (which CGI can be created)?

And of course there are many more questions that will pass by. The problem is that we now have to do with a blind faith in the reporting of media, police, justice, a lawyer and a family spokesman. We get a picture on the front, but do not know the reality at the back. What is fact and what is fiction? That is 1 of the reasons for which the initiative nepnieuws-checker.nl has been launched. this site must independently investigate matters such as that of Anne Faber and independently check the media, police and justice for the production of 'fake news'. His governments in cooperation with media are able to play the people through PsyOp's via the road of 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'to be able to respond to new legislation? That is one of the most important questions that will be examined through this initiative. Did the underlying (subliminal) message 'of an effective citizen search' have to contribute to the promotion of the launch?search app together'(a potential espionage app on citizens)? Such a question will also be addressed. But the research will mainly focus on facts.

If you are an advocate of such independent research, please let us know in this national survey about fake news. Or would you rather prefer that your image of the world remain as it is? Do we really want to know the truth or does that only cause unrest?

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  1. Jan wrote:

    ..and who is the lawyer of the absent Nathan ... .. tadaaaaaaa Sebas Diekstra

    Spindoctor of the A / MIVD

    This man only does NEP news with that scary coroner

    • SandinG wrote:

      @Jan, sharp he indeed comes from the stable of Defense. Have dedicated several posts in the past. You have Spong (Drugs), Knoops, Korver (pedo affairs) etc. and in the past Moskowicz who have close ties with the Public Prosecution Service and therefore with VenJ.

      He is now also on this case, which is of course very alarming


        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          What Minister Wiebes says (on 2: 20 min.) May well be worth repeating: We do not only find that all in our roles here, I in my role, but also as a person ". Yes, the ladies and gentlemen of politics and media play their role as actors. You can find something from your role or from your humanity. That is very normal and we have also become accustomed to that.

          Eva rattles the news "facts" about Anne Faber as if it were indisputable. That should not be compromised. It is just "true". And the gladjan lawyer of Nathan Fidder must of course clarify that it is all heavy and difficult. Naturally Nathan can not come for the tube.

          I remember a statement from Eva Jinek that she, as an 18 birthday girl, was quite exhibitionistic and liked to publicly wear her clothes when she was drunk. Ms. loves attention and if you are attentive, you do not mind .... to be of power.


          • Martin Vrijland wrote:


            And then it's time to draw a good story from the old box: "I used to be an exhibitionist when I had drinks. My girlfriends were crazy about it. When I started to unwind again, they thought: please. Stop that. We have already seen your whole body. I am looking for the border. But now that is of course no longer possible, unfortunately. "

          • SandinG wrote:

            It is also an ideal blackmail, of course, nothing is strange to us in the new Rome ..

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            No, you can do that as a woman. If you undress as a man and stand naked at the bar swinging with your pendulum, that is less accepted. In the latter case you would be blackmailed (as a man). If you do that as a woman (publicly undressing), you will only grow in popularity. That's why we have magazines like the playboy and stuff.

          • SandinG wrote:

            haha ???? If jenek presents itself as an ideal daughter-in-law, it can damage your 'image' in such a way that you are no longer eligible to present an NLP program (programming). So who knows what photos they have of her and of course her relationships with the canal belt elite strengthen her position of course also ..

            They squeeze themselves into the craziest corners to be part of it .. and to spread out and spread legs is of course also not strange ??

      • Jan wrote:

        @zandinogen ..thx and do not forget Ivana Smit

        In all these cases there is not a single photo, everything is combined

        ... and as far as Sebas is concerned, he is just too hip, promoted a little too much and seems to have thrown all the bizarre things into his lap. Coincidence….

        • Jan wrote:

          ... and do not forget Dascha Graafsma ...

          The same players (Diekstra and vd Goot) - and this case started the success of private research ...

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            The Anne Faber case is suspected by me from day 1 of being a PsyOp case for introducing new legislation and introducing new espionage (on the people) tools such as the 'search app' together (see previous post timeline). Fortunately, it is picked up by multiple sites; only they do not describe the main problem of such apps (which is also lacking in this analysis). The biggest problem is the rights you accept when you install such an app. You then give the police full time direct access to the sensors of your phone. In short: you make your telephone a direct-listening device for the police. Handy! I say go for it! Of course, the author of this article must apologize for 'conspiracy theories', because ooh woe, if you are critical you are a 'conspiracy thinker' .. a bit cowardly. No, you are just critical; that is allowed! That must! Get rid of that bullshit 'conspiracy thinker' stigma! That stamp was invented by the media to be able to serve any criticism of them. Yet I place the article for a while, so that you see more people seeing how we are giving more and more power out of hands:


          • Jan wrote:

            by this I mean of course "success", because it is just something to slick all. We see the switch from "detection requested" from public broadcaster to Youtube

          • SandinG wrote:

            The term conspiracy theorist was used by the CIA for the murder of JFK in order to stigmatize every critical thinker. And she has succeeded ... until now

            CIA Dispatch # 1035-960 (1967)

            The aim of this dispatch is to provide material countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists,

            To employ propaganda assets to and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose.

            In private to media discussions not directed at any particular writer, or in attacking publications which may be forthcoming,

            Critics have often been entested by a form of intellectual pride: they light on some theory and fall in love with it; they also scoff at the Commission because it does not always answer every single thing.



  2. SandinG wrote:

    Why a search app from the police?

    The police value the involvement of citizens, but there is also the fear that volunteers accidentally erase or disrupt traces. The police therefore find it important to be involved when large groups start looking. At the moment something is found, that location must be delineated as a crime scene for trace research. For this it is important that the police know who has walked there, and that is possible with the app. Furthermore, the police wants to warn people in advance, so they are aware of exactly what they are starting with a search: it is not a pleasant walking tour. It can have a big psychological impact on people.

    The most important question is where do you give permission if you install such an app?

  3. Iberi wrote:

    Citizens have a powerful weapon to use extensively to make an end to the corrupt system very quickly. Why do you continue to agree and agree to build your own prison and in the long run to your own demise? Want to get paid for that? Even worse, the government is making a big effort to measure how many citizens volunteer with them. Every contact with the world of lies should be stopped. It does not matter whether they receive negative attention. And most citizens know that they are lying. They are being deceived, but gradually they start to find it normal and perhaps love it. Bad thing. It has already come about in my view. They are being abused and start to love it, bad thing. Sick society.

    There is no professional footballer who wants to play football in an empty stadium, such a professional soccer club will then cease to exist. The pharmaceutical industry does not want a healthy population, otherwise their pharmaceutical empire collapses. Do not buy propaganda newspaper and let the ratings go down, they can no longer write lies and make misleading programs more. When politicians are no longer taken seriously, those in power have a big problem. And if less and less will be voted, the tension will be exhausted because they will no longer be able to fool the citizens and fool them. They can no longer play them because they no longer pay attention to them. If they draw less and less full rooms, there is little more to be policemen. As more and more citizens know that governments are cheating on the conveyor belt, they will eventually no longer recognize the authority of governments. That is a nightmare for them when their criminal system collapses and that is only possible if citizens stop feeding a criminal and sick system.

  4. Notis wrote:

    Just about the perpetrator who I will freely refer to my opinion as a fake perpetrator.
    A certain Michel Pan, Pan? What Pan, suddenly reminds me of a certain Panhuis. Yes, exactly!
    Cor Panhuis. Cor PANhuis of the "false flag" MH17 / MH370.
    Will it be a coincidence or did the person (Aivd agent) who created the name Pan still have his work on MH17 in mind? ????

    By the way, the MH17 alis MH370 has not been shot down but has been deposited there in the (Nabrovo) Ukraine!
    Shooting would mean that the wreckage would be spread over a much (too!) Large area with all the consequences, so less verifiable, witnesses who take debris home etc etc etc.

  5. frameworks wrote:

    why does Sebas write for F (ollow) T (he) M (oney)?

  6. Camera wrote:

    very risky part I would also like to share an amazement ...
    that Wittenburg in Amsterdam does attract "a lot of attention".
    It is, of course, a very sad news item
    we need to stay sharp ... with this just a surprise

    When seeing photos, it is noticeable that the flowers placed do not contain an "1" name of the person who has placed a flower. If your friend is dead, you absolutely do a card with your name.

    It was surprised that people heard the police and the ambulances and at the same time heard shots (at the same time !!!) with an open window but the perpetrators had fled and there was only 1 yes only 1 escape route in stock .. (please study the environment)
    So there was shot and the police were there and yet they are at least 10 km removed and then the car on fire?
    there are many more astonishment, here we leave it for now

    See here the explanation (under link is movie of atvijf) just after the event, shots were heard there were flashing lights and there were already ambulances


  7. Peter wrote:

    From a piece in which the father of Anne speaks extensively from the Volkskrant, it appears that she is buried when I read it that way. Now not cremated again. What is it? Bad journalism? Furthermore, it is striking that the father could only recognize / identify her by her height and thumb.
    The photos that I could find from Anne with a thumb on them do not look like she has a very special thumb. Furthermore, it seems to me that as a parent you can know every scar / mole etc. of your child, but apparently this father does not. He only knows her height and thumb.

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