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Argentina and the Zorreguietas

Argentina and the Zorreguietas

In the picture on the right you see Adolf Hitler just before his death in 1960. The forehead is covered because of the scar of a schampschot that he sustained during the First World War. Other voices claim that double-person Gustav Weler is pictured. That seems unlikely given the age.

Adolf Hitler lived in Patagonia after the flight from Germany in 1945. At least the Argentinian journalist Abel Basti concludes in his travel guide-like book "Bariloche Nazi-Guía Turística". Basti was displeased and dissatisfied with the fact that at the end of the war the bodies of Hitler and his mistress were never found. According to Basti, the foothills of the Andes served as a refuge for several former Nazi leaders.

adolf hitlerAdolf Hitler and his beloved Eva Braun did not commit suicide according to Basti. They left aboard a submarine to Argentina and lived for years in the area of ​​San Carlos de Bariloche, a tourist resort, about 1350 km southwest of Buenos Aires (read this too).

An important witness is María Mafalda Falcón, a nurse. She would have seen Adolf Hitler at a patient's bed in Comodoro Rivadavia. Hitler no longer had a mustache. She had met Hitler 10 a year earlier in a hospital of the Red Cross and immediately recognized him by his voice. Also the Polish Brunislava Kitajgrodski would have seen Hitler in 1945 in Argentina. Another lady, Catalina Gamero, would have seen him in 1949. Another witness (Hernán Ancín) claims to have seen Hitler in 1953. Housemaid Felisa Alsina would have met Hitler in 1957 during a reunion in the house of Nazi pilot Albrecht Böhme in Cervantes.


German submarines would have transported Nazi officials to Argentina at the end of the war. This would also have happened with Hitler. The great distance between Berlin and Patagonia is shortened by Abel Basti by the many German submarines that visited the coasts of southern Argentina after the Second World War. A German submarine was detected in Argentina on 10 July 1945. 17 photos of the submarine U-1945 in the port of Mar del Plata were taken on 977 August. According to Basti, there is numerous and reliable evidence that many Nazis have fled to Argentina. We know that many Nazis have also been brought to America. Werner von Braun became head of NASA (see here).

Possible accommodations

In his book Basti reproduces documents, affidavits, photographs and blueprints that show the visitor the way to the possible places of Adolf Hitler, Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele and Martin Bormann. Basti himself lives in San Carlos de Bariloche and claims to have his information from the passengers on board the Nazi submersibles.

An official document is the account of General Georgy Zhukov (the commander of the Soviet army that occupied Berlin) at the Kremlin. It states that Hitler and various Nazi leaders have escaped, presumably to Spain or Argentina. That is also the fact that Stalin reported to the American President Truman and English President Churchill at the Potsdam Conference. The conclusions of Basti are therefore not so very unacceptable.

haciendainalco01Basti's book also contains a photograph of Hacienda Inalco. The estate was for sale at the time of writing the book. Inalco means in the native dialect "near water" and is located near Villa La Angostura, on the shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi, sixty kilometers in bird's eye view northwest of San Carlos de Bariloche.

The picture above is not from the book, but is a picture of hostel Bahiá Inalco. This was the refuge chosen by the Argentine Nazis to hide Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. This residence surrounded by a pine forest can only be reached by boat or seaplane. Probably it is on an island in the lake just in front of the bank of Inalco.

There is also talk about the bay "Brazo Ultima Esperanza", which means "De Laatste Hoop". A good argument for this residence would be that until the sixties there was no bridge over the (with 300 meters longest river in the world) Correntoso was present. The road stopped at Villa La Angostura for that time. Estancia Inalco belonged to the Argentinian businessman Jorge Antonio, one of the trusted men of President Juan Domingo Perón. The building of architect Alejandro Bustillo was renovated in 1993.

Housing Nazis

Abel Basti mentions in his book the name of the son Ludwig Freude; a German millionaire and banker at a subsidiary of the Deutsche Bank "Banco Alemán Transatlántico". His son was Rodolfo Freude. Rodolfo apparently played an important role in housing the Nazis in Argentina. He did this from his capacity (since 1946) as Peron's secretary. During this Péron regime, Adolf Eichmann, who was in Buenos Aires outside of 1960, was still seized by Israeli commandos. This fact in itself proves that there were actually high placed Nazis in Argentina. He was executed in Israel two years later after a laborious process. Of course it is difficult to find out whether the execution has actually been carried out. We just have to believe that. Just like we have to believe Osama bin Laden's seagrave.

sanramon01According to the maker of this picture, this is Hacienda San Ramon (23.800 ha), but the building is very similar to the above building of the Hacienda Inalco. The book concludes that Hitler also lived in Hacienda San Ramón, a few dozen kilometers east of San Carlos de Bariloche, which belonged to the Principality of Schaumberg-Lippe. The last part of this surname is known in the Netherlands because of the late Prince Berhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld. In 1910, the distant relative of Prince Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld, the German diplomat and Major SS-Obersturmbannführer Prince Stephan zu Schaumburg-Lippe, bought the San Ramón estate located twenty kilometers outside Bariloche.

This 'estancia' counts no less than 23.800 hectares and was managed by Baron Ludwig von Bülow. The baron offered shelter to Wilhelm Canaris, the later head of Hitler's Abwehr, in 1915. Canaris, as the second mate of the German cruiser Dresden, fought in the name of Emperor Wilhelm II in 1914 (First World War) against the British on the Falkland Islands. He was captured in Chile, but then escaped with a few confidants to San Carlos de Bariloche. There he received a warm welcome and for a few months at 1915 he was housed at Baron Von Bülow in the estancia San Ramón. It was the first fenced estate in the region.

Prince Bernhard

Prince Bernhard was, like his brother Aschwin, a member of the NSDAP. Prince Bernhard became an SS man, his brother became a member of the Brandenburgers. That was a command unit of the German military intelligence service Abwehr. For the same Abwehr, Bernhard's mother Princess Armgard and her friend Colonel Pantchoulidzew worked. Prince Aschwin zur Lippe Biesterfeld maintained contact with his brother Prins Bernhard through the Argentinian embassy in Berlin during the war.


On the image Estancia San Ramón is drawn. Click on the image to enlarge. The yellow area is quite the San Ramón estancia.

In 1926 the estate passed into the hands of the family Gustav Lahusen from Bremen. In 1987, Suchard bought the site, the new owner Klaus Jacobs originally also comes from Bremen and is nationalized as a Swiss.

The Oranje and Zorreguieta families

The original German Prince Bernhard is known to fly around the world without a pilot's license and was linked to Nazism. So he ended up more than once in Bariloche, where he stayed in the most expensive hotel of Argentina Llao Llao. In Bariloche he regularly met Jorge Zorreguieta, the father of Princess Maxima. King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima still gosee here) like skiing at San Carlos de Bariloche on the mountain Cerro Catedral. Until 1996 Jorge had a cottage here that burned down, now he has reportedly a holiday home in Esch.

Martin Zorreguieta is a brother of Queen Maxima and son of María del Carmen Cerruti and Jorge Zorreguieta and manages his restaurant Tinto Bistro at Villa La Angostura. The restaurant is located about seven kilometers from Inalco. The Queen Maxima, who was raised by the German nuns at the Colegio Mallinckrodt in Buenos Aires, worked for the Dresdner Kleinwort Benson bank in her previous bachelor life, and, just like Ludwig Freude, before the Deutsche Bank. The Zorreguieta family apparently have a predilection for everything that is German.

pilpilcura01In 2009, Queen Maxima bought this estancia for her brother Martin Zorreguieta.

At the beginning of 2009, Queen Maxima and her family bought for two and a half million euros the fifteen hundred hectares estate Estancia "Pil Pil Cura" from Kevin Wesley for her brother Martin Zorreguieta. The parents of Martin and Maxima would have looked for something suitable. The search could not have been difficult or prolonged with their family network. On 1 February 2009 they visited the Pilpilkura estate, just before leaving for a short visit to Antarctica. Meanwhile, the children stayed with grandparents. The large estate fits well with the Zorreguieta family. Father Jorge Zorreguieta was Minister of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry during the Videla regime (see here) and thereby managing all estancias and large landowners in Argentina. Estancia Pilpilcura is practically 'neighbor' of estancia San Ramón.

Three kilometers east of Villa La Angostura, according to the mayor, the family bought the two plots of lot 4 and lot 9 on Muelle de Piedra. Probably a new house will be built on the one plot for Martin and his wife and on the other a new house for the parents of Martin and Maxima.

Since estancia Pil Pilura is (as good as) against San Ramón and assuming that the family are owners of San Ramón via shares in Inversora Roland and Jacobs AG, then there is a contiguous area expansion of the territory. The estates together form, as it were, a new principality of Zur Schaumburg-Lippe-Biesterfeld von Amsberg-Zorreguieta.

Source: Kleun

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  1. welcome back from your vacation, and a fantastic piece of work again above.

  2. @Martin: Thank you for coming back.

  3. Hitler has indeed escaped, after all he has helped with the Rothschilds cs to bring some "life in the European Brewery".
    Photo was known to me.

    Unbelievable how this weak little country with their forged elementary school books brainwash the poor children's heads / brains and pump them with lies & propaganda!
    But even academic graduates (read: deformed ones) believe that Adolf and Eve are committing suicide. What a joke when they find out after 30-70 years that they have been lied to as leaks like lemmings ... ..

  4. @off the rec

    @adm We should not delve into the suicide of the father of Julian and Ruben, the most likely kidnapped (pardon missing) boys.
    Same pattern en again:
    1. Youth care was involved
    2. Father goes on vacation with them.
    3, father was a cheerful, energetic, certainly NOT a disappointed, lifeless man.
    4. father knocks up, boy still seen in the car when refueling.
    5. jochies as well as Anass invisible, untraceable etc.

  5. I have been following this interesting site for almost a year now and I finally manage to register in order to be able to respond to articles in this way, with the possibility of posting potentially interesting sites that can contribute to debunking the lies that already exist. scattered over us for decades. Here there are already 2 that are worth reading.

  6. just pick it out
    where the entire SS Corps lives in the area and further on

    what they do there
    how they get their money

    how active they are in Deutschland, Europe, the rest of Z-America, Russia and N-America
    which multinationals they own

    which arms trade targets which goals
    who they are blackmailing with their pedophiles archive

    how it comes that in Metselaar circles, the name of the NAZI coalition
    as an influential faction, still floating up again,
    also in the MKUtra Superhoeren circuit

    and, oh, what is that hassle with UFOs on diesel engines?
    do me one of them

  7. Hey Martin and others!
    And we go on again:
    (beware: almost impossible to read / watch without surrendering)

    The above link brings something together, horrifying.
    Take hope from the idea that "the dirt should all come first"

    And do not believe that you have been following a year on your blog Martin! Also hope that the need to write your blog as soon as possible is superfluous. May we have hope!

    In La'kech

  8. Hi Martin,

    Good to see you again.

    I have an article from the site of Peter Stuivenberg (author of the book "De Boogeyman") about "Project CA-35" (German submarines of the XI-B type) in connection with Prince Bernhard.

  9. Interesting in the escape of Nazis after WWII by KLM to Argentina (and the possible role of Bernhard von Lippe B):

    -Network may 2007: This is a short document, there is a longer period of the whole broadcast a few days earlier (can not find the link). Bernhard-KLM Nazis

    -Also fascinating, I found: Operation Ratline (About the role of the Vatican and the Red Cross in the escapes of Nazis to Argentina) (there are three parts).

  10. Take a look at the Roell family and how deep they are in Dutch courts (beatrix Canada)

  11. And this one: Gray Wolf, escape or Adolf Hitler. (3 parts) or read the well-documented book Gray Wolf by Gerrard Williams. KLM, Red Cross, Vatican, Prince Bernhard all participated in the elimination of Nazis to Argentina.

  12. I lived in Caracas, Venezuela.
    Outside the city of Caracas you have a German colony, Colonia Tovar.
    And there were many Nazis living / living there.

    The architecture there is also typically German.

  13. Is it true that the land in argentina has bought what wa and max have recently been bordered on the other langoederen of brother max and cousin lippe colostrum ??? that is then kwa ground surface a kind of state in argentina say.

  14. So yes, I understand. For anyone who wants to know why Willem Alexander found his bride in Argentina.

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