Are many people around you literally soulless (inanimate bodies)?

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It is almost impossible to imagine, but do you ever wonder if some people around you actually have a 'soul'? You only have to look around in your daily life and you will sometimes find people who are very capable of acting with empathy, but who can actually walk totally heartlessly over others or do business with a smile on their faces that every undermine 'humanity'.

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff was a controversial Greek-Armenian philosopher, mystic, writer, composer, choreographer and trader. If you immediately have an antipathy against this because you may be anti-Greek or anti-Armenian, put that pre-programmed cultural input aside and read. this statement from the man:A significant percentage of the people we meet on the street are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually already dead. It is fortunate for us that we do not see it and do not know it. If we knew how many people are actually dead and how many of these dead are ruling our lives, we must go mad with horror.

Could it be that we have to take this more literally than we think? We may already know the films and series in which we see robots that seem so lifelike in the near future that you no longer see the difference. Robots that are even able to recognize and respond to human emotion. The Netflix series 'Real Humans' was a good example of this. For an impression, watch the YouTube video below (and read on below).

The robot and the avatar

Now this series is primarily an example of a kind of robot that we might expect in society in the short term. In the long run, we should rather think about what the film T showed that the entire biology can be replicated via nanotechnology. Israeli scientists have already built an organ printer this year that can print body-specific cells based on stem cell information into, for example, a heart (see video below). However, science is also expected to reach the moment when biocells in the body can be replaced by nano-tech designed cells that can correct any error. Do you find that a bizarre impossible thought? Then think about what happens if you have a wound and how the human body already has this self-healing property. (Read further under the video)

The organ donation law in the Netherlands has already ensured that organs have in fact (legally) become state property. Israeli printer technology shows that that law was actually superfluous; because in a country like the Netherlands with an advisory body called 'the health council' you can assume that people really knew that this technology was coming and that it would be much safer to print organs in the near future. These printed organs will not be rejected by the body, so no medication has to be swallowed to prevent this body's immune response. After all, they are printed organs based on their own DNA.

In any case, it is interesting to note that the body tends to repel a foreign organ. It is also interesting to see how people who, for example, receive a donated heart, sometimes take on characteristics of the donor, but that aside.

The organ donation law has ensured that the state owns your organs and that everything that is a state asset, the state may (legally) carry out unsolicited maintenance. She does that with her buildings, with her infrastructure and in the future possibly also with those new assets: your organs. This can be done online via the 5G network and the cloud-edit method called CRISPR-CAS12 (see TED presentation below and read on below).

If you have briefly realized the above, you may find that the human body (and all biology) has become a rewritable biosystem in the near future, each part of which will become replaceable and adaptable.

This introduction was needed to give you a better understanding of how the managers of major tech companies think and what they are doing. For example, Google's technical chief, inventor and philosopher Ray Kurzweil states that in 2045 we will be immortal and able to live in simulative worlds that are so lifelike that we do not recognize that it is a simulation. He also states that we can have nano-tech avatars and digital avatars and upload ourselves to those avatars.

What is "consciousness" or "the soul"?

The big question then is: Who or what uploads itself to those avatars? According to transhumanists such as Ray Kurzweil, consciousness is what forms as a result of the number of neurons in the brain. If you were to build a robot with enough nano-tech receptors (neurons) that are as many in number as those in the human brain, consciousness would form. Because technology is not yet ready to replicate the human brain, companies such as Google are already working on a cloud solution. You could say that the internet is a great tool for connecting many computers to each other in such a way that they can form a virtual brain. Blockchain technology could be a useful tool in this. In addition, if you also have quantum computers in the network, it will get along pretty well. The major tech companies are busy building neural networks and the name in itself is proof of what the end goal is.

Yet I want to take a step back and stay with that subject of 'awareness'. Is the idea that people are aware because they have a neo-cortex (and therefore more neurons, as Ray Kurzweil argues) in contrast to many other mammals? Or is consciousness something that has a completely different origin?


For the reasoning, let's assume that you can upload your "awareness" around 2045 to a digital world; a simulation that runs on Google's cloud platform for virtual reality, for example. And just imagine the convenience that Elon Musk's company Neuralink will be able to hang our brain online. Then you can stimulate all kinds of things in the brain of our 'current original body' like touch, smell, hearing, sight and feeling (touch, gravity, etc.). If Google then builds a new earth simulation, we can walk around on that earth like Jake Sully did in the blue Avatar world of that 2009 movie.

The trailer of the movie Surrogates below is perhaps an easier example to explain where I want to go with my reasoning. Take a look and see how there is always a line between the 'original' person and the 'avatar'. However, that film Surrogates is based on 'lifelike robots' or 'avatars' as we also see in series such as 'Real Humans' on Netflix. However, if we assume a lifelike simulation that runs entirely on a cloud platform, where even the avatar is digital, then the simulation is 'outside the tangible world'. You can then, for example, lie on your bed with a brain-cloud interface and your partner lying on the bed next to you cannot imagine at all what realistic simulation you are at that moment. Perhaps your body is shocking because your brain is currently in a fierce battle with the blue men in the simulation. (Read further under the video).

If, according to scientists such as Google's Ray Kurzweil and many other transhumanists, it becomes possible to live in such real-life simulations in the near future, could we not ask ourselves if we are not already living in such a simulation? Are not all those who are in a kind of cabin and play in an avatar world? If we hold on to that reasoning for a moment, then we come back to the concept of "consciousness." Imagine the future Neuralink brain connection from Elon Musk is wireless and runs through the 5G network. You then have a wireless connection via your brain with your avatar in the simulation on Google's cloud platform. So the person who controls the avatar in that simulation is your original brain that is in your tangible body in this present world; the one you see when you look in the mirror. The avatar in the simulation is then controlled by your original brain. The avatar is 'inspired' and can be considered within that simulation as an inspired person with a 'consciousness'. That inspiration is the wireless line with your original brain.

The simulation

If you have been able to follow the above so far, then I ask you to pay close attention to the following thought exercise. You can now imagine what it is like to live in a simulation and how that avatar in that simulation is then controlled by yourself and that we could regard the wireless brain connection via the 5G network with the simulation as the inspiration of the avatar in that simulation.

Then we come to the question whether you can imagine that your current body with brain may already be an avatar in a simulation. If we look at the double slits experiment by physicist Niels Bohr, it shows that matter only exists when there is an observer. In a number of articles I have explained that we are already "living in a simulation". You make a good start if you this article read thoroughly, look under the 'simulation' menu item or enter the term 'simulation' in the search field. I leave that introduction behind here and limit the reasoning to the assumption that we are already "living in a simulation". I deliberately put that in quotation marks, because you cannot live in a simulation, but can only have the complete conviction that you live in it, but actually perceive and play along (from outside).

If we are playing a simulation, then there must be a 'soul connection' with the original character somewhere, such as there must be an 5G wireless Neuralink connection with Google cloud platform simulation if you are going to participate in a simulation that seems lifelike in 2045 . That 'soul connection' is therefore the network connection with the 'original person' the person sitting in the chair. That doesn't have to be a plug in the brain, like in the movie 'The Matrix', but can be a wireless connection. The avatar in the simulation is therefore 'animated' and is controlled externally. The avatar in this simulation can also be externally controlled. Perhaps that now has a better idea of ​​the concept of 'soul' or 'consciousness'.

Soulless avatars

In this article I explained that we are probably witnessing a virus system simulation. In it I explain that this simulation is meant to test our original (our 'original form'). The builder of the current simulation seems to be identifiable as Lucifer. That may be an observation based on the observation from this "Sim's world", but everything indicates that the simulation must be directed in a certain direction. If as a builder of a simulation you have to respect the 'law of free will', there is only 1 way to guarantee the outcome of the game.

The law of free will

Without free will, a program is not a simulation, but it is actually a kind of film whose outcome is already certain. The essence of a simulation, however, is that you offer the players a challenge and want to test how well they play the game. For example, you don't build a flight simulator to make the aircraft fly and land on the autopilot, you build it to test the pilot. In a multi-player simulation you want to study how the players behave individually and collectively and see which choices they will make individually and collectively.

The only way to guarantee the outcome of a simulation, without undermining the law of free will, is to place as many NPCs (Non Playing Characters) as possible in the game that are controlled by the builder of the game. You can, for example, place these NPCs in prominent positions in the simulation and follow a script; a script that makes it virtually impossible for the other players to take a different direction. More about the script that we can recognize in this simulation can be found in this article.

Suppose there is an 1 builder of our current simulation or just for the sake of convenience that there is a team of builders in that "original layer", then you can only control a limited number of NPCs within a simulation; NPCs that follow the script in the simulation and try to coordinate the other players in a certain direction (driven by the builders team). However, there is another method to influence the script and the outcome, but then we first have to look at who all the players are and therefore ask where all those 'wireless soul connections with the original players' come from; in other words: how many players are there playing this simulation?

Where do all souls come from?

The number of people on this earth is approaching the 8 billion. If we start from the simulation model, then 8 billion players in the 'original layer' are also needed to play this game. In fact, the really critical reader should have asked me that question: Where do all those souls come from? We now know that the concept of "soul" or "consciousness" actually stands for the connection to the original layer; our original form outside of this simulation. It stands, as it were, for the wireless connection with our original self (as explained above). So there should be almost 8 billion players in the original layer.

I suspect that there are no 8 billion souls and that there is no soul splitting device, as people like Wes Penre claim (see here). In my view, those are unfounded fantasy stories. It is much more realistic to look at the current state of technology. In it we see that robots are becoming increasingly autonomous and that the aim is that artificial intelligence can imitate human intelligence and emotion. So if the builder (or the builders team) of this simulation has been able to build self-replicating avatars (our human body), it is therefore quite likely to assume that many bodies / avatars that we observe around us are self-replicating, but no external control takes place. They are, as it were, artificially intelligent human avatars that have no external 'Jake Sully' and are therefore not animated. For the sake of convenience, let's call this the soulless NPCs. Soulless NPCs are not numb and can be very interested and empathetic. That is because we are dealing with advanced AI (in a bio-brain). The builders of this simulation have therefore used "quite well" advanced bots.

You then have the NPCs that are controlled by the team of builders of this simulation and the soulless NPCs that have an 'artificial intelligent' brain and are preprogrammed to follow the script. The first group of NPCs is controlled by the "archontic wireless connection" with the builder (/ the builders team) and controls the script. The second group follows the script without any struggles.

What is the function of soulless (zombie) NPCs?

First we look at the effect. If you play a simulation and you are surrounded by soulless NPCs who follow the script, then you will have to deal with the concept of 'peer pressure'. This simulation is also so lifelike that you started to identify with it.

the notion of 'soulless'

Incidentally, the concept of 'soulless' in this context is nothing else than that there is no external 'Jake Sully' at the buttons of such a person.

Do you ever have a conversation with people who really have no idea what the term "soul" or "consciousness" is, other than that they have picked up the term from religion or a spiritual trend? From the moment of my birth I am personally aware of "the line with outside". I do not consider myself the person I see when I look in the mirror. I am therefore aware of the 'Jake Sully' that drives my avatar in this simulation. It has always been that way. People who are soulless NPCs (but who can be very intelligent and sympathetic) are not animated (have no Jake Sully in the original layer outside of this simulation) and therefore cannot imagine this at all. Talking about 'soul' or 'consciousness' will at most be a kind of 'participating in a trend' or a Robot Sophia-like talk; based on 'picking up words'.

The function of soulless NPCs is therefore to entice the animated avatars (or rather: the original players who participate in this multi-player simulation through their avatar) to follow the script. They must give those inspired avatars the feeling that they are in a minority and that resistance is of no use. They must show how much fun it is when you participate or how wrong it goes when you are bothered. That is why we have seen the world's population grow exponentially in recent decades. It is the ultimate trick of the builder of this simulation.

A tipping point has been reached somewhere where the number of NPCs has grown enormously, giving the inspired players more and more the feeling that they are at the short end. We are even inclined to forget that it is just a game; that we observe a simulation.

It is therefore important to rediscover who we are and to trust outside management. All those NPCs in this simulation make us believe that we are losing and that we are in the minority. That is the illusion of the simulation. There seem to be billions in the simulation; beyond that it is probably a handful that tries to run the simulation. Our body avatar brains are too busy for this simulation. That is just our avatar brain and its emotion. We are bothered by the Babylonian distraction of speech within this simulation and have to become silent and listen to who we are. Remember your Jake Sully.

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    If you now think "Oh shit maybe I am an NPC!"
    To begin with, you probably were not on this website, but it is also possible that years of programming your avatar brain has caused you to forget who you are.

  2. hans coudyser wrote:

    Still cautiously mentioning that maybe several builders of this simulation are involved ... And why are they doing it?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I do not report anything carefully Hans.
      I only outline the possibilities and call it the builder team; as Ray Kurzweil could be the builder of a subsequent simulation and deploy a team of programmers to pre-program the simulation code.

      Especially read the articles under the links.

  3. Yuri Goosen wrote:

    I already understood the simulation as a very small child, but the constant programming and repetition of things get infected with the virus of compliance!
    As a child I felt that I should actually be out of here and wondered what it would be like to die to feel what was then. I did not want a death because of not wanting to live but because of curiosity!
    Later in life your parents ask! "What do you want to be in your life?" I said, "I am not going to be anything and I am not going to study because those are things that do not interest me," I said. Then my parents said: but you must become a good-for-nothing else!
    I said then I am who I want to be and I am going to roam.
    And afterwards I could have listened better to my feelings because now I am really caught in the web of bullshit!

    So thanks for this article! I have felt the connection again with the real being!

  4. danny wrote:

    And what do you think of the idea that the inanimate can be inspired by the inspired people during their lifetime? So say inspire.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Then you have misunderstood. Read again thoroughly.

      Can you take over another avatar when you play a playstation game?

      • danny wrote:

        No, don't take over.
        But if the other avatar has a brain you could run over it.
        Or would that not be possible because he / she deliberately implements the match agenda?

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          Every avatar has a brain and you can do a lot with reason but never cause a soul connection to arise.

          NPCs in a Playstation game will never suddenly get someone on the buttons.

  5. guppy wrote:

    Do think that it is possible to sell your soul to inanimate entities. Means that you lower yourself to an eleven (extremely low frequency) and lose your soul connection. You sell your soul to raise yourself at the expense of others through abuse, killing and spreading lies to preserve your power.

    The farther you are from home, the harder it is to return.

    This does not mean that I am holy myself, but that I am responsible for my actions. Neither do I engage in dark twisted religious rituals. If you are aware of your original, you want to keep this connection and not be updated to a lower level. Because we now realize that we have done this before and often feel far from home on this planet.

    What you write in this article is what it's all about, seeing that it's all about you and our response to it.

  6. Sun wrote:

    Good article, heavy matter. Probably not for the normal population, their software is not made for that.
    The question remains as to who made this maya, illusion, and what does he gain from it. Perhaps the great builder is Lucifer, the 'light bringer', and with as staff the guys from the script who are rewarded by him? ??
    What does Lucifer win with this structure? Does he enjoy himself at the expense of us, a big theater for him? Is Lucifer perhaps God ???

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Read the linked article about the stem cell here:

      Lucifer is the builder of the virus system (the simulation) that we play. In that article I explain that it seems the intention is to infect the quantum field ("the stem cell").

      That is why the god of every religion is also secretly Lucifer and is now worshiped openly (if you search on YouTube) by the Catholic Church:

      • Riffian wrote:

        In (through) my eyes it is also the conducting and harvesting ((recycling)) of the energies to maintain this control matrix. See the various instructions in the Bible, separating the chaff and corn / goats and goats, etc.

        You sow what you will reap, the quantum mechanical response from the ether.

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        It should be noted that religion and dualsime (god / satan model and all other forms of dualism, such as Christianity versus Islam, left versus right, yin and yang, etc.) are part of the Luciferian script to generate the polarity that directs the DC direction end goal.

        The ultimate goal is for the playing souls (so ultimately the original you - the form identity that has stem cell properties / creative qualities) to serve the virus system in order to infect and take over the stem cell / quantum field.

        That is why it is important to reject / reject both religion and the transhuman path towards singularity (which is one and the same as the promise of 'eternal life' from the religions) and to remind you that you plays a (virus) simulation.

        • Riffian wrote:

          idd hard work is being done on the lock on the door of the showcase.

        • Patricia van Oosten wrote:

          Great analyzes; thank you. I am also someone who has been aware from day one that there are many zombies in the 'game'. The few non-'zombies' kept me here, otherwise I would have gone 'again' without fully understanding what is going on. You can always be concerned endlessly with why it is that someone, for example, does not realize that the weather is being manipulated and you can. Or why, if you thought you had agreed with the class during the break that the teacher should be confronted, this whole group would fail when you take that on as a hero. The answer is the original has a backup, a reference with what is 'original', the zombie doesn't. His reference is what he has learned, taken over, adopted, swallowed, whatever. He has no more. As a singing teacher, with 30 years of experience in teaching, I know that there are always a few who are able to make contact with pure, harmonic sounds. The majority cannot do that; can only 'imitate' and that never works well with singing (without technical perfection such as PA and microphone). Highly virtuoso musicians themselves turn out to be fantastic copy machines, unable to experience and create at that moment; but only fine to reproduce. Paper thin dividing line, but clearly. Resistance to research into your true nature, your original is always a sign of 'zombie state'. And indeed, I have never managed to transform a singer from zombie to original. Never, ever. Most of them think it is with me; because I only refer to the rediscovery with the original blueprint of frequencies and harmony. Except for my group lessons; that also remains interesting for the copier. You can always surf on the 'rest'. It makes a lot of suffering to understand these analyzes that you explain here, and that is why it is worth its weight in gold. But it also encourages you to stay as original against the pressure and not to get involved with any virus; and, for example, cannot be vaccinated. With my 57 year I have never never got involved with it and can say that I was very well taken care of from the 'original'. My only goal this time, before I got away from it again, was to understand it all and then to say goodbye to this game in peace. My children, who also have the same blood type as I do, and that blood type always turns out to produce 'originals', so that is my next question, I learn to play the game well, enjoy (as a dancer, for example) and not suffer from those zombies with their feigned emotions and attempts to force you into debt. Also works very well. Greetings!

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            Thank you Patricia

            And just like in your singing lessons, this article only reaches the non-soulless one, because for others it is only an interesting story that does not excite anything. That is why you find the gold.

            Art academies and music conservatories are wonderful places to deliver high-quality photocopiers and to encapsulate the less enthusiastic people among the photocopiers. Thank you for sharing your practical experience in the field of singing lessons.

            All answers come from your wireless connection with your original. That is why in the song 'Babylonian confusion of speech' I state that we must become silent and listen to who you are again.

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