Did Dutch regents receive a cross with Nazi symbolism?

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bernhard princeThe "Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany" (German: Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland) is the only order of merit of Germany and became 7 on September 1951 by Federal President Theodor Heuss set. There is something striking about this cross. It was awarded to rather prominent Dutch people. Just a list: Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard, Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus and King Willem-Alexander, Rudi Carrell, Pierre van Hauwe, Harry MulischD66 politician Hans van Mierlo, Wubbo Ockels and so on. But why is this cross so interesting?

Nazi symbolThe reason that this cross is so interesting is because it actually appears to be an open Nazi symbol. Let's see why. Or do you already see it yourself? Right, what do you see pictured there? Does that look like something? Ah, maybe that seems a bit far-fetched. The eagle had been a German national symbol for a long time. Yet? Yes, the eagle has long been the national symbol of Germany. The heraldic eagle was probably introduced by Charles the Great, who was crowned emperor of the Western Roman Empire by the Pope and ruled over the later France, Belgium, Germany and much of Italy. He saw his empire as the successor of the Roman Empire and carried the eagle as a sign of identification.

Nazi eagle

In my ebook that I recently put online, I discuss how in my view the world is still divided between the West Roman and East Roman empire. It is remarkable that this symbol was simply continued after the Second World War and was introduced by someone who gave Adolf Hitler in 1933 together with the rest of the DDP faction, almost dictatorial proxies. It is also remarkable that this man was elected the first Federal President of Germany in 1949 after the war. Anyway, it is not surprising to mention it all, because we already knew that Prince Bernhard was a Nazi spy for IG-Farben and that Prince Philip of England also a Nazi used to be. The British royal family has done everything to conceal their German roots. They adopted the name Windsor while their real name 'house of SaxonyCoburg and Gotha"is. It seems that all aristocratic roads lead to Rome. Towards the West Roman Empire.

You will of course recognize the red cross in the Medallion of "Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany". In the video below Sean Hross explains where this symbol comes from. When we do a bit of deep excavation, we find out that Nazism is the military branch of the Western Roman Empire. The Nazism that was co-financed by the Bush family. It seems that Zionism is the political branch of the Western Roman Empire. Could it be that this Western Roman empire has never ceased to exist, but has been gaining more and more power for centuries through the divide and conquer method? Could it be that the ancient West and East Roman empires have been fighting for centuries to maintain that order from that tactic of divide and conquer? Could it be that the ancient pharaonic bloodlines keep the world in their grip? Could this mean that Russia and China, for example, are already completely under control of the same political branch of the Western Roman Empire? In my ebook I explain that the capital of the East Roman Empire (read Byzantine Empire) has moved to Moscow. In this article I explained a little bit that Russia and China were also taken over by Zionism. It therefore looks as if we are dealing with two big empires that are constantly fighting against each other in order to 'Ordo ab Chao"to be able to apply. 'Ordo ab Chao' is the term of the 33 grade Scottish Freemasonry which takes its name from the Egyptian Pharaoh Queen Scota. All roads lead through Rome to the Egyptian pharaohs. It goes too far for this article to explain that, but the videos of Sean Hross are very interesting to study in that context.

The cross of the "Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany" can thus be traced back to the Western Roman Empire via Charlemagne and can be seen as a symbol of the Templars. According to historian Sean Hross, these Templars are just like the aristocracy in the world, descendants of the Pharaohs. The aristocracy is the birthright descendants and the Knights Templar are the descendants who are the non-firstborn. The eagle is a symbol that (remarkably enough) was not abolished after Nazi Germany. It may well be clear that Nazism itself has never been abolished and that NATO is in fact a continuation of the military branch of the Western Roman Empire. Ah, maybe you should not take it all too seriously. No, NATO is the great protector of world peace and democracy! That the logo a three-dimensional swastika seems to be and that the new headquarters of NATO in Brussels appears to consist of four S -s with possible significance Sedes Sacrorum Schutzen Staffel (see here) you must quickly forget.

Perhaps it is becoming increasingly clear why the cross of the 'Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany' was distributed to such high-ranking Dutch. Also general Arie van der Vlis who resigned just before the Yugoslavia war received this award from Grand Officer for this order. His nephew Tristan van der Vlis was responsible for the shooting in Alphen aan den Rijn a few years after the Yugoslavia war, after which he would have committed suicide. Remarkably, Arie van der Vlis was the son of Kornelis van der Vlis. Kornelis van der Vlis was thus the grandfather of Tristan van der Vlis. This Kornelis was Mayor of Franeker in World War II from 25 April 1944. I still have my doubts about the authenticity of the shooting in Alphen aan den Rijn and am still investigating whether this could have been a hoax. The reason I mention this is because there is always links with Nazism pop up, wherever we look; in politics or military. The symbolism they carry is only clear if you delve into it a little.

Everything indicates that Nazism is still in full glory. Also the Western support Nazi groups in Ukraine during and after the coup in 2014, confirms this picture. Cooperation with Turkey has always been a desirable one for Nazism. Pan-turkism received strong incentives from Germany in the thirties and forties. Most pan-Turkists felt great admiration for Hitler. A number of groups began to wear uniforms in Nazi style; some leaders cut their mustache and hair in Hitler coup. The interest was mutual: the Nazis wanted Turkey to have their sides in the Second World War, and especially that this would drag the Turks of the Soviet Union. There were close contacts between the German secret service and pan-Turkists (not only pan-Turkists, incidentally: some leading Muslims and high soldiers were in secret contact with Germans). Could it be that we can translate this into the current relationship between the Nazi 2.0 NATO and Turkey? Is that also the reason that President Erdogan so openly and unpunished his sympathy for the dictatorial direction of Adolf Hitler could speak?

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  1. Analyze wrote:

    We can now establish that the NAZIs have never been defeated (OSS op. 'Paperclip') and nowadays form the military branch of 'The Deep State', the technology transfer after WWII has ensured that they have the most advanced technology (have witnessed it myself) that is unknown to the majority of mankind. With all its secret societies (Camiel Eurlings) who indeed lead to Rome, see also the NAZI background of Benedict and the fascist background of Pope Francis and his filthy ties with the Videla regime (also Zorregieta!). Via the US and Argentina, where Hitler has fled, we are back on the European mainland where we are still represented by families with NAZI backgrounds and / or Zionist see also NWO country Sweden->
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonnier_Group = nu.nl

    1952, Eisenhower: "We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler's death. Many people believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin. "

    NAZIs and Zionists go hand in hand, as evidenced by the following video about Hitler's flight
    tax Günter Marksteiner owns The Next News Network see the link:

  2. Analyze wrote:

    World Cup football finals between Germany and Argentina in 2014 was nothing more than an occult celebration about their victory over the rest of the world, especially the oligarchic German families and large landowners. See also the Jesuit connection (Franciscus) with Germany.
    Der (Reichs) adler (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichsadler)

  3. Analyze wrote:

    Down the rabbit hole ... or as the (real) English would say: 'Those bloody krauts'
    Why this German demon is still alive:
    funny sidenote

  4. Analyze wrote:

    A MUST SEE: With regard to 'operation highjump' (1947) led by US Navy Admiral Byrd from a Russian perspective, see also the NAZI connection + technology:

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