More and more people are starting to see that we live in a simulation: this is why

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Rizwan ("Riz") Virk is a successful entrepreneur, investor, bestselling author, pioneer in the video industry and independent film producer. Through his experience in online video games and his studies of, among other things, quantum physics and religious currents, he came to the conclusion that it is very likely that we are living in a multiplayer virtual reality game. And he is not alone. Also people like Elon Musk and Nick Bostrom claim this. But it's actually a very old idea. In many mystical traditions, especially in Buddhism and Hinduism, we are told that the world around us is actually an illusion. Maya, the Sanskrit word for illusion, is used to describe the world we see, and Brahman, is the real world. In Buddhism, the intention is to "awaken" to recognize that the world around us is an illusion. In fact, the term "Buddha" literally means "awake". I advise everyone to read Riz Virk's article, in which he explains in detail why he thinks it is acceptable to live in a simulation (click here).

In fact, I refer you mainly to other sources, such as this Riz Virk, because people are so programmed that they only believe you if you have a reasonable substantial CV or reputation in this world (where everything revolves around business, scientific or other success). you have built up. You're not going to just unthinkingly accept something from some kind of Martin Vrijland that trumps around a little conspiracy story. You do not do that! You want to hear someone who sells millions of electric cars, sells bestseller books, or is a proven guru in another area. Only then will we take something seriously. Hereby. You have heard some big names. Will it be interesting now?

In summary, I advise you to read my previous articles on this subject again. In this I explain that when you consider quantum physics in the right perspective, this theory makes it very plausible that we are living in a simulation, because it is only and only perception that causes matter of an information flow (that we perceive as wave movement within this 3D) into a tangible particle. Until the moment of observation, a particle is - at least that is what the scientists call it - in superposition. This means that every option for the unfolding of the matter is still enclosed in this position. I explained that you can compare this with watching a screen in an online game. As soon as you move somewhere with your controller, the image unfolds on the basis of your choice. All information you make for that choice (before you control the controller) is already enclosed in the basic code of the game. It depends on your choice and on the programming (the source code) of the game, which image unfolds on your screen.

If you are in a multiplayer game, and others are in the same room and looking at the same objects, they must observe the same objects from their perspective. This means that an object once observed by the first player must look the same for all other players. That explains the concept of quantum entanglement. A materialized wave movement (information package) comes from its superposition based on the 'controller activity' of the first observer.

With that knowledge in mind, if you look at the following extensive consideration of this quantum-physical problem (arising after the much-discussed 'double-slits' experiment, so that scientists like Einstein and Bohr ended up in an unresolved discussion), then all of a sudden it all starts to become clear. Scientists do not come out because they perceive the problem from within the game and try to solve it. It just takes the leap to the observation from outside the game that ensures that everything can be explained at once. Quantum entanglement is a requirement in a multiplayer game and the concept of 'locality' (and the limiting factor of the speed of light) lapses when all information is run by a central 'computer system'. That is possible if player A in the game views an object on his screen, player B view this object from a different angle, while the computer screens are thousands of kilometers away from each other. The shape of the object is already fixed by the first observation and thus both players see the same form from a different angle through quantum entanglement. If player A reverses the object, player B detects it immediately (quantum entanglement). 'Lokality' therefore no longer plays a role in this.

Both the coding of the game and the choices of the players (observers) determine what happens in the online game.

The conclusion drawn here on the site is that the coding of this simulation (the program) seems written by 1 person with the intention to make the soul (the observer) forget his true identity. All signals indicate that we live in a Luciferian simulation, in which a script is followed. That script is mainly found in religion and points towards a conflict based on religion, the battle for Jerusalem and the arrival of a messiah figure (the avatar that comes from the sky - 'the cloud' - descends into the game). It also seems that the Luciferian watermark can be found everywhere, being: Problem, Reaction, Solution. And while religion responds to the realization that we are an "acting soul," that awareness is suppressed by precisely this (above) maxim, where the fear of death and ending up in hell is resolved by salvation through the one or the other way (Jesus, Muhammad, etc.) and the promise of heaven. Well, precisely because this watermark is always visible, combined with the information about whom the secret societies and the Vatican seem to revere, I come to the conclusion that Lucifer is the great architect of this multiplayer virtual reality, where the source code runs according to the rules of the game. of his programming and a certain group of avatars in the game that are controlled by the builder (controlled as avatars in a game).

Only when we become aware of the situation in which we find ourselves can we start to consider how we can possibly change that (see this article and the comments).

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Reaction from a reader who is unable to register on this site (a technical problem for which I am still looking for the solution). He posted the following post on his Facebook timeline:

    A story for going to bed further?

    It all started so incredibly beautiful. The playing soul that wandered through the universe and encountered something unknown yet that seemed so incredibly fascinating. It was a game! Let's call the game 'paradise'. The soul received an avatar in the game, a biological body that we call human. However, it was remarkable that there had to be chosen between a male or a female version. That was the game, but it was the first time that the soul got to know duality. Man lived in a wonderful world in which everything was equally beautiful and fascinating. So much to discover, experience and experience! The creator of the game had really done everything to make it so enchanting, even enchanting, that the soul wanted to play with it.

    Never before had the soul experienced such a thing. That body with those senses, nature with all those plants, animals, landscapes, seasons, sensations experiences and more and more people, in which the soul recognized other souls. They played the game together and enjoyed it. The game introduced the motto "the more souls, the more joy" and a way to give hands and feet. Sex! New bodies were created and more souls could participate in the game. Paradise was increasingly populated and communities were formed that played the game together in complete harmony.

    After a beautiful life full of growth and development within the game, the body died, after which the soul again got the opportunity to continue playing. The rebirth! This went on and on, while the number of playing souls rose. More and more souls wanted to play this fantastic game. It was a resounding success. The maker was satisfied. Slowly but surely new aspects were added to the game by the maker. They called them challenges. They were actually characteristics of the maker. Not so beautiful, or rather ugly and unpleasant character traits. But well, the soul thought it was possible. After all, it was only a game.

    The maker introduced the challenges by making people think and filled the thinking with new parts of the game. Thoughts became words, words sounds, sounds vibrations, vibrations energies, energies glowed and that glow became the light they perceived. In this way people created a new world within the game, with the added parts of the maker. The challenges became more and more numerous and bigger, as the soul continued to step into the game. So far that it began to identify more and more with the role of the person who played it. The soul had forgotten what it actually was, a soul that played the maker's game.

    Still, after so many rebirths, the soul thought to take part in a game called "paradise." That there is little left of that original, paradisiacal state of the game, the soul realized, but it had become so entangled with the role of being human, that it was at most experienced as a memory and a desire. The game would never return to that original state, but the soul was lost in the identification with the role of man who kept believing that the game could still be 'won' by the 'good', or 'right' ' to do. That was the great illusion that would never become a reality.

    The creator of the game determines its rules and the souls maintain it by continuing to play in it. By giving it their energy. Energy that is strongest when their avatars play the game in fear. That is what we can see now in the game. Gradually everything has been based on fear. Fear of scarcity, exclusion, death, war, hunger, disease, guilt, destruction, inadequacy, loss ...

    The soul is finished with the game and is pulling out of it. First the man who plays it had to awaken before that. Meanwhile the soul is ready to do that too. It is a great letting go and saying goodbye to the many, many illusions created within the game. It is now preparing for a return to the universe in which the game only remains as an experience. The soul may consider how it proceeds. Further pulling, or trying to deprive the maker of the possibility of keeping souls in the game longer.

    In any case, one soul has awakened. That many if not all souls may follow ...

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Let me also post the accompanying email:

      Hi Martin,

      The registration does not work for unclear reasons. Do not get a message back.

      I am also very impressed with your research, with reference to your latest and related articles.

      After the penultimate article, many pieces of the puzzle fell into place for me. Such that since then I have experienced a detachment, which at the most was dormant. This is so fundamental that the soul seems to be cheering. Even wrote a story about FB.

      Please continue with your fantastic work and leave all those Agents Smith tasty ... ????

      Kind regards,


  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    To best understand the analogy of a game is to discover that all code for playing the game (ie: including all motion choice options, etc.) are already fixed on the CD before you even start the game and insert the CD your Playstation player stops.
    You experience everything that you perceive on the image, chronologically (Chronos, time, Saturn). Get the picture?

  3. Paul Somers wrote:

    Brilliant, Maya, amusement park for the living dead!

  4. Dirk wrote:

    I could imagine that we are actually living in a simulation. Now I wonder whether a continuation of that realization leads to the disappearance of the desire to have children. In my opinion it is not plausible that all my children come to the same realization.

    If we want to stop Lucifer, we think we should be aware of our original outside the simulation. If I can do that for myself and then put more souls into the world who can not do that then wins a match.

    For me, the desire to have children is still part of this life (in the simulation).

    If we assume that there is a world war and sacrifice of souls within the Luciferian script. Then those souls may have won for match, but they will no longer be able to make it as in: so do not kill reproduction.

    To give Lucifer as little as possible to give souls / feeding how is that possible? Is that ever enough? This is only possible on a voluntary basis as feeding or sacrifice is on an involuntary basis.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Personally, I leave the reproduction within this simulation for what it is. However, it does not seem sufficient to stop the nefarious plans.
      In an earlier reaction (see previous articles) I have already given my opinion and that is that in my opinion it can not be said with certainty whether the Luciferian plan has any chance at all. The fact is that the "trapped souls" must have come to believe in the illusion in such a way that they can also be poked in the original layer for his plan. The question, however, is whether that works.

      Yet it seems to me personally useful to at least see how we can "hack" the system, so that those who are not yet aware of their superposition position of the soul can also discover that. Perhaps it helps that people (or at least that which the soul has identified itself within this game) are already awakening from their dream world. But for that they have to accidentally run into articles like this and then start seeing it.

      We can at least start playing the script in this game.

  5. S0M30N3 wrote:

    Thanks to Martin! Of course also for the great reaction (short story) in the comments ..

    Also strongly feel that the 1 big game is, many theories will also drop like religion, space, flat earth etc.

    Keep it short and leave ff 2 left about the rapper bob he made a lot of good songs especially the elements section, but I think this is part of the article.

    "Bob - digital world"

    "Upside down"

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