Is 2018 the year of the introduction of the world currency SDR linked to crypto currency?

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Earlier this week I published on Facebook the front page of the magazine The Economist from 1988. It shows a phenix that erects itself on burning paper money. Around the neck of the fenix is ​​a golden coin visible that is very reminiscent of the crypto currency bitcoin. On this coin we see the year 2018 shown. The Economist is an influential British classic liberal magazine that is published weekly. The opinion sheet focuses for an important part on political developments in the international economic field. The magazine is seen as the magazine of the elite, for the elite.

In my my previous article I explained how crypto currency, such as bitcoin, ethereum and others, will probably be linked to the IMF's world standard via the blockchain formula introduced in 2017, launched from China. It seems that this should be the new world standard that the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) currency of the IMF should take the place of the dollar (and other currencies like the euro, British pound, etcetera). The crypto currency seems to become the new standard for digital money and cash money will probably gradually disappear.

Existing currencies are already linked to the SDR via the IMF. Crypto currency still seems to be able to escape the global financial system, but nothing is what it seems. In that previous article I explained how the link with the SDR seems to have been laid via the ACChain. The video below was published yesterday by ACChain and is not very revealing. Here too you will see the phenix appear. If we place this next to the front page of The Economist from 1988, then 2018 could well become 'the' year in which we will experience a reset of the global financial system. (Read more under the video)

Some analysts expect that a crisis is needed to drive people towards the crypto currency. The hegemony of the (petro) dollar seems to be slowly being broken because Saudi Arabia has already closed an oil deal with China, the Chinese yuan can be purchased and that yuan will always be convertible into gold for the Saudis. A crisis that starts in the US does not seem to be ruled out, now that the dollar is being undermined by the Chinese and America's loyal ally Saudi Arabia. It is possible that the US's unsolvable sky-high debt combined with the loss of dollar power could lead to a global crisis. This is for example what analysts Lynette Zang (Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading) and Fahad Qawasami put in the video below. They also state that the ACChain will lay the link between crypto currency and the SDR. Could it be a planned crisis?

The advice of these analysts is to invest your money in gold, because gold is a raw material that will always remain in reserve and on which the IMF will never be able to seize. It will therefore always keep its value is their motto. The question, however, is whether this is actually the case. After all, what happens if the gold certificates are linked to the ACChain by simply turning them into a blockchain asset? You guessed it. In that perspective there is actually no escaping the grip of the fenix; not even with the "safe" precious metals. (Read further under the video).

I do not dare to predict whether there will be a financial crisis. However, I suspect that 2018 will be the year in which crypto currency (via the ACChain link) will come under the grip of the IMF. In fact, that process was already activated in 2017 with the introduction of the ACChain. So we are going to the digitization of the whole world and that is not a pleasant prospect. Cash is likely to be criminalized to something that black money is washed white with. It will also be described more and more as inconvenient as a result of the risks of robbery and crushing. We may even expect high costs to be introduced with cash payments, so that digital transactions will become cheaper. That crypto currency will take the place of old currency does not seem necessary to me. After all, what we see is that both dollars and euros (and all other currencies in the world) are not much more than a number on an account. The only difference is that you can still pull notes from a cash machine. That too will probably be made uninteresting (by imposing costs). In fact, both the existing currencies and the cryptocurrency are now already linked to the SDR, which means that the IMF is completely on the reins.

The shift to crypto currency may be the result of a collapse of the existing banking system. Is that then to be expected for 2018? It continues to look like coffee. Cryptos may then still be the only safe haven. Gold and silver now also appear, but if they are brought under the asset blockchain of the ACChain, they are also under the grip of the IMF. Moreover, you can not exclude that banks simply say that they should file a bail-in on the gold certificates and the physical gold (of which the customer only holds the certificate) simply do not spend anymore (take stock).

About who that phenix on the front page of The Economist of 1988 and in the video of ACChain is actually, I'm going to have it in a next article.

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  1. Notis wrote:

    2018 the bitcoin era?

    If it is true, the rich will flee other assests like real estate (if they have not already done so in the previous years?) Silver is always good because important industrial used metal, etc.

    If it is not true then it is a huge trick to convert bitcoins that the rich have already in their pocket into regular currency.

    In both cases the ordinary man and woman (and no transgender like) will be able to return and even have to fall on barter. Three- and multi-angle exchange possible. Plumber against garden fixer via tutoring, language lessons, housekeeping, maid and car clothing repair etc.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Silver and gold are only worth something if you physically have them in your attic. But in a crisis you should not be surprised that it is forbidden to buy or sell with precious metals.
      In addition, this is only interesting for people who have some extras. The average Jan with the Pet does not have a penny to spare at all and has to work hard to pay the bills.

  2. SandinG wrote:

    What strikes me is how the UN is used to make it acceptable, also the developments regarding AI. The UN, IMF, BIS, NATO etc are all building blocks of the NWO. They try to direct the flock of sheep one way ...

  3. SandinG wrote:

    For all webcare editors and others Stasi staff participate in the Aivd's Christmas puzzle .. who knows you get promotion ????

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