Please note: the Covid-19 Janet Ossebaard (Ninefornews) documentary is a fake news trap

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The Covid-19 Janet Ossebeard (crop circles, Ninefornews) coronavirus documentary (see below) is a trap. You must be aware that IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer as early as 1996 of world champion Kasparov with chess and Google Alphabet's Quantum Computer in 2016 the world champion of the most complex game Go managed to beat. In addition, you should be aware that the media are capable of launching everything, including everything (including conspiracy theories) themselves.

They can put everything together like a movie and make you think it is really news, so that fake news checkers such as can burn it down at a later stage. With all the big data gathering today, the world leaders know how to play the masses down to the micro targeting level.

The clever thing about all this is that there is a lot of truth in the fact that self-created fake news is put into use, but because people later come up with “evidence” that there is fake news, they can throw the child out with the bath water.

I would like to emphasize this to you and advise you to really read and distribute my book. There is no one to show you the strategies of controlled opposition. Not Ninefornews, Not WantToKnow, Not Jensen, Not Niburu, Not Infowars. That's because they are the last line. Don't garden in it! In this article and in my book I explain this controlled opposition strategy in detail.

Listen here for an example of the last line method: example

In this post from see how that video by Janet Ossebaard will soon be labeled as fake news.

My apologies, I don't want to be cocky and smart, but I quit my job more than seven years ago because I was annoyed by the lies in the media. At that time, for example, I still believed in Alex Jones' Infowars and ended up in the alternative media circuits. So I could discover from the inside that they were all not very happy with this strange duck in the bite (see explanation).

Be sharp and do not fall for the safety nets and the controlled opposition rainbow warriors (see my book for further explanation, however mostly this sequel).

In recent days, many videos have been sent to me to trap me and to motivate me to post such messages that can be labeled as fake news; presumably in an attempt to black my site. So you really have to be on your guard and remain critical. In my book I describe how to go to the only correct source of information (your original) and how we can tackle this virus system.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself", Vladimir Lenin

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    For example, do you really believe that Robert Jensen is real opposition? He makes good videos! Whose studio do you think he hires to make his show? That of (General Dutch Press Agency) John de Mol perhaps?
    Really wake up… safety nets: last line

    They are eventually eliminated with a scandal in order to tip the filled safety net - with followers and all - in the fire oven.

    The REAL change doesn't come from men and women behind a camera! That keeps you in the illusion that they will arrange it for you. The REAL change starts with activating yourself!

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    How do you address people as if they are watching the Teletubbies. Sesame Street!… Pffff stop this mixing of truth with nonsense! "The Cabal," "Trump the Savior," "Q" ("is good for you"), and more of that kind of safety net theories.

    Madam secretly promotes the communist idea!

    Trump is not the savior! And the financial reset named by this 'crop circle' Madam is well planned and introduced through what is now emerging under your eyes, with Trump in the hood. The road map towards the technocratic communist (totalitarian) “Salvation State” .. promoted by 'crop circle' Jannet Ossebaard. Technocratic means: controlled by technology ... so AI ... big data: Chinese model of technocratic communism! A totalitarian communist big brother society! That's what this lady is promoting!


    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Hey John de Mol: Diewertje Blok would have been a better choice for this safety net strategy….
      (source: Libelle)

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Quote (9:30 min.): "If there is a total lockdown of social media, do not be afraid because Operation Defender 2020 has been deployed to arrest the corrupt governments."

      No 'crop circle' ... it will be used to stop the people from communicating with each other, so that it does not rebel against its final imprisonment.

      Bullshit! Shill!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Shill Micha Kat promotes the same Q Anon safety net story

    • Harry freeze wrote:

      Total insanity. And have read the comments below, they also kick in hook, line and sinker. Of course they would soooo like to believe a positive message.

      Big brother will save us from the evil elites, Love big brother, trust big brother, trust Trump, trust the army. A new world order of peace love and harmony will emerge

      They will wake up in a terrible way when it is too late.

      In the US, too, you now have this kind of insane person who is preaching this kind of message. The sasquatch will save us, aliens will save us, Trump will save us, the army will save us.

    • Harry freeze wrote:

      Many lyrical reactions under this video (covid19 part 3). Have a look at some accounts behind the comments. Most have about the same youtube videos and 1 or 2 subscribers. Weird YouTube accounts look like fake accounts or created by a few the same people

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        It is full of fake accounts, deep fake accounts and AI bots that respond to social media. You can no longer take responses to the major social media channels seriously and even ignore them.


      Revenge of the children!

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