Crime the ideal alibi for the abolition of cash and total control of the people

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Crashes, drug money, confiscated Ferraris and Lamborghinis, motorcycle gangs who commit attacks on the "independent media" and kill each other. The Netherlands is a wild West country! It is really dangerous, because in addition to all those returning jihadists and potential IS terrorists, ATMs are regularly flying in the air and the banks are struggling to keep up with all the money laundering practices. In fact, the Dutch state has completely lost its grip and that is why we need more investigative powers for banks, more people have to be hired in the services and after that we may live happily ever after in the land of tulips, windmills and free soft drugs consumption in those beautiful coffee shops.

You know them the tricks. The tire supplier who scatters nails on the access roads; the glass trade that hires a few boys from a former Eastern bloc country to tap windows; the security camera supplier who arranges some burglaries. You don't know them? Well look, then you may have watched the newspaper and TV too much and believe everything you hear and see. You can organize crime yourself, so that you create a problem and instill fear in the people and then with the solution to come. And if you show some very expensive sports cars in the media and blaze stories of criminals who own thick villas and yachts, you make people envious and angry at the same time, so you have created the perfect breeding ground for measures that ultimately affect everyone.

Of course you want all that criminal money to be traced, because you work hard for that little bit of bread and play that overdose to keep you happy and quiet. So you don't like it that criminals get away so easily with those big cars and that luxurious life. Tackle that trade! And that cash must be abolished for this or that every transaction must be transparent to banks and government? Fine! To do! After all, you have nothing to hide. So we go to the cashless society (the cashless society) in which everything you do is clear.

The blockchain and preferably a bitcoin-like international currency will offer the solution! If we combine that with the 5G network and 'the internet of things', then every cookie, every piece of steak and every moped you purchase will be traceable; the smart toilet knows how much you poop and pee and the state knows exactly what you are consuming; what goes in and out. That is handy, because then your insurance premium can rise if you secretly smoke a Monsanto genetically manipulated and patented state weed and pollute your lungs or if your liver grows because you secretly consume 1 bottle of wine per day. The total control of the people, its consumption, spending and purchasing patterns is the ideal position for a totalitarian regime. Fortunately we continue to call it democracy and we continue to believe that it is good for us. There is nothing wrong with total control of the people. After all, that is going very well in China!

And if there are so many laws and regulations that you will violate a law somewhere in the smallest movement, the state can nicely ensure that you can no longer buy anything. Oh well, you must have heard about it in such a book. That of George Orwell for example (1984) or in that bible (the beast system). However, we prefer to remain romantic and optimistic. With us everything will always be alright, because we are the Netherlands! Orange, you know! The land of Max Verstappen, great football, the best DJs, the best festivals, clubs and beach bars. The country that may deliver the next EU president! We are top! So if it's already a bit stricter with us, that's fine. Let us take our Prime Minister's optimism as an example and just keep smiling! It'll be fine; even if it looks a bit scary! Keep trust and just let it all happen to you.

And if you believe that the Lord Jesus died for you on the cross, everything will be fine anyway; all you have to do is sit back and socialize with fellow pacifists who will be allowed to sit next to you with the Lord. Do not fear, do nothing: only believe. Keep filling the collection bag of course.

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  1. Alie Muana wrote:

    Mr Vrijland, I think your last comment is very unfortunate. It doesn't bother you. It is a pity that you are not talking about the many believers in Jesus Christ, who are fighting a great battle in the heavenly places through the Holy Spirit, not loving their lives. Not everyone is called to the same task. Don't judge.
    By the way, I greatly appreciate your work and respect for the sacrifices you have made to expose lies.

  2. guppy wrote:

    Quite right, it is going very hard towards an 100% digital money system.

    When we see how adults react to opponents of the Sinterklaas party, it says enough. No research is being done. Originally Sinterklaas or Santa / Satan originated in Babylon and the black helpers are the demons that roam the chimneys. If you give them sacrifices, they will hopefully continue or if you put blood on your door post as in the Bible.

    You let your children believe in a lie from childhood on, frightens them by not rewarding if they are not sweet. They are not sweet because of the stress and crazy madness!

    We have to honor traditions because it is so cozy!

    You can also organize parties outside of the occult dates yourself. Our holidays are perverted and are organized by occult lullo's who laugh in their pants because we follow them blindly.

    If someone says something about it, he supposedly ruined the atmosphere.

    I tell my children since they can talk that Santa Claus is a disguised fool and that we do not participate in those weird parties.

    I also tell them that the rest is different than what is being told everywhere.

    You are your own shepherd, we are not sheep!

    I am who I am and then you are like Jesus the good shepherd 😉

  3. Camera 2 wrote:

    The prediction comes from MartinVrijland, Day Cash!
    And Guppy, you're right for me, you're not alone

    What do we still have to do? swap; a lettuce for a clog? I think that's the only way out, barter

    The bank can now (could already) reset your account to zero if you do not speak gender neutral, cameras microphones everywhere.

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