Davina Michelle the next transgender at the Eurovision Song Contest? Duncan Laurence sees candidacy!

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source: rtlboulevard.nl

According to Duncan Laurens, the new star Davina Michelle must participate in the Eurovision Song Contest next year on behalf of the Netherlands. Davina ends with an a. "Yes and so?"And so she may be transgender. I have explained in several articles (example here) that names that end in a a often applied to transgender people.

We have already witnessed LGBTI propaganda at the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years. At this year's Eurovision Song Contest, there actually seemed to be no more straightforward participants.

What's wrong with that? Nothing, except that it seems that the heterosexual is starting to get into a damn corner and that emancipation seems to break through in propaganda at the expense of heterosexual man. The old biological distribution of male-female seems to have to be undermined.

So a transgender participant next year? One without beard this time and with a female voice too. It's possible all of them. Nothing wrong with that, if you ask the average Dutch person. I just want to point out to you the Luciferian agenda that lies behind it. Lucifer stands for the rainbow (new earth / new world), the gender change (the bisexual / gender neutral). Transgenderism and the transformation from the old sexual norm to the LGBTI standard seems to be the porch for the next transformation: the transformation towards the transhuman. Man as a digital android with brain en DNA in the 5G network (the internet of things, in which you will be one of the things).

You can now laugh at me and many will dismiss it as a conservative old-fashioned or even discriminatory approach. Let me be clear: I have nothing against Davina or against anyone with any sexual preference. Every individual is a soul and we are all equal. So I am not discriminating and that is not the approach. I just want to talk about the agenda that I think I can establish. The agenda of the Luciferian stronghold (the aristocracy and the Vatican, who pull the strings behind all those sham democracies).

Through its propaganda machines, this stronghold increasingly proclaims the message that we are all equal. That is where it should be sent. All gender neutral transhuman slaves in a large digital (5G) control system. However, the word "equal" means something other than equivalent. A male is simply different from a female. That is biology. Equivalent is not equal. However, these two words are made synonymous with each other in the Orwellian news.

Of course I cannot prove that Davina is transgender and if it were, it would not be good or bad, more or less. If it wasn't, I hope she doesn't feel insulted. I do not want to offend anyone, but merely point to a trend I believe to be observed.

I am concerned about the fact that there is a lot of propaganda for the LGBTI and (in recent years especially) the transgender agenda. So my suspicion is that Davina is used for this and that this is the reason that she was “discovered” by singer Pink, is plugged by Marco Borsato and Armin van Buren and is now also put forward by Duncan Laurence as candidate for the next Eurovision song festival. A moment apart from all the television programs in which Davina was already shown.

So we may once again witness subliminal programming, in which the youth are being prepared for the new standard.

Just a piece of lyrics from the Skywards song (lyrics), in which apparently the hidden truth hides:

Eat, sleep and please
Independent on her knees
There's more to her

Free as a bee
'Till the queen will disagree
There's more to her

Feel that she's real
Though the fake will seal the deal
Make room for her

Or she'll leave every meal
'Till she's skinny as a needle
Root for her

What is wrong with that transgender agenda or propaganda? You don't have to find anything wrong with that. My opinion, however, is that the masses are being prepared for the transformation process via the transgender towards the transhuman. For this it is important that the human body and the brain hangs in the cloud, so that not only the brain is connected in the control system, but also the DNA can be adjusted online.

So I think we are being prepared for a digital slavery system, while we think we are just liberal for new sexual interests of youth. Do you think that a bridge is too far? When the time comes, it is irreversible and you can no longer do anything about it. I only give you my opinion, without aiming to hurt individuals or groups.

source: sciencetimes.com, azlyrics.com


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  1. Dick Klein Oonk wrote:

    Again a good clear article. So immediately shared on FB and Twitter. But whether we wake up the sheep? So just continue Martin.

  2. guppy wrote:


    If you have a date nowadays, it's best to ask if they bring a birth certificate 😉

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    The World Health Organization has prioritized norm-setting about curbing current disease, adding burnout and gaming addiction to its International Classification of Diseases and removing transgenderism in a politically correct move.

    ..and for a moment

    "Gender incongruence," on the other hand, was lifted out of mental health category altogether, becoming a "condition related to sexual health." The WHO's definition remains more conservative than some countries "-" gender variant behavior and preferences alone are not a basis for assigning the diagnosis, "the ICD-11 reads, meaning it can't be applied to adolescents before puberty and intersex people are up in arms about language adopted elsewhere in the document, which refers to intersex variations as" disorders of sex development. "


  4. Iberi wrote:

    It also serves the depopulation agenda. The hidden hand, for example, has made society ripe for everything that will suit them! Really everything in a system designed by those families is destructive to the biological human! People who are aware of the agenda will gradually have to ask themselves how they want to die! With honor and good conscience, or as an economic slave and as a cyborg and matchstick! The families that strive for supremacy do not leave the remaining humanity (or what still has to go for it) a choice! In their transition period they will tear down everything and destroy what will still stand in their way!

  5. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    For everyone who says, "Yes, but I don't see Adam's apple"



  6. Haasje wrote:

    What is also wrong with this is that renovations and the entire counseling and hormones are largely reimbursed by health insurance, but not, for example, the dentist or physiotherapy. And if you as a woman have hardly any breast formation and want a breast enlargement - regardless of whether it is healthy - you get nothing reimbursed but men who want to be converted do. On a site I came across that the breasts are further apart during breast surgery for the conversion men. Can't discover it so well. Maybe when she's in the pleeboy.
    Anyway I do not understand that you want to swallow hormones let you cut while you are healthy and that it is found so normal. Well, that's healthy in quotation marks. Meanwhile, those artificial hormones undermine your entire health. Think they will live less long, with a higher risk of cancer.

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