Dutch election results in 4 months from right to left to Timmermans? Voters cheats!

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How is that possible? In 4 months, the whole of the Netherlands has completely changed from mainly voting right to PVDA left! The miracles are not out of the world! We can do this very nicely it "Carpenter effectMention or simply see that elections are pure deception. We are witnessing electoral fraud here! It's all about pushing Frans Timmermans (who has been preparing for his position for years), towards the EU presidency.

The following hypocritical video from Jean-Claude Juncker's tweet, in which he expresses his preference for Manfred Weber, is of course primarily and solely intended to create the impression that there is a democratic process (in which the Timmermans outcome is not already certain) . That is already fixed. Timmermans has been trained to put the EU totalitarian state firmly in the saddle. At the same time, the critical group that has been given the stigma on the right, nationalistic and 'conspiracy thinkers' will be settled. This payment is linked to the failure of the Brexit. It is all one big script. Those who do not yet see that, should quickly take an annual subscription to the IQ test.

source: persgroep.net

This is how the election results for the first chamber elections in March this year still looked. VVD and FvD were then still the largest, so in fact half of the Netherlands voted right. You must now realize that this whole vote is not really vote at all, but it is all about a little bit of how sentiment is under the mob. The result is determined behind the scenes and has nothing to do with voting. How could it be that the Netherlands suddenly shifted massively towards PVDA in those few months; a party that hardly participated anymore? The "Timmermans effect"? Isn't it a laugh !?

In my my previous article I already wrote that these last elections in particular show that they are not elections. It is pure voter trick to push through the predetermined agenda! Frans Timmermans (who did not know anyone for 2014 and his presence on Majdan square in Ukraine at all) must become the EU president. Ah, wait a minute! The Dutch are naturally so proud that there is a Dutch person who can take on this task, that they have suddenly switched from left to right. Kolder!

source: elsevier.nl

Of course we still see gains on the right in the rest of Europe, but that is mainly to uphold the same clean appearance of democracy and because the right still needs to grow. That safety net fleet will soon be sunk when the scandals come out of the top hat and (as said) the failure of the Brexit in the United Kingdom shows to all of Europe that that stigmatized group on the right (which had to consciously grow in support through controlled opposition parties and media push) must be cut down. In this article I explain exactly how this process of controlled opposition works and why the right-wing safety net fleet first had to grow.

It is time that you stop waving this away and it is time that you really do something. You can of course think:Oh well, then but voter fraud. Oh well, that Timmermans becomes EU president. Well, at least we have a Dutchman there. There is nothing wrong with that?"

When I was around 16 for a year, I worked at a large pig slaughterhouse during the weekend (as a part-time job). You then had to open the arriving trucks (full of pigs) and close the gates of the connecting lock when the tailgate opened. I have never seen the slaughter process, because my job was only to close those gates and give the pigs a shock when they did not walk inside. The pigs always had a hot shower before the pen was shot through their heads (I was told). This ensured that they were somewhat relaxed after the trip and that the adrenaline level did not get too high. Then the meat tastes better.

You are led to the slaughter, but because you are under the hot shower of the media (which keep you sweet with bread and games), you do not realize what is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. I try to point this out to you through my articles. It is time for you to see what is going on. Serious!

What is coming? A totalitarian police state run from an undemocratic EU that is introducing more and more laws and regulations that restrict (and take away) everyone's liberties. These laws and measures serve to espionage and control the slave people. We are moving towards a totalitarian regime and if you do not yet see that you have really slept. You are under the hot shower. Or do you belong to the group that operates the shock device and drives the rest towards the slaughter? Read some articles back on this site and discover how you are played.

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  1. Sun wrote:

    Of course this is again a directed 'election' by the guys from the script. Call it the guys of the script effect. You cannot expect good things from Hen on the contrary.

  2. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Fortunately, we have the ANP that 'records' all the 'counted' votes of the municipalities, with the ANP nothing else is an excellent company led by a Mole. 😀

    https://www.npostart.nl/nieuwsuur/26-05-2019/VPWON_1297115 (from 5: 29)

  3. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Why is a private company involved in election counts? Should not all appearance of a conflict of interest be avoided?

    After opening the ballot boxes, the polling station members first make a quick count at the list level: a sum of all valid votes that every political party has achieved. The polling stations call the outcome of this quick count to their municipality. The municipalities call the total number of votes for their municipality through to the ANP (General Dutch Press Office). Based on those voting totals, NOS presents preliminary results on the evening of election day.

    On the evening of the day of voting, a preliminary, unofficial result at party level is already presented in the media. This is based on exit polls and / or rapid counts from the polling stations. Quick counts are the first manual counts at the polling station, at party level. These are passed on by telephone by polling stations to municipalities. She collects them and passes them on to the ANP

    Shortly after the sessions in the provincial states, non-official results are already announced by the ANP.

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