Jantje is straight and is afraid to come out of the closet #SorryJohan

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It is 2035, Jantje is one of the few children born with a pee. Most of it's classmates were conceived through IVF and born in a laboratory. They have on average 3 or more parents and their names almost all end on an 'a'. This has been the case for the generation of gender-neutral children for several years now. One is called Herma, the other is called Jetta, another is called Norma, and so on. Jantje is one of the few children who still has a real mother who delivered it via caesarean section. Het's father was one of the last hetero's from the years' 20 but has now let himself be helped and now lives with Christa. Christa was already a partner when Jantje's mother was pregnant with it, but both are now gender neutral.

In the gym dressing room, Jantje always feels a bit uncomfortable. The other children do not have a lump in their underpants and are not as muscled as they are. There is still 1 girl in the classroom, with a similar history. It is just in puberty and starts to get a bit of breasts. Jantje notices that it is a bit ashamed between the other children. They are different. The other children also look a bit like them and you hear regular chuckle when Jantje takes off her clothes to put on her gym dress. Josje is also laughed at when it's changing clothes for the gym dress.

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One day, Jantje decides to talk to Queen Droga to ask if she can change clothes on the neutrons, because the night is getting worse and that it's mother and two foster moms have also been queen-gotted with queen Droga to indicate that Jantje seems to have problems with hormones. Queen Droga has discovered in Jantje's breindata that Jantje has holstered the search terms that have to do with old-fashioned biological problems. It also appears to play holograms and simulations in which women still occur. There is an Icelandic holo provider that makes such simulations available to young children with an old-fashioned neuralink. Jantje does not have the genetically modified nanotech neurons with an 5G connection, but has a Neuralink implant. Queen Droga speaks to Jantje about it.

There are more children of the rainbow generation in the Ottoman Empire who seem to suffer from this problem. Johnna de Mol's RTL holostream was yesterday a virtual reality meeting where the problems were discussed. Jantje and Josje were also present while they were in bed at home. Johnna himself also had a father; one of the richest TV producers of the time. It's mother was a singer and Johnna was born as Johnny, but it decided to be transformed on 50e's birthday. That is quite normal for the generation of the time, because who wants to get into those troublesome diseases that belong to those old biological systems. Moreover, sex has long since been something that no longer gives satisfaction, so most of those excerpts want to get rid of it. Your dream now connects much easier via Holstagram.

Johnna de Mol, source: persgroep.net

Because Johnna still comes from the time of the transition from the hetero to the LGBTI generation, it still has the old problems of that time. In the holostream Johnna explains that the problems of Jantje and Josje are very similar to the coming out of the closet of gays at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century. Jantje thinks about it again when it breaks the neural connection with the holostream. On holonet it can still find a few emotional streams associated with being different than the rest.

The next day there is a special parent evening stream in the VR area on Mars, because that is all rainbow oriented and most people there have an avatar and a second home. The children may also be present at this stream. Jantje, Josje and their mothers can not upload themselves into an avatar, because they are not made in a nano lab, so their consciousness is still attached to their bodies. However, they can still be present via Neuralink-VR.

Queen Droga has decided to discuss the sensitive topic. It has also plugged into Johnna de Mol's holostream and was able to feel exactly what was going on in Jantje and Josje. Queen Droga discusses the problem and explains Jantje and Josje that they should come out of the closet. Jantje and Josje clearly have trouble to open their heterosexuality openly. Queen Droga felt it herself. It explains Jantje and Josje that it may be difficult to feel different from the rest, but that you should not close yourself. "To come out of the closet" they used to call it, as it says, while it tries to stream the feeling that it belongs to all those present.

Although it is not customary to go through life as a straight person, there are still zones where that is tolerated. Queen Droga decides that Jantje and Josje will be allowed to dress first, before the herma group goes to gym. On rainbow day they may dress up as boys and girls and take off their nose rings. Jantje and Josje still have to get used to the idea a bit. They are not completely out of the closet yet.


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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    No leave
    For cottage construction
    for the dead woman
    for a moving rope
    but for your own construction


  2. SalmonInClick wrote:

    The question is whether children can be processed in the natural way in the near future. If you see what long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields can cause, think Wi-Fi / 5G etc. Vaccinations aside ... These developments continue as a TGV and there seems to be no end to it, the consequences can guess. The solution is the fading of the sexes, the promotion and stimulation of unconventional relationships think of sodomy, the rise of transhumanism and the resulting androgynous man. I predict a bleak future if we do not recognize these dangers in time and act accordingly. Watch a movie like 'Children of men' and you understand what I mean in terms of birth rate ...

  3. guppy wrote:

    Yet I think the gates are closing. There is a way, a truth and a life. This narrow road is not the blue, not the red but the purple pill. Not going to accept the duel but accept that we need both sides on this planet. Without + and - no power and no life.

    I do believe in separation. We are not all one, we have to make a choice. Perhaps it is possible to stay here on this planet forever, but personally I believe that this corner of the universe is releasing itself. Our children are the last generation that are still 100% percent of meat and blood. If they are going to have children in a few years, it will only be harder to get out of this planet.

    That Jesus was baptized (symbolically buried) in the living Jordan River means that in this life on earth you have to make the choice to accept death. Release your body and mind and before the living water (the Jordan) ends up in the dead sea (deepest point on earth) this choice must have been made. It is a shame that this simple story is so distorted. When your body dies, you go to hell, from the Greek translated hell is a grave.

    It is only the question what our mind / soul will do after death. When we make the same choice as the last time, we reincarnate in a body on this planet and the chances are increasing that we are born as a cyborg.

    If it is already difficult to find out the truth, it will certainly not be easier.

    I know that many people do not feel like talking about this, but as you can read on this site, everything indicates that we are going this way.

    I have no idea how many lives I have played, but I have learned that I am faint at how everything is going on this planet.

    I am not unhappy and I can certainly enjoy it but know that this planet is a copy and I only settle for the original.

    The original is perfect because we have let go of the misery, but if you want to keep living in the copy, that is not a problem either.

    I do not know how many stairs we have to get up, I know we have all the time, but the time of this copy is starting to run out.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The plus and minus field of tension is precisely the core of the problem. That is the Hegelian dialectic. Opposite poles arouse the force field from which you can draw power.
      Jesus, heaven versus hell, sin versus salvation is exactly part of that game.

      So no: we do not need that polarity. This is always generated again and again. Both in religion and in politics. In the past, you had the Catholic Church and when people got too much opposed, the new controlled opposition was rigged through Protestantism. Exactly the same is happening in politics now. Politics and media are the new church.

      Polarity is precisely what we have to let go. No more participating. And Jesus is not the solution. That is a mind control thing that is so deeply rooted in many that they just keep seizing it as the only solution for everything. If you are born a few hundred km away it is Mohammed.

      Beautiful story of Jesus and the Jordan, but step 2 is that you have to repent to Jesus to achieve salvation (sin versus salvation; + and - polarity = tapping energy).

      Simply realizing that you are a fellow player and observer in a dualistic polarity based simulation is sufficient. Quantum physics proves it.

  4. guppy wrote:

    It is true that you say that the next step is conversion or a commitment with a certain group. What I mean to say is that getting certain information from certain booths does not mean staying in that booth. For everyone, his manual available that is the same, no matter where you were born. I know that I am an observer, but also believe that the choice of free will makes the difference.

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