Kurdish terrorists under yellow vests protests France said Erdogan

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The well-directed formatting in the direction of 'Ordo ab Chao' in Europe, where first chaos is planned to enable a Turkish intervention, seems to become more and more visible to those who know how to watch the smokescreens. Of course that is a daring prediction, which I have been doing for several years, but the Turkey of today shows all the signs of Germany in the years' 30 of the last century. Not only does the Italian populist anti-EU government the yellow vest movement openly supported, under severe disapproval of the Macron government, but also the Turkish president Erdogan comes up with the statement that there is Kurdish terrorists are under the yellow vests. Why one has to do with the other requires some explanation.

The anti-EU movement seems to compare with the rise and election of US President Trump. Right-wing populism could win support in both the US and the EU. Let's do this the anti-centralization force field to mention. The Brexit movement also belongs to this force field. It is a force field that is also linked to 'conspiracy thinking', where criticism of the established order linked to so-called right-wing populism. In the Netherlands, the controlled opposition parties PVV and FvD were established for this purpose, led by Geert Wilders and Thierry Baudet respectively. All of this must lead to the wave movement as we see it under Trump. Let us call that 'nationalism' (and therefore anti-globalization) for the sake of convenience. What could be better than that wave movement will lead to economic decline in the near future. With this, this group will soon be designated as the cause of chaos, both in the US and in Europe. From that chaos you can then put things in order and settle definitively with any form of criticism and every desire for decentralization. That seems to be the upcoming role for Erdogan.

In this article I wrote how the intention seems to be that the power of the American empire should crumble and the power of the Ottoman Empire should rise again. We are now in the pre-stage of the roadmap towards chaos. Yes, indeed it is the game again Problem, Reaction, Solution. The yellow vests' movement and the growth of populist political parties will be designated as the cause of the imminent social and economic chaos. If Erdogan can also offer the alibi that terrorists have mixed under the protests, that is an extra reason for intervention. Erdogan can then set himself up as the savior of France and other countries in which the incumbent governments may lose control. Possibly he, for example, "will have to intervene" in Italy; whereby he can also act as the savior of European unity, by releasing the anti-EU populists from their power.

Of course this will take some time, because the chaos is not big enough yet, but the signs are clearly visible. An economic crash (possibly in the short term) can give the last push towards chaos.

Now the astonished reader, for whom this vision may be new, may wonder how in God's sake can you imagine that Turkey could ever take Europe? "Turkey? Is not that a nice cheap holiday destination, whose currency has recently declined?

If you continue to watch the hypnotic tube in your living room or take your daily dose of Telegraaf and other pulp media, you are distracted with propaganda and therefore may not be aware of the strong growth of Turkey. Not only has Erdogan been busy connecting the Islamic countries, he has also built up a huge military industry and Turkey is becoming more and more independent in that area. Turkey has almost reached the point where it can produce all the necessary weaponry for a war itself. In addition, it has a large army ready, which in North Syria has proven to also easily the American troops (who support the Kurdish YPG support) to hunt away. We are talking about an army that could roll over France in a day. Turkey has been the second largest army within NATO for years; NATO who is dying after death (because of the same disagreement between the US and Turkey), but only exists on paper.

In my opinion, it is a matter of time before the Turkish flag flies in Brussels. And rest assured, the preparations for this takeover have already been taken by the incumbent government leaders. They are the basis of the upcoming chaos. Angela Merkel, for example, played an important role in this preparatory phase, with her refugee policy. We all know that there is a historical link between Turkey and Germany. This band became visible in the first world war and will soon come to the surface again. Do not expect the media to show you this image. The media are there to mask the case and keep you blind for what is going on. The alternative media focus on 911, UFOs and the impending war with Russia or China. That is all distraction. The magician leads you away through propagandistic TV programs and articles in which "experts" tell you where to look, so that the magic trick escapes your field of vision. Are you already taking Turkish lessons?

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  1. SalmonInClick wrote:

    You would think that the geo political and economic importance of Turkey lies in the east (Eurasian part), what does Turkey have to gain in seizing the West? Which in itself is quite a job as Turkey is internally very divided. You have to remember that Turkey is made up of many ethnic groups with their own agenda.

  2. averhoeve wrote:

    Tip: Please do not all collect money as the 'Yellow Hesjes' ask. So to put the banks in trouble if everyone would collect money (= bank run).

    This may cause problems for the banks idd, but that is what TPTB just want! For example, they can replace fiat money with digital money (because, they will say, safer for the system and more verifiable). Everything is about control of the plebs. Transactions in fiat money are less verifiable than digital transactions.

    See 'The Phoenix' digital currency that was already advanced 30 years ago to start using 2019 !!!

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