New Zealand attack: definitive establishment of worldwide censorship, disarmament of the population and polarization

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If the attack of 'Brenton Harrison Tarrant' in Christchurch in New Zealand is not a PsyOp, then it certainly serves the big agenda very well. Censoring the alleged live stream images, arguing that it could give more people the idea of ​​committing attacks, is a perfect alibi for worldwide social media censorship to become a norm. You may wonder who has been watching such a live stream at all? Has sir announced it in his Facebook friends list? It is not surprising that people want to see the images afterwards, because what have the media been doing for years when they show us images of wars or terror? The "attack" was also a good reason for the disarmament of the population to enter. Last but not least, it contributes considerably to the polarization between left and right and religious populations, as described in this article.

We are witnessing a script that must lay the foundation for a global government. This world government strives for one world religion, one gender and one race. That will be done through the old Roman maxim 'Ordo ab Chao' (order out of chaos). For this, the world population must first go through a third world war (according to the script), in which religious interests predominate. The prophecies of the major world religions play a more important role in this. Once the battle for Jerusalem has been over, the world population will look exhausted and disillusioned and embrace the new Luciferian UN world order. For this process, the religious tension must first be refined. My estimation is that the Islamic bloc will gain power. I believe that Turkey will play a leading role in this through the resurrecting Ottoman Empire. At the same time, we will see the US power crumble. I would repeat if I described the entire process (the script) again, so I refer you to it for more details this article.

While this big agenda continues to thunder, we now see that the worldwide web (the internet) is literally closing more and more. The censorship measures of the major social media parties (Facebook, Google, etc.) have been made definitive with the New Zealand "attack" in 1 blow. Nobody who can defend it and because of such an "attack" of great emotional impact, we have also seen the evidence of how the maxim "Problem, Reaction, Solution'works in its full glory. In the past, media were allowed to show video footage of the murder of John F. Kennedy, the 911 attacks or IS beheadings, without being said that this might inspire others. However, social media now claim without struggle or the right to worldwide censorship of these New Zealand images. Images that by the way might raise the question of whether we are dealing with a deep fake here.

My Vimeo channel was closed within a few seconds of placing the images, while above all I wanted to show how bizarre the images are and how much they resemble a deep fakebecause you don't see any blood or bullet impacts in walls. (read more..)

And while after this "attack" everyone has fallen into fear, sadness or anger and the polarization is being blown up, the agenda of transgenderization and transhumanization is racing on. Even though the contradictions between countries such as the US, Russia, Turkey, China and the like seem to be widening, all these countries are now working on introducing technology that can bring humanity into digital slavery. That is because all countries that fight in the visible field serve the same agenda behind the scenes. This polarization in the visible field is only necessary for being able to complete the large master script. This is always done through the struggle between polarized groups and through the path of religious prophecy, because these are part of that master script. The ultimate goal, however, is to bring humanity under Luciferian rule. Mankind must be connected to the internet with brain and body in order to finally achieve singularity. The expected messiah figure from the religions will probably also come from 'the cloud' (think of Augmented Reality, see here en here for more).

I understand that all of this may sound like abracadabra to you, but it is essential to study this concept because it that is what all major technology companies (who have now taken this last censorship measure) are pursuing. They strive for the transhumanization of people and singularity. "What? Transhumanization? The singularity?I hear you thinking. Yes, transhumanization and singularity. It is very important to take note of this terminology. Political movements meanwhile follow the religious scripts in the run-up to the great battle for Jerusalem, but also implement laws that push transhumanization and transgenderization. The creation of 5G networks; installing DNA databases; introduction of mandatory vaccination legislation; pushing transgender legislation; they all contribute to exactly this agenda (see here en here). So they all have to call it the 'master script', as I usually call it. I therefore recommend this article study it thoroughly, so that you can see through the big picture. Take the trouble to read the articles under the blue links so that the master script becomes clear to you.

If only we could conclude that more and more people realized that the whole world through the media in a kind Trumanshow held in reality, where the masses are played through alleged attacks to polarize population groups. Then the process might have stopped. Polarization is a desirable process to create chaos. Once there is chaos, the call for intervention by 'a strong arm' arises automatically. Only if people start to see that things are being staged can polarization be prevented and the script undermined.

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  1. guppy wrote:

    We must not forget that we live in the same time as Noah. Most are still pure from DNA, at least we are not yet mixed with technology. You can fuck what you want a flood coming but most people keep laughing at you.

    The people here in New Zealand did respond well, did not pay attention to evil and made it clear that we are not like that. On the other hand, nothing is shown on the news about Christians being slaughtered in Africa or if Israel exterminates the Palestinians.

    The schools are told not to share the videos because it is too horrible or because it is better not to pay attention to the perpetrator. It is not told not to play a call or duty or fortnight anymore. It is not said that the violent series on Nedflix are not really good for the mind either. Yes but that is not really being said then, yes we know today quite well what is real and fake.

    In addition, it may also be that the time here in New Zealand is (fall) harvest time. People feel very depressed after this weekend, you can check how much energy this has generated, both positive and negative. The eleven (extremely low frequencies) in particular continue to exist because of all the feelings of revenge that have been generated. As long as these are fed, the world keeps spinning around in the state as it does now.

    There is a veil over mother earth, so the women on this earth also walk around veiled, no difference between the religions.

    Yet we are now in a time when the veils are starting to dissolve and I am increasingly noticing that times are changing. That is why everything is moving fast because the time of the old world is running out.

    I wish them a lot of pleasure with the new digital world, I know where the ship or ark is stranded. That's why I think you're right about Turkey!

    I do not participate, I just come to observe 😎

  2. mb. wrote:

    Through Christian friends I received reports of attacks in Nigeria and Egypt. If true, many more victims than in NZ. I had not seen it in the news, may be my fault.

    Stars are going to give money for NZ;

    Wondering if they will also donate money for Nigeria and Egypt.

  3. Sun wrote:

    Ok, I know it's cynical and Martin isn't happy.
    But this slave land is no longer good. They have been on a strike today that barely lasted 66 minutes !! The publicity about it took longer. What are 66 minutes now? As a 'trade union', you make a fool of yourself by being on the leash of the regime. The trade union wants a 'good' pension. Nice and vague what is now a 'good'. Just set tough requirements and go for it. If necessary, stop 2 for months at a time. But yes the slaves don't dare. Are performing. The Netherlands has a big mouth over other countries. Well, how could it be otherwise, because there live here the usual suspects, a hostile elite, who are in charge of the service, hold the key positions .. Regime change as far as I am concerned.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      It may be time that you adjust the 'regime change' mantra after you have studied the master script. Then you will discover that regime change can only be made by the awakening souls and so it is necessary to explain to as many people as possible how the game is played. You cannot get there with only political changes.

      • Sun wrote:

        Thank you Martin. The master script of the usual suspects is based on having power and gaining more power by depriving the general population of rights. They do and can do this because they have the power in politics, media, etc. you name it. They are therefore in key positions and will not voluntarily give up. That's why they manipulate everything. If you want to make this happen, in my humble opinion this cannot happen by becoming 'aware'. They just laugh at that. In addition, you often see that controlled opposition has adopted the term 'awareness'. Very smart, by the way. Ultimately it is about action, you cannot get rid of an obstacle by becoming aware .. awareness or manipulation only makes sense if you have the power and that is what the usual suspects dis and use 'awareness, to bring society to their usual suspects menu to adjust. Can we agree to disagree?

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          We can but I think the action will definitely come if you know who is at the controls of your life (your soul). You then undermine the script and no longer play the game (the simulation) according to the rules. For example, this leads to the shedding of religion, the left and right paradigms or, in concrete terms, to no longer performing tasks within the system (such as in a job). That must happen en masse, but at the soul level we can reprogram / hack things (from the original layer in which the soul is located)

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            That the term "awareness" has been hijacked by the controlled alternative media, I agree with you.

  4. Sun wrote:

    Thanks for places or topic comment.

    Well what's going on now. Tarrant is presented as if he
    represent a certain group. This is deliberately done by the usual suspects, hostile elite, to marginalize and exclude a certain group with him and thereby to undergo the usual suspect policy. In addition, the hostile elite misunderstands that Tarrant has not been elected or appointed to represent a certain group. If Tarrant would have done something, he would only represent himself and no one else.

  5. johan the hague wrote:

    In fact, it's all very simple.

    Always inventions have been used for weapon application and therefore used for the suppression of those whom the ruler thinks should be suppressed.

    That was wood, gunpowder, metals, tanks, planes, nuclear weapons, but then …… ..

    Then the internet came.

    Suppression by fakenews, quick money transfers, privacy decline, big brother camera surveillance, terrorist fake attacks, then further restricting liberties.

    George Orwell could not have imagined this. This is 1984 but then 1000 times worse.

    Internet is a gift for our corrupt politicians / bankers and and internationals.

    And the idiot citizen does not notice it himself, he is going to cease climate.

    Nothing helps against this anymore.
    Be good to family, friends and loved ones and let God offer a solution

  6. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Trained by the ISraeli Secret Intelligence Service ..

    We have a single young man, 28 years old, a physical trainer with tons of inherited money, who travels the world, photographs everything, is loved by everyone, then mysteriously goes on a personal murder rampage.

    What we really have is a trained assassin, 42 years old, from a Jewish family, who are trained against Palestinians and served in Southern Syria and in Idlib with al Qaeda, transiting in and out of Turkey.

    4 women “tourists” aided in “handling and logistics” and local police counter-terrorism forces supplied a second shooter.

    During his world travels as a "young man with wanderlust," we have no social media. We have no school photographs, no work history, no education, no job history, another “empty person” like our Sandy Hook “shooter” and so many others.

    This time he made the mistake of crossing into areas watched by Russian and Syrian intelligence, where VT receives daily private briefings. They know him, after all, he was supposed to be President Assad. Oh that? CNN failed to mention that?

    • mb. wrote:

      The problem with VT is often that they assume a False Flag instead of hoax, is my idea.

      • mb. wrote:

        If there are real victims, the surviving relatives (usually the mothers) will want the bottom rock. Although it takes years.

        • Camera 2 wrote:

          Exactly mb, that is the core, the mothers indeed (fathers too) will use all means to find out, they will not let a day go by without bothering the authorities etcetera. That is the essence.
          With a hoax, actors are supposedly shouted on TV and radio only, and then it seems to the general public that family members go crazy. The media has the power

          With a false flag, nothing is predictable and crazy things can happen to relatives in the event of a hoax.

      • Sun wrote:

        Erdogan, the 'super-Muslim', also plays the game with his European brothers in the West by expressing threats. By the way, did he ever stand tall in the Time magazine? All actors using the same script who only do something when the ushal suspects have given permission for it. We are governed by a hostile elite, outsiders, and this is happening globally. They hide this from the common population. This also applies to the ordinary Turkish population. Religion as a means of oppression.

    • mb. wrote:

      They also throw out comments if they don't agree with you.

    • Sun wrote:

      I understand through the media that one Tarrant is imprisoned in New Zealand for the attack. I also understood that no photo is published while it is stuck ??? Calls up question marks. It cannot be excluded that a double is in jail or pretends that Tarrant is lying on the beach with a nice cocktail in his hand. Then gets a new identity and just continues. Travel through the world.

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        With deep fake videos you can simply create non-existent people

        • Sun wrote:

          That's right, you made it clear on your site. The 'original' video of Tarrant may not be shown in New Zealand, an offense. They started to make everything in the memory hole disappear. Well doubts about the 'facts' cannot be made. We must believe the "facts." Just a religion.

        • SalmonInClick wrote:

          They work with body doubles, fake identities etc it is the intelligence world, so idd fake videos, green screen techniques see eg fake IS headless videos produced by Bell Pottinger. But what is clear is that the Zionist movement within the intelligence world has given the go-ahead to apply divide and rule, especially between the Islamic community and Zionism, including the evangelical Christians. The place Christchurch is telling ..

  7. guppy wrote:

    Several reports that people receive fines for posts on Facebook with relations on attack.

    No sharing is allowed in order not to pay attention to the perpetrator. Fines, prison sentences and the like may be given to serve the big agenda.

    Really has nothing to do with each other. They are really disturbed single-acting people who do this 👽

  8. mb. wrote:

    Message first funeral NZ, the article speaks of 30 injured (?).

    “The racially motivated massacre of last Friday has cost 50 people so far. Another 30 people were injured. The alleged perpetrator - an 28-year-old right-wing extremist from Australia - is in pre-trial detention. ”

    Source ; ANP

  9. Camera 2 wrote:

    It has gone virally that the shooting came across as "fake" or "fake", that must really be the reason that they accidentally fell through the basket. It's New Zealand's second largest 1 investigation, woow, and you go to jail if you share footage?

    Also explained below

    see YT film with explanation after the comments ...

    Bill Wagner1 day ago
    Unequivocally this is a psyop. Prison time for dissemination or footage is the smoking gun.
    View 16 answers

    chad calderone1 day ago
    Devin Nunez has kicked off the $$$ lawsuits starting w / Twitter.
    View answer

    genesis7771 day ago
    The reason why they are threatening the people is if they are caught and this is all they are committed treason .. This is where we are today where the politicians are so corrupt

    Youtube movie below

  10. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Yes, the ping-pong between Freemasonry has begun and the bastards can watch how everything is beaten up to great heights, or as Kanis would say or should I say Tanis 😀 “And then just knock”

    And we are seeing Istanbul more and more center stage ... that was the intention

    • Sun wrote:

      Will Erdogan eventually also receive a guide like uncle Adolf for rendered services to the usual sispects?
      Or am I now far ahead of the troops.
      Patience Sun we are going to see it.

  11. Sun wrote:

    Does the man now carry a bottle of blood? What else could it be. Judge yourself

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