Read all about the 'double slits experiment' and how we live in a simulation: open access

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For many, the idea that we live in a simulation will sound strange to the ears. That is why it is perhaps better that I make the substantiation of that statement available to everyone who wants to read it. If I were to publish these substantiations in book form, you would of course have to purchase that book. However, I thought I could solve this by publishing these texts in the form of articles on the website and asking for a small donation in the form of a membership. That was possible from 1 euro as a day member. It seems, however, that thousands a day are curious about what I write, but that the majority do not care about that (except for a few dozen readers, thanks for that).

Due to all kinds of inexplicable problems on the web server, the membership system does not want to function. I regard that as a sign of the universe (with a nod to my previous article) that, for the time being, I will have to make my paperwork freely available and readable for everyone.

When I quit my job as sales manager at the end of 2012 and started writing, the consequences have been quite severe. In no time I was attacked through heavy defamation and smear campaigns online. This was also proven from the corner of a state employee surrounded by a large team and several websites that use the attack. With declarations against these people and websites, nothing has been done to this day. What has happened is that because of all this libel and slander I could never get anywhere and therefore everything was financially stuck. Because of this, I was forcibly expelled from my house, I had to live anti-squatting and I now live very primitively. This entire process has shown that when you are an unwanted player in the force field, you are made a cup smaller.

The most important thing now is that the website will continue to run and I can focus on writing instead of on technical problems. The last few days my time mainly focused on analyzing the problems on the server. To solve this problem I would have to hire a programmer, but there is simply no budget for that. It is possible that this website occasionally loads very slowly, despite the heavy server configuration. Of course I do not want to tire you with technology, but for the techies among you, this is probably because certain modules do not seem to work in PHP7.0, so the website does not load anymore. The older PHP version on which the website is running now causes delays. Enough about that.

You can view the articles about the 'double slits experiment'and all the explanations concerning life'a simulation'read by clicking on the links.

Although I am struggling financially, I hope that you continue to support. People can still become a member via PayPal or credit card, but the restriction of the articles has been removed. The 'direct debit via iDeal' module does not work and if you have already made an earlier attempt to become a member, the system apparently also crashes. If you still want to support despite all these technical problems, you can, for example, set a recurring bank payment to this account number. You can also still support via a one-time contribution via the crowdfunding site. Thanks in advance for your support and, of course, thanks again to all the people who have supported me so far for all these years! Thanks to them you have been able to read my articles all the time and have survived.


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