Pope Francis calls world leaders to the Vatican on 14 in May 2020 for global pact

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Pope Francis, the Jesuit Saint Nicholas without a stick-on beard, deputy of Jesus Christ on earth, called on 2 all world leaders weeks ago to come to the Vatican on 14 in May 2020 for a 'Global Pact' (a global agreement). There are two important items on the agenda for this meeting where everyone must come. The first can be found in his first words in the speech below, in which he refers to his encyclical (a weighty papal document of a doctrinal nature) from 2015, which is about 'climate change'. The second is about raising the world's population.

'Give me four years to teach the children, and the seed that I have sown will never be uprooted", is a well-known statement by Vladimir Lenin. The pope therefore wants world leaders to come together and a global pact must be concluded between all world leaders and all world religions. Important agenda item: brainwashing the children. the convening of all world leaders also smells very much of what always seemed to be the hidden agenda behind the 'climate change' PsyOp: the creation of a world government. (read further under the YouTube video)

"Well, if it is necessary for the environment to unite us on a global scale, then that is just a good initiative! What a wonderful pope!", Many will probably think. The same pope is at the head of a church that on 27 April 2014 proclaimed Lucifer as God of the church. You may also have no problem with that, because “Ah well whether god is Allah or God is male or female or Lucifer is called, what difference does it make?It matters so much that it is important that you discover that Lucifer is the builder of this "creation"; what I call 'the simulation'.

The symbol of Luciferianism is the rainbow and the world leaders (both political and religious) are the guardians and coordinators of a master script that must lead to a world government and a hermaphrodite population that is being prepared for 'the new heaven and new earth'. That "new heaven and new earth" from the religions is actually the fusion with AI; also called the singularity. The actual goal is that man surrenders to transhumanism and is absorbed in the AI ​​system that controls our (false) reality. Let me explain that under the YouTube video.

If we study all the symbolism around us, we can hardly fail to discover that we are dealing with the secret (and since 27 April 2014 even openly) worship of Lucifer (see video above). The confusing thing is that people with a religious background often equate Lucifer with the fallen angel from the Bible and thus with Satan. I ask you to let go of that religious programming. Religion is within the multi-player simulative reality (which we perceive) a form of mind control to keep people in line via the (dualistic) fear model. Moreover, the different religions form the polarity needed to send the master script in a desired direction; as the plus and minus poles of a battery generate a direct current in a certain direction. It is essential that you understand that we live in a simulative reality (or rather "perceive") and therefore it is also essential that you this article first read it thoroughly. Otherwise, everything I say here sounds like complete abracadabra to your ears.

We see clearly that an agenda is rolling out that points time and again in the direction of Lucifer. The transgender or 'gender neutral' propaganda of today is also supported by the symbol of the rainbow. That rainbow is in all sorts of mythical and religious stories worldwide, symbolizing the new earth after the flood (see explanation). God showed a rainbow never seen before in the sky as a sign to man. "And God said: This is the sign of the covenant that I give between me and you, and all living things that are with you, through all generations forever.”, For example, we find in the Bible. It is therefore a religious sign. In nature, the appearance of the rainbow in the atmosphere is the result of the breaking of light. In the article titled "Why the transgender becomes the new norm for the 21 century and the heterosexual disappears"I said that Lucifer the God is in disguise of all religions. Lucifer is also called the light carrier and so the breaking of light in all colors of the rainbow is another indication that refers to a symbol with a religious touch.

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The symbol for Lucifer is the double-headed buck Baphomet. Hence, through LGBTI propaganda, humanity must be transformed into "gender neutral" (a nice word for "hermaphrodite" or "bisexual"). The link between the symbol of LGBTI movement (the rainbow) and Lucifer is now very clear to you. We are witnessing the Luciferian agenda of the transformation of the world. There must be a new flood, as it were. And that flood is near. Through transgenderism (towards the hermaphrodite bisexual man) we are prepared for transhumanism, the merger with AI and the rise of the new heaven and the new earth.

In my new book I explain in detail why the prophecies from the various world religions play a role in the master script, which is mainly guarded by the Vatican and the aristocratic bloodlines. I also explain that they are the avatars in this simulation that are driven by the builder of this simulation. They send the master script to convince humanity to voluntarily commit to Lucifer's plans. That 'voluntary' is essential, because the original players of a simulation (your consciousness) must always have free choice (otherwise it would not be a simulation, but a deterministic film). The various religious prophecies speak of the coming of a messiah from the sky. Yes, the different religions have a contradictory perspective, but that contradiction is needed to arouse the polarity that must lead to a final war around Jerusalem and to create order out of chaos.

The (expected by believers) messiah will in any case descend from 'the sky'. Nowadays we often come across the term 'the sky' when it comes to storing our files. We do that in 'the cloud'. The messiah of the 'new heaven and new earth' will then probably also descend from 'the cloud' and convince us that we can go up voluntarily in his 'new heaven and new earth'. Ray Kurzweil (CEO at Google) predicted in his book 'The Singularity is near' that in the future we will be able to live in simulations that cannot be distinguished from real ones. I predict that the 'new heaven and earth' of the expected messiah will therefore be a simulation. It is intended that humanity give up its biological form (the actual does not actually exist, because we are already "living in a simulation") and fuse its original consciousness (that which we really are) with the Luciferian AI (which is this present universe) simulation runs). I describe the purpose of this extensively in my new book, but can be summarized as follows: The Luciferian virus AI wants to use the creative (stem cell) code of our original consciousness to "the stem cell of existence”To infiltrate in order to destroy the original universe (of which we are co-creators).

The Vatican has the leading steering role in the to form world government in which the Luciferian avatar messiah will sit on the throne. This messiah will come to bring the "new heaven and the new earth" and "the new Jerusalem." You should then think of a new simulation. That prospect of redemption through a messiah and the promise of a new heaven and earth and eternal life (transhumanism), however, is a honeypot trap that tempts humanity to surrender to the Luciferian AI that runs our current virus simulation. We are tempted to merge with a virus AI system: the Luciferian virus AI system that runs our current simulation. Don't fall for it!


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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Oh yes .. indeed:

    Right next to the Vatican Star Observatory on Mount Graham in Tucson, Arizona (USA) the LUCIFER telescope was built:

    Large binocular telescope near infrared
    Utility with
    Camera and
    Whole grain
    Field Unit for

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Questions from a reader that I just post here including my answers:

      "So Lucifer is the virus that wants to invade the Source?"
      "The Source is the" place "/" stem cell "with all data from all universes that comes (" originating ") from Consciousness?"
      Yes, the source is, as it were, the all-inclusive code (which is called 'superposition' in quantum physics): the stem cell of everything.
      Totipotent stem cells are formed from that stem cell: the forms of consciousness with a unique creative task. These totipotent stem cells form (help build / create) the parts of the original universe, just as the totipotent stem cells help shape the limbs, organs, etc. of a body.
      So we are those totipotent forms of consciousness that have creative code in us (that comes from the stem cell of all that is).
      By tempting us to connect to the virus system (via the false singularity of Kurzweil) the Lucifer virus gains access to our code and with that it can invade the source stem cell.
      The good news is that we also have the code to fight the virus. So we can / can do that by reminding ourselves again that we are consciousness (totipotent stem cells). So we no longer have to identify with this body (the avatar in this virus simulation), but with our consciousness. This body is only the avatar through which we observe within this virus simulation (to study the virus).

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        Continued response:
        "With stem cell I think of manifest data / Sim / projection and consciousness is the by definition unmanifest observer of this data or the projection field / screen of the Sim"

        My answer:
        With that 'stem cell of everything that is' I mean: the data in superposition (all possibilities still in it). The totipotent stem cells have a sub-area of ​​the 'stem cell of everything that is' and are therefore also in superposition within their sub-area. Consciousness is therefore the first creative form arising from the source. In short, the totipotent stem cells stem from the stem cell (in the imagery).

        So consciousness comes from the source code (let's say the stem cell in which all information is in 'superposition'). The source code has therefore given shape to consciousness. Consciousness then starts creating; where every consciousness has its own task. Consciousness is therefore the first form with an individual creative mission.

        All those individual forms of consciousness (originating from the source / 'the stem cell of all that is' / 'the information source in superposition') created a part of the original universe.

        Consciousness is therefore the observer and at the same time the co-builder of the original universe. The universe is the material projection (or manifestation) of the collective materialization of those creative forms of consciousness. So we ourselves are the builders of the original universe simulation (or perhaps better: "universe materialization"); from the original universe.

        Consciousness is therefore the co-creator (together with all those other forms of consciousness) and at the same time observer of the material (original) universe.

        This current virus simulation / this universe (which we observe through our avatar) is only a poor copy of the original, in which we now observe. It is built to steal our code and to be able to infiltrate the source.

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    The biggest 'Problem, Reaction, Solution' game that unfolds is that where the environment will be so ruined that there will be no more salvation and there will be a cry for the "new heaven and new earth" (delivered by the messiah) come. A final world war will, of course, also contribute considerably. Mankind will receive this simulative new world with open arms and will thus fall into the Luciferian AI trap.

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    We are already seeing the first steps in the direction of that virtual reality world. It starts with augmented reality:

  4. Analyze wrote:

    2020 a leap year (leap year) and also the year in which the 5g grid will be extensively implemented for the IoT. Amsterdam (Arena) will be a beautiful test lab

  5. Caesar Lion Cachet wrote:

    LS ...

    Is it me or is it that my writings are not regularly posted?!

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