Stunning Insights into the Coronavirus Panic by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg?

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Wolfgang Wodarg is a German doctor and politician for SPD. As Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Health Committee of the Council of Europe, Wodarg signed a proposed resolution on December 18, 2009, which was briefly discussed in an emergency debate in January 2010. He also called for an investigation into alleged unlawful influence of pharmaceutical companies on the World Health Organization's global H1N1 flu campaign.

Another coronavirus sound

Dr. Wodarg states that there is talk of the effect of the fairy tale "The emperor has no clothes onIn which no one dared to say that the emperor was not wearing clothes. No one dared to acknowledge seeing this; except a little boy. Everyone appeared to succumb to peer pressure.

This message will probably be dismissed as fake news by the mainstream media or even completely censored by Facebook. Or will Facebook let this message through? I'll show you for the reason I explain at the bottom of the article.

technocratic communistism

Under a future technocratic communist government, you will likely only hear one story. Then you must listen to the imposed truth of the politburo. That such a technocratic communist regime is now unfolding rapidly, under the pretext of the coronavirus, I explain in detail this article.

To my taste, we witness an interplay of all world leaders in which the coronavirus outbreak is a PsyOp (psychological surgery) used to crash the economy and achieve the goals I set in that article describe. Does that mean that the coronavirus does not exist? No, that coronavirus probably does exist. However, that does not exclude that it could be a consciously created bioweapon. It is also possible that its harmfulness is disproportionately hyped.

We are witnessing the unfolding of the 'master script' I describe in my book. Now that you have seen that I made several correct predictions, it is time to throw off the stigma of conspiracy thinking and really get to know that 'master script', so that you can see what is going on and from now on you can take up a resilient position. In my book I already predicted that there would be another pandemic like this. Please read that book and then read below this link the additions to the book.

Honey pot, controlled opposition

It may be that Dr. Wodarg has been deployed to deliver a thoroughly critical sound (see video below); a critical sound that almost touches the truth, but deliberately shows erroneous figures, so that it can later be dismissed as fake news. For example, social media censorship can be implemented and a website like can be forced to close (if I were to garden in it). The game is played in such a sophisticated way.

Purpose of that strategy? Try to convince everyone that anything that isn't mainstream media news is fake news.

This method is called the 'honey pot' strategy; a strategy in which the services set a trap by mixing 95% truth with false information and launching this in a controlled (self) way via a pawn (controlled opposition). So I cannot say with 100% certainty whether the story of Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is numerically correct. I can only endorse my own insights. You can find these insights here on the website and in my book.

Nevertheless, it is instructive to also take note of such controlled opposition 'honey pot' methods. You will hear almost the whole truth, but it will be poisoned with a little fake, so that eventually the child with the bath water must be thrown away.

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  1. Harry freeze wrote:

    It is striking to see that politicians (if you look in the Netherlands) are all on the same page. From left to right, they all participate in the hype. The difference is only in the approach, where parties on the right and left want the total lockdown and the somewhat moderate parties want a moderate lockdown. But in principle they are all in the plot and all participate. the same applies to media, there is no one to doubt whether the corona virus is so bad and whether the measures are not a bit exaggerated (for example 1000x).

    However, there are of course still people in NL (perhaps more than we think) who have serious or less serious doubts about what is going on, and Jensen has been mobilized for that. Jensen can catch the doubters and people who don't believe it, he can fulfill the “honeypot” function in the Netherlands for the people who don't believe it.

    Why are people doing this? Jensen tells a lot of truth in his podcast, but of course the cold shower comes when he indicates why the world elite rolls out this coronavirus: He says it is because Trump must be defeated, and because "Right" (so anti globalism) was winning and that must be defeated once and for all with the rollout of the dictatorship to fight corona.

    So he catches the doubters and people who don't believe it and then sends them into the forest.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Jensen is the last line and must catch readers away from Vrijland. He just keeps selling Trump as the hero. No, I've been writing it for years: all politicians from left to right are different masks on the same face. Jensen never referred to me. Nobody dares and may refer to me and my book. That is the biggest threat to them.

      • Harry freeze wrote:

        Unfortunately, a lot of people kick in this controlled “trapdoor spider”.

        • Harry freeze wrote:

          Maybe commenters can post a comment here on a youtube podcast of jensen with a link to this site. Perhaps all those comments will be carefully removed immediately, but if not, it is always possible that some will end up here.

  2. Fish head wrote:

    Martin is getting more and more right

  3. GoodbyeBabylon wrote:

    Speaking of controlled opposition, Jensen isn't one of them either

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