Is the Brenton Harrison Tarrant attack the initiation of right-wing anti-Turkey terrorism?

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If we have to believe the latest news about Brenton Harrison Tarrant he would the necessary trips who seem to be mainly historical in nature. The financing of his trips would come from lucrative Bitconnect (crypto currency) investments. That of course sounds like a credible alibi. What is particularly striking are the reports that Tarrant seems to want to fight the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire. Tarrant is said to have visited both Turkey and Pakistan; two countries that are closely linked in religious-historical terms. The link with Anders Breivik is also made. Bulgarian sources told the New Zealand Messenger that the inscriptions on the weapons found were written in Cyrillic. The texts would show names of famous battles and historical figures from the Balkans. These battles were fought against the Ottoman Empire. The wars against the Ottoman Turks were also a source of inspiration for the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik.

It seems that the tension between "Christians" and Muslims is about to be escalated to great heights. I would therefore not be surprised if we see the rapid rise of right-wing terrorism in Europe and the US. Keep in mind that this is probably an undercover operation in which the secret services have once again created their own terror group. I suspect that there will be a link with Fethullah Gülen (designated by Turkey as the FETO terror group). I also suspect that we will see short-term reports that Tarrant has organized meetings to lay the foundation for these terror cells. Possibly a Balkan connection will be made towards old - Yugoslavia war related - Serbian fighters (an old Ottoman enemy). This could mean that we will also see more of such (in my opinion PsyOp) attacks on Islamic (and then especially Turkish) targets.

Read just back here why in my eyes we are again dealing with a PsyOp (psychological operation).

All of this lays the foundation for Turkey's long-anticipated Europe intake of Europe. If we are going to witness the rise of right-wing Christian-fundamentalist terror groups and a link is also made with Serbia and FETO, then that is the perfect alibi for Erdogan to come to order in Europe. I predicted this because it is part of the script in which I stated that the Ottoman Empire will recover for 2023. This script meets religious prophecies and meets the letter from 1871, from 33e degree Scottish Ride Freemason Albert Pike to his companion Giuseppe Mazzini, in which he predicted three world wars. The first two of these were scripted and were used to establish the state of Israel. The third world war will be about Jerusalem and will take place between the Islamic world and the remains of the Zionist world. You should think in this regard of a struggle between the restored Ottoman Empire and Israel plus the US. You will find an extensive underpinning of my prediction of the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire in this article. In the context of a better understanding of current events, it is very useful to take note of this. So read that article carefully.

Let us wait for the messages in the near future, but if we are going to see a wave of attacks and the right-wing terror suddenly appears to be well organized to appear like a devil out of a box, then remember this prediction again.

Read in this article how you can learn to see through the script.

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    "We also know that you've come to a lot of early Christian artifacts and sites in Turkey," Erim said, adding that in a manifesto he's thought to have posted online he mentions Hagia Sophia.

    The Hagia Sophia is currently a landmark mosque-turned museum in Istanbul, previously a Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal cathedral until 1453 when the Ottoman Empire conquered Istanbul.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The Serbs are of Greek Orthodox origin and we can (possibly) expect that a link will be made with Serbia.

      Hold the date of 29 in May - the date of the Fall of Constantinople in 1453; capture of Constantinople by the Ottomans. End of the Byzantine Empire

      Can we expect a right-wing terrorist attack in Istanbul (the former Constantinople)?

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        Right-wing terrorism will probably also be linked by Turkey to Donald Trump, because he refuses to extradite Fethullah Gülen.

        In this way the link between Trump, the extreme right and the (controlled) alternative media (such as Infowars, Alex Jones, etc.) can also be made and the herd can be driven definitively back to the old media and the old political order. Anti-globalization and criticism of media and "deviant" history revisionists are dealt with.

        That is the start of the chain reaction.

      • No wrote:

        There was a movie on Facebook that was filmed from the car of the offender. An extremist Serbian song played on the background radio.

  2. Sun wrote:

    Via via understood that Tarrant is trained militarily in 2017 and 2018. Guess three times in which country?

  3. frameworks wrote:

    @ Sun. Facts with source please. Suggestive including unanswered so-called rhetorical questions have little value.

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