The 'ghost family' PsyOp (psychological operation): taking away your liberties and introducing 'mind police'

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The 'ghost family' from Ruinerwold's story will probably save the Telegraaf a lot of money if it sells its 'premium subscriptions'. However, if you open this 'ghost family' mess in the Google Chrome Incognito mode, you can just read the jumble unpaid. Why join a newspaper that already supported the Nazi regime in "40 /" 45 and still influences the mindset of many today? What few realize is that the media and politics can be used to push through legislation that affects everyone through psychological operations (PsyOps). In any case, you can ask yourself why the state can deprive (imprison) people in their freedom who, for the time being, seem to have done nothing concrete wrong.

Has a murder been committed in Ruinerwold? Have any corpses been found in the garden? Are there AK47s in the basement? None of that! There is only one story of a boy in the pub and the rest is there only speculation. How can you create such a massive fuss around a few people with an allotment garden, whose entire story from day 1 is based on speculation and no concrete crime is yet known.

An 25 year old boy drinks a few beers in the pub and supposedly asks for help. Help for what? That he is being held captive by a man? How can he go to the pub at all? And what does that man have on his notch? I mean: so you turn the whole of the Netherlands upside down with a story about people who may have a little solitary life and a allotment garden, but you would normally expect such a fuss at a serial killer or at a Marc Dutroux-like story that really involves young children. locked up in a basement. The Robert M. abuse scandal in an Amsterdam daycare center made fewer headlines than this purely speculative story. If you hear the reporters speak it is nothing more than "we do not know yet","we are still investigating that" and "there seems to be an end-time expectation","the father may have been a member of the Moon sect for a while". They mainly and only play on the gut feelings, but if you analyze it step by step, you will discover that there are some substantial basic freedoms on the chopping block.

It is not that complicated to put together a PsyOp through years of preparation. Certainly if you use locations where the population density is quite low. If you want to implement legislative changes that have an impact on 17 million people and potentially lay the foundation for new EU legislation that affects 500 million people, it may well cost a few cents and you also want to do thorough preparatory work and what people do compromise. Moreover, we have ANPs John de Mol with his studios and the option of deepfakes to produce fake news.

Through the paid content, with which De Telegraaf appears to be recruiting large numbers of people, we can find out in Incognito mode that there is a clear mission behind this story. In fact, there is a huge stigmatization that contains the following characteristics:

  • people who grow their own vegetables are potentially sectarian
  • men with beards and long hair are potentially dangerous (for example, Martin Vrijland)
  • People who do not want to comply with state rules are a danger to themselves and their environment
  • People who are critical are sectarian and lock up children

Most PsyOps contain multiple layers, but it is clear that this is a gigantic coloration of people's perception. It seems that the people must be prepared for legislation that will allow the state to look behind every front door.

This kind of texts you get to read if you become a member of that newspaper with that not too good reputation:

Jorit admits that the farm residents did have separate ideas. The Austrian and the Dutch family had found each other in certain views on how society should look. "Josef had been to America and saw how one company controlled grain production. He thought that was wrong. The government did not have to determine what people ate or drank. Grain was genetically engineered to keep it fresh. He didn't want to eat that. ”

"He wanted to take care of his own water as well as his own food, because he thought there might be chemicals in it. He only drank bottled water. There was also poison from industry in the air. They believed that there was a government driven by a force behind it. He said it makes no sense to vote. In the end times he did not believe as far as I know. But he wanted to shield his world so he didn't need anyone. He wanted to make the farm self-sufficient. "

To begin with, these are not separate ideas. We are witness to pure Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) of the people. From now on the media and politics will determine what 'separate ideas' to be. These are actually the first steps towards George Orwell's thought police. From now on, the state (via its propaganda media) will determine what you can and cannot think. Since when can you not find that one company controls grain production and that Monsanto (now Bayer) genetically manipulates crops? Since when has it been a shame to grow your own vegetables and purify water? Well, that's for sure from now on! PsyOps serve this purpose. The people are programmed enormously. It is NLP of mega proportion and the entire media propaganda machine including the well-known "experts" and indignant politicians are deployed again.

The people are programmed with the image that anyone who thinks critically is potentially crazy and sectarian. In fact, the game is played here by linking all kinds of criticism to the 'sectarian' stigma and someone robbing children of their freedom.

It's time to smoke the mainstream media PsyOp propagandists and politicians out of their holes! They are responsible for killing your basic freedoms through devious game of stigma and programming. read here the sequel.

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  1. guppy wrote:

    It is exactly as you describe!

    This story has become an international story. But I do notice that many people find it a vague story, but do not go into it deeply.

    Keep it up Martin, the impact is big and getting bigger. The lie no longer rules, the truth always wins.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      What surprises me most is how people see what is happening and don't even bother to share articles like this or to warn their environment .. "out of fear of being rejected". What is more serious now? An environment that reacts with incomprehension because it has got its eyes closed by the media or the threat of irreversibility?

      • guppy wrote:

        That has to do with the development of your higher self. If you realize how this world really works, then you don't mind being rejected. In addition, it also depends on how you bring it and how conscious the receiver is. A lot of people read and see everything but it doesn't come in because they dream.

        Our biggest challenge is to do daily things consciously and not to catch the morning paper and other regular rituals on the automatic pilot.

        Once this is broken it goes fast with the development of our avatar.

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    The police have been to the house 1x earlier because they thought there might be a hemp plantation, but the man did not let them in. (Said the "police spokeswoman" at Jeroen's perception manager Pauw).

    It is clear that the point is therefore to remove that threshold: Problem, Reaction, Solution ... raids

    • Camera 2 wrote:

      In that brainwashing program (NPO) of that hoarse-sounding Pauw, through which the pastor can sound even more pathetic for
      the souls of the brainwashed (the TV viewers).

      At minute 21, 19 the cross-examination (supposedly) ends up with Sjoukje Drenths- Bruinsma who has memorized her text: "destructive control techniques were in place, it's brainwashing"

      And that is said at the largest brainwashing control company in NL, Pauw you will be ashamed of yourself
      all the people who play the play there, how low can you still go, Richard Groenendijk who also keeps the fire high by asking spontaneous (learned) from fake emotion.
      What a theater show to get all NLérs heading in a certain direction en masse.
      Richard groenendijk the actor who likes to lend himself to the deception of the masses,

      A script with well-thought-out objectives and with mass psychological ingenuity.

      Let us thank the blogger for the perceptive analysis, otherwise you would just kick in again, the fake farm hoax in Drente.

  3. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Like a Welsh band once sang

    If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next ..

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      “Yes, but that Jeroen Pauw seems to me such a reliable sweet man; he doesn't lie? Such a person doesn't play a theater, does it? And not all those table guests, either? "

      Who pays determines.

      • SalmonInClick wrote:

        De Mol and Pauw know each other through and through and the first one regularly sits down with him at the table. I remember that Under pressure from Queen was always heard at the lead-in of his show. Do not know if that is still the case, but it is significant ..

        almost half a million loss over 2013. Perhaps that is related to his interest of more than 25 percent in TVBV, a production company of which Endemol owns 71 percent. The equity of his company Pief Paf Pauw decreased from € 4,1 million to € 2,6 million

        He's in De Mol's pocket (Talpa)

  4. Haasje wrote:

    And a facebook profile of that young man. Stand up a few 'facts', such as date of birth and date of relocation, to make it credible. A number of things posted but only comments from people who look up the profile because it is in the news. It says that his photo was made by a friend from America. It is therefore unclear where it would have been made and by whom.

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