What is true about the murder of Derk Wiersum and what does that mean for 'the crown witness'?

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In this article I described how the Willem Holleeder Heineken kidnapping and the murders he committed were possibly PsyOps who had to prepare legislation for the principle of 'the crown witness'. The crown witness settlement (brought about by the Holleeder PsyOp?) Means that the state can prosecute anyone it wants, because that crown witness may even be anonymous (through the "anonymous endangered witness" procedure). This attack on "Derk Wiersum" can ensure that the defending lawyer can from now on act anonymously or get into a protection program. Then you may have an anonymous crown witness, protected by an anonymous lawyer with a decisive testimony for conviction. In short: the state can get everyone behind bars without proof.

That is perhaps a very short summary, but sometimes the beast just has to be mentioned by name. Earlier today, on my Facebook timeline, I wondered if Dirk Wiersum actually exists or if we might be dealing with a deepfake character. In addition, the neighbors and acquaintances should also be faked via the same technology (paste a face created via AI over a recording in real time and compile a history and social media profiles created via deepfake). Do you think that is going too far? I understand that, but that technology goes far and everything we see on image and sound comes from the media and those media are in the hands of people such as John de Mol (billionaire, owner of the ANP and Talpa). Those media have all the means at their disposal to generate fake news. Of course there is no evidence for that. However, please read this article equally good to discover what is possible.

Of course, the social media responses can also be driven by emotion through all kinds of (real or deepfake?) Profiles that respond with comments such as: "To say something like that is outrageous for the bereaved". It is indeed scandalous to deny that someone is dead if there is solid evidence. It would be much more outrageous if we had indeed been using it for decades PsyOps played to become. What I do is raise the possibility, without taking the position that this is actually the case.

In any case, this case would fit perfectly in the Problem, Reaction, Solution maxim, in which a self-created problem and the triggered response, leads to the call for stricter legislation. That this stricter legislation can hit the same people who called for it in the future is quickly forgotten in all emotion and commotion. If the state actually wants to get every dissident behind bars, a non-existent person (“anonymous crown witness”) can give a decisive witness statement (see Holleeder case regarding the deciding crown witness). The defending lawyer does not have to exist (because it may be anonymous in the future) and so everyone can end up behind bars. Any dissident against the regime can either be psychiatristed or locked up through a false trial.

As icing on the dessert there may be a law that makes raids possible. After all, we must quickly clean up all the weapons that are under a bed in all those houses in Amsterdam! This may and may no longer be so!


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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    If you did not follow the previous (Fake) events then you would believe today's news 18 Sept 2019 again.
    Hap swallow, ready, so you have to follow the (fake) news because otherwise you will not understand the measures or consequences of the (fake) news.


  2. Camera 2 wrote:

    People and children once again say,
    How can you take a stand after a few hours and say that it has to do with his profession, while NOTHING has yet been investigated?
    How can a second room say that immediately, even though zero research has been done.
    Why don't we hear about CPR
    No one woke up from the ambulances and where was the trauma team. No, were they there?
    How could the neighbor not have heard shots while a boy down the road told the youth news that he was awakened by the bangs.
    How do you get it in your head at all to portray children like this, have parents been informed?
    And neighbor how is it that you have not heard any shots.

    Can you already say that the place smells a bit ...

    Little boy woke up bang, streets away


    Neighbor has heard nothing ??

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      With deepfake technology you could film a man with a child on the shoulders and put a non-existent (but realistic) face over it (including adapted voice).

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        The dangling of the legs brings the mind into the acceptance mode (NLP hypnosis)

          • Camera 2 wrote:

            Indeed, the video of that neighbor is probably still fake too.
            A bit of explanation, well then.

            The man in the back left with that big belly walking back and forth; then the shadow is right again and then not again, sometimes the shadow simply isn't there.

            The neighbor himself; take a look at the unnatural movement of the eyebrows
            and the so-called tap in the eye. Fake!
            A backlight shot using the lens-flare effect, ha ha, cheap clutter because that means the light does not match the jacket of the boy who has to keep the neighbor's head in the shade.

            The raised curb at the rear should be rock hard reflected by the sun.
            The shadow of that van on the wall has a wrong angle if you compare it with the shadow of that lamppost.
            The overall image of the face is so foggy blurry, just too crazy for words, AT5 has top cameras, but not right now, ha ha, looks very Fake.

            Of course you don't see that on a smartphone, but you do see that on the first best laptop if you zoom in a bit.

  3. Camera 2 wrote:

    Listen to the interviewer. Hiddema is asked something, the media already has the answer.
    The interviewer says: "It is possible that the lawyer who advocates crown witness may go to an uninhabited island for the rest of his life."

    So it is allowed to remain anonymous, the media had already determined that the actor Hiddema who, according to him, jumped out of the dance (as he later remarks in an interview) should nod from The Hague, like an authoritative chicken.

    minute 3; 37

  4. Idd that witness with that child now also makes me doubt. Misses all real emotion. That gentleman from the 'art of misdirection' video that you share is the new kind of psychophytes who find it incredibly fun that the masses will no longer be able to keep up with technology and will therefore be constantly cheated. Often from that one club of left-brain fanatics who were once traumatized by a certain kind of ritual on the 8e day after birth.
    Hiddema (and Wiersma) also seem to be bothered by this. It has long been clear to me that Hiddema must lead the population (and the parliament) to a police state, where as soon as the so-called facts point to something, everything will be called 'criminal' and declared outlaws. Whether that is with Baudet or with van Otten, he doesn't care. Incidentally, I do not understand that he can simply shave the moccro environment over a comb, 'all' a gun under their bed, all a low IQ, my goodness it is really my intention that we should finally start that war with Muslims, apparently they can't wait with their NWO with center Israel.
    Low low low. The whole mess.

  5. SandinG wrote:

    Little effort is made to hide the fact that Madurodam is really a police state. Junta is starting to get pretty close, anonymous lawyer, anonymous judge ... ready-made conviction

  6. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Nice deepfake production John .. but the paper in those binders looks very virgin. This has never been browsed. Beautiful film production ..


  7. SalmonInClick wrote:

    For the sake of convenience, we forget that these types of Hegelian productions are an incentive to protect or compensate state informants, lawyer / journalist / crown witness even better. The financial reimbursement at the expense of the taxpayer is also an important driver here. The lie rules

  8. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    First we had the Holleeder mafia; now we have the Mocro or nacromaffia with Ridouan Taghi. Both are clearly AIVD PsyOp pawns who are allowed to play their role in the fake mafia. It is all acting to implement new police state measures. The attack on the Telegraaf building was fake; the attack on the Panorama building was fake. Everything is fake. Fake news productions of media in conjunction with the judiciary. Don't garden in! It is the Problem, Reaction, Solution game from the state to roll out the police state step by step!

  9. Karel Reuterz wrote:

    Lord Vrijland,

    Thank you very much for this clear writing.

    One probably finds this conception to be true.
    But with your explanations and described history contours I find your story
    sound more convincing than the mainstream media.

    Are there other channels on the internet that share your opinion? This should go viral in my opinion.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      No, there are no other channels.
      All alternative media are checked by far. Niburu.co, for example, is run by an ex-sweetheart from Freddy Heiniken. He will therefore never write that the abduction was a hoax.
      Controlled alternative media try to keep the focus on 911; write about ufos etc. and always only talk about falling flags (which is different from a PsyOp hoax).

  10. Camera 2 wrote:

    Does Grapperhaus speak the truth?

    On this site it has been repeatedly demonstrated that the attack on the Telegraaf building on the Basis weg was fake and that the attack on the Panorama building is also a totally staged issue. An anti-tank grenade that leaves much more damage than the damage that has been shown and there is.

    If all those (so-called) criminals are associated with that (with Fake attacks) then you can say that Grapperhaus did not do their homework well and Parool did not verify what appeared on their email. They just say something and they do something and we also need to take those people seriously.
    And why is this article no longer shared, the freedom of expression is therefore completely swept away by scandalous men like John der Heuvel, he must be ashamed of himself, BAH!


  11. Camera 2 wrote:

    Striking weather with such a mega hoax is that they are more interested in the perpetrator than the victim (there is no other option because well if it is a hoax ……

    And still there is not a single clue given by the authority called Police, all guesswork


  12. SandinG wrote:

    maybe VenJ and the OM have received some tips from the zorregieta family. Even more proof that the whole thing is set up and that people are not tolerated, afraid that this case will be unraveled for what it is a psyop for new legislation. Strange how grapperhaus immediately unpacked 🙂


  13. Analyze wrote:

    pablo escobar is not allowed to tie the laces of tagi ~ (if it already exists), one actor after the other. What a show, it can cost a bit!


  14. Camera 2 wrote:


    Such large judgments, as an attack on the justice system, undermining the rule of law and so on
    while no perpetrator has been convicted, not even found, no suspect, nothing nothing nothing and yet such baute statements.
    Motive condemned by Media, a screening with only three photos of the victim, with only 1 weird video of the victim.

    Where is the family of the lawyer, the whole story puts the media at risk because of the motive
    to raise to the thirty-third power without any clue to a perpetrator.

    Where are the lawyers in NL looking for this pressing question, where is the law!


  15. Sjon wrote:

    Shortly after the attack, an article was posted online in which a neighbor said that her alarm clock went off for 07: 33, and then she heard shots ...
    People who use one pill should also be treated according to Grapperhaus. So much for the Dutch tolerance policy… ..
    A new lawyer has since been appointed, who will remain anonymous. Judges and prosecutors can also remain anonymous in the future. If someone has to be silenced, all they have to do is create a threat to try that person in an anonymous court case and throw them in jail ...

  16. Camera 2 wrote:

    Oh yeah cozy drinking in the Rode Hoed and having a chat with Judges and lawyers and of course prosecutors and other gowns, we know us

    This remark betrays enough of the fee, quoute: "What 9 / 11 in 2001 meant for the world order, such a landmark is the murder of a lawyer because of the exercise of his profession for the Dutch legal order",


  17. Camera 2 wrote:

    And again see here in the propaganda newspaper of the Netherlands that the book may / may not be published.

    Or would the book perhaps lift the veil to the complete fairy tales, mean the total fantasy.
    Should we not wait a few years until the well-thought people who are aware of the fake kidnapping have become demented, and only then will they really publish the HOAX HEINEKEn,



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