Massively searching for this life-threatening PBS employee from Den Kolder

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Look forward to this life-threatening escaped PBS-er (professional population saboteur) from the clique in Den Kolder. Please note this time no deepfake though! This time no PsyOp (psychological operation) to push through new legislation.

Of course this is a persiflage of Mark Rutte and the farm fresh TBS escaped from the clinic of Michael P. in Den Dolder, but it may be clear how you can make a non-existent person through simple face-swap software. This profile photo took me 10 minutes of work (via this website) and I recommend that you read the article below carefully to discover how easily such techniques can be applied to play with the masses of fake news.

I have frequently discussed the techniques with which deepfake characters can be created. I would like to repeat that for the new readers. Deepfakes are made through GAN software. This is artificial intelligent software that, based on multiple AI systems in a network, creates characters out of nothing. AI is English for Artificial Intelligence; what stands for artificial intelligence. Another AI network then tests the images created by the first network and rejects or approves them. By doing this in a cycle, the characters become more realistic with each step, so that you can eventually generate completely fictional people who look like ordinary people (who you might just meet on the street). For years the film industry has been able to create non-existing characters, graphic card developer NVIDIA has ensured that you can now also do this on a reasonable game PC (see here). The same company (NVIDIA) is capable of creating virtual environments. Take a look at the video below and then continue reading.

Now there is also software on the market that allows you to give a live interview from behind a webcam (or on the street, via greenscreen) on a regular PC and to put both the face and the voice of another about it. This is done in real time and without any interruptions. You can see this below (read further under the video).

If you add all these available resources together, you can therefore create any person you want, and you can also create a history of it and make it all seem like it is lifelike. Hypothetically, for example, you could produce a video of Anne Faber from a few years ago, with her father in the car, and make everyone believe that this is real. Or is that perhaps not hypothetical, but is that simply what happens in practice? Can you check it? We can be confident that governments and the media are not producing fake news and we can believe that secret services are developing techniques to detect deepfakes, but are they not simply the producers of such deepfakes themselves?

So if John de Mol, billionaire, largest TV producer and owner of the ANP (General Dutch Press Agency) is likely to have all the means and should therefore be deemed capable of generating deepfakes, then we should laugh away when someone stands up you point out that there is a possibility that we might be fooled? I have, moreover, shown it several times (because I did not show at demonstrations supported with visual material we were cheated). Could it be that it is so bad that such a script, just like a big TV show, is sold abroad, because it has proven to be successful?

"Yes, but Vrijland, must there be a goal to fool the people on such a large scale? Who does such a thing !?"Then you should pay attention to what new laws are being implemented, shortly after such a major event as the Anne Faber case. In several articles I described why the Anne Faber case (in which Michael P. was the perpetrator) was most likely a PsyOp (psychological operation). An operation to push through more legislation. Legislation that the people would never just embrace under normal circumstances. For this, something must have happened radically.

Let me start by explaining again how the media can play this PsyOp game and what the Problem, Reaction, Solution maxim is that it seems to be applied time and time again and then to see what we see of this in the Julie van Espen and Steve B. case.

What is that maxim then Problem, Reaction, Solution? What you as a government then do is: You create a social problem with great impact (Problems) provokes a fierce emotional reaction among the people (Reaction) and can implement new laws and measures that would normally never be accepted (Solution). You then package that in words such as “The government has failed in the protection that society can expect from it", As recently came from the Dutch minister Sander Dekker.

You can therefore work with the techniques described above to create such a problem. In fact, it means that you cannot test any interview, speech or any image whatsoever for truth. So you can't really believe your eyes anymore. Television and other media are technically able to breathe life into non-existent characters. Even if you think it was recorded with a telephone and whether it comes from a security camera, you cannot be sure that it is authentic. Everything is possible and nothing is impossible in the world of the media. You must always pay attention to which Solution follows shortly after such a major event.

"But Vrijland, the murder of Anne Faber could just as well have really happened?"Yes, you can, only in the series of articles that I wrote about that (see here) It has become clear that it has turned out to be a very unlikely story. Which young woman gets on a bicycle to start with a storm predicted and then starts cycling an ANWB route and why was her coat found on 3 October and did it take 6 days for a DNA match with Michael Panhuis to be realized? That is simply not correct. The NFI can do that to do in 6 hours. Why did Michael spread all found objects around and what about his being? scooter ride with Anne Faber behind? Why was she first buried and then cremated and then again to be buried? Why were forensic and autopsy report not shown in the court case? Oh well, and there have been many more oddities in this case, but mainly because you have seen the images of emotional parents, you have come to believe in it. The exciting storyline plus treasure hunt (Problems) emotionally affected the people enormously and so it became in the Reaction in order to embrace the new legislation (Solution). This can now be done by your child or happen to yourself too:

Dekker calls it 'very undesirable' that suspects who need treatment in TBS that can escape by not cooperating with investigations and that this can no longer happen.

In addition, a structured risk assessment and a crime analysis are made mandatory. Societal risks when granting freedoms to detainees become more important.

In short: research into the psychological state becomes mandatory and then we think of Michael Panhuis and so we are convinced of the necessity. The fact that for many citizens this may mean that they will be placed at the disposal of the state for life (and thus lose all human rights), after having undergone a mandatory examination, means that anyone who wants to psychiatically write off can be referred to. So more police state.

The case of Anne Faber and Michael P. therefore stinks like an hour in the wind and it seems that the story has been staged on a large scale with the cooperation of the judiciary, media and politicians to simply push through new legislation that would never be accepted by the people. By playing the people heavily on the emotion, the masses are convinced to be in favor of such a change of law, because everyone links it to the monster Michael P.

The media has convinced us that it would all be true, but we will never be able to check it ourselves and we must assume that we are not playing with Hollywood techniques. The result is that people can be put away psychiatrically without reason and can disappear into their guilt all their lives, because the legislation no longer protects them. (Read here the sequel)

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  1. Analyze wrote:

    It is the same Dekker who tries to eliminate legal aid, so sir has received his orders .. beefehl ist befehl. At first I thought that Tom van 't Hek's crazy brother had escaped 😉

  2. Camera 2 wrote:

    If you have proof that Sinterklaas does not exist, then the children still have to believe that it does exist, because that is how it should be and you should not interfere, it is a party, leave the children alone.

    Of course the citizens do not want psychopaths with murder background in the street, but now the other inhabitants are brought under one denominator.
    Old saying: Comparing apples with pears.

    The end of the free word in this article from the telegraaf where they throw the glorification of Nazis under one denominator.
    Very venomous ingenuity to suppress freedom of speech and research.

    • Sun wrote:

      They will not remove Nazi images and propaganda. They are often the ones who publish and distribute this information. Ultimately, they just need a boogeyman. Cry wolf.

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    At least they have hired a good actress this time ...
    It is clear which new legislation needs to be introduced.

    Sister loves brother's life, but he regularly visits him in the clinic. "You look reliable, I say that is the biggest mistake you can make" is perhaps the most appropriate for this acting. Mother's door has to be locked, because brother wants to hurt her. But we do visit on a weekly basis (because if he only gets his medication he is nice).


    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      From the 19e minute on, Jeroen Pauw shows us what software they have at the editorial office .. no problem making someone look older.

      No problem to put together deep-face brother of face (actress) sister perhaps?

  4. Iberi wrote:

    He looks like Rutte! They used Rutte's eyes! Just to indicate that they know he's disturbed! The train rumbles on! We will also have to deal with climate (horror) legislation!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Have you read what I wrote? I made this profile photo as a persiflage. Just read the content of the article instead of just responding to the photo.

  5. Sun wrote:

    Fortunately they have Peter M.. What a relief for Neanderland. Sleep well again until the next directed escape. What a country, slaves believe everything father says.

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