Adobe, Twitter and mainstream media are going to fight deepfakes?

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In my new book I describe how deepfakes can be applied in various fields in the media, but also on social media and discussion platforms, and I explain how the media have had all the techniques for putting news into scenes for decades. That this is being waved away by many as a plot, under the guise of that there should always be someone among them whose conscience will speak, ignores the compartmentalisation of knowledge. If media companies and newspapers receive the news from an 1 source and that one source is, for example, the General Dutch Press Office of John de Mol, then only a small team within that ANP needs to be aware of such operations. And within that team too, splitting knowledge can ensure that only a few people need to know about possible tricks and deception.

I am often and seriously amazed at the still great confidence in the media, also among the so-called awakened ones. If your first reaction to a news item is still shocked or "impressed," then you have not realized all the while how the people are being pushed towards new stricter legislation with psychological operations. People dare to talk about 'awareness' and believe quite well that sometimes a false flag operation has taken place, but that is all far away and certainly does not happen in the Netherlands, because the Dutch are reliable and we all have gifted people in it the media and politics and many critical politicians in The Hague. People like Jeroen Pauw and Matthijs van Nieuwkerk are still on hand and we still do not see that they are sophisticated perception managers who have discussions to create the appearance of criticism and to deduce the possibility of discovering how deep the deception is. . We still do not believe that opposition can be controlled.

If, in a psychological operation that everyone suspects is fake news, you hold a serious discussion, with serious experts and a lot of emotion, then everyone will automatically believe it. And if you repeat that news on all radio stations, in all newspapers and all the news, everyone is convinced. This power of persuasion is reinforced by the so-called critical flank of those alternative media, all of which are silent collectively during psychological operations. They keep the attention of the so-called awakening but focus on things like 911, JFK, the moon landing and all kinds of other old news or 'consciousness news'; thus keeping those awake actually in dormant mode regarding the (almost daily) play with produced fake news to fulfill a political agenda. Both media and alternative media are there to keep the people unaware of the 'Wag the Dog' (film from 1997) methods of the media and the collective Truman Show (film from 1998) in which the people are held. "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself"

Adobe, the company that develops graphic software with which, for example, films can be edited, announced the day before yesterday to collaborate with Twitter and the New York Times. They want to introduce a content authenticity standard. In my book I already announced that this was coming and it may sound like a fantastic initiative, which probably means that the "Russian fake news factories" can no longer make fake videos to help Donald Trump win the next election, but Whoever holds the key to this authenticity standard can, in principle, say that every video from an "approved source" is genuine and that anyone who is bothered to say that it is fake news. In fact; we will probably see the necessary fake movies in the coming period to draw extra attention to the problem. We can compare that to the fake news sites that were deliberately designed, which were meant to be able to say “look fake news sites exist, so we have to set up some kind of 'ministry of truth' Facebook and social media censorship". This new authenticity standard will not be much more than that: a George Orwell 1984 ministry of truth certification.

Now there will undoubtedly be the invited experts again at Jeroen Pauw's table to explain how good and necessary such a quality mark is, but if the major news agencies receive the encrypted code to approve all their fake news, you remember not what you get from that solution and it actually only reinforces the monopoly on the production of fake news.

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