After Thijs H., Edith Schipper's bill for observation detention, rejected in the previous government, will be embraced by everyone

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The people were not yet ready. A a petition from this site won more than 5,000 signatures against Edith Schippers' bill under the previous Rutte cabinet. In summary, that bill meant so much that your friends, neighbors or family the psychulance should call to ensure that you can be thrown into the isolation cell for observation. You can read it again below. After the murders of Thijs H. (of which we only 1 witness with sunglasses in the media, with whom Thijs H. would have been living for less than two weeks and who would have caught him kicking in the shower door) on people who were letting their dogs out, everyone will probably embrace this legislation.

What was that bill then? Take a look:

  • An observation measure is going to make it possible to observe someone 3 days - and at the same time to carry out case studies and to consult the family / relatives - when there is a strong suspicion that he has a serious mental disorder and there is also a suspicion that this could endanger the person himself or his environment. This way, the seriousness of the danger can be determined and, if necessary, a crisis measure can be taken or a different form of assistance can be deployed. There is no treatment yet in an observation measure.
  • In addition, this Act makes it possible that compulsory care can be granted before a crisis measure of 18 hours. This concerns cases in which it is reasonably certain that a crisis measure will be taken, but where the taking of the measure itself still takes time. In anticipation of the introduction of this measure, it may be necessary to restrict the person concerned in his freedom or to administer medication to calm him down and make the situation manageable again.

"Well that is fine, because we do not want this type of murder by types like Thijs H. and everyone still remembers Anne Faber (and not to forget the murder of the Belgian Julie van Espen)". Do not believe Martin Vrijland in particular. That crazy conspiracy thinker tries to convince you that you may be played with PsyOps (psychological operations) via the Problem, Reaction, Solution maxim. That means so much that you sell a (staged) problem of major social impact through the media. For this, use can be made of a whole arsenal of both technical means and compromised persons, but also (and possibly especially) deep fake characters created (including video evidence).

Few will really care that the TBS legislation has been amended after the Anne Faber case; until we realize that we may have accepted something similar to what happened with dissidents under the Soviet Union; opponents of the regime who were eliminated in the gulag. Now you may not be opposed to the regime, but just wait until you turn out to disagree with certain parenting or (in the near future) mandatory issues such as vaccination.

My suspicion is that this Thijs H. cause the people through the Problem, Reaction, Solution maxim must prepare for acceptance of the then not yet introduced Edith Schippers legislation. The mention is that Thijs was being treated in a GGZ clinic. Mark my words that behind this is found that if neighbors or acquaintances could have called the psychulance, all this could have been prevented. For that we only have to wait for a few Nieuwsuur, DWDD, Pauw and Jinek discussions and the people have been brought into acceptance mode by 'experts'. You should not bear in mind that this legislation can affect everyone again and that the psychulance services can drive a lot of people to the gulag (without the intervention of a judge or psychiatrist). You can do that better if it's too late. The nurses are already in training. Oh well, you're probably not a dissident.

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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    Yes, then Peter R de Vries is also right, De Dwangbuis: you remember

    Do you have a different opinion ??? : "Then you can be taken away in a straitjacket"


    Now everyone knows that Wim Dankbaar has to maintain the Vaatstra story (actually Psyopp), but he did work with Peter to give a first move.

    Because of course Wim would have to be ashamed if that case had been "no" psyopp.

    And then that could not easily be called susceptible, whether or not wimmetje is right

  2. Heray wrote:

    "The nurses are already in training."

    Haha, hilarious. The pieces of the puzzle do indeed fall together beautifully.

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    How clearly do you want the company list and deception to be in operation with the push towards Edith Schippers legislation?

  4. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    Thijs ... voluntarily walks into a closed ward and tries to escape afterwards?

  5. danny wrote:

    This immediately struck me, once you understand how it works, it is obvious how it is played.
    You also just feel that something is wrong with this type of news, if you are a bit awake at least.
    It also seems that they are not even trying to make it credible.
    As if they are trying to create the image that there are crazy serial killers everywhere ... who justly kill people ...

  6. AnOpen wrote:

    Just do it, then you will be confused enough.

    Thinkers, critics, out-of-the-box thinkers you are soon confused nowadays.
    Help the entire country be flooded by potential series of rapists / murderers, psychopaths and terrorists! In recent years, a lot has changed in the Netherlands, or the spotlight was not on it yet. What do we live in a dangerous country? Any time, something can happen. But not on the gaypride or king's day then there is an exception, even the killers, rapers etc are happy and spontaneously cheerful.

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