"All women are whores, except your own mother" and the #MeToo discussion

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"All women are whores, except your own mother" is a much heard saying. Geenstijl wrote in 2012 an article about with the title 'Women are whores. All of them'. In that article they referred to a survey highlighted by their sister company, de Telegraaf, via the website vrouw.nl. Yes, Geenstijl and De Telegraaf are both part of the TMG Mediagroep. They play the game of Hegelian dialectics: thesis and antithesis. Controlled opposition; whatever you want to call it. And that is why they can be part of the same company. The intention of such articles was of course to set the tone for the long planned #MeToo discussion; the phase in which we have now ended up. Of course we all know that women are not whores. These are the drunken statements of men who are stunned by their wife and their frustration to react. Geenstijl fulfills the role of provocateur. Please read the Geenstijl story before we continue.

See. We knew it for a long time. Women are whores, all of them. What did you say? Misogyny on our side? No, friend, scientifically research. Hard facts. Confirming numbers. Black on white, bitches. Women go more often, have more lovers and are more likely to have sex outside the door. But in this world run by feminist male haters the distorted image is held up that the Man is the Great Motherfucker. Because women hate men, simply because we are more down-to-earth, funnier and more convenient. Ideally, women would cram all the bees on this earth into an industrial shredder, were it not that they would no longer be strange. What they like to do. And often. But guess? When asked how they would react if their partner also went awry, thirty percent of the men would request a divorce, and a FIERY PROCENT from the women. Hypocritical, with the 'H' of whore. Cowardly powders. First, to talk us into a feeling of guilt because women are simply not so suitable for managerial positions, then cheating and finally frame us as bastards who are regularly angling outside the door. That women want to cheat, fine. But do not constantly pretend that there are only filthy men. There are apparently many more dirty females. But those who cry the loudest to keep misogyny silent in the event of miscarriage. Bunch of hypocrite serpents. Therefore still: Mannarchism. The liberation of the man from the feminist yoke. It is no shame to be a man. Because all women are KUDTHOEREN, all of them! With their vagina. Applause for yourself if you have a dick! You are the best! Hup men!

What Geenstijl did here was, of course, masterful. It already contributed to the upbringing of men and women among themselves. Provocation contributes to the thesis and antithesis game that is performed. Hence the action of rapper Boef, in which he is a woman kech (which means 'whore') and the provocation of Jort Kelder in his rape statement. The function of Geenstijl in general is to provoke. The Hegelian dialectic is dripping from it.

"What is that; Hegelian dialectics? What is that thesis and antithesis? " This is an ancient method (described by philosopher Friedrich Hegel) to realize a pre-planned solution through apparent contradictions: the synthesis. We have now reached that stage. We have arrived at the stage where the differences between the man and woman have to disappear. Listen for yourself to the actress Cat Smits who put it nicely into the discussion below with Eva Jinek on 10 January. (Note: For the first part of this video about Anne Faber I refer to this article, the discussion about the subject discussed here starts on 4: 13 min.):

Jort Kelder (the prototype of the new eloquent testosterone-less metro-man, whose surname subliminal suggests that the man will end up somewhere on the bottom floor of the new world government house) conducts a discussion with Cat Smits (whose looks leave little to guess about the shift of femininity towards the man), who from the 13e minute already delicately subliminally mentions the basis of the discussion, namely that "all that male testosterone; all created; that that is all fake". Masculinity must be manipulated from society and well-directed talk programs (read: perception-managing programs) like Jinek's must program that image. Masculinity is fake, testosterone is fake and the man and woman grow together more and more. But the core of the #MeToo discussion revolves around what Cat Smits says on 16: 53 minus, namely:

"I think that the vocabulary is really going to change and that something like what Boef says then ... those words are all going to change"

To begin with, you must finally come to understand that television talk shows are fully orchestrated. In the conversation with Jort 'Kelder', it is also discussed that the #MeToo discussion mainly focused on the actors' world and that there was hardly any reaction in the world of the Zuidas and other office centers. Will a light come on? The entire #MeToo discussion is a globally directed media hype that should drive humanity towards 'gender neutrality'. If you find that a ridiculous position, then read again this article. The management of programs like Jinek can be seen from the photos that pop up on the spot in the background in an apparently spontaneous discussion. Every actor at the table fulfills his or her task in the perception show.

De #MeToo discussion must contribute to the image that masculinity is a dangerous characteristic. The game in which men classify women as whores is part of this Hegelian method; just like the game in which men all over the world suddenly all kinds of women assaulted. Do not you notice that these are all people from the film and acting world. Yes, some well-known sportsmen and journalists have also been reviewed, but if you discover that all people you know from TV or magazines are part of your daily Trumanshow, you will finally start to understand it a bit. It is a globally directed hype that has to put manhood as dangerous and the woman as a victim. These and antithesis. Work of actors; acting. What is the synthesis that can flow from it? We find that synthesis in the gender neutral marketing with which we have already been inundated in recent years. Cat Smits said it not for nothing in her role at this Jinek table show: "I think that the vocabulary is really going to change and that something like what Boef says then ... those words will all change"

We are moving towards gender-neutral people. That is where the world order in the making manipulates man. The Jort in the Basement and the Cat as Smits (preferably with a 'd', iron and sledgehammer). We are played subliminal with actors and actresses, who, like politicians and media artists, have been prepped from an early age for a real-life Trumanshow role. Hence we have already seen the introduction of the gender-neutral toilet (did you already use someone, except people who do not feel like standing in line?); that is why we are introducing the gender-neutral speech have seen in the Amsterdam city council.

So it is clearly a worldwide agenda. This agenda is visible in several facets of society. The 'tapping law' recently piloted by the first chamber also serves the same agenda. Read for that this article back again. What is the long-term planning for the Netherlands (and the rest of the world)? That is a world in which the genetically engineered transhumane gender neutral man full-time to the internet. In order to prepare the world for that transhuman phase, we are now working on the transformation of man towards the gender neutral man. For that we had to get used to all kinds of transformations such as plastic surgery (in the 'make over' TV programs), but that was only the vestibule of habituation to the imminent larger transformations. That is why the youth in elementary schools is already taught that your gender is not an inborn issue, but a choice. "You may have a certain genitals, but you can still choose your actual gender"That's the message. The whole transformation agenda is now optimally expressed in the #MeToo hype, which should push the gender-neutral road map.

The world is, as it were, prepared in 3 phases for the gender neutral agenda. That gender neutral is again the front portal for the transhuman (which you already get used to by the transgender push). The preparation of this agenda has been going on for a long time and the refreshing prospect is one of the sexless android people. Do you think that is an exaggerated and far-fetched proposition? I would like to speak to you about 10 year again. Then think back to the next step-by-step plan that seems to be rolling out, where we are now in phase 3:

  • Phase 1: emancipation of women ('disintegration of old family situation', two-earner model, children to day care centers, more state influence in education);
  • Phase 2: the emancipation of the homosexual ('procreation via IVF', population reduction, further disruption of old family structures);
  • Phase 3: the emancipation of the transgender (normalization of mutations to the human body) and the push of gender neutrality through the #MeToo hype and voice provocation (as the 'whore' pronouncement of Boef);
  • Phase 4: the rise of the transmuted humans, the transhuman, the cyborg (normalization of nanotechnological mutations of the biological cells and brain connection with the internet);
  • Phase 5 the singularity.

You can read back on phase 4 and 5 on this site, but in short it is about the gradual merging between people and 'smart phone' or rather: the integration of smart technology and our body (phase 4), which makes us change into Android cyborgs, with the ultimate goal of transcending human biology and merging with AI (phase 5).

The whole discussion that men treat women badly, attack them and see all women as whores, serves as a 'thesis' in the Hegelian game. The victim of the #MeToo woman is the 'anti-thesis' in that game. The solution lies in transcending the biological (terribly difficult and redundant) differences. We do not need a difference between man and woman in this modern world anyway? "We are all the same!"Let's gender-neutralize the world. Let's transgender. Or like the largest Martin Vrijland basher might say: #MeToo. You only see it when you realize it.

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  1. Friday wrote:

    I notice that Cat always talks about 'equality'. Instead of equality. If you always hear that everyone should be equal to each other, it will also become easier to change sex if someone else does. It is a terrible development and yes Martin, you are right again (in this context, this word is a bit weird). Nice how you explain all this, thank you so much.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      That is also the reason why she must always talk about equality. She is there with this task. She has to program the viewer with the text 'we are the same'.
      Well cast and well trained for this game of subliminal programming.

  2. Notis wrote:

    Haha Jort Kelder, Jort Vort to the Basement will be read here.
    The genderless trouser braces wearing mutant.
    The braces of course because of the smooth mutated (read: male missing) front, well then your pants really do not sit, haha.

    ps Humor! Must be able to go once.

  3. Notis wrote:

    Incidentally, I suspect that the sexless AI android transhumane man aka digital zombie is only there for the 500 million slaves that remain as suggested on the Georgia Guide stones.
    The 10 million zionazies will stay as they are, satanic crooks, who use these slaves for their own 'pleasures' (which you call pleasures!)

  4. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    California just mandated LGBT indoctrination or all children in public schools, and parents have no choice to opt out


  5. Iberi wrote:

    Hahahaha, one woman is not the other. They decide for a short while (the hairy women) how all women should be and how especially all men should behave as cartoon characters in cartoon characters haha. When the sexual tension is drastically reduced, they grow closer together, especially first, men start to get long ears and the woman starts to smell it. Sometimes the woman suddenly has the pants on and you see them cycling in front haha.

  6. SandinG wrote:

    Here too, the knife cuts on two sides not only do they try to push through their androgenic agenda but also Orwell's newspeak

    "I think that the vocabulary is really going to change and that something like what Boef says then ... those words will all change"

    Newspeak is a controlled language, or restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, a linguistic design meant to limit the freedom of thought-personal identity, self-expression, free will-that ideologically threatens the regime or Big Brother and the Party, who thus criminalized such concepts as thoughtcrime, contradictions or Ingsoc orthodoxy.

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