Anja Schaap from Katwijk next Friday “buried” in a closed circle

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I apologize, but you should actually sue the Dutch government to put an end to the issue definitively, whether or not we are being played out with psychological operations (PsyOps) such as Anja Schaap or Anne Faber. However, that immediately seems like a rather pointless exercise, because assuming that the state, in cooperation with the media and the judiciary, is putting up PsyOp's and creating false evidence, then the evidence that must be provided to invalidate a PsyOp can also be created. And if the judiciary is already cheating, then a lawsuit will lead to nothing.

Imagine asking for a DNA test to prove the agreement with the alleged family. Then that DNA profile can simply be generated by a computer and the desired relationship DNA profiles can be made accordingly. Meaningless. Yet you wonder if, for example, Anja Schaap's family actually exists when you are in this mourning advertisement only see first names.

Open up the chest and have an independent agency on the spot take a DNA test and then do exactly the same with the alleged family? I would like nothing more than to definitively confirm or invalidate my theory of psychological operations. After all, you are quite the bogeyman if you post this type of text on Facebook:

An 33-year-old woman is missing for weeks and the media promote the Sherlock Holmes search app while she happens to have her entire Facebook page full of Sherlock Holmes hints (including home address). She would have been to the cafe with family (but suddenly only 1 man on screen). Then she supposedly roams all night and is reportedly found 3 weeks later at sea by a German skipper. Only the shipping history is late no German ship see that at (above) Schiermonnikoog 3 is stationary for hours. And how credible is it that a body floats there? Such a message would have to be shared 17 million times and fake news psyop producers should be smoked from their studios. However, as long as Martin Vrijland and not the Telegraaf or the NOS shows this, everyone is shrugging enough. No matter how obvious it is ... the media remain honest and Martin Vrijland comes up with conspiracies. Or is it perhaps the other way around? How clear does it have to be to see it? And with everyone who shares something like this, the troll army appears with comments such as "come to the funeral", "I know her", "leave the family alone" and so on.

I therefore wish that I had the opportunity to sort it out on the spot. Then everyone is rid of that awkward louse in the fur (Martin Vrijland) or everyone finally finds out that the state and the media are applying harsh trickery and deception. The latter is perhaps precisely not the intention.

"But goddamn Freeland! You still see real photos of Anja and her sister Jacolien!No, I see photos. Nowadays you can no longer say with certainty whether the photos are from real people. This also applies to films, films from the past, photos from the past, recordings from security cameras and so on and so forth. How so? Because TV producers have had resources for a long time to generate so-called deepfakes. "Yes, but there were people who knew her!"You don't know that. You speak on social media or in certain situations characters who claim to know the main character. Those social media profiles can also be very easily created by companies that specialize in rigging deepfake profiles and those "real people" can be the Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter who are here and there ready to cover the story. Nothing is what it seems anymore. read this article to discover exactly how simple that works.

The only thing you can observe is that as soon as the media pay a lot of attention to something, after the stimulated emotional response among the people, new legislation is usually introduced that would not have been accepted without that major event. In the case of Anja Schaap it seems strongly that we are dealing with a PsyOp that the people have to turn into Pokémon Go hunters, but then their fellow man. We have to download the Sherlock Holmes app en masse so that betraying your fellow man becomes a Pokémon-like game and you think you are serving a good cause (because Anja Schaap, Anne Faber, and all those other missing things). In the near future, the state can easily pick up anyone who flees for her police state regime, and at the same time also legitimately listen to (and watch) all those telephones that have installed that app.

What else am I wondering? So the NFI or the famous Anass Aouragh (PsyOp?) Pathologist Frank van de Goot has already been able to do an autopsy? The cause of death has already been determined? Well, that was already ticked off when Frank van de Goot in the AD said that the body was already in a state of too much disintegration and probably affected by all kinds of living creatures in the sea. But how does that go with the closed funeral of next Friday? And what could be left with sister Anja (by Jacolien) if she was capable of dissolving? Will a Madame Tussaud's like dummy be put in the coffin because otherwise it will start to smell a bit too much in the church? Sorry for my skepticism, but I just don't believe this story at all until hard evidence comes up. But we can probably shake that, because who can still check which "evidence" for truth?

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Note: the possibility that Anja Schaap did exist is still present.
    Then it could still be acting (in the context of a PsyOp).
    The story could also be true, but my point is that it again has all the characteristics of a possible PsyOp.

  2. Riffian wrote:

    Dear Martin, you are completely wrong again ... the police say that it is Case Closed.

    "According to the police, it is possible that a body will hit the water in Katwijk and, due to currents, end up above the easternmost island of the Netherlands."

    "The crew of a German ship met Anja's body by chance."

  3. Sun wrote:

    Martin, you are just enjoying yourself. And you have every right to have doubts about the 'facts' presented by the government. The right to doubt, to be skeptical, belongs and fits in with a normal free society. Unfortunately, the latter is not the case that is and will be directed.
    Well, the guys from the script don't like the right to doubt. That doesn't suit Hen. These boys want and demand the monopoly on 'facts' and the monopoly on the interpretation of 'facts'.

  4. Camera 2 wrote:

    Katwijkers to you all

    The Telegraph

    If, as the editor of a newspaper, you talk about the condolence of
    a newly identified loved one then you know that you cross all the limits of compassion. (surplus is often used but in this it is not really sympathetic)
    Or you know that there will be no resistance because there are no loved ones, who will say? We just don't know

    There was a specially decorated place for the press during the condolence ?. Wait!!! Why was there not a press conference in advance about the discovery of the missing person, since the press hinted that it was probably a crime. 17million people unknowingly went along with the whole story and have the full right to transparency, explanation from the media / power / police.

    Why was the captain not heard in a press conference. why was there no press conference at all after such great attention in all media (cut & paste forums). Why is the name of the ship / boat unknown? Why are there no images of the coast guard / police and or marrechaussee on transfer? Why does Peter R de Vries have to say that Anja has probably committed suicide. If Anja was really psychologically unwell, why didn't the media write about it?
    Why was the public in doubt about a family party or a family member in the Blauwen Bock after the last meeting, it was first announced that it was a family drink and "someone" of the family still said: take a taxi.

    And so there are dozens of questions that make the whole issue suspiciously like an untrue story, where are the journalists who once arrive with photos of the ship with the crew that Anja then found.
    Or are there no longer journalists and has everything become cut & paste? Katwijkers don't hesitate to ask each other questions.
    Only a spokesperson for the police (Dick Goijert) with a microphone has brought the story to the 17 million people, we must believe that just like the pastor

    Here the story of Dick Goijert from the police

  5. broom wrote:

    On Jacolien Schaap's Twitter account, it is noticeable that Jacolien is very concerned about Thierry Baudet's statements, also during Anja's missing period.

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