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It was big news yesterday, because Anja Schaap would have been found dead at sea. Not just a sea, but the North Sea: above the Wadden Islands (as the media report). However, if we look at the shipping history on the day and time of her find (18 June 13: 30 hour), then there is actually no stationary ship there. Nowhere in the tracking history can a ship from the coast guard be seen sailing towards a German ship (that Anja would have found). It seems that it is becoming increasingly clear that we are dealing with a PsyOp (psychological operation).

Every ship must have a GPS-like tracker on board (one AIS system), so that the coast guard can see what activity is taking place at sea. You can compare this with the tracking of aircraft in aviation. We look at the website then on 18 June 13: 30 hour there are many ships visible between the Wadden Islands and Friesland. The few ships that are visible above the Wadden Islands (where they would have been found) all sail around the 9 knots (or more) or sail far and fast through the German bend. If you see a corpse floating in the sea it seems likely that you will lie still. In addition, no coast guard ship or rescue brigade is active. Moreover, you can ask yourself how you can drift from Katwijk towards the Wadden Sea (if that is the theory) and whether it is possible at all to justify a floating body (that only floats as a result of a decomposition process and gas formation in the body). to see the sea.

Read in this article the detailed explanation of how and why this is probably a PsyOp to introduce the Sherlock Holmes espionage app. Really read it!

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    I think it's pretty good to see someone wearing dark clothing floating on the sea. Then you should almost have hawk eyes.

  2. SalmonInClick wrote:

    As befits a good good citizen (read inoffizieller mitarbeiter) he / she should install the Burger Net and the Sherlock app and operate as an extension of the State apparatus.

  3. Sun wrote:

    Is it already known what the German ship is called, number?
    If it were a Madurodam's ship, it could well be The Flying Dutchman, right?
    Has news of this appeared on German TV now that it was a German ship? Perhaps De Mol can call his German colleagues about this, coordinate the news for example. I also give a free tip.

    • Riffian wrote:

      well you would think that such a German captain would be treated as a hero and be paraded in both media ... good for relations, none of that a missed opportunity.

      Coordinate? They do nothing else the usual suspects, we are now going to kick open doors too Sun that disappoints me a bit 😀

  4. Analyze wrote:

    Sheep 33 is therefore no longer in the meadow and has never existed at all, sad affair.

  5. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Next scenario (see video below from 3: 25 min)?

    1. "Anja" was dumped on the North Sea
    2. The German skipper is perhaps her killer
    3. Anja committed suicide by drowning herself

    And so many more spinsels can still be thought of.

    The observation of Katwijkers that only things wash up must of course be overcome. Those people know their sea. Hence this radio broadcast I suspect:

    • Camera 2 wrote:

      That radio broadcast also seems to resemble a confused person.
      She sauntered through the night and at snack bar doors lashing and her bag in the water
      And they always say something about it, walking is good for her health and she's getting better. Went better with her.
      Has she perhaps swam far into the sea?
      All scenarios are kept open.

      But the fact is that the photos of Anja all seem strange.
      And the fact is that her neighbor has been shopped in a TV West video

  6. SalmonInClick wrote:

    Cat (neighborhood) -Schaap-De Hond-Pauw, the usual suspects just can't get enough to lead the silly goyim around the garden ...

  7. Sun wrote:

    Madurodam or perhaps Artis as a name given the large amount of animals that roam here.

  8. guppy wrote:

    Not normally all those animals in the myth land. Gerrit Zalm, Paul de Leeuw.

  9. Kiki wrote:

    According to news, the captain 3 stayed with her for hours
    3 hour is 666 but also 3 * 60 = 18 1 + 8 = 9 nummorology 9 is end

    Motifs large question mark ❔
    Questions that gnaw
    If she is still alive she can continue under a new identity ...
    Sherlock app and connections with this case?

  10. danny wrote:

    You never know how a mole catches a sheep ...

  11. Flashstra wrote:

    There is a ship that floats many hours off the coast of Vlieland and that is the German ship Vertrouwen.
    There are three ships called trust but of these the route only passes the spot on the radar.
    Exactly around 13: 30 leaves the ship after floating around all morning, the last 4 hour of which knots with 0.1 and 0.2.
    It just doesn't match that her body was found around 13: 30 and then handed over to authorities three hours later.
    I really can't find a ship other than the Trust that is standing still for the Wadden Sea on that day.

  12. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    The Anass Aouragh psyop pathologist can also have his say again ... and that trend: yes, that is of course possible:

  13. Sun wrote:

    Ah, there is so much to say and write about them.
    However, we live in a quiet, subtle, sneaky dictatorship
    where the boys from the script run the Animal Farm and the slaves think it's fine.
    The slaves protect their masters.

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