Anja Schaap found dead in the sea by a German ship? Is that possible according to the laws of nature?

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According to several press releases (ANP is John de Mol, TV producer) Anja Schaap (33) is yesterday afternoon at 13: 30 (again 33 in the middle) hour found in the sea. In my earlier articles I pointed out that the Anja Schaap missing is probably a PsyOp (psychological operation).

For the sake of convenience we assume that Anja Schaap walked into the sea, after she had a party with family in a pub (but at Opsporing Verzocht suddenly was only with a family member) and could be seen on "all kinds of security cameras" (John de Mol production?) (until well into the night), then the question is first of all whether a body drifts off the coast or is driven back by the current? Around that time it is (according to the website Ebb in Katwijk aan Zee, so you could assume that they have chosen that time well (if it is a PsyOp) or that “Anja” is likely to have drifted (or dumped into the sea).

The second question is how long it takes for a body to sink and when it will float up again. Why is that question relevant? Well, Anja Schaap has been missing since Tuesday 28 May 2019. That is 3 weeks and 2 days from missing to find. The North Sea cannot be regarded as a hot water area. As Anja Schaap cannot be called bold on the video of Opsporing Verzocht, she will have sunk rather quickly (if not returned to the beach). A dead body only comes to the surface after a few weeks as a result of swelling and gas formation in the body's rotting process (see here or Google even). Given Anja's fragile body, this process must therefore probably have taken weeks before she even comes to the surface. What is the likelihood that her body will already float to the surface (assuming that the story is true)? It might just be possible. But isn't it more likely that she should have been flushed back to land?

What is the chance that a German ship (what kind of ship?) Will see her floating at sea? I am not a probability specialist, but given all the changing and changing media coverage, the push of the Sherlock Holmes 'search together' app and the fact that the entire Facebook page of Anja Schaap (including her home address) was about Sherlock Holmes , may we still wonder if this is not a PsyOp for the benefit of pushing the Sherlock Holmes app (the big data espionage app)? Read in in this article the detailed explanation.

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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    How clear can it be that Investigation provides customized programs.

    Anja walks down the street and you don't see any shadow.
    Anja walks inside the Blauwen Bock and the light is blinding.

    And why has the youtube film of Opsporing Verzocht been offline for hours?

    The time that Anja enters the Grand Cafe does not correspond! with the jeweler's clock next to the shop that always runs on time.

    The shadow that you see in the Opsporing Verzocht program might just as well be Maxima, it is so unclear and then later in the program they also admit it

    100% fake, I also say no more likely, it's time for stuff like this
    receive a public judgment

    nml, False information about the issues involved missing and deception of 17.000.000 citizens

  2. ludcor wrote:

    If one sees the images then it is not right. 1) surveillance camera on the outside nr1 2) as soon as Anja is inside surveillance camera nr 2 and 3) surveillance camera nr 3 aimed at those 2 people at the bar.
    In my opinion nr 1 is the reality and 2 and 3 are recordings according to a script and have nothing to do with reality. and Bakerstreet according to Facebook of Anja does not exist (google "map Katwijk").
    Suppose no 3 would be true then the question is "what motive is there to point the camera at these 2 people?". In my opinion, no reason, because at that time there is no question of missing unless ……
    So nr 3 cannot be true. The combination nr 1 and nr 2 is not realistic. Everything went according to a script devised in advance. If one compares this with the camera images of the missing Belgian in Australia (last seen in a store) then that of Anja is clear as Martin said it is a psyop.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Exactly ... those camera images were shot very nicely.
      The bag has to be screened time and time again because Anja has of course thrown her bag away (so that her telephone did not leave a gauge) according to the storyline. The bag must therefore be in the picture ... time and again

      Who goes home in the middle of the night walking? Where did that family party suddenly go? The story has now suddenly been adapted to only an 1 family member (with whom she sat at the bar).
      Beautiful story and just like with Siebe Viegers there is a corpse .. end psyop. On to the next. Search along though! It becomes more fun than Pokemon Go!

  3. Sun wrote:

    A German ship is said. What was that ship's name? Number of the boat?
    I think there are websites or apps that you can use to find out the route of a ship. Who oh who will sort this out? Has the body been picked up from the German ship via a Dutch ship or has the German ship brought her ashore? I believe that ships entering the Netherlands are all registered. Is she in the mortuary now? Who knows about that?

    • Camera 2 wrote:

      How crazy do we want to make it

      Look in the history of, how far from the coast is it found?

      No ship standing still at that time. Almost all of them do around the 9 nodes, so?

      and also note the following,

      All things were in her bag, they even called, "All" her belongings
      In the second week it has blown and rained enormously, the wind should have washed the body ashore.

      We have seen how quickly that went with the containers that were washed from a container ship last year.
      How do they know so quickly that it is Anja, the body must be in a distant state of dissolution after three weeks, then it is prey, no matter how makaber it sounds

      Why is there no major search for possible traces started by the coast guard?
      why don't we have images of the coast guard going to the German ship?
      why is the insanely attentive captain of the boat not mentioned?

      1000 is looking for people and the captain can just find the body at sea?

      Above the Wadden islands, ha ha it is therefore impossible to be blown so far into the sea against the currents of the coast!
      yes in fabeltjeskrant everything is possible, see tidal current map coast Holland, the current runs every six hours
      The body should therefore have been thrown into the sea farther than the distance Texel / Den-Helder, because otherwise it would have to be washed ashore at the coast.
      Everything is possible, but it is strange

      The Katwijkers also know better
      Why not a coastal vessel or heli, why not a film, rotten fish doesn't smell as bad as this case

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