Anja Schaap missing already proven a PsyOp? See here why (video)

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Has the Anja Schaap case already been proven as a PsyOp (psychological operation)? In my previous article I already indicated that the Anja Schaap case probably revolves around the introduction of the search app called 'Sherlock'. Well, what do we see when we view the Facebook page of Anja Schaap? Then we see that she has the following address under her address: 221B Baker Street. Assuming that this is not a bitter joke, the link with the Sherlock app will immediately become clear here.

Who actually lived on the 221B Baker Street in London? Right, Sherlock Holmes. It is therefore quite plausible that the Anja Schaap profile, including its entire social network (or parts thereof), has been twisted together by means of deepfakes. A network of Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter can also be used to give credibility to a Facebook network. In any case, it is clear that people simply openly show the link with the Sherlock app. Take a look and read afterwards this article good to understand how deepfakes are made and used.

The age of 33 years, is also an indication that we are dealing with a Freemason PsyOp. The number 33 stands for the highest degree within this secret society.

The number of responses on Anja's Facebook timeline seems very meager and in addition, those responses seem to come mainly from deepfake profiles. The entire profile of Anja herself seems to be a deepfake. In addition, her timeline refers to Alice in Wonderland, which is a reference to the mazes of a rabbit hole (stray tracks). It is also striking that she only appears to be active for 2 for years, and even more striking is her interest in the TV series about Sherlock Holmes (think of the Sherlock app).

We also see a reference to John de Mol, of which I have indicated in several articles that this could well be the big man behind the deepfake productions ("Who is De Mol?"). Is this all under the guise of "If we show it openly and we get away with it, then we know for sure that we can really tell the people everything"?


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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    The text below is from this article (read the whole by clicking on the link):

    I don't know if you like the movie T have seen it and actually I recommend watching as few films, series and TV as possible, because that will put you under hypnosis. However, that film is about the awakening from that hypnosis, but only and only for the protagonist Truman (played by Jim Carrey). The Truman Show of our reality is a little more comprehensive and many more people are working with it and there are also many more people who are being held in this false reality. It is the reality that is coordinated by a small percentage of the population and many who are part of the Truman Show director have no idea of ​​it themselves. This is because the clockwork consists of several radars and parts. Because people only form a radar in the whole, they themselves do not see that they are part of the timepiece of the company list and deception. The top layer that is aware of it is the hard core and we cannot catch it for having a conscience; otherwise they would not direct this process.

    Perhaps you are a new reader here and you find it all nonsense. You do not think you are in a kind of Truman Show at all. You will probably find that 'negativism' and you want to stay away from negative people. You will also find a show like that of Marco Borsato and his fellow artists probably just wonderful professional entertainment and pure pleasure (depending on your taste of course). You may even be proud of the large productions that the Netherlands still manages to put down. You may know that the Romans also gave the people bread and games, but you are fine with that; you just enjoy it. "We are all very well together!" You think the thought that a prison would form around us is probably nonsense. In fact, this probably applies to most people. That is the effect that you see in the video below. Look for the sake of it. It is also a funny video, because people under hypnosis think that they are eating a sweet juicy mango. So they literally do not taste the acid of the lemon in which they bite.

    Oh you don't believe you're being kept under hypnosis? At first, Truman did not realize that he was being held in a false reality until he began to notice remarkable things. Now you can also say: "I don't want to see those remarkable things and I think it's fine the way I live now." Moreover, the guards of the Trumans Show (the builders of the entire radar work that maintains this) have (very cleverly) ensured that people who think critically are stigmatized into 'conspiracy thinkers',' right ',' nationalistic '' anti- globalization ',' anti-climate measures', 'people who believe that the earth is flat', etc., so you don't want to belong to that group. Then read it this article for a detailed explanation of how they did this.

    So if you were to stand on that stage of hypnotist Rasti Rostelli and I would stand up and shout that you are eating a sour lemon and that your tooth enamel is being affected; if I would point out to you the yellow skin and the seeds as proof that it is a lemon, you would remind me to leave and keep my mouth shut. After all, you know for sure that you are eating a warm juicy mango. So you do not want to hear me and you are among the group that is under hypnosis with you, who also does not want to hear me. Nobody wants to hear that they are actually eating a lemon. Together you laugh at me and you scorn me.

    However, the evidence is pretty clear, but you don't want to and can't see it because your brain is by-passing the information. However, the lemon is so sour:

    1. Governments apply fake news, TV production techniques, through deepfakes and software techniques psychological operations (PsyOps) so that you embrace legislation that any citizen can get off the street without the intervention of a psychiatrist or judge (see this article en this explanation on it). Down with the dissidents!
    2. An 5G network is being built that enables governments to make humans part of a digital control system, whereby DNA can be modified online and the human brain can hang online (reading and writing functionality). This gives them total control over the population. The legislation for this is being prepared through fake news psychological operations that must pave the way for the acceptance of DNA databases, disposal of the human body (organ donation law). The brain connection is sold to the masses via on the one hand the threat that artificial intelligence (AI) will overtake us and pose a threat, so that we can connect better with it (Elon Musk) and on the other hand by giving the new generation the opportunity to learn faster and, for example, through the game and porn industry.
    3. Governments are working on a globalization project that uses opposites or dualism. You must think of the US against Russia / China, but also of dualism in politics. This is the appearance of the left versus right or the old established order and "innovative political movements." In this article I explain how, for example, national politics work through controlled opposition.
    4. Governments worldwide push transgender (LGBTI) propaganda because they are pursuing a transgender-transhuman world population. A population in which the heterosexual biological standard is replaced by a gender-neutral standard (starting with all kinds of mix forms called LGBTI); That population will no longer be able to reproduce in a natural way and so that control will also lie with the state. The gender neutral variant is also of a religious nature (Luciferian, rainbow). The new Luciferian world order in the making strives for 1 world religion, 1 gender (gender neutral and transhuman) and 1 world government.

    The list above is only a brief summary of the citric acid that you consume. There is much more going on, but this is a small impression.

    I ask you to come out of your hypnosis and shake up the people who are standing with you on the Rasti Rostelli stage. The Marco Borsato's of this world are there to keep you under hypnosis through beautiful distractions and shows. Secretly or without being aware of it, they contribute to the big agenda.

    • Camera 2 wrote:


      Do I see a kind of cry for help in your Facebook?

      The disappearance of Siebe Viegers was also clearly proven that even someone who lives in the neighborhood had never and never seen the two-meter-high Siebe, that is impossible, so that loss stinks 100% in the wind for hours.

      This may well be another type of loss, actually almost certainly

      Those people who participate in the mainstream media and the people who work in the vicinity of those kind of people who get into it can also be blamed, it can be called sick, people who are conscientious and who can lie to the people for a temporary cash flow or other benefit, I suspect that your cry for help is justified, Mr. Vrijland

      The sick people who participate in such actions are unscrupulous and do not understand how those people can look at their environments and family members. (worse than bullying behavior)

  2. Camera 2 wrote:

    Fleur is the only one who has posted a comment 🙁? : read

    Very sad story

  3. danny wrote:

    How do you get to the facebook page of this anja sheep?
    I can't find him, I already typed the link.
    If it is all true it is ridiculously yes.

  4. Sun wrote:

    Find a psyop laughable ???

  5. danny wrote:

    To me?
    I mean that it is rather special that it seems that they deliberately make links with Sherlock Holmes in the facebook profile, as if they were doing it.

    That of course is not actually to laugh, rather to cry.
    But I thought that was clear.

    • Sun wrote:

      Okay, at first I had the impression that you were downplaying the psyop.
      Psyops in these issues are actually updated Gladio actions. They are more subtle, smarter, subliminal.
      Well, the guys from the script know how to do that. They are constantly working on controlling everything according to their wishes.

  6. ludcor wrote:

    There is no Bakerstreet in the municipality of Katwijk (home and birthplace of Anja). Clearly a psyop.

  7. guppy wrote:

    Have not even mentioned the name Sheep yet. Most sheep allow themselves to be steered and scared by the sheepdogs (media) so that it seems that the leaders of our country mean the best for us.

  8. Camera 2 wrote:

    @ MartinVrijland

    Suspected that you are really right, TV West has probably used Face Morphing, deepfake combination with greenscreen,

    The evidence to substantiate Anja Schaap's life has so far been exclusively done by a man who would live under Anja's apartment on Wega 15. in Katwijk, shown in the TV West timeline film, see the TV West film in the link
    However, once we zoom in on the man's face, we already see some strange deviations.

    Due to the AVG legislation, it is not possible to place a photo on this site in which it can be indicated which deviations are involved. Although they have done their best, serious mistakes were made, but of course you really have to zoom in on the face, nobody takes that time but imagine if you do

    Below ten findings: minute 01 min -25 sec. 00 to 01 min-51 sec. 18 there are more but these are the most important.
    1- The man's ears are stuck to the face very strangely
    2- The shape of the ears can be talked about but can also be called un-natural
    3- Color of the hair, the head from dark brown to gray and the goatee Red? (it is possible, but still?)

    4- Minute 01-28.2 The enormous Blur on the jaw line? That is because the man turns his head to the left, yes that is possible, but the blur (blurred image) is also there when the head is kept still.
    5- The huge blur is there around the jawline and throat but the black checkered jacket shows a
    razor-sharp image, you can even see the fabric very well.
    6- Go from second 1-37.07 to 1-37.19, Opening the mouth looks like a robot
    the lower jaw moves but the rest of the face remains stiff, which is very un-natural.
    7- At minute 1-45.17 the eyes open completely, so a lot of light would come up on the eyelids, but nice and dark peeping is again, mistake
    8-01-46.19t / m 01-47.12 Here it is ridiculous, the bags that all show wrinkles on his right side and not at his left eye at all, the glance that is proportionally much too large, the wrinkles that
    become very exaggerated, the eyebrows that cannot be seen for a second. There is a little back and forth on the cheeks but the muscles are not there, eyelashes are no longer visible etc ... etc ...
    9- The annoying brown spot above the corners of the mouth, let them go every now and then
    move by displaying the sharpness and depth of his mouth, it looks very un-natural.
    10- Minute 01-38.07 up to and including 01-42.22 Keep an eye on the hood of the checkered jacket with respect to its constantly moving neck, the sewn hat (hood) moves note along and again remains razor-sharp everywhere the camera is still annoyingly moved, rather shaky camera ma.
    11- Just for the good viewer: you don't see the left wall and any other background moving in relation to the foreground, that should be because that camera is constantly annoying.

    and see other options

    • Camera 2 wrote:

      The AVG legislation is of course not really made for the citizen, that may be clear by now.

      It is of course too crazy to say that the Media (= the spinning power) can / can fly to the people en masse, but the people cannot use their methods to their fellow man, the people can prove that. Total undermining of the free word and then keep mentioning and believing that we live in a free democratic country. With their methodology they provide direct evidence that we live in a tyranny, but we cannot prove that because that is punishable again

      • Riffian wrote:

        Once! See how the prohibition of filming 'social workers' will soon be linked to the privacy law. The state uses very cunning, Machiavellian reasoning. You simply run the entire 180 °

        "Helping sabotage by filming and sharing on social media: hard punishment!
        with filming you violate the privacy of the victims. "Publishing such material on social media should be punished severely. Because what about the privacy law, not to mention what such a video does to family and friends. "

        Such a wout may of course go its own way and help someone to the hereafter without AV evidence being provided. The servant cq. Psychopath needs to be protected at all times, the enthusiasm for such a lackey job is waning and the turnover is rather high. Before the AI-controlled UAV / robots are active, this period must be used to legally close everything, of course in the state's end 😀

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