Anja Schaap can see images in 'Investigation requested' and therefore no PsyOp?

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If the images of investigation requested last night looks, you could immediately draw the conclusion that we cannot again be dealing with another missing PsyOp (psychological operation). In My Article about the missing Anja Schaap I showed how RTL News brought the Sherlock Holmes 'search together' app related to the loss and how Anja Schaap had pretty much everything about Sherlock Holmes on her Facebook page. Even the home address that she mentions on her Facebook page is that of Sherlock Holmes (221B Baker Street).

So many pointed in the direction of a PsyOp to push this search app among the people. I also explained why people want us to search together. That has everything to do with the fact that there are no better spies around than people who start looking at fellow human beings as a fun Pokémon game. Moreover, the police can legitimately intercept all those phones full time after accepting the rights to use the camera, microphone, location data, etc.

In the images below of Opsporing Verzocht we see Anja Schaap clearly clearly walking into the cafe, sitting at the bar and walking through Katwijk. "So she really exists and she has really wandered through Katwijk and so the loss is real“, Then perhaps your conclusion will be. Then I remind you again that the Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau is in the hands of a TV producer: John de Mol. This means that the news can be put together through TV productions (Hollywood techniques). With today's software, you can easily create a non-existent face. You can copy an entire person and let a stand-in actor or actress walk the route and then lay the body and face of the created character over it. (Read further below the video, if the video is deleted, click here)

Anyone who has followed the Anne Faber case and has recently seen the Julie van Espen case in Belgium in the news must have noticed that there were major similarities in those two cases. If we follow the media, this news is simply the truth. We are inundated with images that confirm the authenticity and we not only see family and friends, but we also see real photos and videos of the main characters, which means that it really cannot be other than the truth. In this Anja Schaap case it is again the images that convince us that Anja Schaap really does exist and that it can no longer be a PsyOp.

In the article below, I try to explain why you may still have to scratch your head. First a short introduction.

Troll armies

We have heard of the 'troll factory' or 'troll army' phenomenon, but they are only in Russia (the media tells us). However, my experience is that those troll armies are mainly in the Netherlands. You no longer see that so well in my responses, because I filter them away using a self-set word filter. Let's say that when governments work with PsyOp (psychological operation) scripts and sell these successful 'across the border' (because it scored well in their own country), you need a big troll army to get the responses in all kinds of forums and online discussions on social media “to monitor”. They can direct the discussion through comments such as "I know her". "I spoke to someone who knows her"Or" she was with a friend of mine at the office "and many other comments.

People usually do not check which Facebook profile is behind a response. They don't always have to be fake profiles; that can also be real existing people.

You may have heard of the term Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter. Under the Stasi of the East German GDR, those were the quiet, secret workers who, for example, kept an eye on their neighbors. That was reportedly one in fifty at the time. You may believe that this phenomenon disappeared from the face of the earth after the integration of East with West Germany. I'm not so sure about that. I do not rule out - in view of my experience with all the responses over the years - that the Netherlands has a large troll army ready to steer the social media discussions in favor of a possible script.

Director work

Did you know that John de Mol owns the ANP? Do you know how John de Mol became rich? Largely through the sale of successful TV shows. You know them from those shows like Holland's Got Talent. They are then tested on those few million Dutch people and if they catch on, they are sold across the border as a concept and well earned. At the time of the Zaanse vloggersrel, I was able to visualize (thanks to the supplied images of a friend who lived in the neighborhood) how Powned was hard at work directing a completely staged vloggersrel. It became clear that there was directing. It was also clear that, for example, an arrest took a very long time, because the cameraman had to walk to the right position. Shortly before, the gentlemen who were arguing in front of the camera were jokingly laughing and taking selfies with each other. That Zaanse vloggersrel was completely staged and was directed live. Those images you can here see back.


I have frequently discussed the techniques with which deepfake characters can be created. I would like to repeat that for the new readers. Deepfakes are made through GAN software. This is artificial intelligent software that, based on multiple AI systems in a network, creates characters out of nothing. AI is English for Artificial Intelligence; what stands for artificial intelligence. Another AI network then tests the images created by the first network and rejects or approves them. By doing this in a cycle, the characters become more realistic with each step, so that you can eventually generate completely fictional people who look like ordinary people (who you might just meet on the street). For years the film industry has been able to create non-existing characters, graphic card developer NVIDIA has ensured that you can now also do this on a reasonable game PC (see here). The same company (NVIDIA) is capable of creating virtual environments. Take a look at the video below and then continue reading.

Now there is also software on the market with which you can give a live interview from behind a webcam on a regular PC and put both the face and the voice of another about it. This is done in real time and without any interruptions. You can see this below (read further under the video).

If you add all these available resources together, you can therefore create any person you want, and you can also create a history of it and make it all seem like it is lifelike. Hypothetically, for example, you could produce a video of Anne Faber from a few years ago, with her father in the car, and make everyone believe that this is real. Or is that perhaps not hypothetical, but is that simply what happens in practice? Can you check it? We can be confident that governments and the media are not producing fake news and we can believe that secret services are developing techniques to detect deepfakes, but are they not simply the producers of such deepfakes themselves?

John de Mol

So if John de Mol, billionaire, largest TV producer and owner of the ANP (General Dutch Press Agency) is likely to have all the means and should therefore be deemed capable of generating deepfakes, then we should laugh away when someone stands up you point out that there is a possibility that we might be fooled? I have, moreover, shown it several times (because I did not show at demonstrations supported with visual material we were cheated). Could it be that it is so bad that such a script, just like a big TV show, is sold abroad, because it has proven to be successful?

Why should they?

"Yes, but Vrijland, must there be a goal to fool the people on such a large scale? Who does such a thing !?"Then you should pay attention to what new laws are being implemented, shortly after such a major event as the Anne Faber case. In several articles I described why the Anne Faber case (in which Michael P. was the perpetrator) was most likely a PsyOp (psychological operation). An operation to push through more legislation. Legislation that the people would never just embrace under normal circumstances. For this, something must have happened radically.

Problem, Reaction, Solution

Let me start by explaining again how the media can play this PsyOp game and what the Problem, Reaction, Solution rule that seems to be applied time and again.

What is that maxim then Problem, Reaction, Solution? What you as a government then do is: You create a social problem with great impact (Problems) provokes a fierce emotional reaction among the people (Reaction) and can implement new laws and measures that would normally never be accepted (Solution). You then package that in words such as “The government has failed in the protection that society can expect from it", As recently came from the Dutch minister Sander Dekker.

You can therefore work with the techniques described above to create such a problem. In fact, it means that you cannot test any interview, speech or any image whatsoever for truth. Also not the images of security cameras, as you see them on TV. Or do you not believe that Detection Wanted could be used for psyop goals? "It's such a sweet presenter."

So you can't really believe your eyes anymore. Television and other media are technically able to breathe life into non-existent characters. Even if you think it was recorded with a telephone and whether it comes from a security camera, you cannot be sure that it is authentic. Everything is possible and nothing is impossible in the world of the media. You must always pay attention to which Solution follows shortly after such a major event.

The Anja Schaap case again seems to have to be inflated to great heights. Not long ago, half of the Netherlands ran a smartphone in their hand to hunt Pokémon figures in an augmented reality game for points. The intention is that this game identification of tracing fellow human beings converts the people into the ideal traitor army. Handy for all those escaped teenagers who want to escape a strict youth care regime or useful for all those potentially dangerous dissidents. The Stasi in East Germany was just a little boy at what we see being built up in the Netherlands. There was one in fifty Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter. With the game verification of the search, everyone will soon be a spy.



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  1. SandinG wrote:

    For those who are somewhat capable of seeing connections, just look with which De Mol gained fame. Two concepts (social experiments) stand out from Big Brother and Utopia show where people are working towards .. a digitally observed controlled society, where dissidents are fished out and 24 hours of observation of the state whether or not labeled as 'confused' person ', kept a secluded person under the influence of the opiates. Welcome to the Madurodam of the near future

  2. Camera 2 wrote:

    Dear Katwijkers and Katwijkerinnen, ask yourself whether the above analysis might be correct. Go and look for Anja, but keep seeing that analysis above for you too, so also see if all those so-called family members exist and those girlfriends and neighbor, check that out.

    So far you have not heard from the seated man who is supposedly sitting next to Anja in Grand Cafe de Blauwen Bock (see video Investigation requested). We have also seen the neighbor of A Schaap 1 times and we have seen that that neighbor is purely photo-shopped with deepfake techniques ..
    The brothers and sisters of Anja, there should be five, you have already seen them.
    Where are all those so-called friends of Anja?

    Katwijkers are very faithful people, but they cannot be fooled, so not now either.
    So many questions are open to us that it screams for answers. The case stinks of your most poison

    Also something strange: Below the Leidsch Dagblad, Zero reactions ????, finally after 3 weeks the Katwijkers get another flut photo of Anja !!!?

    Dear Katwijkers and Katwijkerinnen also read this again (because we are probably being fooled)

  3. Sun wrote:

    What Martin writes is correct. Unfortunately, ordinary people cannot see it or better do not want to see it because they themselves also act fake. Nothing is real. "friendships" are fake and superficial. Everyone participates at the micro level, Facebook, etc. In fact, 'we' should not expect anything from the ordinary population. They are just fine, have a good / reasonable salary related to their low IQ and simple activities. After all, the population lives in a creditor state which must function stably to a certain extent. The wealth of the population has a direct link with the poverty in debtor states in the world. Trafficking in women, prostitution, child pornography, drug trafficking, money laundering, offshore construction, tax treaties, etc. Everything is possible here. well, Madurodam is one of the top countries of the boys from the script. Has anyone ever wondered why other countries are not so smart about giving tax treaties and giving benefits to companies etc as Madurodam does? The reason is that other countries are not allowed to do that by the guys from the script. Countries are not independent and are controlled, dictated by the boys of the script. The population thinks it is good and plays the game. There is just a tacit agreement between the hostile immigrant 'elite', the boys of the script, and the common people. As long as they do not go too far, the normal population will be fine. The population is very flexible in its 'ideals' and views. The ordinary population does not have this unless it is dictated by the government. All fearful, secretly hypocritical, faking slaves without any identity. Zum kotzen.

    • SalmonInClick wrote:

      idd a silent compromise, where the herd has permission under severe conditions to graze in the pasture at set times, under heavy supervision that is. Provided that the remittance pro rata of the costs has gone far beyond the decimal point that the BS [N] is productive and profitable. As time progresses and productivity decreases, the BS [N] is skilfully but effectively sidelined and life expectancy is greatly reduced using the instruments available to the slave driver so that the costs do not outweigh the benefits. Welcome to Madurodam, where the dikes are weighted, the hedges pruned and the gardens kept up to date. At first glance it looks calm and timid, but there is a treacherous undercurrent.

  4. danny wrote:

    This Mrs. Schaap in my opinion is not a computer simulated character, but just a (probably well paid) actress.

    By the way, I don't want to say that a deepfake character couldn't exist, I just think it's easier to get a crazy actor crazy enough to do something like that for a generous fee.
    And somehow the moving images of this sheep seem acted to me, but I can be wrong.

  5. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Fortunately, the troll armies (moderatpr armies) can be replaced by AI, because they fall over by bushes:

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