Are you stupid like that too?

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Are you stupid like that too? About what? About the simple fact that almost everyone around you still believes that politics is a reliable matter. People really seriously think that democracy exists. Well you might think:Well, I believe that too. It may not always go the way it should, but we really live in a democracy". May I then ask you to continue to stick your head in the soft warm sand with the rest of the Netherlands? Or do you still read a little further, due to your irrepressible curiosity?

It's really time to see the world as it is. Your world view is completely colored. From the cradle to the 'here and now' you are programmed with a worldview that is wrong. That starts with your parents who have programmed themselves and have transferred their programming to you. Even if they were perhaps rebellious against their traditional church or political party. Maybe they themselves switched from PvdA to Groenlinks or they were real hippies.

You have been programmed all your life with a worldview that is determined by education, media, music, movies, magazines, radio, internet, Facebook, and so on. If you now think:Yes, that makes sense. We all live in the same world, so we all see more or less the same things. At most from a different angle; if you were born in another country, but we all live in the same world". It may be time for you to see that everything that your eyes and ears have absorbed during your life is only determined by a relatively small group. Maybe millions of people work for that small club, but those millions of people depend on their work and they all work on such a small part that they don't overlook the big picture. But above all, they themselves have been programmed from an early age that they do not know better and, like you, believe in this collective false reality.

You probably also believe that royal houses have nothing to say. "Royal houses are only ceremonial. They do have an important marketing function, because they sometimes go on a trade mission to another country and then they take managers from large companies to come back with big deals. They are very important in this. They are actually very useful for our country.'Did I describe your image of the Dutch royal family well? If you are a woman, you may have used to dream of Cinderella and the prince on the white horse, and your mother might have watched the golden carriage and Prince's Day on TV with a glass of orange bitter. Can I still report the following again and again? You are programmed with an image that is totally inconsistent with reality.

Every agent, lawyer, soldier, civil servant, judge, minister, extraordinary investigating officer (BOA) - and so on - swears allegiance to the crown. So at the royal family. Whose signature is under every law? Yes, that of the king. "Yes, but those laws are made through democratic processes and there is a lot of discussion about that and ultimately you will come up with something that is arranged according to an agreement between the largest political parties. And those parties represent the voice of the people following the election results". You still believe that, right? How old are you? How many governments have you seen before? But you still believe it?

Do you also believe that discussions on radio and TV, such as with Jeroen Pauw, Eva Jinek or DWDD, are completely authentic? You do not believe that this might lead to a bit of guidance? You know for sure that those people at the table are not on a mission there and that the discussion is only there to uphold the appearance of criticism or to divert the discussion from the actual key question?

We are admittedly very refined, I must admit. For example, I knew from the rise of Thierry Baudet's Forum for Democracy (FvD) that this was a well-educated pawn of power. Someone who could have a very credible opposition. When you see a discussion program on TV, you really think that it is authentic and that there is finally someone who dares to make serious criticism. Not to hit my chest, but I'm just telling you this as an illustration. After all, I had predicted that the rise of the FvD was only and only intended to overturn criticism in society, by linking it to 'the right, conspiracy thinking, nationalism and woman-unfriendliness', and then to put the bomb in the air. to activate double bottom. We are currently seeing the same process worldwide. Read before this article thoroughly.

"Quite nice Vrijland, all that criticism, but what should we do then?"If you ask me and to begin with, it's about time that you really start to see that your image of the world is only a completely external color image: a programmed image. "Yes, well and !? I live in this world, so that makes sense?"Yes, it makes sense, because we have all undergone programming. Does that mean that it is good? "Yes, but I don't want to be a maverick either. Let me keep participating with the rest!”You may, but do you have the impression that the world is doing very well? I'm not talking about those nice parties that you visit during the summer season and that nice 2 weeks holiday and all that beer and such. I am talking about the global trend in terms of paying taxes, environment, wars, diseases and so on. Do you think things are going well and that the Netherlands is certainly a pretty nice country with a pretty nice structure.

Yes, maybe you are in that belief system: “We Dutch have pretty much the best road network in all of Europe. We have very good rules for, for example, construction matters, have good social safety nets and an excellent level of quality of care. We are good international entrepreneurs and politics and accounting are excellent". I don't really expect (if you think so) that you ended up here on the site at all, but you could be that reader. The same people who actually believe in this often have the greatest difficulty in making ends meet and many in the Netherlands are on antidepressants, but the pride in recognizing that something is wrong somewhere may be evidence of 'the most ideal slaves'. Even though the exhaustion is near: we keep waving orange flags on Prince's Day and we continue to believe in the system that puts so much strain on us.

The shortest summary that I can give you, which you may really need to get through to you, is:

Your worldview is colored by a small group that has power over all education and media and holds the illusion of choice freedom under the name of democracy. Politicians are all well-trained actors who know how to respond to the needs and tastes of society. Media can colorize those flavors and help categorize them. Media and social media are there to guide your perception and casting a vote is nothing more than a measure of how effectively the influencing techniques work. Social media is also monitored by a whole army of 'reaguurers' who would probably be entitled Inofizieller Mitarbeiter in the former GDR. Facebook and Twitter reactions are often controlled by that army, which hide behind deepfake profiles. Your image of the world is colored in full time by the media, magazines, radio, TV, films, music, etc. You live in one collective Trumanshow; a false reality.

"I simply don't believe in Vrijland there. That is too pessimistic for me. You are not going to tell me that so many people participate in the lie". Those people do not know that they are cooperating, because they only fill in a very small sub-area and none of them oversee the big picture. If you would really go deeper into it (for example through the articles on this website), then you will discover that your worldview was largely incorrect. Watch out, because you can also be lured into the safety nets of the truth community. The small block of power that controls the world also has the opposition in its pocket. "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourselfIs their credo. I described that, among other things this article.

If you have taken the trouble to read the articles under the blue links (they are only 4), then we come to the question how we should see the world. How is the real reality built up if the conclusion is correct that we have been kept in a kind of dream world all this time? I have written several articles on that subject, but you will find the most recent under the heading 'Life-saving information for your current life' and under this link. I would like to tell you that I am making all this effort to point this out to you without any interest. It even cost me a lot in my life. There is no religious motivation behind it (I believe that religion is mind control) and there is no financial motivation behind it. I do this because I think it's really the only way to change. Therefore, read the articles under the blue links and let me hear what you think.


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  1. Dick Klein Oonk wrote:

    Another clear good article, Martin. I can agree with it completely. Therefore shared on Twitter and FB.

  2. Willem S wrote:

    Democracy is a hoax.

  3. frameworks wrote:

    Perhaps it is good to first recognize that just like in the UK, our form of state is not a democracy but a constitutional monarchy. The king / queen has a role in this. A good example is in the UK where Johnson allegedly requested a parliamentary suspension. Is this the situation or is this scenario colored to us? It may be that the constitution has been implemented where the so-called Privey Council has decided to suspend parliament. This is a more realistic scenario than the one we are presented with.
    Perhaps not as far as Martin describes the entire theater perfectly, but still ……. I thought it was an example in which we are all presented with a picture that can sometimes be untrue.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      It is a soap dish.
      See who is sitting on the throne in Brussels (enter 'Ursula' in the search field on this website).
      The arristocracy rules and hides behind the appearance of democracy (apparent contradictions) sold by the media (the propaganda machines) and actors that we tend to call 'politicians'.
      The Brexit was only initiated to show the rest of Europe that anti-globalization leads to misery and financial punishment AND to bring the pound and the euro to the same level.
      The game is played for a while: for credibility.
      Johnson can be the hardliner for a while.
      It is nothing more than acting.

  4. guppy wrote:

    What they do every time is to throw a ball in the hope that we will accept it. We have accepted so much in recent generations that we now live in an unequal and unfair world.

    As long as soldiers (selling Greek for soul) are still fighting for their (religious) king, war will continue to exist. These are victims who generate negative energy. No more participating in commemorative rituals, focusing your energy on the here and now.

    The trick (delusion) that we fall for has stuck in the past. That is called sin, sin of time 😉

  5. Willem S wrote:

    Well that we are a democracy that I no longer believe for a long time, we live in a criminal state.

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