Barcelona Ramblas how to spin a hoax: Julian Cadman, the heroic agent, the fake imam and the escaped terrorist

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In my my previous article about the Barcelona Ramblas attack and the related failed attack in Cambrils and the gas explosion in Alcanar the night before, I described the main lines of the script that can usually be recognized in attacks. In it I not only mentioned the miraculous presence of people who survived several previous attacks, but I also predicted that there would be a heroic agent. That heroic agent turned out yesterday afternoon too suddenly exist. The best man would have worked overtime to support his family and killed 4 terrorists.

I also explained how you are playing on your emotions through emo-building techniques such as the immediately scaled-up mourning and large-scale and broad-based commemorations.

One element that does well in this is the launch of a lot of media attention to a deceased child. Who does not get that deep in the heart now? Julian Cadman (whose name in your subconscious mind gives the sound association with film hero Batman), tears down your cheeks. And that seems exactly the intention. The photo of Julian pops up everywhere and as much as possible in the media. Your critical thinking ability must be eliminated and you must be deeply shocked by the great sorrow of many dead and wounded, including even an 7 birthday child.

In addition, we now have the media stories about the ideal mysterious imam, who did not notice, only lived 2 years in his hometown and who had terror contacts. The ideal setup for a perfectly directed hoax.

The story of Julian Cadman had to be spun big. The first reports were that he was missing. How can you miss someone at a terror site? The victims of such an "attack" are really well coordinated and an ambulance does not just come away from a "terror site", without it being clear who is being taken away. But of course the story was mainly about spinning the photo and the drama. Everyone had to start worrying about Julian and eventually he would be right and 'face' of the attack in Barcelona.

However, Julian's photos are clearly recognizable to people who regularly work with the Photoshop program not authentic. The profile picture used is a photo that Julian's grandfather Tony would have made for the Colosseum in Rome. "Boys of seven times not for publicity and world news, they want to run behind a ball or play computer games"Placed the Telegraph at the article that you are trying to encourage to become a paying member of the newspaper. What a strange caption! How can you grind publicity when you are dead? "7 boys do not want to travel around the world, but they want to run behind the ball or play computer games", Might have been a more appropriate comment. Julian is already flying over half the world on his 7e. Flying around is in itself the unconscious name-association that we have with a hero (Batman), but what is particularly remarkable is that the photo seems to be clearly Photoshopt. I submitted the photo to several experts who concluded the same. The photo of Julian seems to be stuck in the background of the Coliseum. You can clearly see the contrast with the background and the remarkable shadow line on the left arm and in the neck, which seem to have been created with the 'shadow inside' function, according to the Photoshop experts.

The possibility of staging a terrorist attack is usually dismissed as completely insane. Especially if clear profiles and images of victims are shown. People are totally unaware of the possibilities of secret services to simply create these victim identities digitally. Everyone who has the film 'The curious case of Benjamin Button"With Brad Pitt from 2008 has seen, has seen how Brat Pitt, with the technology that already existed, could be transformed to an old man. The reverse can also be done. In fact, a random face can be digitally created. The 'green screen'option, for example, can be used to zigzag on a random film set and to merge those images with the Ramblas, in order to deliver the film that can be used as footage of security cameras. Hollywood and game developers have the most up-to-date software to create everything that you think you will see as convincing and true observation, fully software-based. So we live in a time when nothing is what it seems. The question that naturally remains in force is: "Why would you do that and what about the next of kin?"(Read more under the video)

Why you would do something like that, can be answered with the maxim that applies to all the terror we have seen in recent years. That is the maxim 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'. You need a big problem to provoke a violent reaction to the people that is so shocking that the people accept monstrous measures without any form of resistance. If you build that problem yourself by means of a film set-like situation with compromised actors, then you can go a long way with the existing techniques. If people want to participate, because they are told that a higher country interest is involved, then a bag of money might give the last push to explain the conscience. Finally, there is no killing during a staged attack (hoax), as a result of which the conscientiousness is limited to dishonorable acting. The 'Solution'always lies in more' safety measures'. And that too may be a real eye for the actor's conscience. Who does not want more security in Europe now? Finally, we bring in a lot of refugees and so you contribute with your acting in the safety of Europe. The word 'security measures' is, of course, George Orwell's 'newspeak' for 'privacy violation'. Terror leads through the aforementioned principle of 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'to more and more police state measures that increasingly seem to flow into 24 × 7 monitoring of all European citizens, where the front door no longer offers protection. The police may enter your house and take you without any apparent reason. That's where it goes and all that under the false pretext of "terror."

Of course there is another "positive" side effect of staged terror. You can let the tension between the native population and the Muslim population of Europe rise to a high level. You want angry Muslims who are afraid that the European is so blind to consciously blackening their religion and you want to burn up indigenous people who see a potential radicalizing jihadist in every Muslim. Then you create some protest movements like Pegida and Antifa to light up the fire through well-directed demonstrations (as I showed at this demonstration in The Hague). What is more convenient than that you have an imam in the script that has taken care of the radicalization of young people. The profile that we read, for example, in the Belgian newspaper by Morgen the imam is therefore very remarkable:

The imam Abdelbaki Es Satty from Ripoll according to police sources in the forties. His neighbors paint him as a very reserved person. He was not integrated into the Muslim community in Ripoll, a rural town of 10.000 residents, where everyone knows everyone and where about 500 Maghrebians live.

He would never have shown in his sermons that his interpretation of Islam was Salafist or radical. In 2012 he left the prison in Castellón.

Abdelbaki has been imam in Ripoll since 2015. There he must have come into contact with the young suspects who have meanwhile been identified by the Mossos: Driss and Oukabirm Moussa, Mohammed Younes Hychami and Abouyaaqoub. Aallaa Said came from the city of Ribes de Freser, on 13 kilometers from Ripoll.

Other neighbors told El Pais that the imam had told him that he wanted to move to Belgium before leaving. This did not come as a surprise to them, as the imam often traveled to Belgium. Even though the neighbors never knew why. The Ripoll community thought he had either returned to Morocco or moved to Belgium.

According to research sources, however, he left for Alcanar to prepare the attacks on La Ramblas in Barcelona and Cambrils. From there, the group planned to carry out a much larger attack in Barcelona. But the accidental explosion in Alcanar on Wednesday night forced them to change the plans. Researchers suspect that one of the bodies found in the house of Alcanar is that of the imam.

Does not that sound like a very well-chosen 'terrorist profile'? Can you just become an imam within Islam if you have been in prison? The people like it, because it tastes so nice 'terrorist'. And of course there must be an element in the story from which you can get an excuse for not being on the radar of the terrorist attacks. That excuse is given to you in the sentence: "He would never have shown in his sermons that his interpretation of Islam was Salafist or radical."Still, it sounds good as a good profile for someone who wants to carry out an attack. The home of Abdelbaki would have served as a bomb plantBut anyone with a little common sense should ask the question what you want to do with gas bottles in the world? Ah, of course, they had to strengthen the power of the explosion! And he can not, of course, retell it. Or did the man simply not exist?

The whole story of the attack is bursting with remarkable things. It is always striking that a passport is found. It is also striking that terrorists always neatly rent a van or truck. Of course you want to leave traces (false or not) behind. It has been a regular experience that renting a van can be tricky, because I do not have a credit card. How do these terrorists do that? Why do not they just steal a bus or truck? Do they all have an IS credit card? And how did they get those gas bottles in that van? Why are there no security camera images of the attack itself? Why was it called for not to distribute telephone images? Of course we will see more images; probably even "security camera images" of the attack. What Hollywood can do, the mainstream media can also. (Read more under the video)

Finally, of course we have the escaped terrorist. The Belgian newspaper De Morgen reports:

The Spanish newspaper El País has published new images showing the driver of the van after his deadly raid in the center of Barcelona. The perpetrator fled on foot through the famous tourist market La Boqueria. Meanwhile, the police assume that the driver of the van is the fugitive 22-old Younes Abouyaaquoub.

On the images, made by surveillance cameras, the perpetrator can be seen who enters the Boqueria via the Ramblas just after he has hit dozens of people. Abouyaaquoub, with sunglasses on, walks through the market while people around him despair and flee in panic, not knowing that the terrorist runs into them. Abouyaaquoub leaves the Boqueria via the Raval district and then continues towards the university zone. He may have walked through the center of Barcelona for up to an hour and a half. He wore the clothes with which he was already filmed the day before.

The police suspect that Abouyaaquoub stole a car at the university and fled with it. He would also be the perpetrator of the murder of a 34-year-old man who was later found dead in his car and who would be the fifteenth deadly victim of the attacks.

Meanwhile, the authorities are still looking for the 22-aged Moroccan. The police assume that he was the only driver of the van who drove pedestrians on the Ramblas, the Catalan minister of the Interior confirmed this morning on the radio. "Today we will present the evidence and explain why we came to that conclusion."

As explained, governments and media can produce any kind of evidence. Even the DNA of the imam can be found in the exploded house. Who can check it after all? Who can check that the security camera images are not tampered with by the available software. We will see much more evidence. But the big uncertain factor in evidence that can be delivered today is the fact that all technical means make it possible to create evidence. The question is therefore whether "proof" is still real proof. What we have left is to look at the contours. And those contours say: "Something is not right here". You can read it in the mainstream media if you read between the lines, as in this article the Parool:

The Ramblas. I did not walk there yesterday. And my beloved ones were all somewhere else. I was in our house, at 50 meters from the street. Heard suddenly screamed.

Something happened and it was bad. In a spur of the moment I ran out to the Ramblas. It had already been largely deposited. Police cars, vans, ambulances drove up and down. Everyone was turned away. An almost empty Ramblas would feel like a dream on every normal day. Now it was a nightmare. Horrible.

Barcelona is defeated. A city that mourns. It is horribly quiet in the street, in a metropolis that normally always buzzes - day and night. Not Thursday night. Not tonight. No traffic, the whole area remained closed. No public transport. No crowds.

Only agents, helicopters and some tourists who did not know what to do with their presence. They were shocked, because they too could have walked there. A Barcelona like I have never seen before.

What does that remind of? To a well-directed real live film set. It would not be surprising if the area had been deposited briefly before the attack to put the crisis actors in position and prepare the live setting. The film set may then be opened to realize the scene with the approaching van. Subsequently, the present crisis actors have been running down the Ramblas, causing a lot of panic in the adjacent streets and alleys by screaming and running away actors. The quickly present heavily armed agents have probably made the story complete and credible for all people in the vicinity. The van does not actually have anyone really touched (you produce these images before or after the greenscreen option), but you will of course see actors with grief injuries lying on the floor. The images of mobile phone recordings can thus boost credibility in the media. Attendees in Barcelona near the Ramblas can thus witness real panic and have probably been really scared. Only that perception can also be the result of an illusionistic real live trick. Dynamo is good at it, Victor Metz can do it, the Mossad, and other secret services and their actors and media can do it. Nothing is more what it seems!

You can only read the contours that this attack also seems to turn completely 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'. You do not have to believe that. You may also believe the media and the reports of the victims and the escaped terrorist. That keeps you in fear and ensures that many police state measures can be implemented without any resistance. Do not you believe those weird conspiracy theories. And there are also a lot of weird things refined disinformation theories between, but just think for yourself! Use your intuition. Are you, if you do not believe in those "conspiracy theories", please do not beep when all your rights are taken away? Do not you also peep when there is a civil war as a result of the consciously tension between the right and left or the autochthonous and Muslim population? You may see it through; it does not have to. Wave it away as something for crazies and alu hats: It's up to you. Do not, therefore, inform yourself in the techniques shown here that make it possible to manipulate and fabricate everything that seems real.

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    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Again ... the security camera images will pop up ... think of the Greenscreen option

      • Notis wrote:

        @Martin: perfect and crystal clear! (may be said).

        Just for further explanation. Why are there no real thaws?
        Simple, they also have to find "real" (read: Aivd / Cia / MI6 / Mossad / etc ..) actors / agents and there will be big claims (because mostly tourists are reasonably middle class to top prosperous) apart from the anger of the other relatives, family and friends.
        Thirdly, the time is apparently not yet ripe for REAL attacks, because if it is necessary, the bankers (read: Illuminati tw top rich parasitic psychopathic powerwomen) should not shy away from that, especially if you know that with the two world wars already more than 80 million deaths and as many or more millions injured on their 'conscience'. About the latter I still doubt whether this kind of 'people' know a conscience.

        The real attacks will only come when there are enough MOSILMS and other easy-to-use VIEVELINGEN, Africans and what is not in Europe.
        People are working hard! Every week I see more and more headscarves and black men on the market wandering around. The spark of the flame in the pan to ignite the whole thing is made.
        Let's hope that people not only see it in time but also dare to act on time; only then can the "Make the ship turn" !!!

        ps I do not understand why the middle class is not yet stirring and is going to hold heavy protest marches. They are (struck fake or not) first hit, because the community, the sheep herd (people just do not want to say) believes everything and in the long run stays away from the tourist centers, ergo decrease their turnover.
        Disclaimer: Do not think that I am against real refugees, Muslims or Africans etc!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The film Wag the Dog was only a marginal example of what governments, secret services and media can do to fool the masses.

      "Make the lie big, repeat it often enough and everyone will believe it" (Joseph Goebbels)

  1. SandinG wrote:

    And again an attack for an election, in this case the Catalan. As a result, the Zio alliance of EU / NATO will only be strengthened through PRS and the power base can be further consolidated and expanded through so-called 'terrorist measures'. And also note the use of the master numbers of 11,22,33 and 7 (year 5777) in the manufactured reports.

  2. Camera wrote:

    It is indeed again without any embarrassment that photographs and film material Ramblas, you really do not have to be a photo shop specialist, just deliberately overwhelm the audience with nonsense photos. We would have to advance en masse to media country. They are occupied with sedition for the umpteenth time and put down an invisible enemy that we can "do nothing" with. (sorry hooligans, nothing to do)

    Well said of Zand in eyes :: "the truth is the first victim"

    Here in the newspaper of Australia watching a movie in the picture of Julian? by minute: 0; 25 The very last picture of JulianCadman with his knee up, impossible position and the leg is not real). Look at the leg, the photo is a painting with illogical light, his leg (which can not be recognized as a leg) causes shadow where it can not be etcetera

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    And then "the perpetrator" was shot ... and there was an elephant with a very big snout; that blew out the story

  4. Camera wrote:


    Cruijff (inventor / bringer matchfixing in championsluegue) has given the go now the people may continue to do it, cheering, we will not let ourselves go mad and we do not want to know that we are being fooled by the king of Spain and the media maria, let us celebrate Basta Finito, I pass

  5. ClairVoyance wrote:

    Jan Jong says on MV facebook; "Ursula van Hal this is what I mean. Enough reading material on the site."
    Then Jaap Steltenpool reacts: "Jan Jong, Hey Jan, it does not matter to me all, but google Mr Vrijland just has his name."

    Then I think, yes Japie, it makes you all out.
    Can it be even more silly? That tone. 'It does not matter to me all', just plain embarrassing.

  6. tedsdam wrote:

    That Cadman was missing for a moment because he was eating and drinking in the catering car.

  7. Brain wrote:

    I also see more and more foreigners.
    Would they all legally reside in the Netherlands or would they be attending to the Kalergiplan? Is there someone who asks room questions? In the years 50 and 60 came the guest workers but these were invited by the Dutch government. Were also medically inspected because of diseases and now everyone comes in or at least I see more and more dark people. Are they checked for their lawful residence. The guest workers from the years 50 and 60 from europa nota bene were checked for this. It is clear what happens is obviously a preconceived plan.

  8. shrimp wrote:

    "Countries" such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic will face EU sanctions in the coming years, so that by means of a detour, these corporations and henchmen will also capitulate the population there. Although in these countries a large proportion of citizens continue to identify strongly with their culture, it is expected that a European / Nato will be used against groups of militant freedom movements. They do not settle for nothing in those countries. Of course, Turkey will also throw a lot of spanner in the food on the balkan so that the fire again in the pan. NL will again be an example function of how a new mixed population will look and especially in large cities. I expect the least resistance in the Netherlands against the Kalergiplan, but I do have a revolt against the established order in Denhaag, although it will come with difficulty.

    About a year ago, there was already a rumor that Barcelona would become the setting for a 'terrorist' attack. There would be talk that many MPs in Spain due to twitter messages (the time) they had posted, must have had prior knowledge. There are also images that it would be a lot of 'bleeding' dolls on the Ramblas.

  9. Mirella Heimgartner wrote:

    What amazed me is that a (disgusting) close-up photo of Nouri, player of Ajax, appears on the internet. A photo that, if you have any respect for his family, you do not post.

    But there are never close-up pictures of the terrorists who have been shot dead.

  10. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Such an attack is also useful to prevent the split-off from Catalonia.

    A quote from (on) Trouw:

    Madrid and Barcelona are already months on collision course because of the announced Catalan independence referendum. Thursday's terrorist attacks suddenly led to reconciliation.

    This way Problem, Reaction, Solution catches several flies in 1 blow.

  11. ClairVoyance wrote:

    I can not resist putting it again.

  12. tedsdam wrote:

    Look from minute 7.14 and is that little boy not known as in the picture of cadman?

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