BREAKING: the rejuvenation pill is a fact! 80 Year-old man swallows first time after testing animals

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David Sinclair is a professor in the genetics department, Blavatnik Institute and co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging at Harvard Medical School. In the presentation below, he explains how the aging process of the human body mainly has to do with the loss of information; comparable to the fading of information on the magnetic tape of old cassette tapes, as the older generation still knows it. The same happens with digital information over the internet, but because a control code is sent that checks whether the information actually arrives or needs to be resent, you can resend that piece of information if there is any loss of data.

The aging process is also all about the loss of code in the DNA. By polishing these "scratches on the CD", you can retrieve the information. By adding an 'observer', with which all information on the DNA can be retrieved as it were if it is lost, you can achieve this process. First this 'observer' was tested on mice and it soon became apparent that the aging process in mice could be accelerated by deliberately losing code. However, the reverse also turned out to be the case: lost DNA code could be recovered and so the mice rejuvenated.

In the David Sinclair presentation below you will get a detailed explanation of all this. Most remarkable, however, is that his eighty-year-old father decided that he wanted to test such a pill. The result is not really hard in such a short term, but there seems to be a stop to David's father's aging and he seems to feel even more vital. All of this is of course fantastic news for transhumanists and if this discovery comes through the clinical tests, a (very expensive) commercial version will undoubtedly come onto the market soon. It can be guessed that such a pill can of course only be sold to the rich and famous, if only because you live longer and therefore need more money to keep it up. The ultimate aspiration of transhumanists is, of course, immortality.

Considering biology and DNA as an information database in this digital age makes it possible to better understand the function of all that code. At first glance, this process of stopping and even reversing aging seems fantastic, were it not for many complications. What will it mean for pension funds, for the growing world population, food supply, environmental tax, etc.? Solutions will undoubtedly be devised for this, but there is greater concern. That greater concern is that by mapping all the functions of every piece of code in our DNA, we are getting closer to the moment when humans can be reprogrammed remotely. Not only is Elon Musk's brain interface on the way (see here), but with the installation of 5G networks in combination with (via vaccination programs) allowing a carrier enzyme for CRISPR-like read and write functions in the body, we are getting closer to the moment that both our thoughts and our DNA can be read and overwritten online. So we are not only getting closer to immortality, but we are also getting closer to transformation towards android people. I have always wondered why the operating system on those smartphones from Samsung, Huawei and the like, bears the name 'Android'. Do we recognize a long-planned end goal in this? do we recognize a long-term agenda here?


Television programs like that of Jan Mulder, who went in search of eternal life, seem to be able to prepare the people for the coming developments. We get a sausage, as it were, and we want to bite. Who doesn't want to live forever !?

Wait a second! Does that promise of "eternal life" not make you think of anything? Is that not something that religions promise us? Well, it's really coming now. I can therefore imagine that the promise of a messiah from 'the cloud' actually fits pretty well in the picture of transhumanism. In fact: if Elon Musk's brain interface is a fact, we can experience a "new heaven and a new earth" through that cloud connection, because the games from then on will be so lifelike that all sensory perception directly in our brain is stimulated. If rewriting our cells from the cloud makes it possible to make the body immortal, the messiah from the cloud can even give us a new body. The dead can even rise if their DNA information is still somewhere in a tomb, as we are trying to bring extinct animals like the Mammoth back to life today.

However, the ultimate goal is much further. Hardcore transhumanists ultimately want us to say goodbye to this biological world and merge it with the cloud (the 'uptake in the air' from the Bible?). That will offer many advantages. For example, you don't need complicated things like expensive rockets and fuel to fly to Mars. You also do not have to restore the atmosphere of Mars or other planets. You just build a digital universe that is indistinguishable from real life. This moment of amalgamation between humans and AI was predicted years ago by Google's top man, inventor and philosopher, Ray Kurzweil. He calls this moment 'the singularity' and already expects this merger between humans and AI in 2045. In this article I explain in detail how important this information is and that we are actually dealing with a 'copy of what is already'. It is advisable to read that article carefully or this entire article series to go through. Why is that advisable? Well, it's 2019. The predicted moment of singularity (and thus all those developments from 'becoming immortal' to rewriting our thoughts and our DNA, to the point that we become absorbed in simulations) is therefore only 26 years from the moment of reading. It is therefore best in the short term and so it will certainly affect you and your children.

Read here why the new police series from Yolanthe Cabau with the title DNA also contributes to preparing the people for acceptance of national DNA databases, so that the masses will soon be hanging in the cloud and the DNA can be rewritten.

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