Breakthrough hereditary disease 'cut away'! Tinkering with DNA the beginning of the transhumane human?

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The Telegraph headed yesterday with the title 'Breakthrough: hereditary disease cut away'. That is a breakthrough that I have predicted a lot longer here on the site and because Martin Vrijland wrote it, so far it was probably seen by many as a conspiracy theory. It is in fact an automatic consequence of the developments in the field of nanotechnology. Before I showed how nanobots can actually be used to grow each molecule as desired. Google's technical superior, inventor, writer and philosopher Ray Kurzweil has been proclaiming it for years, so people can now finally discover that not everything is a conspiracy theory. You can tinker with DNA. De Telegraaf brought the news very positive and so it seems, because hereditary diseases can be solved. Read for yourself how the Telegraaf brought the big news:

Wednesday 2 August 2017, 22: 11

Breakthrough: hereditary disease 'cut away'

Scientists have succeeded in changing the DNA of a human embryo with a genetic cutting and pasting method in such a way that a hereditary disease has been deleted.

The method could open the door to a future in which thousands of hereditary diseases can be banned. The scientific journal Nature publishes about this.

By cutting away a defect from the dna of a sperm cell and having it repaired with a correct piece following the example of the egg cell, the scientists were able to repair DNA at the onset of the fetus DNA. Such a change is permanent and is also passed on to the offspring.

The method is undisputed. Opponents fear that man can now play for God and in the future also other hereditary qualities can be changed. With this, the 'makeable man' would come a step closer.

The hereditary condition, which was banned by the researchers, a heart condition, is caused by one wrong gene in the DNA strand. That means that only one cut was required. For this the researchers used a protein as scissors. The scissors always did their job in the right way, in half of the cases the defect was successfully repaired.

What actually stands here is that every detail of a DNA strand can be adjusted. The message also implies that the entire genetic code of people has already been mapped out. After all, you can not repair a car if you do not have the function of each part again. You can not repair DNA if you do not know the function of each genetic code. Although the applied CISPR method to adjust the DNA is not yet fully crystallized (see this article in the NRC), you can assume that this will not take much longer. No, also the idea that the human genome (the complete genetic code of the human person) has been fully mapped is not a conspiracy theory. Ray Kurzweil also explains that this was a logical consequence of Moore's law. The law that predicts the exponential development of technology.

To be able to record every genome of every person, governments will try to convince you that it is important to have one DNA database to build. Here they will be the maxim 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'applying, where murder and sexual abuse cases or other forms of crime are most likely to be used to enforce this.

That the Telegraaf reports [quote] "The method is undisputed. Opponents fear that man can now play for God and in the future also other hereditary qualities can be changed. This would bring the 'makeable man' a step closer, " is interesting, because they seem to want to say something in the style of "Ah, you always have those opponents, but it's just good to solve genetic disorders", In order to nip the criticism in the bud. De Telegraaf is there to preventively mold your perception towards a positive attitude towards this development. It is right that fact, namely that man will play for Godthat is alarming. We also call this movement 'transhumanism'. That too has been discussed a lot here on the site and I advise everyone to delve deeply into that subject. Read all about 'transhumanism' this article. Once you have studied this, you may want to look at things like 'bringing the human brain online'. Elon Musk is working on this, for example, and founded the company Neuralink. Now suppose that the DNA of every human being is fixed and that nanobots not only bring your brain online, but can also make modifications to your DNA via online control? Are you starting to see the danger of this development? Do you now think that this is a conspiracy theory? Then read again the article in which I explain that the 'gender-neutral' trend and the LGBTI propaganda that flies every day, has everything to do with this transhumanist global agenda. Read in this article which 'force field' is behind it.

De Telegraaf, the NRC, people like Ray Kurzweil, Michio Kaku and others will only point out the positive developments and try to stigmatize everyone who puts a critical note into 'conspiracy thinkers'; as' conservative 'put away or depict as'negative thinkers who deny the logical next evolutionary step'. You may choose yourself, but I wanted to make you aware.

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  1. Brain wrote:

    What I would like to know for whom this luxury
    the modification of the DNA has taken place. How is such a person selected? What are the crieria for that choice? Who pays all this!
    I would not be surprised if it was done
    in favor of a member of the babelian club.
    As far as I have understood, babeloniers have
    more often genetic defects. And possibly because of this mental defects ???

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    The website was offline for a few hours, but now it does as you can see. Thanks for all dozens of notifications (which I can not answer all). There was an attack.

    There are only strange things happening with my site and even a hardware-based DDoS security does not seem to work. In the Netherlands we officially still have the 'freedom of speech', but if you do that, the entire internet is filled with libel and slander and your website is continuously attacked. You also have to keep away from attacks by professional trolls. I will not let myself be scared away! Never! Not even after the umpteenth attack! This boy just continues despite all opposition! The time of looking away and doing nothing is over. I hope more people will follow.

    In the meantime I have become completely dependent on your support because of all this libel and slander (proven from the corner of a state employee). That is badly needed. Thanks in advance:

  3. shrimp wrote:

    Transhumanism is a very bad development. Certain bloodlines will only live for their 'desires'. If they have succeeded and completed the race, they will reward themselves with artificial life. One thing is for sure, one can not enter the 'new' world order of baby Jesus / Tammuz (Vatican) to receive the promised reward, then through a 'luciferic' initiation. They are now hunting the soul.

  4. SandinG wrote:

    The chipping (RFID) of people started in the United States following Sweden. It is therefore to wait and see when this will be implemented within the Union, to speak in Rockefeller terms an artificial crisis can offer a solution.

  5. SandinG wrote:

    RFID, NFC, Biometrics and the SMART agenda:

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