Camiel Eurlings, Boef, Ismail Ilgun, #MeToo the apparent correctness and the danger of 'the man'

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It is difficult to believe, of course, but everything you read, hear or see is staged in the media. This was proven by a reader of this site, for example, by simply filming with a simple camera in Zaandam, where the vlogger's talk with Ismail Ilgun was supposed to occur. You know, the Turkish boy with that big nose who turned things upside down at the supermarket in Poelenburg and made a wethster for rotten fish to make an excuse vlog later on after a conviction by the court. That whole story turned out to have been put in scene through direction and actors. Do you have it evidence already viewed? Oh no? You do not want to know it, because everything that calls the Vrijland is nonsense and everything the media calls is simply 'true'. That is your belief system; you can not get rid of that. That is programmed because you follow all the youth news and the news from an early age and you can not be fooled. Even if you see the evidence, you will not see it yet; just as I can not convince you that you are eating a lemon while you think it is a juicy hot mango while under hypnosis.

It is time to get out of hypnosis and to judge the news in a waking state of being. Take a look at the videos below the blue link, watch the video below, shake off the years of programming and then read further under the video (start shaking off your programming).

We are so entrenched in accepting news that we just keep believing that the sour lemon is sweet and juicy. We may know that we are being lied to, but we continue to read the news and take it for granted. Time for change. Time to see what the latest news now has for programming goals.

We recently had the #MeToo hype in which all sorts of prominent people suddenly did sexual harassment. The emphasis was on the terrible traumas of the victims and was smoothly ignored the fact that these victims all accepted in return for a career. You could also have turned around and could say something like: "Hoop on dirty leg, I do not participate in your games"And can choose eggs for your money. Then you might not have become a soap star, but you would have kept the honor to yourself. Of course, that does not relieve the perpetrators of their bad way of working, but the reason that this has been hyped in the past year may well be found in the patronizing of above who is lying in wait. You could say that: "Well, that may be necessary, because quite a few victims have come forward". That is what the media makes you believe. If, however, you assume that all known names (also called stars or 'famous Dutch') fulfill a role in the perception management circus, it could just as easily be a problem created in the game of 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'that should lead to new police state legislation.

In Sweden we saw the first example of this when 19 December 2017 announced that you now have to give permission for sex or sexual acts. A quote from the Telegraph from then:

So far, in Sweden, a refusal of sex, verbal or non-verbal, is necessary for a conviction for rape. The Swedish government wants to turn that around now: permission from both sides is necessary, otherwise there could be a criminal offense. The new so-called approval law must come into effect on 1 July next year.

The law applies to all sexual acts, whether it is a first date, a long-term relationship or group sex. "The message is simple: you have to ask the person with whom you want sex if he wants it. If you are not sure, you should leave it ", said Prime Minister Stefan Löfven against the German newspaper Die Welt.

This becomes a complicated hassle, which removes all spontaneity, but seems to be a logical and necessary consequence of the #MeToo revelations. You can imagine what that poses for enormous power in certain people with bad sense in the mind. You would forget to press the 'chord' button of your sexual consent app in all your hornyness. Or maybe the biology of man should be encapsulated a bit. If we look at the average mammal, I do not have to explain to you how biology works between men and women. Of course no one wants his daughter, girlfriend or partner to be assaulted. No one wants to be assaulted, but the game of seduction is as old as humanity and is used by the sexes in an unconscious biological game. Should that biology henceforth be denied and regulated? And then we have not yet talked about the conscious application of the seduction game to get certain things done. This can include career, money, prestige and so on. Attracting and disposing for personal gain is something that many people probably have some experience with. An extra dimension is now added. You can in Sweden to blame people from now on for unauthorized sex or sexual acts and to put someone under pressure. I can already see the cash register ringing. And we can say thunderously that such rules will be introduced at EU level and therefore also in the Netherlands.

Camiel Eurlings beat his girlfriend during a party with a good friend. So he has mistreated her and is now pulling on the fines with all its consequences. At least that is what we hear about it in the media. We also know the stories of abuse of other famous names. Some may indeed have loose hands, such as the well-known boxers Regilio Tuur en Floyd Mayweather. We do not know. That too can all be hyped to qualify masculinity as a potential danger.

I myself once a year ago a former friend with the flat hand on her head. I have admitted that action for two reasons at the time. Point 1 should not have done that outlier and I would like to admit my mistakes. We had spoken this point between 2 and I did not want more legal stuff. That gave me a small fine. What I did not realize was that according to the official regulations you have a 'listing' behind your name (and thus a criminal record). What is not there is that it was a defensive movement, because the contents of the entire cupboard was thrown to your head, after you almost run over with the car and you tried to break through the hysteria because under the watchful eye of small children happened. She had discovered that I had someone else and was rightly angry.

A person can make mistakes, but does not he find the balance a bit? A victim role can also be exaggerated and some people know very well how they can take you by giving you a legal problem. Others use this as a threat to finance you financially. Of course, the real and conscious forms of abuse do not speak well, but perhaps it is time to be honest and also to acknowledge that certain people know very well how to drive someone for financial or other gains. Political correctness seems to be in the overdrive at the moment and that could serve a purpose.

Men have testosterone and are therefore less socially intelligent (is the image that is put down). The man is more and more put away as a dangerously unguided projectile. Is that the role of the media show around role models such as Camiel Eurlings, Regilio Ture, Floyd Mayweather, Bill Cosby (and so on) and now another rapper as Boef. The latter would label all women as whores and that (presumed) acting seems to serve a higher purpose. The actor Ismail Ilgun, who is now acting as a smart vlogger, is now allowed to correct Boef. Read for yourself the Telegraaf there reported about yesterday:

Boef got the anger of many people on their neck in a Snapchat movie to make three women for 'kechs' - the Moroccan Arabic word for whore or slut -. Meanwhile, the rapper has in one video on Instagram have apologized and he also regrets the subsequent reaction video that caused even more noise on Tuesday.

Ungruntled apologies, as Ilgün says on Twitter. "It's not about who does better," writes the vlogger, who last summer negative in the news came when he made videos in which he insulted people "I am 20 and will probably make mistakes. But this boy is 24 and knows what he is saying. I think it's a shame that you make an uncommon sorry. As if everyone is a child and kicks in. Let go of that street mentality and respect people. "

Both gentlemen are clearly part of the propaganda circus. Of Ismail Ilgun we know that for sure, because the Zaanse vlogger relay is simply proven in scene under the direction of PowNed. The woman-unfriendly attitude, the aggressive incidents of well-known names and the # MeToo hype, are perhaps meant to put us in the "Ooh what to bring very mode"And to prepare us for even more regulations that complete the patronizing. "Men are dangerous unguided projectiles that sometimes suffer from their testosterone". That makes you excited and aggressive and makes you less social. That is "proven". All those so-called research reports or tests that you read or see on TV will confirm that. You believe them immediately and uncritically. Masculinity must be banned from society and must be regarded as a dangerous property. The role models provide us with the proof. And if you ever run into such a dangerous man, you will soon have the legislation even more on hand if the Swedish example is introduced here. You just have to say that someone has tried to do sexual acts and a whole bunch of BOAs and guards of good order jumps up to protect you. We must quickly get rid of the danger that is called 'man'. Get rid of those testosterone bombs and get rid of the masculinity.

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  1. SandinG wrote:

    These ignorant often enter into a deal / blood contract with the slave drivers and prefer the material to the immaterial and thus plaything of the elite. They also serve as entertainment and distraction and when the time has come, they are sacrificed on the altar.

    Pay attention to the one-eye symbolism of crook on his sweater:

    And here on Waylon's pendant

    Or the race number of Verstappen what 33 is and then I do not even talk about the election results of the VVD.

    Give the goyim bread and play ..

  2. SandinG wrote:

    By the way, Eurlings is a member of a knighthood with ties that run directly to the Vatican. That will have been the lobby of Willy, otherwise you will not get positions (KLM, IOC) that Eurlings has held. It can of course bring you a lot ... sucking, whores, cords and eating and of course free travel at the expense of the civilian. As long as you stay in step .... ????

    Camiel Eurlings becomes knight Holy grave
    Published: 28 October 2010 21: 53
    Last update: 28 October 2010 21: 52

    AMSTERDAM - Former CDA Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management Camiel Eurlings is Saturday Knight Knight of the Knight Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem beaten. The diocese of Den Bosch announced this on Thursday.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Or did you really think that Camiel got the helm at KLM to manage KLM well? He fulfilled his maconric task in the globalist plan whereby certain industries have to move to certain power blocks. The same reason why Fokker has been hit. So Camiel was a bad top man for the stage, but within his maconical club he simply fulfilled his task.

      And the same applies to his current task.

      You will see the inverse of the film roll.

  3. danny wrote:

    My opinion: The whole "metoo" story is there for the transgender agenda.
    Somewhat more specific, every difference between men and women has to be eliminated.
    Now it is true that sexual violence and rape are almost always committed by men, aimed at women.
    So that has to be pulled completely the same.

    Sexual acts that are "typically masculine" are subtly even phoned for women in the media.


    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Well done! Again someone who has solved the riddle.

      The masculinity has to go away. We are going to be civilized! Mark Rutte and Kajsa the 7 differences.

      Camiel fulfills his masonic role with the desired acting.

      • SandinG wrote:

        Do not forget the massive introduction of pots, single-parent families in feature films and series. It is normalized or the android occurrence of eg news presenters eg Annechien Steenhuizen etc. All subliminal messages of it is normal to educate a child alone or to adopt a child within a homo family.

        As a straight man I do not have problems with pots it can even be horny to see but for a society it is just destructive and let that be the intention. Aim To break the resistance and thereby total surrender to a central authority.

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          The world bank is also led by a hermaphrodite-looking woman. With red lips, a nice package and earrings you come a long way.

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            Empowering women (is such a vital course) ... read: 'de-powering males' and make everything gender neutral

          • SandinG wrote:

            Idd Chris Lagarde (French = the guard) oversees the casino ... how did they manage to get rid of that Adam's apple ..? ????

  4. Camera wrote:

    Can it get even crazier?

    Men are the new women? oh no sorry it is
    otherwise, there are women are the new men, see article in de Volkskrant under

  5. SandinG wrote:

    It just continues ..

    Hertzberger: "But explain, women come to you and they want to be touched by you?"
    Basement: "Yes, of course, what I'm trying to show is that I think the roles are changing. We now have the # MeToo discussion, but I believe there will be more balance. "

    • SandinG wrote:

      This is an international agenda the patriarchal society (where the man leads) must be turned around permanently

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Basement ... is not that character who, like Mark Rutte, has been pretending to be straight for years?

      All those famous Dutch people all play their part in the Trumanshow for the people. In return, they may be "prosperous" and walk around with a fake grimace on their faces. The grimace that has to conceal the fact that they know in the deepest that they commit high treason. But oh well ... "we eat caviar and smoke the little cigar". Luckily their soul is pushed somewhere deeply behind the sham of which they have almost forgotten that it is a sham. If you play a role in a daily soap opera long enough, you will identify yourself with the character you play.

      • SandinG wrote:

        Oh well, the fact that we are talking about these whores already places them on a pedestal. But as long as the herd does not realize that the shepherd and the dogs work together, we will continue to talk about the symptoms instead of the solutions. It must obviously take place before one wakes up, we are just spectators in this arena of chaos and amusement.

        • SandinG wrote:

          You have to think like that the higher they lick up the harder they fall ...

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          The word 'whore' will be blacklisted in the speech correctness legislation that is coming up.
          Do not think so now .. I'll get away with that ... who proves it.
          That does the microphone of your own phone for you. He passes that on to the big data servers with voice and voice recognition.
          We are going to a sesame credit system.
          Hence the acting of rapper Boef who now has to say good-bye whore and so on

          • SandinG wrote:

            Once, we are completely on the same frequency for that matter..1984 is written before 1984

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