Celine Dion NuNuNu 'New Order' transgender ("gender neutral") children's clothing line

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source: vigilantcitizen.com

In the YouTube video below you can see transgender Celin Dion about her new transgender clothing line for children with the inscription 'New Order'. If you watch that movie you can see here and there some flashes of light. That is the technique as described briefly in my previous article, in which the subliminal programming is programmed into your subconscious. By now, it is not only more dangerous for your mind at subliminal level to watch YouTube movies (apart from the freshly set censorship rules), but also at the liminal level the expressions are becoming more and more visible.

Celine Dion clearly promotes the Luciferian New World Order religion that strives for gender-neutral people. Why I am Luciferian, I have these articles explained. Do you still read that for a good understanding of the connection between the rainbow, religion and the desired Luciferian world order.

source: fortunedotcom

Celine always looked a bit masculine in my eyes and that is why I think there are many more hidden transgender people than we think. You just can not make it hard, just pay attention to the contours of people's body and face. For example, I call Christine LaGarde of the IMF or just look at it this list potential transgender people.

Well you can say that there is nothing wrong with the trend (I prefer to call it propaganda) of gender equality. After all, we are all right? The biology as it was, of course, needed the male / female concept for reproduction and all sorts of biological properties ensure that men and women are different. Now we can now align that with technological "progress". For example, it has already been possible to implant a man into a womb and have a pregnancy carried. Hormone treatments and physical procedures can transform men into women and vice versa. The idea behind this is that you can feel a woman in a male body or a man in a woman's body. The big question that arises is: are not we simply responding to the consequences of a consciously deployed "development"?

If we pollute our environment with plastics and our seas, fish, drinking water and so on, become full of PCBs that affect the hormonal development of the fetus in a woman's womb (see this interview), as a result of which the "chromosome switch" becomes confused, as it were, we may have to deal with a trend as a result of (among other things) environmental pollution. That in itself would have to generate some understanding. Let's face it: if you develop into a womb (possibly as a result of that environmental pollution) physically into a girl (or perhaps even a two-sexed person), but mentally to a boy (or vice versa), it is understandable that an identity crisis arises. In such cases you could therefore understand a medical procedure. But as we tend to do with consequences of environmental pollution, we might have to address the problem at the core and not adapt to the consequences.

Statistically speaking, it could well be that more and more children are being born who are actually undergoing an identity crisis. The question, however, is whether you should encourage this and whether you should encourage renovations? Does not that lead to a much more severe crisis and does that not bring children under lifelong slavery of hormones and medication? Which psychic pressure gives rise to such a process of renovation and what physical consequences does that have? In my view, however, something else is going on. It is not a trend that has arisen from compassion for the children with a gender identity crisis; it is propaganda. (Read more under the beautiful photo of Celine Dion)

source: vigilantcitizen.com

The transgender must be promoted. We could even argue that the years of unrestrained promotion of plastics and reckless applications have been deliberately orchestrated from above, because their effects may already have been known. If you have read the articles about the connection between the rainbow, transgenderism and Luciferianism, then you may have discovered that the world is according to a master script being sent to a world government under the direction of Lucifer. That is, as it were, the hidden God behind the dualistic world religions (god / satan), which is now coming out of the open. And if there is a script, then there is conscious control.

You will learn deeper study (in the articles here on the site) that transgenderism will not only cause both reproduction and education to shift more and more towards the state (Brave New World, Aldous Huxley), but also that this is the portal for transhumanism. Both contain the term 'trans' of the word transformation. The Luciferian world order not only strives for the immortal man (do you recognize that of the religions and their 'eternal life'?), But also strives to change man into cyborgs. That is just the beginning, because the ultimate goal is the Singularity. That is the term that was conceived by Google's technical superior, inventor, writer and global investor and promoter of transhumanism: Ray Kurzweil. Singularity is the fusion of the human spirit with artificial intelligence (in the cloud of course). Read more under the happy photo of the gender-neutral children.

source: nocamels.com

So now you are so liberal and "free of spirit" to embrace gender neutrality and even consciously or unconsciously stimulate the trend, because you may not want to be labeled as conservative and you are always at the forefront of the developments, remember that this is only the porch of the ultimate slavery in which man with brain and nanotechnologically transformed body has to come to the Internet. That process is progressing gradually, but the propaganda is already doing its job well. The transgender / gender neutral is the beginning. The next steps are those of the link between the brain and the internet (Elon Musk's Neuralink for example) and the nanobot invasion of the body. In addition, it is very useful as everyone in the world DNA in a database and vaccination legislation ensures that everyone has to accept injections. The genetic edit methods based on the CRISPR-CAS method can then be controlled from the cloud and nanobots can then stand ready in every bloodstream.

It is best to understand that you also think men and women are equal. It is also understandable if you understand children who are going through a gender crisis. It is only now really time to see through that this is no longer a matter of understanding, but that we are dealing with rock-hard propaganda. And that propaganda would still be innocent if you did not see what's coming. We actually dig our own grave towards the full digital slavery.

If you take the trouble and really delve into it, you may find the insight that it is also useful to share such articles among your family, friends or acquaintances. Explain to them that it is important to read thoroughly and to read all underlying articles as well.

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  1. guppy wrote:

    I also believe that it has always existed (on a small scale). If the correct explanation is not given then it will go through as we can observe these days. As you already skew in your previous article, we are programmed throughout the day. In the past they did that by creating collection points for sermons and now you can stay at home. You come with articles that do not condemn but explain as the fork is in the handle. If you can not see which way we are going now, you are blind.

    In the past there was no one who woke up that Bert and Ernie lived together, nowadays it is explained that they are gay and that there is a good chance that Ernie was called Annie. In addition, they have already let us know that there was only one smurfette in Smurfland and we will soon hear that the rest are gender neutral.

    The one-sided programming must stop, just stay after thinking and not accept what is served up.

    It is not a disease you are programmed like this, as we ourselves are programmed with certain characteristics. It is not easy to get away from it, but certainly not impossible.

    In the end, we are NObody and can focus better on mental development than physical development and our brains are also part of that.

  2. Long lasting wrote:


    Good analysis. What does this have to do with agenda 2030 ????
    Just a question!

  3. Long lasting wrote:


    Please respond?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Everything has to do with the mentioned script and the agenda as shown in the visible field is of course part of that.
      You deepen if you have meaning and time in the articles linked in the article above. In my opinion it is important to recognize the script.

  4. Rrrene wrote:

    Hi Martin,

    I made a screenshot of a subliminal message from the nununu clip. I was frightened to death.
    Will I mail you to me? You may be able to post the image and submit the question to your audience as to what exactly can be seen.
    I have a suspicion.


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