Childcare organizations deployed for push towards vaccination obligation, Daycare Berend Botje refuses children

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"Berend Botje, a company from North Holland, has already made a decision: children who have not been vaccinated are being refused. The company clearly dares to stick its neck out, because it is possible that the judge will put a stop to this if angry parents take the step to court. But it is also possible that a judge says that it is fine what Berend Botje does, because the legislation on this is not yet clear." thus the Telegraph today. That, of course, is the devious path we have seen before. First let a judge make a verdict to subsequently force politics in that direction, because all kinds of TV programs such as Pauw and Jinek invite politicians and "experts" to steer people's perception and make the case ready for acceptance of new legislation. We are clearly moving towards mandatory vaccination legislation.

Nowadays we see a lot of social media discussion about all kinds of things that would be in those vaccines; substances that could cause autism, for example. You can smell that in order to be able to say later that this was all fake news and nonsense, and then pave the way for legislation that makes vaccination compulsory. Under the guise of 'that was all pseudoscience and fake news' you can say that there is nothing to stand in the way of obliging the vaccination syringe. That is the well-known game that is being played by the controlled opposition with the ultimate goal of making the bomb explode in the (deliberately built-in) double floor, so as to drive everyone back to the mainstream media and the state's scientific investigations. That does not mean that vaccines cannot cause autism, but the mainstream media and tailor-made sciences will come up with the necessary reports to give the appearance that there is no trace of evidence, and then the controlled opposition website and media channels, for example, simply become briefly linked to a major scandal and all criticism is gone.

It is coming anyway, because we live in a secret dictatorship, where only the appearance of democracy and a Trumanshow media reality gives the people the illusion that it has something to crumble in the milk. You don't have that. read here again why.

Compulsory vaccinations are the wet dream for a totalitarian police state. Why? Well look like that. The CRISPR-CAS method, which is now well known by many, is a method for rewriting the human DNA. With this you can literally modify every piece of DNA in humans (or any other life form). This is why we see the important push towards the creation of DNA databases worldwide. We are talking here about a worldwide project, in which the DNA of every individual must be mapped. In the Netherlands, RIVM has already started collecting in 2000 DNA from heel pricks. PsyOp issues such as those of Marianne Vaatstra and Nicky Verstappen must get the population to voluntarily give up their DNA. Why do governments want the DNA of the population so badly? This is how it is: If you have a method to adjust the DNA of each individual (the CRISPR-CAS method) and you have the exact DNA of each individual in a national database, then you can modify each individual to measure. Vaccinations will play a major role in this.

If you provide the vaccines with the enzyme that makes the CRISPR-CAS possible from the cloud, you can adjust the DNA of each individual at any time. That is why compulsory vaccination is becoming so important. If you have installed a nationwide 5G network, you will have sufficient bandwidth at your disposal to be able to rewrite the human genome online (see here). Have a look at the presentation below to discover how this technique really isn't a myth. It is not a conspiracy idea. You will be told by the female discoverer of the CRISPR-CAS12 method. Of course, such a thing can also be used positively, but if vaccinations become compulsory, it is only a matter of trust that governments do not insert a carrying enzyme here that makes the CRISPR-CAS method online read and write.

"Yes, but the government can be trusted". It is up to you to judge that. In my opinion, the push towards mandatory vaccination legislation is only about one thing and that is that the state is preparing a totalitarian system. A totalitarian system that is insidiously pushed through, while the people are kept docile and through the 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'method is convinced to accept all necessary legislation.

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    Photoshop; babies with measles:

    Breastfeeding seems to be a good start for children. I think it's better than a needle.

    TV 1969:

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