Corona Crisis Covid-19 is reminiscent of 2003 MS Blaster virus starring Bill Gates

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More and more sounds are emerging that the coronavirus could really have been designed in a lab. Where I was attacked in the beginning by the so-called fact checkers of, when I pointed out that such viruses can come from a laboratory, it is now the same mainstream media that mention this possibility. Skynews May 24, headline: "Coronavirus may have been a 'cell culture experiment' that went wrong."

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky from Flinders University has completed a scientific study, currently under peer review, in collaboration with La Trobe University in Victoria, showing that COVID-19 has been uniquely modified for human transmission, much more than any other animal, including bats. ”

Already on January 28 2020Even before people realized what Bill Gates was, I mentioned on the site that he made the following statement in 2017: “The next epidemic could just happen on the computer screen of a terrorist who wants to use genetic manipulation to make a synthetic version of the smallpox virus."

If you are a supplier of computer systems in every living room and office worldwide, you can significantly increase your turnover if you know how the operating systems of those computers work. You know the weaknesses of the computers and via the internet you can penetrate such a system to inflict damage. So you can market a computer virus and earn extra money by providing the solution. Of course you don't do that yourself, because that would be too much to notice. You do this through companies that look completely independent.

This year's worst computer virus attack has rocked businesses, government agencies and home users around the world, scoffing at Microsoft billionaire founder Bill Gates and his Windows software.

Hundreds of thousands of computers had already crashed in North America, Asia, and Europe, and the pace accelerated as the virus replicated over the Internet, an expert said.

And he warned that the virus contains a "time bomb", which will explode on Saturday.


MS Blaster exploits a software bug in most Windows systems from Microsoft, with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT and Windows Server 2003 being the most vulnerable. (source:


That was in 2003 and it is easy to guess who spun a lot on this virus outbreak. John Wendell Thompson was at the time chairman of Symantec anti virus, the company that released the 'rapid release protection update' against this MS Blaster virus on August 11, 2003. Who is chairman of Microsoft now? Right, the same John Wendell Thompson.

Of course you don't have to be a genius to figure out who is behind this'Problem, Reaction Solutiongame was tired. It is all visible when you open your eyes. This MS Blaster computer virus outbreak was of course by design. The masses bought anti-virus software en masse.

In the knowledge that the human body and its genome have been fully mapped and that we are using CRISPR-CAS technology copying every piece of DNA over the internet is now the human body, which was a home and office computer in 2003. The coronavirus is the MS Blaster virus back then and Bill Gates is still the main driving force. His money goes through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to the anti-virus companies in the form of vaccine production. It is the same game, only on a bio-computer level.

Which brings us to the question, "How easily do you convince the masses with an invisible enemy and do they accept any measure?" Well, the 2003 MS Blaster virus outbreak was disastrous for computers. The Covid-19 outbreak is disastrous for the human biocomputer. Isn't it time to open your eyes? The only way out of this global scam is to rip off the scammers and pick up the big money puppets in politics and media. That starts with waking up and continues in one revolution of the heart, and then take concrete action. Take action and start the revolution now:

direct democracy now

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  1. SalmonInClick wrote:

    the Washington Times has also reported on this investigation, this hoax house of cards is starting to crumble every day. Only the damage done is irreparable ..

    • SalmonInClick wrote:

      Gates belongs to the Untouchables and is protected to a high level by the usual suspects.

      Bill Gates becomes honorary knight

      That also explains the full cooperation of England through the Pirbright Institute in this hoax.

    • Bomb threat wrote:

      Perhaps it is only right that the damage done is irreparable. If it can be repaired, we will only go back to what we already had. If that is not possible, then we have to build something new… ..

      Strangely enough, this biggest "crisis" is perhaps the greatest chance of doing things differently without having to be completely eradicated.

      But it will still be one thing….

  2. SandinG wrote:

    Now that they are busy ...

    Soros-Funded Group Says Covid-19 Crisis Is Perfect Time To 'Abolish the Family'

    MS NBC (MS = Microsoft)

  3. Analyze wrote:

    It all goes according to script

    Major vaccine company WHISTLEBLOWER says the new RNA #COVID vaccine his company is developing could cause STERILITY in up to 97% of women, AND will also change the DNA of 100% of people who receive it.

  4. Sun wrote:

    In the past, the Celts, the Anglo-Saxons, ruled the real England very early. Now you have another 'elite'
    who took over that place with made-up English surnames and made-up aristocracy. You see this all over the world, that immigrant 'elite'.

  5. frameworks wrote:

    Right, the "old normal" of representative democracy has put us in this situation, so it is time for a new normal. The new normal, therefore, is not being rolled out zials now, but a system of government according to the principles of direct democracy. Therefore time to and visit and sign the petition

  6. Sun wrote:

    Yes 'we' should thank 'our' doctors for the 'good' work.
    People sign the petition, NOW.

  7. Future wrote:

    And here the news that the riots are provoked by the usual suspects. Sir George Floyd in a masonic standing pose. Apparently he knew the police officer, because they did security together. Fat false flag it seems, few movies that show it reasonably. Among others 33rd street the colors etc.

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