Corona Crisis: It may take up to 2 to 3 years to get out of lockdown unless early tracking and apps

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Because the pace of development of the coronavirus criris is so fast, it is almost impossible to keep up. Nevertheless, I want to give some clarification in the battlefield. This starts with a summary of some notable events. While at this time of great change it may be difficult to remain positive and see hope, I would like to tell you that it is certainly there. You are strong; very strong!

The analysis starts a bit bleak, because I have to say that the controlled trade off of the brand on the right, predicted in my book, is imminent. In the Trump era, that brand was linked to 'critical thinking' through people like Alex Jones ( and Robert Jensen ( through the same Trump, Boris Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil) and people like Thierry Baudet and that which has been stigmatized to 'conspiracy thinking'.

That 'right-wing' brand needs to be blown up so that it can work towards left-wing supremacy, the introduction of the Green New Deal and a communist state of salvation. In appearance, this state of salvation is good for the environment, provides a basic income and redistribution of wealth, but will be packaged in a totalitarian 'internet of (living) things' technocracy.

Take a look at the course of events and recognize the common thread. Please click on the blue links to view the substantiations:

  1. Johnson & Johnson Dutch branch Janssen says that it almost has a vaccine, but it will only "become available" in the spring of 2021 (so if you want to get out of lockdown before, you must enter the Chinese method, see point 11).
  2. Bill Gates: builds 7 vaccine factories for production
  3. Bill Gates: No one is allowed to travel without a certificate that you have been vaccinated and / or have built up immunity
  4. Boris Johnson at ICU hospital (message: underestimation of the coronavirus by the right-wing)
  5. Trump is going to be blamed for underestimation after not informing / properly instructing the governor of the state of Georgia
  6. The right-wing will be blamed for underestimating the outbreak danger
  7. Jensen supports Trump and pulls followers into the trap (but does not mention Trump in the last broadcasts, because he knows that Martin Vrijland exposes him in this)
  8. Jensen shows the threat of a lockdown duration of 3 years (broadcast yesterday) and thereby secretly aims for the salvation they want to sell: soft open-up (via apps and tech) instead of insisting on resistance
  9. Jensen: Thierry Baudet insists on thinking towards the end (the right-wing joins Trump again)
  10. Jensen never asks the question of the virus and / or the contamination story actually correctbut only focuses the audience on the numbers (part of the global right-wing strategy)
  11. Video recordings from China show the expected future and brings it as a positive solution (see point 8), see also this Trouw article.
  12. De Green New Deal utopia of wealth distribution - plus basic income - offers humanity (now in lockdown) the mouth watering sausage of the communist state
  13. the controlled resistance (state arm) has started antenna masts on fire in order to link the resistance to 5G to false claims that 5G realizes the virus effects, thereby discrediting the real danger of 5G and the internet of (living) things discrediting.
  14. The Luciferian calendar is displayed everywhere through the rainbow symbolism (see my book); also during the speech by the British coronagin Elizabeth.

We should start believing in our own strength instead of expecting it from above. It is very important that you say 'No' and discover that you are being played on a large scale. It is time for you to say "Yes" to your own strength and sovereign authority.

To play in the masses left-wing en right-wing perform a mutually and carefully planned game: 'matchmaking'. The script for this entire event was already on the shelf. I describe that in my book. It is a script in which the right-wing may first grow in support and then the ship will be sunk full of critical thinkers.

This paves the way for re-education camps ('compulsory mental health care'), a technology-driven society with a behavior-based point system and social exclusion (starting with social distancing), coupled with a globally new crypto-currency-based (traceable) currency. In addition, everything you buy or sell will hang in 'the internet of things' and you will need to receive the mark on which your digital ID, including your vaccination rate, is registered and to which your social credits and bank balance are also linked.

This crisis is exactly as I predicted in my book. It is therefore advisable to have that basic knowledge (including those about NLP and hypnotic techniques) and share this. Because, just as you go to the hospital to have a doctor map out the problem before coming up with a solution, the same goes for the Luciferian virus system that we now see the true face of. You and I have the solution, but we must first understand the problem. Therefore, start reading and spread the message.

your book

By clicking here read the report of today's press conference.

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  1. Domi wrote:

    Hi Martin, I'm going to make time this week to read your book! What I'm curious about: do you have an opinion about David Icke?

      • guppy wrote:

        The last interview with David Icke in Londonreal is very strong. It is not for nothing that the video from YouTube has been thrown that Brian Rose himself is surprised and that there is much more going on.

        In the end, Icke says not to listen and that this last chance is to maintain freedom.

        Staying still and accepting is keeping yourself in the box / bubble. Then the abusers / gods of power crawl back into the box.

        The choice is ours.

        I know what you mean by keeping a close eye on whether or not they want to pull us into the new simulation. I gather from the last interview that David Icke is against us just like us.

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          Unfortunately, David Icke has also joined the brand on the right (via support Boris Johnson). So if you show truth and meanwhile you have linked yourself to that carefully constructed right-wing brand, your followers will be sunk with it.

          Unfortunately, that is the strategy.

          • guppy wrote:

            As it stands, it doesn't matter if you are left or right, Jewish, Muslim or whatever. We are all under house arrest and all have to be chipped to participate at this level.

            But as you say, Resistance is assistance.

            We are all like the prodigal son who has ruined our money (energy) on this earth. Whether we have done this left or right does not matter. Are we brave enough to return is the question.

            It is better to return as a slave than as a ruler and oppressor. People / entities that have gone too low (eleven / extremely low frequency) have a big problem.

            The path to return is a small path, usually you are alone alleen

          • Martin Vrijland wrote:

            I am afraid that Icke was fed this information, namely that 5G counteracts the oxygen uptake in the lungs. I have a dark brown suspicion that this is a built-in staircase in the alternative media…


            To be clear, I hope I'm completely wrong about David Icke, because he says many many good things that I fully agree with! (and that is exactly the purpose of a safety net)

          • SalmonInClick wrote:

            David Icke is controlled opposition, the symbolism he uses is significant. Watch the video below

            "Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws."
            - Confucius

          • guppy wrote:

            Good point, that's why we also visit your website to go into it in more detail.

            I was afraid he was going to blow things up by mixing alien 👽 stories.

            What we now see is that so-called 5g masts are set on fire worldwide. Is this to corner conspiracy molars? Is this set up so that everyone thinks: it is already being done, we do not have to do anything. Are they old systems that are now being replaced with insurance money?

            The fact remains that they are at risk of telling truths that positively activate consciousness. This makes your intuition stronger so you can filter better.

            This also happens through your analyzes, looking a little further than you initially think.

            Wouldn't be good if we came to a solution so quickly. (Funny word 'solution' 😉).

  2. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Who asked the elderly something? Who has decided on behalf of the elderly to be placed under informal, if not explicit, house arrest? Has anyone asked what risk they were willing to accept? Who asked them if they are willing to sacrifice their pension money to a collapsing economy? Who asked them if, in order to save their health, they felt it necessary to lock up the whole world and shut down the entire world economy? Are "the dangers of Covid-19" really so bad at the end of their lives that it makes them lose those precious last months including their last money in captivity? And what early death may result in many cases? Or is it also useful that the Dutch pension pot of 1500 billion could soon be stolen under the pretext of the new equal distribution of communist salvation and the Green New Deal? Ah, after all, they were the generation of big polluters, so you can hand that in!

  3. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    And we have to get rid of that cash, so even more bombs! If the coronaviurs is still not enough to convince people, then just a few thuds. Problem, Reaction, Solution anybody?

    So transparent

    • Camera 2 wrote:

      Ha ha, yes what money would you say if you can not spend it anyway. They put
      of course, pooping itself with that fake news.

      If only it said, ramming at drugstore around 225 mouth caps, yes that makes it a bit more credible ;-), something !!! more hilarious of course, laugh !! Corona joke, ha ha (not fun)

      Because the average revolving door criminal really knows that a mask protects dead mechanisms (such as invisible viruses) at all times. So there is no point in that ramshackle.
      A filter from a filter cigarette could stop it for some time.
      The smoke from a cigarette also goes straight through the mask.
      Poor old people, they sit there like sheep in wool, very pathetic.
      Children do something about it. How would you like it?

  4. Analyze wrote:

    History rhymes to a certain extent..Paper Bitte!

    History repeats itself, but in such cunning disguise that we never detect the resemblance until the damage is done.

  5. Lydia Roosje wrote:

    Just got a call from a sheep / mother football team son:

    From Leiden University Hospital
    The request is to download the app and to complete it daily (even if you have no complaints).
    The aim is to gain a better insight into the distribution of corona in NL.

    Please also forward to your further network.

    Wow, I am interrupted by this sheep. The AH looks like a maze with deposits everywhere and people jumping away in terror.

    If you want to dive deeper into what's going on, this video between Lauda Leon and Shane Bales (aka the Ruiner) is recommended. They both come from the projects. For what it's worth…

  6. Joris Michels wrote:

    I'm going to think today look at it, but first read a certain book with coffee in the sun!

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