Corona crisis: when is this over and what should we do now?

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At the moment a lot of questions are coming in like: “When do you expect the shops and restaurants to reopen and you can go on holiday again? I ask this because my husband is in the hospitality industry." or "What do you think about the housing market? Is it wise to sell my home?", But also questions such as:"What should I do if I have to be vaccinated?". In fact, everyone has questions and it is clear that not only is impatience increasing, but uncertainty about what the future will look like. I can only give my opinion and it is as follows:

The future is very positive for anyone who accepts the outstretched helping hand of the state. First, however, the panic has to get even bigger and first we have to distance ourselves from those who do not conform to what the state orders. This starts with penalties, is reinforced by social exclusion (social distancing starts at 1,5 meters) and will eventually result in the re-education of these dissidents; who get a decent place in (compulsory) mental health care. The GGZ compulsory act came into effect on 1 January this year.

If the panic is large enough and the fear and impatience, including the social distancing of the unwilling, has led to total exhaustion, you will be offered help from above. That helping hand comes from the same state that put everyone in total lockdown, but because everyone has seen the television and social media images of the great mortality and the deep misery left by the invisible enemy (the corona virus), everyone will be in the same state then embrace as a savior.

Almost everyone automatically assumes that all the panic shown in the hospitals and the figures about deaths are correct. The average Dutchman does not like conspiracy thinking and why would they also create fake images or news? To fake such a terrible thing? You won't hear me say the virus doesn't exist. It may be a natural phenomenon, possibly a bioweapon and maybe many things are getting a bit blown up after all IMBers and compromised plus film techniquesbut you will never be able to prove it. What you can see is that this corona crisis is very suitable for the installation of a totalitarian regime.

If you conform to that totalitarian regime, you will be able to travel again at some point; then at some point you will be able to go to restaurants and cafes again, but otherwise a lot will change.

Why do I call it a totalitarian regime? Well now. We are witnessing the introduction of what I have been predicting here on the site since the beginning. We are on the eve of the end of democracy. Recovery: it is already the end of democracy. We are moving towards a totalitarian technocratic communist police state. This means that everything and everyone will be monitored full time 24 × 7, everywhere, in every circumstance and situation. This will be done by technical means; hence the word technocracy. In a technocratic board, all data flows via the super computers that monitor everything via AI scripts.

The Telegraph left yesterday underneath the head 'WHO: now infected at home rather than outside, already hinting that we can expect roundups. Raids in which people will literally be picked from their homes. Of course, this happens under the guise that they can pose a danger to their environment. Please read carefully! It says, "persons who appear sick", not persons for whom the test indicated that they have the coronavirus, no, "persons who appear sick":

"According to the WHO, it is necessary to isolate persons who appear sick immediately and to quarantine them if they are indeed infected."

I also predicted communism well before this corona crisis an article from 2019 in which I described that capitalism should lead to an increase in scale of companies to global multinationals. The enormous mountain of debt and the aid packages meant that these companies could get free money to keep themselves afloat, keep the stock prices artificially high (by buying up their own shares) and to buy up falling competitors. These companies will eventually be nationalized. That is the first sign of communism.

The other sign of communism is that the state is going to provide a basic income and give money to businesses in need. Did you think this would be a present? Donald Trump's press conference last Sunday hinted how this will be resolved in the future. He said: "Ultimately, we will have to take something of an interest in those companies in return". So you can actually assume that everything will be nationalized. That will then require a huge bureaucratic system, but you have seen how enormous the office buildings in The Hague and Brussels are.

The hallmark of a communist system is that everyone works for the state. This process of more and more people for the state has already taken place in recent decades.

Where does the money come from? It doesn't change that much. The money comes from hot air; out of nowhere; from the airless. We are moving towards a blockchain crypto-currency type of money system (in which every transaction is traceable in real time). A money system which is simply a number in the computer. All central bank debts can be cleared if you delete everything in one go (including property, savings, loans and mortgages) and put everyone on the same level. So we are moving towards a technocratic administrative layer, a police layer (of inspectors, police, tax officials, inspectors, re-educators, etc.) and a subservient underlayer.

Incidentally, that may well be a utopian future, because the serviceable underlay may not have to work as much anymore, because robots and automation are increasingly taking over the annoying chores.

In the internet of things that we can expect, every transaction can be monitored. Also your health is monitored. And if you will accept the - expected - mandatory vaccine, you can simply travel from zone A to zone B. You will be monitored all day by cameras and smart devices that measure whether you keep social distancing enough from the unwanted elements in society, but if you stick to the rules, there is nothing to worry about.

In my estimation, the housing market will collapse in its entirety. 'We can't make it more fun, but we can make it easier.But because everyone will be drawn on the same level, it will all be much more affordable for the people who are now poor and a little less luxurious for the more affluent middle class. That is simply communism. Fortunately, it is also much better for the environment and we can just as easily continue to enforce the strict rules that have now been introduced by the corona virus. Then we will avoid extinction in 12 years. However?

In short: you can count on it that it is all permanent. The lockdown will take a long time. Only when the pain is well felt and everyone is close to exhaustion will the vaccine offer the solution. The vaccine I already predicted in my book (like the pandemic) and which I say is probably already on the shelf. Then the state will offer the totalitarian measures as redemptive measures and everyone will take that outstretched totalitarian hand.

Why I think you should think before you accept the syringe in your body and how you should react if you are forced to do so; why you have to wait a while before doing that quantum dots accept 'mark of the beast system'? I describe that in my book and the additional articles. I have to keep pointing out that, because many find it difficult to dig through all the free and freely available articles here on the site and find it easier to have a book in their hands. That is why I recommend that you really read that book so that you can see what is to come. After all, there is hope if you don't just surrender to a system that keeps closing itself like a web.

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  1. Willem S wrote:

    A communist system is doomed to failure.
    You do not think a surgeon will work for the same money as, for example, a garbage collector.
    We have seen that in old communism
    But okay, we're seeing how we're screwed right now, wait and see.
    We may be able to do something about it if the entire population gets up.
    But that will not work with the MSM brainwashed TV viewers, who believe everything.
    I am aware that it will not get better.
    Corona is a means to curb our "freedoms".
    The best way to gain control of a people and ultimately to fully control them is to take away a little freedom each time.
    To reduce their rights by thousands of small and almost invisible steps.
    In this way, the people will not see their rights and freedoms removed to a point where these changes can no longer be undone ...

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      What if the profession of surgeon becomes superfluous in a few years? Like the trash man profession? Does that seem impossible to you? Then you have not studied the technological state of affairs enough. Soon every disease can be solved from the cloud and surgical interventions are less and less necessary. Robots can also do any remaining surgical work in the near future much more accurately and there will be less human errors.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      For example, Europe as we speak is being transformed into a Chinese example. Watch how the masses embrace the totalitarian control system without struggling (video in link below). The creator of the video also brings it as something positive. The apartment complex of “his girlfriend” (note: propaganda journalism) is simply a prison. Outside you walk into an open prison with facial recognition cameras everywhere and measurement of who you come in cash with via the app. This totalitarian system is also coming to Europe and the rest of the world and will never go away. Time to take the person who predicted it seriously. Time to discover the master script before it is too late.

  2. ellysa wrote:

    This is exactly the official confirmation of what Martin provides here.
    It is the crux of the matter, but this time clearly formulated by a Dutch behavioral psychologist interviewed by the official state media body.

    "If we want to see a behavioral change - because that's what the government is asking for -
    then a number of variables first have to change, ”says behavioral psychologist Martin Appelo.

    "People have to see the urgency and they have to experience a high pressure of suffering."

    The latter means that people will personally feel the negative consequences of the coronavirus. “It is not happening that way yet.

    • Sun wrote:

      Whoever is part of that government, the top layer will be the boys of the script
      obviously not mentioned in that newspaper article. How quiet the boys of the script are behind the scenes. You should know, busy bees, and yes the 'government' uses top system therapy psychologists
      who consider society, people, as a toy, social engineering.
      Ordinary people may deserve no better. The common people are now thinking about their holiday planning whether the holiday continues. Where is the emergency exit.

  3. SandinG wrote:

    and don't forget integration with the communist east especially China, nothing wrong with that right?
    We are now in the transition phase, the EU is a technocratic bloc:

  4. Rebel wrote:

    Where are all those obituaries? I only hear an aunt and sister of a cousin etc and through the mainstream media that people die. Every day 3000 children die from Malaria. What can be prevented with a simple medicine. Worldwide today already more than 120.000 to ordinary influenza according to worldmeter. Info. Yesterday seen more police in Belgium than ordinary people. Controls at the village borders. Nothing to look for. Police state is a fact.

    • Harry freeze wrote:

      No one personally knows someone who is gasping for breath in a coma in ICU. It's all like: It's really dangerous because a cousin of my back neighbor's aunt is in a coma, or the daughter of my cousin's girlfriend's sister had to fight for her life for 1 month and is now happily out of the IC.

      Until a few days ago I had no friend or friend who could get through someone who had fallen victim to corona but it is now starting to trickle in, all through indirect friends of indirect acquaintances.

  5. Sun wrote:

    The ordinary people do not have to worry as long as they obey the instructions of the government (Big Brother). And let's face it, the good citizen has always done so far.
    The good citizen, in general, is currently just being paid (controlled demolition society) while he is not working. On the street I hear that they don't know what to do with their time. The good citizen is bored. The stumperds. The good citizen does not think about the loss of their human rights. mentally blocked by fear of the corona 'virus'. Time structuring is coming, Big Brother's orders are coming, rest assured .. Big Brother loves the slaves and the slaves love big brother. Welcome to paradise.

  6. Harry freeze wrote:

    A totalitarian communist police state in which everyone's actions are fully controlled / controllable. This will feel for the people as a protective, paternal and friendly state where (for the feeling of most people) there is still a lot of freedom and in which it is a very good life.

    Globally I think the system of all countries (especially all Western countries and also 2nd economies) will be much more coordinated and centralized behind the scenes. (you can already see that happening with the approach of this corona, and this has been going on for a long time but will now accelerate even more). Not yet an open world government, but actually completely centralized behind the scenes. Also global institutions (UN, IMF etc) will become much more important and get more powers I think. There may also be new global institutions.

  7. AnOpen wrote:

    So actually it is so improve me if it is not correct. The compulsory mental healthcare act came into effect on 1 January. With the organ donation law, the state has made the citizen body as its own state asset. And they will soon introduce mandatory vaccination. Does that mean that if you refuse and resist, you are simply sprayed like a TBS-citizen with “medication” orwellian for vaccination? It seems to me that you are going to get it anyway as a wildly antagonistic animal. Or am I wrong?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      You can see that well…

      Unfortunately I have warned about this for years; I even tried to stop that law through a petition signed just over 5000 times. The Netherlands did not want to see it and largely still does not want to see it.

      Still, I want to give some hope in this narrow prospect. You can just say NO. You discover that when you discover that no one has authority over you. It takes courage and a strong attitude, but no one has any right to deprive you of your freedom. I describe that in the additional articles.

      It's time for people to get up. A little late, but we say “better let as net” (better late than not) in Friesland.

      • AnOpen wrote:

        Okay, this simulation is not deterministic, we have our own free will. What is left of that free will if, despite you saying NO, people are floundering and NEEE screaming, they still throw a vaccination syringe in your ass? Then one is deprived of the right to freedom for the umpteenth time. I am preparing for the end for me in this simulation, off the grid or a lifelong captivity because I can imagine that when I refuse that vaccination syringe. Authority or not they just force you differently… I am my own authority, leader I have known that for a while.

        And then you will soon have the CRISPR-CAS12 protein in your body. If they start to mess with your heart or brain DNA, does that change your consciousness, for example? That you suddenly begin to embrace everything willingly and accept it as a zombie? And where is that nasty want, or do you no longer know what you are doing because you are so confused externally through 5g?

        • Martin Vrijland wrote:

          Yes at some point you have to draw a line. Until here and no further. Say no. Say no in all respects.
          I have described this again in the last addition to the book, but I also do not let myself be locked up or put a syringe in my body.
          So that choice may result in you quitting this simulation while fighting.

          Remember: the fear of death is the greatest control system

  8. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Anyone who keeps shouting that it all goes way too far for what I predict… pay attention to this part of the

    “The Antwerp Care Company goes a big step further in the strict measures for its assisted living apartments. In places where the Healthcare Company cannot say with certainty that residents will always stay in their home, the locks of the common exterior doors were replaced on Tuesday or the codes of the access badges were changed. In some places, the bells of the assisted living apartments have also been deactivated. Residents are therefore no longer able to enter or leave their home on their own and need guidance. ”

    Read what I wrote about it in this Facebook post:

  9. Abderrazak Samir wrote:

    Today the first checkpoint at the border between Dutch and Belgium in Maasmechelen with tents on the highway everyone must demonstrate where are you from and where are you going
    That begins …….

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