Coronavirus, a society that hardens or gains humanity?

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The coronavirus apparently brings a large hardening in society. You can see that in all attacks on social media towards everyone who dares to express a different opinion. Make no mistake. During the more than 7 years that I have written, I have discovered that the number of civilian soldiers who shoot their keyboard bullets at people on social media is greater than the number of soldiers in uniform with rifle. They are just on your friends list and they have shady activities that seemingly don't pay much, but can get by very well and now spend a lot of time behind their keyboard. Do they have a gag from the state? Retention of benefit, reduced sentence?

When you have read my book, you have discovered that the reality as we perceive it is strongly influenced by these large amounts of people who have already been compromised and are already used to being paid by the state, as will soon be the case for everyone. in the technocratic communist state that is now being rolled out. In the former GDR under the Soviet Union, before the fall of the Berlin Wall, 1 in 50 citizens was Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter (IMB). Did you really think that this system would have disappeared into the dust cupboard if it was so successful? Take a good look around you.

Everyone has noticed the side effect of the coronavirus crisis. Does the state have tens of billions available at once to take over salaries, help companies in need, and defer tax returns? How is that possible? For years, austerity has been pushed through and now the tap can suddenly be opened completely! We secretly witness the introduction of a basic income (such as under communism). That basic income that Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter may have secretly enjoyed for a long time.

That unexpectedly generous state aid probably comes from the € 750 billion pot that the ECB reprintedt has. However, there is another jar.

After quarter 4 of 2019, 1560 billion euros in pension capital was present at all pension funds. The largest pension funds include ABP (Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds), PFZW (Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn), PMT (Pensioenfonds Metaal en Techniek), PBF BOUW (Stichting Bedrijfstakpensioenfonds voor de Bouwnijverheid) and PME (Pensioenfonds van de Metalektro). Together they had approximately 909 billion invested capital. Pension funds and other institutional investors provide the most trading volume on the Amsterdam stock exchange.

Those pension funds were hit hard by the plummeting of the stock markets during this corona crisis. I explain in detail that this blow was coming anyway this article.

The media now report that there is no longer enough capital in house to meet all the pension benefits they have promised their participants for now and in the future. The average funding ratio dropped from 29 percent to 101 percent in 95 days (Sun. Trouw reported already on March 2). This means that there is 95 cents in cash for every defined pension euro. The ECB has now been giving away QE support packages (Quantative easing) for years. Many companies have been able to keep their own stock prices artificially high, because they were in fact able to borrow money at almost zero interest and the central bank bought back that debt. As long as you buy shares of it, that money will not enter the market, but will remain in the layer of institutional investors.

Now that the Dutch state is pumping tens of billions into society (which presumably comes from the ECB), this money does end up in society. After all, it is given as support to people who will immediately buy food and drinks. If you print tens of billions as QE and this continues to circulate in the layer of institutional investors, it has little effect on the value of money in real life. However, if you squeeze tens of billions and give it to the people, it could just lead to hyperinflation. This means that the promised support may currently still be a relief for many and some enjoy the holiday feeling of sitting at home, but that is no longer fun after 1 week. When inflation hits, it suddenly becomes difficult to fill another bag of groceries and to feed the mouths.

I would not be surprised to see a nationalization of the pension funds. Certainly in view of the fact that pension funds are also in government bonds (debt securities) again and if the government receives money from the ECB, they become less valuable again.

I think we are on the eve of a total shift, moving from what I think is a democracy to a technocratic communist administration (digital control system). Preferably centralized. Everything we previously knew will change (including pensions). Companies will be nationalized, not directly, but step by step and everyone will receive a basic income. That basic income can only be guaranteed if there is a complete reset of the global financial system and it is presumably also directed towards this. In the US, we saw Donald Trump announce similar measures yesterday as were taken here in the Netherlands. That is a sign on the wall.

If you want to guarantee a basic income without this income being immediately worthless due to hyperinflation, then you should actually abolish the immense mountain of debt of printed money. And given that pension funds are large holders of debt securities of the Dutch state, the false capital in those funds is then over.

Now I do not know whether such a drastic cancellation of all debts will take place, because then you really have to tackle the entire banking and monetary system worldwide. Ultimately, however, I believe that work is moving towards a new global financial system.

It is easiest to create a new order out of complete chaos. And that chaos is going to get big. We will probably first witness a confiscation of the pension funds by the Dutch state. In fact, nationalizing the pension funds is nothing more than buying up a lot of printed money for an apple and an egg, but the number in your treasury is apparently just a few hundred billion higher and you can give more away.

To cut a long story short: I believe hyperinflation is what will eventually drive the Dutch population out of their lockdown confinement. Hungry!

We are still played by the media and politics who shoot their videos with compromised people (Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter, IMB'ers) who supposedly do not keep to the 1.5 meter distance in order to generate the alibi that I have predicted for two weeks: the coronavirus is getting out of hand "because we have been too flexible" so now we have to go to an even harder lockdown than in France and Spain.

That hard lockdown is therefore inevitably sold to the masses. In the meantime, we will probably also be told that it is coronavirus mutates and that it all becomes much more dangerous. So we are going to find ourselves in a situation where every person becomes afraid of his or her fellow man and that if you meet someone, this can kill you. Thus, anyone who roams freely becomes a potential "death through guilt" mass murderer.

Imagine the situation where there is a malfunction in the distribution centers of some retail chains. Imagine that the ATMs are no longer allowed to give money (because of the risk of infection from that terribly transmissible virus) and imagine hyperinflation, where Rutte's promised basic income just earns you 1 bread a week and a bag of potatoes. What will happen then? Then people get hungry and then they come out of their houses. Then report their neighbors, because those walking potential ticking corona time bombs are a danger to themselves and everyone they know. And then the army must intervene and we will see that many people disappear. That is not a scare thing, that is logical thinking.

And then we witness the chaos in Europe that I have always anticipated. And where chaos reigns, there is usually a new power invading to put things in order. You know which country I am in it foreseen for years. It is all master script and I describe that master script in my book. If you have read that book and the additions to that book here on the site, you know that there is hope. But that does take a bit of depth. Seeing what's going on is realistic and positive. Then you are prepared and you know at what level you can do something.

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  1. Harry freeze wrote:

    In addition to social media, in which everyone (supposedly) warns that nobody takes his / her responsibility and does not follow the “social distancing” orders of the (so-called experts), the newspaper is also full of warnings again today.
    The telegraph expert in panicking, conditioning heads today heads: BLIND FOR THE DANGER ”. Mayors and influencers warn and sow panic that the Netherlands is massively ignoring the orders of Big brother, etc.

    People are getting ready for the total lockdown and it's all our fault.

    Which is strange (I think it is strange at least) that I and my circle of friends (I have a large circle of friends) do not know anyone who has or has had corona, everything is from the newspaper, Nieuwsuur, Youtube.

    It is also strange that so many famous people worldwide have corona, (of course they are not influencers how dare I think) it seems that the virus mainly has an eye on famous people (politicians, artists, singers, movie stars and not to mention famous athletes).

    I think this is common to the corona virus I think it discriminates, why only famous people?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      You used to have the NSB members .. do we now have the IMB members?

      • Harry freeze wrote:

        If you look closely, they are indeed NSB members. This may explain why there are so many people of this kind in the Netherlands and why it is so easy for the government here to mobilize and excite these people, and that is not even with money.

        In World War II, the Germans sometimes complained that the Dutch were too fanatical in helping and betraying fellow countrymen. Some complained that because of this they had too much work and were too busy to keep picking up those traitors.

        Dutch (not all of course) have a very jealous streak much more than eg Germans, Belgians and even French, they almost do not give another Dutch person the light in the eye, so what could be better than betraying your countrymen and for this also a nice reward to earn, I suspect there may be a waiting list of people who want to become IMB.

  2. Camera 2 wrote:

    On the street at a distance I saw a couple holding hands and giving each other a kiss (nothing wrong with it) like pigeons do, a boy and a girl.
    A woman passed the couple and I heard her say, would you stop that and the couple's boy was shocked and asked what was going on. She said, screaming, "you know that you shouldn't have gone crazy." The boy: "ma'am calm, there is nothing wrong". the woman became hysterical and started to curse, it could have gotten out of hand, the couple quietly continued on their way, the woman stopped grimly.

    Pay a little attention to each other

    • Harry freeze wrote:

      The mister smith effect in action, or who knows, that sweet lady is a modern NSB member (also known under the working title inofficieller mitarbeiter).

  3. Harry freeze wrote:

    Banks closed in my city today (test run? To see how people react)?
    I expect measures in the coming weeks / months that would normally have required a great deal of Hegelian dialectics before the population would be ready to accept them.

    some measures I see (don't know if they happen but I think they could) and their consequences:

    1) pin limit per card per day / week of, for example, 50 euros. (creating fear chaos and getting people used to cashless)
    2) or ATMs that are only open a few moments a day / week (creating chaos and getting used to cashless)

    3) introduction (temporary of course, but nowadays it is newspeak for permanent) introduction of basic income
    4) introduction of basic income for a temporary tax increase will lead to, for example, 90% for SMEs / freelancers who are still successful and earn good money or who, according to the elite, make a profit from the crisis.
    5) shaming of entrepreneurs who supposedly take advantage of the crisis and earn money because they were smart enough to come up with a good earnings model in this corona hype. (I see this happening a lot on social media and left-wing opinion sites)
    6) Nationalization of pension funds and industry. (SMEs are subsequently hit with restrictions and a huge increase in taxes (so-called temporary solidarity tax) that they all go bankrupt, including those companies that still make good money despite the crisis.
    7) multinationals are getting much bigger and much more powerful, stock market is collapsing completely. stock exchange companies are nationalized (supposedly temporarily) by governments and bought back from the scenes by elite (if they were not already in their hands).
    8) Rapid introduction 5g worldwide supposedly for safety and to prevent subsequent virus outbreak.

  4. frameworks wrote:

    When the pension funds are nationalized, state oblogations are stamped. This is the way to reduce government debt. We have already seen this in a country like Hungary, where the private pension funds nationalized and government debt (relative to the GDP) immediately declined. For example, the government will get a large part of their debts, which is probably better for the banks than to let it disappear by inflation. The latter because the banks do not want those with a mortgage debt to be able to get rid of their debts in this way. The property will expire due to non-payment of the monthly mortgage in favor of the banks.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      If people can no longer pay their mortgages, banks will seize.
      If banks are nationalized (see ABN AMRO), then the state will immediately own all those houses ... technocratic communism in the making

  5. ellysa wrote:

    EAR witness report:
    last Friday I spoke to a runaway Afghan who enriches the Dutch economy as an entrepreneur. He told of a good friend in China. That friend has been quarantined with family (wife and 2,5 children) for 3 months. They received a kind of voucher from the state. 1 person of the household is allowed to do daily shopping. Reporting must be done at a sort of predetermined checkpoint. Legitimation with telephone and voucher. Supermarkets rotate in opening, but usually only 1 open. I asked what about his work (in sewing factory). Fortunately that too was "solved". Rent and electricity no longer had to be paid, workers were paid by the state to buy food.
    Later when I was at home, and recovered from the information, many questions I had wanted to ask. However, the chance that I will be able to personally reconnect with him next week is diminishing day by day.
    1 = none
    one = none
    If you ask the right questions, especially questions that call for a practical description of the daily course of events / perception, the big picture will appear automatically. And is it fairly easy to conclude through discernment whether there is sincerity or genuine forgery
    Attn zzpers who now enroll en masse for fin help. The Participation Act is still in force. Receive a compensation = make a contribution. If there is no work of your choice, then there is employment. That too is a revenue model ... from earlier times, the feudal system or new wine in old bags?
    Get legal help? that is also a thing of the past. Subdistrict (civil) courts are closed until further notice.
    1 = none
    one = none
    we are all one, catch my drift, notch notch wink wink say no more

    Nevertheless, the peak of spring is there. Because we were also taken by the nose. Nature is still 6 weeks ahead of us, the calendar is 6 weeks behind. See Itsjing / jaap voigt work and live according to the seasons
    Follow nature and you are true nature! On-wards (on the ward) and out-wards (on the ward) in spite of….
    Mindset reset!… .If you still want to provide “help”…

  6. marijke wrote:

    Martin:…. “Where does that money come from ?? `
    Except that many pensioners are now dying, and their pension money to the state is actually forfeited
    and so the pension pots are getting fuller (with which they can pay many things….)… .is
    there is also something else: I certainly read about 10 (!) ago that those super rich families (called illuminati, Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc etc) have kept 2 0 0 TRILLION apart since 2 0 0 7 already! Since they have a joint possession of more than 8 5 0 TRILLION (then estimated, perhaps more now) you could imagine that they do not miss those 200 trillion in total. That 200 trillion as a piggy bank was to take over the entire world, which is currently happening. In the same article, which I unfortunately no longer have a link to, it was also said that the total possession of the people outside these families, so the earth, was estimated at only 40 trillion. The illuminations therefore have 2 times the amount of money, as the entire earth population being 0 billion people.
    2 0 0 trillion, if you own 850 trillion is therefore a pittance. 2 0 0 trillion is 200 with 18 zeros, so it is actually: 2 0 0 billion x one billion. In the same article it was also said that from that pot, in this takeover time, one would pay almost unlimited ALL governments of all countries, WHAT WERE NEEDED to pay for this takeover !!! The emphasis was placed in that article
    `on the takeover`, and NOT what it would cost. The ultimate goal was emphatically this takeover
    and money was not important.
    Article can still be found, but apologies for not having a link, too long ago. Surely there will be commenters who remember this article?

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