Coronavirus covid-19 lockdown update: When you wake up and realize you are trapped, what can you do?

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When the year 2020 started I felt it was going to be a tough year. Seeing the final strides toward a full coronavirus covid-19 lockdown now gives some hope it will be over soon. On New Year's Eve, I wrote: “As far as I'm concerned, 2020 will be the year of rapids and a hypersonic pace of change. Changes we have never seen in history. The time is running out for the rulers of this earth. They have only 25 years left until the false singularity. ”

In my book at the end of 2019, I predicted that there was yet to be a pandemic and show that we are witnessing a comprehensive virus system. As early as February 24, I wrote an article indicating that it was time to hoard. That was weeks before there even seemed to be an emergency in the Netherlands. The image that the media sketched of the (presumably) IMBers those hoarding toilet paper was, in my opinion, a clever media programming trick to divert attention from what you should be buying: long-life food, canned food, water, and so on. Fortunately, the readers were here in plenty of time before the panic broke out.

The hope that “the cabal” will be cleared up

Many more correct predictions followed in recent weeks and I saw what measures would follow. That is why I am often asked: "What should I do now?", "How should I deal with all measures?"

On social media we now see videos as of Janet ossebaard go around. She portrays Donald Trump as the savior of humanity, and viewers are called upon to be submissive to everything that happens to them. Her videos try to convince people that we are being played, but we clearly see the double role of controlled opposition here. Janet Ossebaard tries to drive people into the Q-Anon safety net. She also states that Donald Trump is busy 'the cabaland that the coronavirus plays a role in this.

What people don't realize is that many alternative media have been created to play such doubles. They give you hope for saving aliens or for the fall of the cabal (with Trump as the savior). I have to help those people out of the dream: The cabal will not fall.

Viewers of her videos are put in passive mode. I say to them:

You are pushed into passive mode by people who sit behind a camera and make you feel like they are arranging it for you. It is an illusion that Q-Anon is the secret club of people around Trump who wants to take the wealth away from the 1%. They are not coming to save you! Unfortunately. Disappointing. That is false hope.

Trump is the cabal. Trump just as hard implements lockdown measures. The outlined picture that tens of thousands of Defender 2020 soldiers are ready to clean up 'the cabal' in Europe is false hope.

Janet Ossebaard calls on you to remain calm inside when these soldiers start to clean up the elite. Get the picture?

Financial reset

Janet Ossebaard also says that there will be a financial reset in which the wealth that now lies with the rich 1% will flow back to the people. "The great savior Trump will arrange that for you too." No, he will not. What he will do (just like the European leaders) will provide you with a basic income and likely large multinationals, banks and pension funds will be nationalized. Do you know what that is called? Communism.

We are moving towards a communist system. In a fast train. I described that in detail this article.

So we are indeed witnessing a financial reset, but a species other than Q-Anon and Janet Ossebaard are telling you. I had been saying here on the site for years that such a reset had to be made (see here!). The corona virus is now a fine alibi. That the crowd may be played in one way or another is quite plausible, but the Janet Ossebaard story is full of deliberate fake news traps (such as here explained)

The communist system that Janet Ossebaard and many others are now so glorifying, while calling on you to sit back quietly, really has a downside. It will be one totalitarian technocratic communist be regime.

It is to be expected that there may be quite a few politicians who will leave the field. This is probably mainly because it is useful to replace the pawns that have initiated this totalitarian process with new pawns with 'broken hands'. Don't be fooled by the idea and coverage in the alternative media that some well-known CEOs have resigned. That is part of the Q-Anon safety net game.

A technocratic communist system probably means that you will get basic certainties (income, housing, etc.), but that you will be monitored by technology.

Every movement you make will be monitored by the big data systems. The coronavirus outbreak ensures that extra technocratic means can be implemented quickly. You should think of one indelible digital ID, which, for example, records which viruses you have had; whether you are healed; which medication and vaccination you have taken and your health can probably be monitored in real time from the cloud. You are then part of the 5G internet of things.

When you wake up

So if you wake up and see that the alternative media is trying to keep you in passive mode with half truths mixed with lies and helping to embrace communism with false hope, do you realize that they are not pointing you to the technocratic danger that lurks. They want you to sit inside and just let the army and police do their thing. After all, they come to clean up the cabal. No, at most the media will report a pawn change in The Hague or Brussels; at most they will not show you the actual horror. This chess game takes into account your expectations, so that you continue to follow the narrative.

So if you really want to wake up, you have to poke through false illusions like Q-Anon and Donald Trump stories. If you really want to wake up, you have to see what's going on and realize that a totalitarian regime is unfolding. That totalitarian regime is no longer going away. Never again. The freedoms you were allowed to enjoy will only come back if you receive 'the mark'. Does that remind of a biblical prophecy? Yes, that is reminiscent of a biblical prophecy:

And that no one can buy or sell except who has the mark, the name of the beast, or the number of his name ”(Revelation 13: 16-17)

In my book I explain that we are in the prophetic end time. While many prefer to ignore religion these days, and while I am not religious myself, I do recognize that world leaders follow religious agendas. It is not without reason that Trump declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, and it is not for nothing that they want to rebuild Solomon's temple. In my book I explain how world leaders follow a 'master script'. That master script is now unfolding very clearly and rapidly under our eyes.

and you realize that you are imprisoned

We will soon find out en masse that we are completely locked up. I suspect it will be a long time. The people must be so frightened that they will accept draconian measures. Many will be able to watch people being transported from behind their windows or from the balcony. Taken away because they may have been infected or because they "didn't listen to the instructions." And because everyone is in their own houses, no one helps.

The media will continue to tell us that you are witnessing a neat clinical and necessary surgery and no one will ever know how many people will disappear to the gulags. Thanks to Janet Ossebaard you wait quietly; confidently "that Trump is cleaning up the cabal".

We will probably still get roundups on people who go out on the streets because of exhaustion and hunger and so 'do not listen to the instructions'. Defender 2020 is probably ready for that (not to clean up “the cabal”).

Then, after months or perhaps a year, a little hope for relief will be outlined by politics.

The hope that media and politics will eventually outline will first be that there is a virus-inhibiting drug and then a vaccine will be offered. And it can be guessed that this will be combined with the introduction of a digital system (as described above), where everyone is always and everywhere clear where he or she is and which medication he or she has received, including real-time monitoring of health (and including the CRISPR-CAS12 read and write functionality).

Then you can travel again. From zone to zone and no longer with all those open borders, but the zone border posts will be very extensive digitally and in numbers. We get a difference in people who are allowed to enter certain zones and others who are not allowed to enter. We are moving towards a totalitarian technocratic “salvation state”.

what can you do?

What can we do then? Should we resist tooth and nail? I believe there is a basic human right that should never be violated, and that is freedom. Now this has been violated since time immemorial and you cannot physically resist a police state. In fact, any form of resistance will be brutally suppressed. Even if you say on social media or in your living room (where Siri is listening in) that you find it all ridiculous measures, you can be in a totalitarian state.

Anyone who is a threatening element can and probably will be put away. All of this will take place under the guise of "containment of the coronavirus", because people who do not follow the instructions or possibly even suggest to others not to follow the instructions are a danger to society.

Do I really have no practical tips in what you can do. Yes, but that is about a shift in consciousness and a completely different attitude than the passive attitude in which media and alternative media now stop you. That is about activating who you really are. That is about activating a creative force field and your originality. That sounds floaty, but it is not. I simply explain it to you, I promise.

By seeing through the master script and making correct predictions, it is clear that this is an important step towards real change. I have often said that 1 article is too short for this. That is why I have worked for a long time on a clear and legible book. So you should read that first. It is really important now! And then you can read the additions to that book, here on the website.

We are very powerful creatures and it is time to get out of passive mode. You are much bigger than you realize! Time to find out.

your book

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  1. Alie Muana wrote:

    For free you have received, for free you will give…
    Why don't you release your solution freely?
    I get a sense of being manipulated into buying your book to find out your solution.

    I do not think that is consistent with the revelations you expose.
    Or am I wrong?

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      If you go to the bookstore for a Bible, do you get it for free?
      If you go to the bakery for a loaf of bread do you get it for free?
      If you watch TV, do you not have a paid subscription?
      and you say "For nothing you have received, for nothing you will give ..."

      For nothing I have been doing this for free for over 7 years, but I cannot ask the printer to print my book for free.

      The book gives a summary of all those 7 years and everything in the book is therefore free and readable for free found here on the site. Then you just have to search and click from article to article. However, the book gives a very compact summary and is therefore made; at the request of many readers.

      Your support and appreciation is appreciated. Of course it is not necessary. It's allowed.

      • Esmeevd wrote:

        I just bought your book! Let me inspire for years. The only thing that still feels good and trusted about information is you!

        Not only more people I've heard about.
        My question reads as follows.
        How long can they lock us up? Mean with children etc that can not take very long right? Apart from that and all awareness that you have! Are you not afraid that they will pick you up or make you disappear wherever that may be (sometimes wonder where) mean everything can of course be read on the internet. And can it get as far as it can be seen who bought the book? That they are already going to act on that to pick you up. I will of course read your book carefully. Love and take care.
        A concerned mother at the moment, but knowing that we are much more and more powerful than we think! But how is the question still ..

    • Sun wrote:

      Your response to Martin is not neat. Let me
      keep it there.

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        They are usually never published names (you now know how that works ... trolls, fake profiles, bots ... but especially the IMB'ers) who respond when it is important that social media remains entirely on the basis of state ideas.

  2. SalmonInClick wrote:

    This is indeed the agenda of the usual suspects, non-compliance do not consent!


  3. Camera 2 wrote:

    Greta Thunberg enjoys playing outside with other children
    apparently not completely kept at a distance from the half meter 😉

    Or did she sleepwalk in the Netherlands at night in the spring and caught a cold with -6 degrees Celsius in the spring?

  4. Harry freeze wrote:

    I have learned that the deeper you dive into the rabbit hole and when you manage to find the right sources (I think this site is the best source in the Netherlands) it becomes increasingly easier to chaff (controlled alternative sites) (legitimate alternative information ).

    Your intuition is getting better all the time. (I also thought a few years ago that Baudet and eg nigel farage were really different). In any case, I now believe for the full 100%

    99% or more of the alternative sites are controlled opposition
    100% of all politicians worldwide are fully controlled by (working for) the elite. (there is not one that is not checked).

  5. Camera 2 wrote:

    Kite!!! Finally Basic income (nohee, read Mr Vrijland's article November 2019)

    Many people are very happy that the state will come to them with money!
    Money that we are dependent on by the same sitting state.
    Money that we need, of which they (usual suspects) have a lot and we have very little, it is now just zeros and ones that We have no access to.

    But we are made happy with money again, Martin has already devoted an article to it, much earlier, the dog occasionally gets a lump and for the rest are good, fetch, Sit, Lie, Pak, Good

    The package is neat, good

    • Harry freeze wrote:

      So in America they want to do a kind of introduction to the basic income (3000 usd per family I believe). This will most likely result in a so-called temporary basic income (temporary is newspeak for permanent) in the US.

      It seems that this basic income will only be paid in virtual currency (a kind of FED bitcoin) at least I have heard that. So let the entire population get used to the new One World Electronic currency.

      This will of course be rolled out worldwide.

      It seems that people in the US and Asia (but I have heard this said) are now rolling out 5G super fast (without pushback because the population is now doing other things). I think this will also happen in the rest of the world.

      In Africa, where many countries are still on 3G, I don't know how to do this.

      There is even talk about 6G technology, I don't know what kind of horror that will bring. The new technology is moving so fast that things are catching up while the previous one hasn't even been introduced.

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        Elon Musk has a pair of beautifull rockets that are said to launch dozens of 5G satellites into the air for worldwide coverage.
        I wonder how this is technically, because the 5G frequency would require little distance, but this is what you find in the media.

  6. Analyze wrote:

    As of March 19, 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.

    .. except in Madurodam 🙂

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      That's because Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson all represent the same brand: the brand on the right
      And as I've written many times in many articles, people like Robert Jensen, Alex Jones and the like right-wing mouthpieces should be a great safety net. They must gain many followers who are critical of the mainstream media and the mainstream politics. They must help build that brand and clearly link a certain philosophy to that brand. They must also clearly link that brand to the Trump camp (Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson).

      Then that (clearly profiled) brand will be blown up collectively. The road that has now been chosen is the road of “They pretend that it is not so bad with the coronavirus pandemic”. The brand on the right is therefore linked to 'coronavirus crisis deniers'.

      Then the matter is completely turned off. Then Trump and Bolsonaro and Johnson (end of Brexit) have to leave the field and the left-wing old political cabal takes over again and the critics go into jail; no one should ever doubt the mainstream media again.

      Result: a totalitarian technocratic communist “salvation state” including thought police.

  7. Lydia Roosje wrote:

    Thank you Martin for your insights. I bought your book as a PDF because I did not know whether the total lockdown would come, but it is not that far yet, we “smart” Dutch people can handle an “intelligent lockdown”. I must say that I once dropped out because I think it is unjustified that you labeled all kinds of people as a controlled oppostion, but I now see that you were more right than I thought at the time. Since Charlie H I have delved into every rabbithole - a term that I prefer not to use anymore because I now know that it is a metaphor for pedophile sodomy - and indeed a lot of dead ends turned out to have been set up on purpose. I'm baffled at how easily an entire world population like wacky sheep is guided by fear in lockdown and social distancing. Since language is a form of spellcasting, these two terms have more scope than you might think at first sight. A slogan with physical distance but socially close to something would have had a completely different impact. And lockdown, of course, refers to the lockdown of our soul or totipotent stem cell as you call it.
    Bill Wesick of occultscience101, no longer on YT but playlists, and now on is adept at deciphering the Saturnal Luciferian coding language that the infected infected by the real virus. You will only see it when you get it. Unfortunately, 99% of us sheeple don't see it.
    I have a stomach ache when I think about what awaits humanity, but do my best to keep connecting with my own original source code. I don't have much else to do ...

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