Court of Limburg rules: time for registration of the third sex, 'gender divers'

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The court in Limburg has today decided that the mention "gender can not be determined" may be placed in the birth certificate in the form of the term "gender divers". Of course, that seems like a wonderful development for those (statistically speaking a little too high) group of people whose gender is not entirely clear at birth. The NOS reports: ‘The Supreme Court rejected such a request in 2007, because according to the Supreme Court the time before that was not yet ripe'. The court now finds that, in view of the social and legal developments, it is time for the recognition of a third gender. In that context, you could also ask yourself how it is possible that there has been so much growing attention for this subject?

Everyone can understand the fact that if your gender is unclear, this can best be a psychological problem if you have to call yourself a man or a woman. Often I may have written somewhat fiercely in the eyes of many on this subject, but the nuance is also there for me. Everyone must be able to feel like he / she (or whatever you need to call it) feel. I only want to point out to the reader that there may be an agenda behind this social attention (or propaganda).

It is assumed that there are many people who feel like parent divers. That is why all kinds of things have to change in society. We must get gender-neutral toilets and there is a trend towards gender-neutral language in written and spoken word. It will of course be a problem if you have to adapt all historical, current and future writings to a gender-neutral disc method. That seems to me to be an almost impossible job, but the trend seems to have been used for a long time. For example, how do you explain in the Church that Jesus would be the son of God? That is already discriminatory. But that was perhaps already all this time, for the female part of the population. Fortunately, one is already working on one gender neutral Bible. The NS has already decided that no 'ladies and gentlemen' can be called in the train anymore (although I recently caught the conductor) and the municipality of Amsterdam has already started the gender-neutral choice. We are already used to the discussion and the average Dutchman will shrug his shoulders.

In several articles I have attempted to explain that there is most likely a Luciferian agenda behind these developments. I do not have the means to let go of a statistical and 'scientific' research, but the question that seems interesting to me is the one that examines whether being born in 'genderless' status has something to do with the following issues: : 1. IVF, 2. Vaccinations, 3. Hormonal influence by chemical environmental factors.

Reportedly, the PCBs from plastics alone would affect the fetus. This means that if you have a lot of PCBs in your blood as a mother, this may encapsulate the testosterone, so that the development of sex in the case of a young boy is slowed down. This would also affect your 'male' or 'feminine' feeling and also your sexual preference later in life. So suppose there is some truth in that line of thought and suppose there is some truth in the idea that there are more and more people who feel gender-neutral (or gender divers), should not we even look at the cause? You can then ask yourself whether there is a conscious influence or whether it is all just a coincidence; as in evolution (but perhaps helped a hand). Could it be that the theory of evolution has been created in order to serve precisely the same Luciferian agenda, namely to work towards the assumption that man is ready for the next evolutionary step: transhumanism.

Transhumanism is for many people perhaps an unknown term or is simply ignored as something for crazy scientists or philosophers like Google's CEO Ray Kurzweil. Still, it might be worthwhile to take a serious look at it. I realize that when I say that, the masses might immediately dismiss it as a conspiracy theory, but you try to let that thought rest for a while. In the concept of transhumanism the term 'trans' is used and we seem to be able to recognize more and more media attention for transgenderism in recent years. The growing of your body is becoming more and more normalized. What is wrong with that? There is nothing wrong with it if you feel like a man in a woman's body or vice versa, but (apart from the fact that it costs society a lot) it seems that there could be a causal connection with external influences. I refer in that context to the 3 points mentioned above. It is possible that it is not a natural phenomenon, but a forced phenomenon whose consequences are expressed in more people who feel 'gender divers'. In my view, this is the case and this has everything to do with the Luciferian agenda where the human variant of the hermaphrodite Baphomet is being worked on; the ambiguous buck.

If you find that far-fetched, then I understand that. But keep an eye on the developments in the coming years and pay attention to the signs that there is also an increasing push towards the integration of people with the internet. The android human being is the precursor for the fully transhumane human being. That means so much that people will eventually abandon their original biology completely to go into the cloud. In that context we will see the threat of destruction of the earth as an alibi and space travel in our biological form will probably be declared impractical. Is it not much more convenient to be able to upload yourself to another planet and to take on a body that is suitable for the atmospheric conditions (or lack thereof) of the new planet? In that context, study the developments in the field of nanotechnology and bio-scientific developments.

With all due respect for those few people who feel unhappy with the concept 'man / woman', it seemed to me useful to give you this idea. Could it be that the 'gender divers' status is a consequence of a surreptitious forced influence from above? It seems awful to me to be born in a world where there are more men and women and you have to feel an outcast because your gender is not clear. How long will it take before the situation is reversed? Are we guided towards the Luciferian world government within this Luciferian matrix? Click once on the link and on the links in that article to discover that it may not all be such crazy thoughts as you think at the first instance.

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  1. danny wrote:

    Perfectly described weather, unfortunately this agenda is still rolled day after day. There seems to be no stopping ...
    But this is the reason I still donate you monthly so you can continue, hopefully more people see that.

  2. Wilfred Bakker wrote:

    It should be clear that the VPRO among the clique (like BNN) were slaughtered among the killers of the VARA stronghold, something was sometimes tried.
    Also a psyop? no idea but it is still on youtroep.

    Then we still had the carpet beaters.

    And now she totally messed up with transgender propaganda for our youth.
    Cute a boy in a dress, cool man.

    The truth is that love energy only exists in polarity, people have no idea what love means. It goes something like that, I love you but if you do not do the dishes your head will be finished.

    Can 2 homoos love each other, NO, there is no polarity, can 2 lesboos love each other, NO, there is no polarity.
    Of course those people are crazy about each other, but that is love with the solar plexus, and this kind of love is the secret agenda that must be maintained by that garbage which has the power.
    True love is energy, YOU ARE, there is nothing more beautiful than being awake in your heart.


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