Direct democracy the shortcut from the lockdown and recovery of the economy

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Direct democracy is the solution from the current horror in which the Dutch government has plunged our country. It is a form of democracy in which the people directly elect their representatives through online (secured) voting. People with reorganization and leadership qualities are voted up. The person with the most votes wins the ministerial post. The same goes for a prime minister.

Laws must be revised and presented to the people in clear simple terminology for approval or disapproval. Laws are given an expiration date and can be voted out or automatically renewed when that date expires. A good law remains. A bad law disappears.

You can build direct democracy while the current government is still there. It is a smart form of resistance that can become concrete immediately. A quiet and fast revolution. You do not wait for elections, but organize your election directly online.

It can become concrete immediately, because you keep existing social structures intact, but replace the leaders through online voting. Puppets of the crown are replaced by managers from the people.

Voting systems that provide security and that can govern candidate elections exist. It would be ideal to do this via the blockchain or via a link to your DigiD, but because we should not expect the incumbent government to cooperate, we can arrange this ourselves. The FVVD already provides the platform for this (

The letter below explains it in detail and is a chain letter that you could send directly to your friends or acquaintances:


Briefly about the current government and the “intelligent lockdown” we talked about.

Gradually, in my area, more and more people are starting to see that the government wants to change society as a whole. That “intelligent lockdown” will slowly be transformed into a permanent one, where you have to buy back your freedom. The new normal becomes a meter and a half of society and you have to pay for it yourself. I'm fed up with that.

Listen, companies can now hire expensive consultants to get advice on how to set up their business at six feet. You bet there is a price tag attached to that; a price tag for the company (because it will likely need official approval for 1,5-meter measures) and a price tag for the customer (because someone will have to cough up that obligatory one-and-a-half meter and the drop in income).

It is likely that the upcoming covid-19 vaccine will simply become mandatory. What do you think about that?

What do you think ... Apart from the question whether or not such a vaccine has been tested thoroughly enough, and equally apart from the question whether or not we want that one and a half meter device from society. I think Rutte is adamant and they really don't listen to the protesting people there in The Hague.

I don't know what you think about it, but technology will probably be used to monitor all those measures. That technology and big data will just come, because there are too many companies that can earn an interesting nibble again. Or do you see it differently? I think too many people already work for large companies that provide ICT solutions or for government agencies that ensure that they can continue to pay for their home and maintain their family. Those people may see that something is not right, but when it comes to having to choose, most people choose their own house and garden.

You and I really know what this new society will look like. The media and state continue to believe that selling is necessary and the way in which it is introduced is step by step, so that the masses continue to believe that it is really necessary to contain the corona virus. It does not make me happy.

Was it you who said that? That the process will proceed in wave movements from 'tightening the belt' to 'just let the reins spring' and then the next wave comes. After a period of getting used to one and a half meters and a little more room for maneuver, the media, the experts (RIVM's figures production) and politicians will show us a revival of the corona virus, after which the introduction of the next part of the package will be embraced by the people.

Well, I don't remember if you said that, but more and more people are discovering information about how we are played (apart from all the fake news). We can find out a lot about how dangerous vaccines are, how a Microsoft patent wants to give us a digital vaccine certificate, how Bill Gates invests in the media and vaccine industry, how apps can be used to monitor us. I think we are rapidly being pushed into a total digital control system. I think that information is super important, because if you don't know what danger is rushing at you, you don't jump aside in time. However, there must be a next step. We have to come up with solutions.

I think if you and I do nothing, we will move to a society where there is no more cash, a society where apps, cameras and big data know exactly where we are or whether we have the right temperature (no covid-19) and who we all interact with. The next step is to link all this data to a sort of score system. I'm not waiting for that, am I? With or without a sufficient score, you may or may not go outside, by train or on the plane or the like. That will be a madhouse! The link of all that data to a possible digital mark and the link to your digital bank balance is great fun. A kind of open prison.

I think we are being driven into a web, and China is providing the example of how as a state you can force people to adhere to it. I don't want to live in China. China also shows how the individual who stands in opposition is simply left out. That is the automatic effect of such a system. Or do you see it differently? Ultimately, the masses will bow to it again, partly because many in society themselves work for parts of 'the system'. If you have a job in IT and you supply database software or you supply camera systems, if you work as an investigative officer or as a police officer, you still choose your income. That's the way it goes.

Recently someone said: "Then I throw my smartphone away so that I get out of the system". But we are going to a time where participating in society becomes practically impossible without digiD or without eHerkenning (for companies). That is already the case. The same will happen with the new corona technology. If you have thrown away your smartphone, you will simply no longer be able to enter the supermarket. Then you are just the spool.

Do you think it will come to that? I think so ... And then you can only survive if you have your own allotment garden, but then you also have to get your own seeds from it, because that self-sufficiency will probably also be prohibited in the long term. Well, I don't know about you, but I don't have time for that and don't feel like it.

I think the next step will be that you should no longer be in public areas if you have not had a vaccine. And that “big data” will probably also play a role in this. If such an app says later that you have received a vaccine, the supermarket entrance gate will let you in; otherwise not. In the last phase, such an app will probably be replaced by a digital characteristic that is linked to your body or something. I don't know, you hear that Microsoft is working on that with a patent or something (is not a conspiracy, I read on Google patent site). And it will only be complete if they also link your bank balance to all this. Brrrr .. There will soon be no escape unless you choose to live 'in the wild', but bye ..

We can shout what we want; we can scream that we don't want it all, but it's like a cry in the desert. The majority depend on 'the system'. I think it's time to think about: If you can't beat 'em, join' em.

I think we must come up with concrete solutions that can also be embraced by those who work for 'the system'. We must come up with concrete and feasible solutions that ensure that people do not lose certainties, but that they do have a say. We are now completely dependent on the imposed decisions from above. The current political system forces us to accept those decisions without any form of participation. I think that can be done differently. That really needs to change now. It really pisses me off.

I read about an opportunity to easily turn things around with the same technology nowadays, without this having to turn the entire society upside down. It does not require a major popular uprising or revolution. Everyone can just keep doing what they do. I would like to know what you think of that, because I always appreciate your opinion.

The only thing that changes is the decision structure. Ministers and officials who are now reporting to the crown and are pushing through laws without the people's immediate consent must report to the people. Ministers should be replaced by directly elected representatives of the people (who really represent the people rather than the crown). They call it direct democracy. That is even promoted by Elon Musk (of those Tesla cars). That's not a stupid boy…

If that is possible through direct democracy and if it can be introduced quickly, I think we should start doing that and promote it. In such a direct democracy, the people elect the people's representatives online. So you can become a candidate yourself or hand in candidates and the voting system ensures selection and growth in support. A bit like voting systems like Holland's Got Talent and other TV programs. The technology is there. What I understand is that it is immediately feasible.

So directly elected representatives should simplify laws and present them to the people for approval or review. From thousands of laws, to clarity, from quantity to quality. Direct public participation. I think that's very smart.

We can wait until mandatory vaccination laws allow us to choose to take the vaccine or go to digital prison or we can seize the moment. I think we need to take advantage of this crisis to make the change happen. Change the way we want it! Direct democracy can replace the existing power structure via an online voting system within a few months. Well: Finally something concrete instead of all those woolly ideas all over the internet.

I really want to know what you think about it! I think now is the time to create support for this. Let's talk about that personally. We can build it up as we all made Facebook big. You just do that by sharing ... pointing out people around you. That's why I thought I'd get in touch with you.

Take a look here, it is well explained there: and you can immediately sign a petition that shows that we really want to do this together. That should only go viral if you ask me.

Well, I can hear it from you.

(PS maybe an idea: send this email to our other friends)

There are many questions about how such a political system will work, but the gist is:

  1. that it can be implemented quickly
  2. that it is the fairest form of democracy
  3. that you can make the financial system solid again

The latter can be done, for example, by introducing a digital (and possibly paper) guilder. That guilder is then covered by a standard that the current depreciation of money counteracts. That link forms the new “gold standard”. That can be physical gold or it can be bitcoin. You can quickly create digital money and the link with bitcoin (as “gold standard”) is also quickly established. The following always applies to everything: the people choose.

The majority determines! And that's the beauty of direct democracy. Direct democracy would never have been possible before, because it would simply take too much time. With today's technology, you can quickly give people a say. By means of an app and the press of a button, you vote for a candidate and with one press of a button you approve or reject proposals.

"Yes, but that is not possible, legislation is far too complex for that and there are far too many laws for that!Exactly and that is exactly what needs to change. The new leaders must therefore be able to simplify, communicate clearly and convince the people. The majority is always decisive.

Let it sink in, think about it, but don't take it too long. We need to get out of the current situation quickly and we need to get the people who rule us now out of the building quickly. Read more on and ask your questions under 'question & answer'.

“..And if you tollerate this then your children will be next”

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  1. SalmonInClick wrote:

    ANP: Poll: VVD grows to 43 seats through corona approach

    Voters appreciate the government's corona approach, which in particular provides support to the largest coalition party VVD, according to the latest survey by I&O Research. The liberal party can count on 43 virtual seats, while all other parties get stuck under 16 seats.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      ANP John de Mol… reliable poll or propaganda? All the more time to prove the contrary.

      • SalmonInClick wrote:

        the whole voting system is not to be trusted when they say 43 seats just assume they are able to get the number of seats at 43. Most residents of Madurodam still believe in the voting process and the ballot box.

        Well I can tell you from a reliable source that there is ballot box fraud and that it is no better than the average banana republic. ANP is also involved in counting the votes

        “The municipalities pass on the total of the quick counts to the ANP (Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau). Based on these voting totals, the NOS will present preliminary results on the evening of election day. ”

        “Municipal officials add up the polling station results. They do this on the basis of the official reports of the polling stations. The results are totaled with the help of a calculation tool (mostly Support Software Elections), both at the party level and at the candidate level. ”

      • Sun wrote:

        I think the Mol is still a friend or at least a business partner of Berlusconi. Freemasons among themselves, collectively build a bright future for themselves and their brothers, not for humanity.

        • SandinG wrote:

          idd it benne kabbalists, Berlusconi is known to be a member of the infamous PII lodge. The same lodge that was involved in planning the Gladio operations in Italy that killed dozens of people under the guise of the “Red Brigades”. They always know how to properly package and sell the usual suspects.

          • Riffian wrote:

            Freemasonry Has Doomed Western Society

            Many important Western decision makers, politicians, economists, and military officers are either members of a secret society or are influenced and often dominated by such members… This is the same globalist satanic structure which we detect in some lodges of Freemasonry, such as the PII Lodge involved in the Calvi Affair in Italy in the early seventies - secrecy, duplicity, the exercise of undue influence, infiltration, corruption of officials and, where necessary, it seems, even assassination.

          • SandinG wrote:

            Elections?! Just put it off, Trollongren has got the taste again

            Cabinet (vd Koning): postponement of elections due to coronavirus cannot be ruled out

            "Voting by letter is also 'theoretically conceivable', says Ollongren." hahahaha

            By the way, read the Court of Audit's report on natural gas-free homes, what a mess Trollongren has made of it. It may cost something… enough Madurodam tax money is being pushed through it

            In its current form, the Natural Gas-Free Neighborhoods Program does not contribute sufficiently to the objectives of the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) to make neighborhoods natural gas-free. The Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations has raised expectations that cannot be met.

          • Analyze wrote:

            tell me .. it just goes on. Off the gas, shouldn't that be laughing gas?

            Minister Ollongren investigates one and a half meter ballot box
            The COVID-19 pandemic is currently no reason for not being able to organize or postpone the 2021 parliamentary elections, but it can cause the ballot box to look different. Minister Kajsa Ollongren of the Interior wrote in a letter to parliament on Friday that she is investigating this. This not only applies to the elections to the House of Representatives, but also to the elections for the island council of St. Eustatius and some municipal ballot boxes that will take place in the second half of 2020.

            The Ministry of the Interior is going to work out a scenario for what the elections should look like if the ballot box needs to be adjusted. This could for example be a redesign of polling stations. Minister Ollongren also mentions the possibility of voting by letter if there is really no other way. To this she adds that the secrecy and freedom of voting cannot be protected as well as with normal voting on location.

  2. guppy wrote:

    If you want to be leader of a large group, you do that without interest and not for (digital) currency. As soon as money comes around, things go wrong. Current governments pretend not to earn much, but through the back door it is a completely different story.

    Giving people free money is not going to help either, money gives energy where time is spent. As young followers they will scream for more.

    Everything in this universe grows for free and the laws of nature are the same for everyone. Most of humanity and its leaders have replaced these laws with ego laws.

    Everyone in this world has the right to own and cultivate a plot of land. There will be so much food that there is too much and no one will go hungry.

    No forests need to be cut for economic growth. If you want to go to another country, you make a deal to exchange for a while. Economic growth is bullshit, economic growth is selfishness.

    It is in everyone's interest that this continues to work because we know what will happen if we relinquish it.

    O shit this has happened before 😉

  3. danny wrote:

    I think this is a brilliant idea. Please support it wholeheartedly.

    Do have two questions:
    Can't you also apply this system for direct democracy through referendums?
    And how can you be sure that this system is reliable and not manipulated?

    I am also not in favor of digital money or the further digitization of society in general.
    Could this system also be applied in a more "analogous" way?

  4. frameworks wrote:

    All good and valuable observations in the comments. However, are there reactions or the letter as written in this article and has the letter already been copied and forwarded to others? If you have any other suggestions or with regard to the letter or to reach the target group, do not hesitate to share it. This is a small activity, and as the virus spreads exponentially, this message can also spread exponentially. Many responses to other (controlled oposition sites) show that the gut feelings of many want change. Therefore it is now time to capture this group from the other channels. Copying the letter and distributing it with the question to share it further is one way. Similarly, “the other newspaper” was distributed on Liberation Day, which was even a printed version. I sincerely hope that the 930 people who signed the petition also copied this letter and distributed it to others.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Agree, it is now really time to take action and promote it actively. We don't get out of this by just responding to articles, but by really encouraging people.

  5. Future wrote:

    Just put it here, you are sitting with your chimeric effect, but you already knew that. See below.

    Coronavirus Vaccine Patent for Attenuated Coronavirus to be used as a Vaccine. Chimera Protein Patent Chimera Lion head, Goat body, Dragon tail “She-Goat” literally means “Winter Season” aka Capricornus the Saturnian Goat of Winter; a Chimera is deadly animal created from other animals, precisely what a Vaccine is.

    Furthermore, Gilead is again something encrypted from Hebrew. It seems to mean the following.

    Gilead (is the creator of the remdivivir, the vaccine that Trump wants 300 million of the vaccine brought by the military. So you are the spool, because nothing has been tested, and certainly not made with the best of intentions. See the company name. and referring below.

    Heap of witness a chaldee a name equivalent to Galeed in Hebrew. Both marking the scene of convanent between Jacob and Laban. Gen 31:47 (is not to advise people to the Bible, but to interpret)

    Pope Francis Encyclical Laudato Si (teaching paper) Calls for slaughtering 6 billion people;

    The induvidual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it excists. Sodomite, Phedophile, 33 degree Freemason. J Edgar Hoover, FBI director.
    What conspiracy?

    Alter is where they want to take you, not to get married.

    So it is easy to see how evil those people are, if you can call them that.

    Source theocsark101.

  6. frameworks wrote:

    Just as “De Andere Kranr” has been published and distributed as a printed copy in the Netherlands, a newspaper has also been published in Germany in which an opposition can be read about the current measures.


    Spreading this kind of news will certainly help more people to experience less peer pressure when they see their gut feelings confirmed to a greater extent than they initially thought. Of course this can also be a channel for the capture of this group of people, but there is something alive among a growing group of people. That is why it is now necessary to promote an initiative of direct democracy among a larger group of people. This requires everyone who reads this to copy the letter and forward it to, for example, 10 addresses in your primary circle with the question whether they also want to forward the letter. When this happens it becomes an exponential growth in awareness of a change / alternative like direct democracy. Familiarity with is the first step towards people's action, as many marketers will attest.

    Mind you, the longing back to the old normal should no longer be possible simply because that system has provided the opportunity to maneuver society into a situation in which we are now. So please put this thought out of your mind. The choice is therefore to accept the new normal that we can now meet and read in the mobile phone or embrace an alternative and be a dancer number 5, 15, 500, 50000 or 1 million of “how to create a movement”.

    Take a small action today and see how many people you can reach. Do it for the younger generation and their future children and grandchildren !!! So:

  7. SandinG wrote:

    ff for clarity

    Who signs the laws and Royal Decrees?
    Legislative proposals accepted by Parliament and Royal Decrees are co-signed (contra-signed) by the King and then by the responsible minister or secretary of state. Then they take effect. The contra sign shows that it is not the King but the minister who is (politically) responsible

    Willy tog has that done again…

    • Sun wrote:

      Exactly, that they have very cleverly included in the constitution, advised by the same guys of course.
      They need each other and work together, but the ordinary people are not told that of course. they have a special strong bond with each other.
      Where one is, the other is. Still nice as a king to not pay taxes, capital appreciation and power, and also your function inherited. There is no need to apply so that better candidates don't stand a chance. Then also encouraged to decide appointments whereby the nominees are actually his agent, are of service to him. who controls the king in such a situation? That's why there are so many orange fans. Well it pays to be an orange fan. Orange used to be a political party which they have also cleverly done away with so that the king would be impartial. Whether it is ?? . Feudal system in the 21st century. Get rid of it. Sign the petition now!

  8. Bomb threat wrote:

    Indeed, this would be a quick way to intervene - provided enough supporters are found. And I think it takes more than the stated purpose of the petition.

    The fact is that this too is based on the appearance of co-decision. In any case, democracy always oppresses the minority who do not get their "way". In addition, direct democracy is also dangerous if the media is not neutral. And the latter is not exactly the case in the Netherlands.

    An illustration of how things can go wrong can be seen in the series “The Orville” season 1 episode 7. Just because it is a “main stream” series does not mean that it cannot contain a useful message…

    I, too, doubt that the power machine will cooperate anyway if enough votes are taken, but good. Not shot is certainly wrong. Still, it feels strange to sign a petition. It is still the feeling that you recognize that people have power over you and that you cannot do anything without them. If you admit that, why would people respond to your petition… ..

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      The petition is nothing more than a survey of how many people are willing to get started and show their own commitment. It is of course presented to neiamdn from current politics, but with sufficient signing it is a signal of: “And now we are leaving” towards the current political order.

      The first thing to do, of course, is a hard-hitting revision of what's on the tube. That's tricky because you take people's addiction off at the same time, but it's now or never and we'll see how many people are willing to really go to the bottom for change

      You can prevent it from going wrong. Example: compulsory vaccination. Suppose a majority wants mandatory vaccination because they have been influenced by the media and have even come to believe that it is good. That law goes against the constitution. That constitution has some basic rules based on freedom and the right to self-determination. You should therefore not (which does happen with current legislation) pass laws that undermine or attempt to circumvent the constitution (based on human fundamental right).

  9. frameworks wrote:

    For those who read along and really want a change for our children and their children. You've probably signed the petition, but that doesn't mean it's the change. Are you willing to do something and not just share articles and videos that are more or less just a confirmation of what is already known. Is it possible to give “the movement” some more substance by, for example, setting up a video chat in which things can be discussed immediately and where, for example, we divide tasks to actually do things that trigger the real change. Or are there other suggestions for reaching a larger target group. There are many brave people (including Martin) shown in the videos who have the guts to name things. It is time that we mirror ourselves to those people and take up the gauntlet. They deserve support and that requires leaving the passive attitude. So I suggest to do a video chat, but z2 questions:
    * who are willing to participate
    * there are other suggestions

    we will read what the reactions are

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      I indeed hope that people will take the initiative. A video chat may be a bit impractical, because you have to be online at the same time, but you can create a movement by standing up yourself and making clear statements. You can indeed make a video and post it here. And then of course we do not turn to the state social media army (also called 'troll army'). Bring on ideas and especially concrete action.

      An important start would be if people start sharing the website and really try to convince others.

    • Camera 2 wrote:


      Sounds great, we are not enemies of the people as they are described under Stalin's rule.
      We “are” the people. So we should not go to the gulag and not be afraid of it, we are with the people for the people
      Again extremely refined is that you are a man-hater if you do not want to wear a mask, again under the guise of the enemy of the people, they have thought about it then under Stalin and now on a world level. Hope people come up with initiatives. You will get them against them so first raise awareness, exhibitions of the media etc, you have my vote

      A person who makes people aware is not an enemy of the people, but a “friend of the people”, not according to the Gulag

      • frameworks wrote:

        Some of the readers offer suggestions for reaching a larger audience or examples of activities that can be repeated to broaden the audience. Again, sharing findings on the internet does not contribute to achieving the goal of direct democracy. As an example, I refer to the sites I regularly visit Are there more who do this? There are readers who engage in activities outside the Internet to promote awareness of the concept of direct democracy and the associated site. If so, share it and others can probably take over. I see that the number of people who signed is 1181 (thanks in advance for this action) and that must certainly be many times higher. As I wrote before, now is the time because peer presure is dropping. People have gut feelings and are looking for an alternative. Can anyone remember Lance Armstrong's wristbands? Zoiest also caught on many times more than previously estimated. Sweet would also be a suggestion, but I am sure that among the 1100 people who signed there are definitely better ideas. Let others hear it.

  10. bertusjanssen wrote:

    You know what happened to al-Qadhafi? Set up your own currency and the only ones that are reached are like-minded people, to convince people you give them solid ground by declaring that the house they live in is their property become or is and declare them debt-free. I'm off FB and there should be more, success with the company.

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