Duncan is unable to sing and the Eurovision Song Contest has gone through (LGBTI propaganda)

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Sorry, but I really can't understand the hype around the profit of the character they call Duncan. I just added the song to see what is so great about this Duncan. Then the media can still hype that boy, but my opinion is that he cannot sing at all. It is a bit squeaky and crackling. No talent. It has nothing to do with singing. Moreover, he already knew that he was going to win, because he was already smiling and almost jumped up when his name was not even mentioned (see here). Do you want to know my opinion? That is now officially possible, because it is claimed that we still have freedom of expression. You just have to be politically correct, so you can't say that the Eurovision Song Contest only consists of LGBTI participants. I will do that anyway. And in that abbreviation the H does not stand for straight.

The Eurovision Song Contest is pure propaganda, the underlying programming being that of the habituation to the LGBTI on your retina. Already with the victory of transgender Conchita Wurst in 2014 it became clear that that entire festival is a big propaganda show to promote Luciferian ideas. It's all about promoting the Luciferian agenda of the transgender idea, elevating the LGBTI to the new standard (the norm). The eyes of hundreds of millions of viewers are used to this new standard. The new person is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersexual (what ever that may be). This group, however, does not realize that they are being used for a much larger agenda, namely that of the total transformation of humans towards the transhuman sexless cyborg.

Yes, that's my opinion. You may not find that politically correct, but you probably think that unconsciously because you are following television and media and they have programmed you to attack everything that is critical of LGBTI ideology. On Facebook, Twitter and other social media, you are attacked by the social media state-role army and you are slowly being edited to embrace the new standard.

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The Luciferian world religion that is pursued by the Catholic Church (and which will also be the world religion of the world government), is where man can no longer reproduce himself. That is why all those sexual preferences that deviate from the old biological standard (simply heterosexual) are promoted in the LGBTI propaganda that we can recognize everywhere around us. The Luciferian symbol is the Baphomet (the two-legged goat). Luciferianism actually revolves around hermaphrodite. Conchita Wurst, who won the Eurovision (the vision for Europe) song festival in 2014, was a nice representation of this ambiguity. Mankind must be transformed in rapid succession and all sexual preferences must be promoted, except the heterosexual. Children in primary schools are told that your gender is a choice and that way the youth is quickly brainwashed. But the parents also participate obediently by watching their propaganda shows uncritically with their children.

And when the next generation has become accustomed to this new standard, the step is only a small step towards the next transformation, namely that in which the human body slowly transforms towards the transhuman. This will also happen gradually, whereby we will first add some handy gadgets in and to our bodies. However, the brain-cloud interface technology is already closer than we think and then we are already one step closer to the final goal; those in which humanity has been transformed into genderless digital slaves. By that time you will already be so brainwashed that you will not even allow an article like this to pass through your brain-cloud interface.

“But yesterday Duncan received 2 platinum records from Jeroen Pauw and many people voted for him. Everyone thinks it is great ”… yes that is the image that the media give you. Media are propaganda. Nothing is what it seems.

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  1. guppy wrote:

    100% punched out card, it is so thick on it that I wonder if it is not the intention to be exposed.

    All those pyramids and the rising son / sun in the background are not recorded and neither is the video clip.

    Loving Lucifer is a loosing game, I got addicted to a loosing game.

    Losing yourself in this game, addicted to all the weird shit in this underworld.

  2. AnOpen wrote:

    I don't follow a song festival, but once in a while you take a look at it when you visit someone who does watch TV. I thought it was strange that it had to be mentioned that Mr. Bisexual. What does that have to do with singing for such a festival? Nothing really, but of course with the propaganda I told a friend of mine. That is obvious and you will hear about it for a long time, because it makes them so emotional, oh how beautiful with tears in your eyes.

  3. Camera 2 wrote:

    A very slow-rolling agenda that is now expanding at a quadratic speed, under the guise of human rights equality bla bla, what a smart truck, the UN think tank is bearing fruit


    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Yes, that term "equality" is also on the EU agenda
      We are all equal, but not all equal.
      A man is a man; a woman is a woman. Earlier than…
      We are equivalent at the soul level, but not the same.

      The Orwellian speech rape is carried to great heights in the minds of humanity. Equivalent, but not equal. I have a pee and testosterone. A woman has breasts, a womb and female hormones: not the same. Equivalent.

  4. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Dun can = can nud (cannot) sing (Luciferian Aliester crowley "you have to turn everything around" knowledge)
    has received a digital nudge (push)

    The failure of the Madonna performance was to create the illusion that vocal real-time pitch techniques do not exist ... they do exist.

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Madonna cannud sing either (she has never been able to ... always pitch technique)

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        The Luciferian (Aleister Crowley) community turns everything around (Dun-can = can nud phonetic 'cannot') Oh yes that 93 stands for 3 × 6 = 666 (if you turn the 9 around - turn everything around - but that aside)

  5. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Duncan Laurence is an anagram for 'un cared unclean'

    which means as much as: 'unkempt unclean'

    But yes, of course we don't want to turn everything around, because then Aleister Crowley might turn around in his grave and nobody wants that 😉

  6. mb. wrote:

    Well or not well ... these kinds of songs normally never win at this festival. Well. Politics, but we've known that for years. But if you win, then of course you won't call it.
    Place of the festival 'little' iffy, if safety is a condition. But perhaps Hamas is Israel (veteran day) and then it is possible.
    Next time in NL ... filling for the media again ... it's all about content.

  7. keazer wrote:

    from 2: 41 you also see a devilish smiling face. the lights of the show (pyramids form this face)

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