DWDD, VI, van der Gijp & Derksen and the conversion of VTM journalist Boudewijn from Spilbeeck to Bo

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For a while now I have been calling that we have now entered phase 3 of the transformation process of the total 5 phases in which the world must be transformed into the hermaphrodite transhuman until eventually the singularity; the phase in which man and machine must merge. The emancipation of women, followed by the emancipation of the homosexual were only the first steps. Transgenderism and the 'gender neutral' trend must slowly prepare the world for the greater transformation of man towards a hermaphrodite android. Hence the push of the gender neutral toilets and the gender neutral speech of the past year. It is no surprise that the media now have a major impact on the transgender choice of VTM journalist Boudewijn van Spilbeeck. Also the following riot of VI around René van der Gijp and Johan Derksen seems to be a perfectly finished show with only 1 goal: normalization of transgenderism.

René van der Gijp set a wig during the Football Inside (VI) broadcast on Friday evening as a satirical joke towards the renovation of Van Spilbeeck. This led to the necessary yet well-directed indignation in the media, with the lead the magazine Woman; part of the Telegraaf. VI must be on the mat come to the RTL management and Johan Derksen takes it up for his colleague Van der Gijp. Whether Van der Gijp's action is spontaneous or not, it all appears to contribute in any case to the commotion surrounding a subject. And commotion gives attention and that attention to the subject is exactly the aim. Personally, I assume that the riot is directed to start the discussion among the people and thus to make the subject of 'transgenderism' a national discussion, in which large groups will support VI and others will respond fiercely again. . That is the magic (k) of the game of Hegelian dialectics, where you always create opposites (These en anti-thesis) to finally come to the synthesis. Contrasts are thus consciously evoked and fueled in order ultimately to allow the solution to flow from it. And for the kick-start of the Hegelian game (described by the philosopher Hegel) we always have our perception managers from the media.

The world is, as it were, prepared in 3 phases for the gender neutral agenda. That gender neutral is again the front portal for the transhuman (which you already get used to by the transgender push). The preparation of this agenda has been going on for a long time and the refreshing prospect is one of the sexless android people. Also the biggest Martin Vrijland basher was recently converted from Jeroen Hoogeweij to Naomi Hoogeweij. It is not a coincidence.

Below is the summary of the total 5 phases that should lead to the final goal:

  • Phase 1: emancipation of women ('disintegration of old family situation', two-earner model, children to day care centers, more state influence in education);
  • Phase 2: the emancipation of the homosexual ('procreation via IVF', population reduction, further disruption of old family structures);
  • Phase 3: the emancipation of the transgender (normalization of mutations to the human body) and the push of gender neutrality through the #MeToo hype and voice provocation (as the 'whore' pronouncement of Boef);
  • Phase 4: the rise of the transmuted humans, the transhuman, the cyborg (normalization of nanotechnological mutations of the biological cells and brain connection with the internet);
  • Phase 5 the singularity.

This has everything to do with the Luciferian agenda that the world's population wants to bring under 1 world governance, with 1 world religion and 1 gender. The hermaphrodite buck Baphomet is the symbol of this Luciferian agenda. You might sound that far-fetched, but the media push started with the Eurovision Song Contest of 2014, where the man / woman (hermaphrodite) Conchita Wurst was allowed to "win" (read here en here). It is an agenda; a Luciferian agenda; you just have to go through it. If you want to know exactly how that is, then read again this article. The Hegelian game has begun!

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    And Geenstijl, also part of the Telegraaf Media Group (just like Vrouw), fulfills the role of anti-thesis:


  2. Aubury wrote:

    I see it as an opportunity. A chance to show those who have installed the program called football on their hard disk once the other side of all laughter. Top item again.

    The 5 phases can more or less be summarized as the fourth industrial revolution. Only this is not about change in technology, it's about changing people. 'Will you get lost?'


  3. SandinG wrote:


    The Transgender Endgame is Transhumanism

    Ultimately, the "gay" agenda is simply a sub-plot of the bigger Satanic agenda and now that LGBT goals appear almost fully realized, and the hidden hands behind them (both human and demonic) are coming into view. The puppet-masters who have made "gay" supremacy possible have leg working backward from the branch to the chaos out of order - the ultimate satanic goal: confusion of marriage and family, then confusion or gender, and next confusion or what the Bible calls "child."

    It is not just the deconstruction of civilization, but the dissolution of all boundaries between human and animal and machine.


  4. ClairVoyance wrote:

    I encountered the Lindsay Shephard 'issue' last week.
    After studying a dozen of Dr Jordan Peterson's videos, I also have to draw the conclusion - considering the attention to this 'scandal' in the mainstream media - that Dr Jordan Peterson is an NWO Agent Provocateur, and Lindsay Shephard has her role in the LGTBQXYZ. has played almost perfectly. Eventually there appeared to have been no complaint about Lindsay Shepard, and fine-tuning with regard to 'pronounce' and the right to free expression bla, bla, bla ...... For doubters, see 'Dr Jordan Peterson On The Illuminati'. Further vague talk about 911, the Holocaust with 6 million feasted Jews etc. etc. These whores of Babylon have cheated the whole lump. It seems as if everyone is kicking in at YT, but that is probably because YT or the relevant YouTube psych on channel the unwanted reactions removed. Is not that complicated. Look and shiver, check it out and draw your own conclusion.

    • danny wrote:

      Jordan Peterson is indeed 100% controlled opposition.
      As you say, if you see his video about the illumination you know enough, it is even very thick.

      • ClairVoyance wrote:

        And - as you understand - I report this to make it clear that these LGTBQP brainwash plays are played globally. Up to fake senate hearings. (It may cost a bit, because money does not play a role) Talk about conspiracies and fake news!

  5. ClairVoyance wrote:

    Have we actually seen how van der Gijp sweated pea pods? He was not happy.
    I do not think he wanted to stand for cock and he said, "Can not we just talk about football?" And then his demonic robbers snapped at him: "You're going to play this game well Punk, or do you want to die suddenly? "

  6. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Hello Boudewijn or Bo van Spilbeeck, if you read this: they are looking for an interview. I received this e-mail from people who have been empowering LGBT people for years and are helping them to find a job with companies that think LGBT diversity should arise. Yes, that is really true. That is now called emancipation, but it is more like discrimination or subordination of the H (the Hetero). I mean: it seems that LGBT's are receiving preferential treatment. Is it legal? Well, there is probably a little idea for that.

    From: Lara-Louisa Winnington-Ingram

    Message content:
    Dear Martin,

    I am contacting you on behalf of Uhlala. Since 2009 we have been supporting, connecting and empowering LGBT people in their careers and bringing them together with companies and organizations that take a stand for LGBT diversity. We pursue this goal with different projects.

    We are really keen to interview Bo Van Spilbeek for our magazine: http://rahm.ceo/magazine/

    I was wondering if you have a contact email that you would kind enough to share with us?

    Thank you and kind regards,

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