Evert Jan Poorterman and his superiority and 'knowledge' about Nibiru and the Annunaki

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Yesterday I complimented Evert Jan Poorterman on his wonderful Easter stories on the website Niburu.co. I think they sound very nice, but in terms of content I wonder if his burden of proof makes any sense. Evert Jan announces a mix of UFO belief and belief in the planet Niburu and the Annunaki. I have stated before that the belief in these reptiles is very interesting and fascinated myself for a while. That's because David Icke wrote entire books about it that are just as fascinating and because of the books by Zecharia Sitchin. I also do not definitively exclude these theories, but if I consider it from the idea that we live in a simulative (or virtual) reality (as described in this article series, here en here) it is just as possible that it is part of the deception of our perception.

What is important is that cases are not filled in with false proof. In the stories of David Icke, Sitchin and also Poorterman, however, I cannot get concrete issues, but only personal testimonies or even disinformation.

For example, I indicated earlier that the work of Zecharia Sitchin seems to be based on translations of clay tablets that are simply not right or even lied. In the world of the internet, however, it is quite difficult not to come across websites that debun issues, but do it themselves again through lies or distortions. I suspect more and more that large parts of the alternative media are controlled by the same power block that is behind the mainstream media. For example, if you link criticism of mainstream media to theories such as those claiming that the earth is flat or to the existence of reptilian-like ones, you can soon dismiss all criticism and draw the exclusive right to the truth back to mainstream media.

I want to share the conversation with Evert Jan here, because I am surprised at his arrogance and the way in which he dismisses criticism. My first e-mail to Evert Jan yesterday was a reaction to his newsletter in which he gives his vision on the origin of the Easter party. I told him that his articles fascinate me very much, but that I have my doubts about the Nibiru story. That does not mean that there can be no truths in his article. However, the question is whether we see here the strategy of mixing truth with nonsense as explained above.

Evert responded as follows:

Oh well that does me good; the Great Martin Vrijland, which my writing thinks is worthwhile ... Totally good. I find your articles very worthwhile, but I cannot always judge whether what you write is correct. And as mentioned earlier; "Shoemaker keep reading". That money for me and for you too. Nibiroe, PlanetX, SecondSun (Schwarze Sonne SS of the Nazis) is not entirely your strongest area of ​​research. Well mine for over thirty years ... with twenty years of preparation. Given the number of discoveries that I was allowed to make, I dare to say that I am an expert in my field. Ahum! With some hesitation that is true, but honor that is due! Many doubt whether that second star does exist; also Micky van Leeuwen from IndigoRevolution sweeps the floor with me and criticizes everything about the 'anunnaki' and the legendary planet / star Nibiru. There are so many indications of the presence of that star with its four planets ... and so many indications that it is coming ... and there are so many indications that the "anunnaki" exist and there are even indications that those lazy among others in the Veluwe live in an underground base below Fliegerhorst Deelen (related to the Greek Delos more Greek mythology is just Dutch mythology because the ancient Greeks were Frisians). Greeting Evert Jan

I only responded once extensively. Let me immediately add the answer I received this morning, in which Evert Jan marked his response in blue.

Hi Evert,

I don't think so much in terms of big or small. That is all part of our programming. I just write down my ideas about things and apparently a number of people like to read that, but I think there are many more people who would rather die or see me die.

In any case, I think that you cannot say that when someone does dozens of years of studying a subject, this by definition means that they are right. That's true! But on the basis of what I was allowed to discover!And that went very quickly and followed each other step by step ... Then big thinkers like Nicola Tesla or Niels Bohr could never have come up with new insights and always had to chew on the work of teachers with years of experience. You can build on a tunnel vision or an old road, so to speak, or you can build a new bridge and build a new path.
I do not think it is obvious that you can claim the exclusive right to the right vision based on years of study. What the hell?! I am the only one in the Benelux and furthermore who knows the most about my subject. Since I have been working on this, I have not come across any other researcher who can tell me anything I did not know yet! I am the only one in the world who has been able to discover the second language of 'AN UN NA KI'; the Kwando, a highly stylized command and command language, extremely suitable for a developed race that, for example, does space travel. I am the first to see that the texts on the clay tablets are written in shorthand. Only a few years ago did a Dutch assyriologist suggest that the 'cuneiform script' could be a short script. Unfortunately I heard nothing more about it. She must have been ticked off because launching something new is not allowed. I am probably also the first and the only one who sees that the Dutch / Frisians come from Babylon, Akkad and Sumer. I don't get that from Sitchin. I'm probably also the only one who can tell why Mars is red and that stripes and spots of that red are in the atmosphere of Jupiter. And so I can add some facts that until now nobody saw the books of Zecharia Sitchin. Scientists, for example, have been trying to demonstrate and demonstrate evolutionary theory for decades, but that does not mean that all those experienced scientists are on the right track or can claim to represent the truth on the basis of those years of time. It remains a belief system that is being elaborated on.
You can say that you are an expert in research on a subject such as evolutionary theory, but does this mean that no one can or should stand up again who questions the theory? Of course you do, with good reasons. But not just ... or what you did - provide us with a video of an hour and a half and then we have to figure out what the well-founded contradiction is to Sitchin's story. That story belongs to others ... and you apparently support it. Fine, you can, but then list the facts and tell your readers what you see, think and think based on the video presented. We readers may not see or discover that in the story. So you have to help us with that.
So I do not believe in terms such as 'expert' and therefore not in 'you keep shoemaker reading'. I do. You can have an opinion on all kinds of subjects, but whether you are on the right track is two. A toddler in the sandbox with a snotty bubble on his nose can certainly join in the conversation, as long as he is capable of doing that! If you watch Nieuwsuur you will also see terrorism experts, America experts, specialists and experts a, b or c. Do you always agree with that? Absolutely not! Or do you think you should not criticize? Certainly if I can correctly assess and assess what is being discussed and based on my own knowledge, knowledge and research and can frame my image and vision ... and then I growl once and then say loudly in the room; 'Bunch of bruises and losers' ... and switch to another channel. Especially now with the noise about the climate! Based on your position, the answer to that should then be "no, I cannot criticize". I wonder if you put that into practice yourself. So I do not stick to my reading, because I have no reading and I think that good insights can arise by taking the shoemaker away from his reading and putting someone with a new fresh perspective behind who can think that the product can also be made smarter and different. The same applies to news, history, religion and other matters. Years of experience is not synonymous with the right view of the matter. You almost have to agree with me. Totally agree…
I have already mentioned the website that criticizes the books of Zecharia Sitchin and wonder what you think about it. See earlier ...
The fact that I find your statements interesting does not necessarily mean that I assume that it is all correct. However, I find it interesting, because you apparently know how to interest a lot of readers and I also recognize things that may contain cores of truth. I only wonder if it is not a mix of truth with (consciously or not) desinfo. It's all made up by me ... Some ideas may sound very plausible or interesting. By creating the impression that you need decades of study to understand it, the effect can be that people then take it over without checking the burden of proof themselves. After all, most people don't have time for that ... nor the sense and reason for it!

I am curious about the concrete, demonstrable indications for the existence of Nibiru and, for example, of the underground base at Fliegerhorst Deelen. Do you have concrete evidence of that underground basis or is it based on people's stories? Feeling and knowing and visions and statements from others. Arnhem / Velp was a hotspot in the years '60 and' 70, as well as Deelen Airport. Witnesses saw lights, flying objects (UFOs) and according to a father of an acquaintance of mine, who was an agent in Velp at the time, the phone was often red because of the reports. There may be an underground base between Arnhem and Velp (near the pyramid at Velperbroek). There would be a ten-story base below Deelen Airport. Two floors are higher and larger than the other and there are two aircraft with an approximate diameter of 200 meters! Army commanders Dick Berlin (German) became a member of the Board of Directors of the Hoge Veluwe National Park and Kröller-Müller Museum (Germans) immediately after his retirement. What does a former soldier do there in the Veluwe? Did the man suddenly become a nature lover and art connoisseur ?! Or can he make unofficial visits to the underground base (to receive his instructions from the 'gods' there?! ... as Adolf Hitler (German) did three times ?!). Berlin was succeeded by Peter von Uhm (German). When he retired, he also succeeded Dick Berlin on the Board of Directors of the Hoge Veluwe National Park and Kröller-Müller Museum. That Peter apparently suddenly loved nature and art. I think we can sweep the Arnhem / Velp base in one go with the Bilderberg Hotel near Oosterbeek, Fliegerhorst Deelen, the underground base there, the small 'bigfoots' or 'wolf people' seen in the Veluwe, the presence of the 'royal' 'near Apeldoorn, the ancient temples dedicated to Apollo (owes Apeldoorn its name), the needle, the Loo palace, Hoog-Soeren (seems to be a very strong place of power), the Ronde Huis, the' wodanseiken 'on the Veluwe and the burial mounds, the processional paths at Drie / Wekerom and even more possible. The aliens are rustling there… hahaha! And what about Madonna's performance at the Gelrdrome at the time ... She lived in rooms at the Bilderberg Hotel and had a visit there from Prince Charles and Queen Beatrix. Do all of those have good reptiles ?! We don't know but the Bilderberg Hotels (worldwide) always seem to have closed one wing for normal guests, but not for unexpected guests (shapeshifters ?! reptiles ?!). Arnhem, Gelre, Dragon killed by a knight ... and while the knight thrust his lance into the heart of the Dragon, the beast grumbled the words; 'Gelre, gelre, gelre' ... Gelre in primordial language Kwando becomes GE EL RE>, meaning; 'obey-El / ellipse / elastic /stretchable-regularity ', or GELRE has something to do with' listening to ', so responding ... to something or someone who is regular and stretchable ... that would be the second star that passes every 3600 for years ... and then has something to do with it with the 'dracos' underground in the Veluwe ?! We do not know so remember and possibly connect with other strange things in the Veluwe. In the inversion we then see ER LE EG <with the meaning; 'metal / valuable-life-even', either it might have something to do with the precious metals (gold) that the 'AN UN NA KI' (Germans) mine here and send to their planet ... or is it about the 'fireflies' in the Veluwe that in ancient times ferruginous melted. Little males (goblins? Kobolters?), The little amphibious reptiles that built on the underground base perhaps?

For example, David Talbott (who continues Immanuel Velikovsky's work) does not believe in the existence of Nibiru. You do refer to Velikovsky's work. How do you place that? Immanuel Velikovsky was not aware of the existence of the second star. So you won't find anything in his books. Indications for its existence! For example, the 'earth water' kilometers are sucked up as the star passes, such as during the Exodus ... and as a result of which the Red Sea temporarily dried up. For three days (those are the three days that Jesus is in his grave. After three days, Jesus rises). Jesus is also one of the many names for the second star. Velikovsky lets that happen through a comet ... and I think Velikovsky's comet is just the second star. Or planet Nibiroe from Sitchin. Only that knowledge was not yet known in his time. In short, when Sitchin published his book in 1976.

Poorterman refers to in his response this article by me, in which I posted a three-hour film that invalidates the burden of proof of Zecharia Sitchin. Evert Jan does not think that is enough. He may think that I have to do the deciphering of the clay tablets myself, but the question is whether he has taken the trouble to watch the video. In that video it is explained step by step how the burden of proof put forward by Sitchin and others is not factual or even incorrect. I understand that Evert Jan wants me to type it all out step by step, but I do not have the same arrogance as Evert Jan and I believe that you as a reader can get that out of this video very well, without having to type it out. I think it's a non-argument to throw it on. Moreover, Evert Jan contradicts himself by saying at the bottom of paragraph 5 that he completely agrees with me, while he does not agree with me up there, but I actually say the same thing.

What's in the name Poorterman? Gatekeeper? Evert Jan comes back in his reaction with stories about witness statements and gnomes, but if you really take a look at the documentary below, you will find that we do not always have to accept stories without a reason. Evert Jan is clear that he thinks the majority of his readers have 'neither the sense nor understanding' to investigate things, but he still publishes a piece about Nibiru every week. So it seems that he assumes that you accept it from him and do not have the sense or reason to check it yourself. I personally find it a shame that you approach your readers with such an arrogance.

For a good understanding and because I assume that you have the sense and reason to appreciate the content, I will place the video again in which it is explained how several great writers often proclaim pure nonsense. I can imagine, though, that you don't have time to watch for three hours, but instead of setting up a Hollywood movie at the weekend, you might want to make time for something with a bit more depth. Perhaps Evert Jan can also respond to this content once, instead of ending it with 'laziness' on my part (because I don't type everything out step by step). On the contrary, it is useful to view the supporting visual material, making this documentary perhaps the best form. Of course it also applies here that we have to deal with the information of others, because you and I will never find the time to unravel, for example, the Sumerian clay tablets, but at least it is useful to study the other side as well. Does Evert Jan, for example, think that the 'steno' (see reaction) of the clay tablets that he discovered say more about Nibiru and the Annunaki? Can this be substantiated by evidence and for the simple 'neither mind nor mind' seemed to check for truth?

Is the existence of that 12e planet excluded? Is the existence of the Annunaki excluded? No of course not. It could also be that people like Sitchin are gatekeepers who have to mix truth with conscious nonsense. It may also be that they are simply convinced of it. In any case, the stories continue to have a great attraction. I also find them very interesting, but sometimes you just have to do a check to see if they are not just interesting stories. Personally, I tend to get more from the history this perspective to view (click on that link). I also advise you to investigate it yourself and not to accept anything unquestionably. That of course applies to everything I write.


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  1. keazer wrote:

    Which still occupies me the most.
    Also thanks to you martin to look further as we learned.

    Including this video which gave me a completely different view that we are not that far
    if that is claimed today.
    You have to be patient with the video

    Then you come to point 2 if these (mountains) are deserted.
    Why have all the images not become petrified in ancient Egypt? who knows the pyramids?

    How it has been sawn, how drilled has it meant that we are dealing with a higher civilization than now?
    Or does it mean that they were just as far as we are now, but that nature has made the puzzle difficult because it is petrified?

    Who know's but material to think about that you can always be wrong.

  2. Analyze wrote:

    Hi Martin, I have already commented once about that Poorterman see this comment

    Keep an eye on him for a number of years now. Bicycle leather tends very much towards the Aryan leather of the Third Reich. I don't trust him for a meter ...

  3. guppy wrote:

    We have now reached a point where we do know that this world is a repetition / illusion. The speed of light is delayed that you get time and material. Who created this world and who he is and where he lives does that really matter? Well if we give him our energy by rooting in the past. Even if we fight right for us then this god gets his way. Whether his / her (gender-neutral) name is Allah, Annunaki, Elohim, god, Zeus, Isis, Maria and so on is really irrelevant. When we turn our body into a temple in honor of the original, our world of delusion ceases to exist. You see it happen, we just have to make the choice and say goodbye to the old world.

    All has to do with adjustment of your body cells (DNA) to those coming from above. It is energy, do we log in to the firewall or to our original?


  4. Sun wrote:

    Martin I'm going to keep it short. Just do your own thing and all the rest is distraction.


    Evolution theory is a lie! there has never been a proof of "intermediate form" found by the gravestones (archeologists)!
    If you cannot explain it, say "Big boom".

  6. guppy wrote:

    It is of course confusing that all those large pyramids and the like were built by small limited people. I'm sure the earth is older than they make us believe. I also believe that Niburu passes by once in the 3600 year to reset the earth. I do not believe that there are gods on this planet, this is just a planet full of energy that causes a pole shift.

    Those stories were invented by the group with occult prior knowledge to once again become rulers of the new age. The entire UFO story and those who come from above are completely out of context.

    Everything is created from our thoughts!

    People used to be bigger because the ozone layer 7 was thicker, tests were done with this and scientifically proven. My intuition finds this a logical explanation, I attach more value to it than scientific proof. In addition, this explains that the dinos are extinct and that everything on earth was much larger. The ozone layer is recovering again and the chance is therefore very high that everything will get bigger again and not just the Dutch.

    That is why it is good that you indicate that we must be flexible in gathering information and not betting on a horse.

    I have developed a way and I have removed a lot of information everywhere and I have filtered out the most and have the useful parts in my mind.

    How I know what is true and not: Intuition!

    Several people will say that, but focus on your own intuition and then you can eventually put the puzzle.

    Don't let others put the puzzle!

  7. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    Evert-Jan refuses to watch the video in which Sitchin's assumptions are completely undermined 😉
    I have to type it out haha.
    Just have a look at Evert, because it is supported with video proof and that is a bit difficult to type out.


    • guppy wrote:

      He probably also refuses to take the Orjana CBD oil and colloidal silver, he starts every column that he feels sick. After all, I firmly believe in these two means and make colloidal silver myself.

      Still I have to say that I think the niburu site has the good intentions except for the ufo promotion. They experience this unbelievably and undermine the other useful stories.

      Evert-Jan says that the obelisk must represent a rocket, that he must represent a penis, he is right. It is an antenna that must send up energy or an orgasm for the dualistic gods / entities / elves.

      Flying saucers will undoubtedly come to this earth, but they were launched on this earth and not from other planets. I believe there is only one way and that is through the birth channel or through death. The same goes for the story that the Annunaki need our gold to restore the atmosphere of their planet. This story is figuratively the gold must reflect the energy that people put into it. We are the bees that work for the money / gold / honey and that obelisk / penis creates new babees (say Samsung / saturn Galaxy, gala representation of the x and y).

      If a large spaceship lands, they just board nicely, I'll wait until I leave the pipe.

      To understand everything you really do not have to learn primal languages, you just have to pay attention.

      Translate everything to Energy, so I'll take a red bull.

      • Martin Vrijland wrote:

        It is the intention of controlled opposition to mix parts of truth with nonsense. If one takes the trouble to look at the 3 hour docu, much becomes clear about that nonsense.
        So come on Evert Jan .. you can do it!

  8. easy wrote:

    Evert-Jan is a special eccentric who adheres to his own truths, has little eye and ear for the reality around him. Oh dear what am I saying now…. his reality is THE reality. And did I use heaven ...? Oh oh, EJ has a clear opinion about that too.

    Years ago I got to know EJ up close, but since then I have never met anyone who has a more twisted theory than he does. Every time you ask for a concrete substantiation or burden of proof for his findings, he refers to his 30 years of experience and research. Oh yes ... 10 years ago, that was 30 years of research. So apparently this full-length record is stuck on a very thick scratch. I personally throw that record away at a certain moment and start looking for a different sound, and often no less beautiful.

    And which has always stimulated me with EJ and his theories ... Why is he the only one who seems to know everything about this (his own words), and why does he have the knowledge and wisdom to interpret what the message of this higher person is? power is, and the rest of this planet is too stupid and above all too little to gain this knowledge.

    I find the reply that EJ always exhibits above very special. It is full of contradictions as Martin himself points out, but I think the challenge for EJ is that he must first learn to read well and interpret what he has read before making a self-glorifying argument!

    Finally, my personal opinion is that EJ can tell a nice story during the campfire and must limit himself to that. Presenting oneself as a scientific icon who above all does not want to listen and look at the views of others ... what kind of researcher are you then?

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