Every critical sound is finally turned around by Facebook: TIME FOR ACTION

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It was already visible in the statistics here on the site, where since the end of last year Facebook no longer stood at number 1 as a site that links readers. The censorship was more and more noticeable, but today Facebook announces that it will again get news from the 'news feed'. "It is possible that pages see a decrease in their coverage and that videos are not properly viewed"According to Facebook. Fortunately more and more readers are able to find this site directly, because they have subscribed to the newsletter or have filled in their e-mail address at 'Daily Newest Posts'. As a result, the number of readers has not decreased, despite the increasing censorship.

Yet it is remarkable to note that Facebook returned thousands of readers a day to a few months ago and now only a few hundred. We live here in China or in the freee Nedercountry? The state wants it clear everything to put on to regain the monopoly on imaging. Facebook became far too much a refuge for readers of independent news. That's since today finally turned the neck.

Are you convinced that it is good that independent news analyzes reach yourself and others, then it is time to stop this censorship. Time to do! Therefore, say your subscription to your mainstream newspaper, magazine or other media today word quickly lid from this website. You do that on the red 'become a member'button. By being a member of a mainstream newspaper you support the monopoly of media. It is time to break that. They proclaim what the state or its controlled opposition parties and media can give you. That is why it is time for action.

This website can only continue with your support. The survival of this website depends on your donation or membership. Just when you think it is important that true independence remains, you can become a member. This is possible from € 2 per month. If the freedom of speech is worth something to you, you can shape that by means of this symbolic amount.

Your support is the way to break the increasing censorship and the force majeure. Help now and now become a member.

Do not forget that you also have to sign up for the newsletter or under 'Daily Latest Posts', so you will receive the latest articles!

Pay attention! If in the short term the number of members does not reach the limit of 500, it is unfortunately no longer possible to continue. The cost of living and hosting the site can not be applied in combination with full time research and writing activities. Preparing and writing articles is a labor-intensive activity for which your valuation is necessary. You can design this by registering as a member. This is possible from € 2 per month. Thanks in advance.

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  1. danny wrote:

    I have decided to donate Martin from now on with 25 euro in the month, I can miss a bit.
    You have my support.

  2. jst wrote:

    facebook is just a private company and can do what you want. or am I missing something?
    it is up to the customer (you in this case) whether you want to make use of their service.
    understanding nothing at all, why so many continue to take away services that they are completely unhappy about.

    • danny wrote:

      Somewhere you are right, but what matters is that the assumption is that you can communicate freely on Facebook.
      Moreover, censorship is also imposed by governments because these large private companies are also intertwined with each other.

      What matters is that a few power-hungry Bilderbergers want to cut down information flows in order to keep people under control and to push their agenda through.

      To take that off as "You choose for yourself?" Is a bit easy in my opinion.

      • jst wrote:

        @danny. "The assumption" that exists is irrelevant. facebook has rules and conditions. and what else? And that is what you have to conform to as a customer / user / supplier. The government is also a private company and can also do everything that makes sense. (you do not have to keep up), it seems mandatory but from your 18e it is really voluntary.
        If there are power-hungry bilderbergers who want to keep us under control, and you know, why would you volunteer (as a supplier) to cooperate? it is the data suppliers that make it reality.

        "You choose for yourself" that is idd a very easy to walk away. can you tell me what's wrong with that statement?

        I also run an enterprise, just as an illegal company as the government has.
        I have decided that I do not want English as a customer. and have applied an increased price to it. special for them. Discrimination! But I have to know everything myself. Ok, I am very clear about that. but the customer / user really does not want to think about this.
        (I have 0 English customers) ???? and that is excellent. (and so safe)

  3. mec wrote:

    "" Loveable Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called his first few thousand users "dumb fucks" for trusting him with their data, published IM transcripts show. ""

    I left it a facesbooker reading back and his answer was: Yes, but that used to be in the beginning, nowadays there are a lot of "wake up" groups on facebook ....... Well, I'm awake as well when I'm not in my nest lie, dream on

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