The maxim Problem, Reaction, Solution explained

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I have often spoken about the maxim Problem, Reaction, Solution. In recent years we have witnessed more and more murder cases and other cases in the media in which it must be taken into account that these are psychological operations (PsyOps) to play on the people. In several articles I have explained how the game of Problem, Reaction, Solution works and how this may have been applied in the well-known murder cases of recent times. I therefore, for example, really recommend you in this article en in this article good to read again before continuing here. It is really worthwhile to thoroughly study both articles and the videos placed therein.

All these events and all the use of cunning and deception by the media, to get the people into acceptance mode for stricter legislation and more police state measures, inspired me to make a song of it. You can find the (living room) sound recording in the video below.

The rule Problem, Reaction, Solution implies so much that governments, in conjunction with the media, outline to the people a major problem. Usually da is a self-created problem; created through film studio techniques such as greenscreen technology, deepfakes, facial reenactment and face-swap software. If you click on the linked articles above, you will find a detailed explanation of those techniques.

The masses get sucked into things that heavily stimulate the gut feelings and the media helps to provoke an emotional reaction among the people. The deepfake techniques are also used to monitor social media. With hundreds of home workers monitoring the discussion full time and hiding behind credible deepfake profiles with an equally credible social (deepfake) network, you can steer any online discussion in the desired direction and heavily attack anyone who has a different opinion. The reaction among the people can therefore be provoked, but it can also be steered. Because you send the sentiment among the population through media and monitor social media through the troll army, you then prepare the people for new legislation that they would never have accepted without that self-created problem (the PsyOp).

I wanted to make a song of it for a while, because music often sticks better than articles. You may find it useful or you will use it if you try to show people how we are played with fake news almost daily.


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  1. guppy wrote:

    If I read the responses on then the solution is mandatory 💉😉

    Personally, I think that 7 on the 10 really doesn't believe the bullshit of now and then.

    • Stiff wrote:

      Lmfao ... that is the controlled media pinnacle ... 10 years ago she produced it is true, now it is pure Aids. Just like TPO at a certain point, memnings get it because they talk shit because they are overly harsh and worship wilders. That is why they have now censored comments and you can only respond if you are a member through donations.

      You really are a hard cuck when you run after media and politics, a kind of messiah complex waiting for a savior. You have serious 70-year-old people with Stockholm Syndrome who have been slavishly believing everything their whole lives. It will probably not be an 7 / 10 that wants compulsory vaccination .. I think people are for vaccination (still stupid) but not required.

      You should definitely not wait for someone to solve the problems for you ... just ensure that permanent chaos is created over which even the elite cannot get control. Just continue with the chaos agenda that the elite has been promoting for years

  2. Well ... damn it ...
    I now have the tune in my head all day long!

    So ... people who work for an authoritarian boss, for example:
    Especially don't listen to the tune, because you could happily sing through the tune all day long, so that colleagues can't concentrate on their work to maintain the system! Imagine…

  3. Stiff wrote:

    Baudet: stop mass immigration and intolerance Is then able to defend with a talmudic keppeltje on israel ... israel which sends immigrants to europe. Lmfao ... they are also anti EU at fvd and then participate in EU parliament. What a joke.

  4. In my area I hear mixed reactions to Martin's song; from very positive to negative.

    According to my opinion and taste the singing is a bit less, but I think the guitar is fantastic!
    Incidentally, this song is not a production made in a well-equipped studio, where technology makes everything possible to make the whole sound better. In addition, Martin is not commercially active, but only has one mission: to show people that they live in an invisible prison, while they themselves help to maintain and even extend this prison.

    But what does it really matter what I think of the song? Martin has been creative and expressive and has even gone so far as to put the result on the internet. More people do this in themselves, but Martin is being watched by a large troll army, who seizes every opportunity to ridicule him for the purpose of being silenced.

    When I look around, I see very few people who dare to be creative and expressive. The masses behave "as they should". In addition, with the passage of time, the system deprives people of the opportunity to be creative and to express their creativity. The socially desirable behavior depends on the environment in which an individual finds himself. However, all this so-called socially desirable behavior is the result of conditioning and indoctrination, which is dependent on the prevailing spirit of time and culture. The trick is to see that this prevailing spirit of time and culture, with the desired behavior, is fully controlled by the current rulers, who secretly control the entire system worldwide. Legislation also ensures that the accuracy of predicting the desired behavior of the mass is increased, so that the mass can be better controlled.

    People who live "as they should" still do not notice that they are being fully lived the way the rulers want. These people are good sheep or dead fish that go with the flow. These dead fish will seldom or never do anything wrong, because they are the living zombies, which are completely controlled by the system. The dead fish, which is higher, have managed to kick the system and often jump around in suits or suits, are the most rotten and smelly dead fish. These fish hold each other's hands together when they cheat things out of greed or other self-centered goals. In addition, those in power will not drop these white collars, since these white collars are a requirement to be able to control the masses through laws and regulations. The executive layer underneath, such as agents and other service providers, usually do not realize which (larger) agenda they serve.

    You will see fewer and fewer people who dare to express their true identity (as far as they have found it). A lawyer from a respected office will not put such a video on the internet so quickly ... after all, that is not right. Dead fish of this kind have a fake world created by their ego to sustain and will only show their true nature in a sneaky way.

    In NAZI Germany there were also people who didn't behave as they should in the thirties. These people were made life impossible. The time in which we now live can be compared to the late 1930s in NAZI Germany. Everyone knows what happened to Germany and the rest of Europe. The masses do not want to see that we are once again living in such a time. The people who maintain the system are the "go-geters" with a "positive attitude" who behave "as it should". As long as this setting remains the driving force of the masses, the New World Order will be a fact.

    Hats off to Martin ... a living fish that dares to be itself!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      Thank you
      And when it comes to singing, a big cold doesn't really help, but I didn't want to spend hours perfecting it.
      Who knows, maybe I'll do that later.
      However, I prefer to focus on writing clear articles.
      Thank you for a positive response!

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