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Oh well, you don't have to tell anyone who is a bit stuck through the media and political games. The Extinction Rebellion protests, for which no license has been issued at all, are neatly defeated by the camera crews of the media and the arrests are nothing more than a camera show. It is literally a handful of people with the usual (slightly too fashionable) hippie look, who can earn a little money to set up a tent for the first time in their lives and who have no idea what they are talking about.

Broadcaster PowNed, may also win some credits by clearly showing that the young people do not even know that CO2 is the abbreviation for carbon dioxide, while we now frequent proof here have seen on the site that such demonstrations, including riots and arrests, are completely under the direction and are beaten by the same PowNed. But with the deployment of a potato-in-the-throat canal belt (and therefore 'right' Thierry Baudet image) reporter you push the activists into the victim role and history has shown that everything you give the victim status will ultimately receive the inviolability status.

On Sunday 10 April 2016 I went to The Hague with a friend to take a personal look at a Pegida demonstration and see if the image that the media outlined corresponded with reality. We soon realized that this is absolutely not the case. We saw with our own eyes that such a demonstration is completely beaten up by the media and that the demonstration and counter-demonstration, including arrests, have been completely set in scene.

The day started well, when we had a cup of coffee around half 1 in the afternoon and I started filming from behind the fence opposite the Spui square. Immediately two agents came to us to ask for our ID card. In fact, it turned out that they actually did this to every passer-by. The number of police present was extremely large compared to the group of demonstrators. I estimate that there were 500 agents on 50 protesters. This in contrast to messages in the mainstream media, which claimed that there is such 100 demonstrators goods. That might seem like that, because around the protesters around 1 walked around on 1 journalists, photographers or cameramen. It was actually a sad show. The turnout was hardly noteworthy. The same applied to the so-called counter-demonstration of Antifa.

Even before the demonstration, an attempt was made to fake an arrest because the ME present 'out of the blue' professional activist Frank van der Linde arrested. This seemed to have been agreed in advance, because all cameras and photographers knew exactly the moment and were ready to take pictures. It is not for nothing that Frank calls himself a professional activist, because it did indeed look like a rehearsed act. However, not so professional that alternative media had been taken into account this time. What turned out to be? Van der Linde was not caught at all behind the van, but was just chatting for minutes with the gentlemen who had just taken him "very aggressively" before the cameras. Busted! (see the video images at the bottom of the article)

The demonstration itself also had all the elements of a set up show. A police helicopter completed the act. Powned was present with a cameraman: a blonde who only approached wierdo types and a director. In addition, you had a team from the NOS, the Telegraaf, omroep West and you can't imagine it that bad. What should the whole media country do with such a minute demonstration? The answer can already be guessed. It must seem as if a great deal of success is being achieved by inciting population groups against each other. Nothing is less true. The turnout consisted of nothing more than a handful of hired extras, just like we are currently seeing at Extinction Rebellion. No, I have not seen the pay check that proves that they have been hired, but it was nothing more than a very colorful company that the right Pegida team got the right banners and signs in their hands at the right time and then pressed for to pose the camera. Everything revolved around the cameras present and the shots. And PowNed, of course, interviewed all these silly looking extras.

At a certain point I was listening to a interview by PowNed with a lady with red hair. When asked later, it turned out that she lived in the neighborhood and had her own blog, and she had learned something from a conversation between police officers. She had heard that there were an 25 number of counter-protesters in Burgerking ready to attack the Pegida protesters-extras. See the video below. By the way, if you hear the background noise, it sounds as if impressive speeches are being given. Those were nothing more than 4 people, including Pegida Netherlands foreman Edwin Wagensveld and a few people who each read aloud a note.

I decided to walk ahead of the demonstration and take a look at the Burgerking mentioned by the red-haired lady. And yes, there they were: the counter-protesters of Antifa. I call them protestant-extras, because it was all about an act. Even during the aggression played, many members of this group put a broad grin on their faces, from which you could notice that they were playing. It was obvious that the entire Antifa club was placed in that Burgerking to be able to set the arrests in scene. Because why do you hold a group in the Burgerking until the Pegida demonstration passes and then let them out of Burgerking in front of entire teams and arrest them within 2 seconds? Surely you could have done that before then? They were simply ready for their act. The arrests were nothing more than a show in front of the cameras. Busted again!

It was very interesting to see the demonstration fully encapsulated by ME walked through the city and how nothing but the same slogan was chanted than "AZC away with it!"Here too it was clear that this walking tour through the city was nothing more than a show; intended to organize the small upheaval at Burgerking for the camera crews and photographers present. The 54 arrests reported to Antifa in the media were greatly exaggerated. Moreover, they were not real demonstrations. The door of the Burgerking was opened by the same officers who acted 2 seconds after the arrests. You can tell approximately how many extras were present in the Burgerking. By the way, there was no staff present in the Burgerking, so the space was clearly rented for the occasion.

The reason for the visit to the demonstration in The Hague was to experience with your own eyes how such demonstrations are set up and how this works out concretely. In 2013 I observed that all demonstrations have been completely tackled. It may now be clear that this conclusion is correct.

If you are considering demonstrating again, know that everything is under the control of the state. Oh yes, and the police camera car present (see the white bus in the photo series) was equipped with dozens of cameras around the bus and also two impressive rotating cameras that film everything and probably already have your face registered if you are just a little bit in the nearby area. So we can say with certainty with 100% that demonstrations are being staged. Everything is controlled by the police state. So do we really think that there is no organization behind those Extinction Rebellion demonstrations worldwide? Of course there is organization behind that! It is the left force field that is said to be funded by George Soros by the right (see here), but in the end both the left and the right are organized by the same elitist group and the brand will be blown up on the right (see this article for a detailed explanation), so that the roadmap to world government can be implemented with 'climate change' as an important excuse. Trumanshow!

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  1. Camera 2 wrote:

    Sly femme Halsema has learned a lot in the theater cabinet. see Parool today under link
    Protestants protect so-called Protestants by the police and the ME, which prevented them from turning around.

    Masterfully played that play. And at the same time call Timmermans the climate pope,
    it can all be even more transparent, food for social teachers.

    I even heard that among the (fake) protesters were young people
    who enjoy command training abroad, that will not be true?

    95% of the (fake) protesters were of foreign origin.

    Oh why then ??? answer: "Then they are not recognized so quickly of course"


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