Extinction Rebellion director Margaret Klein Salamon: "The next step is to pretend that the truth is real"

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Behind the Extinction Rebellion there is a professional organization as we know it from the colored revolutions that the CIA has been using for decades to dismiss "dictators" and install the American version of democracy. It is a method of 'peaceful demonstrations' in a royal day-like festive mood with a lot of music and sympathetic evocative gatherings, with a lot of nice camping. An important weapon in building such a revolution is social media and the efforts of famous actors. In this case, it is a global colored revolution, because climate change propaganda is the harbinger of rigging a world government.

You need a global problem to provide a global solution. So first have your large oil companies deliver a lot of crude oil to the plastic factories and replace all glass cola and milk bottles with plastic and ensure that the oceans float nicely full of plastics. Than make up also a CO2 problem as the cause of global warming, shows some walruses throwing themselves off rocks at so-called lack of ice and put in a tough young girl who is playing with the emotions ”How dare you!"And Kees is ready.

It is all arranged through a professionally rigged global organization. A real professional revolution as we know it from the CIA. The website theclimatemobilization.org serves as the portal of The Climate Mobilization organization and it is clear that there is big money behind it. Alternative media websites are used to downplay the financing to at most a few barrels, but assume that there is a well-oiled machine behind this and that it is not all run on volunteers. However, you will never see those cash flows, because that is the principle of secret services: it is secret.

Margaret Klein Salamon is a clinical psychologist, so he knows quite a bit about playing the human psyche. Everything happens under the cover of "I am so good for the environment", but let's ask such a lady for a copy of her pay slip or invoiced hours for her position as Executive Director of The Climate Mobilization.

In the presentation below we see how the dead eyes of this inanimate clown in the camera light up her rehearsed talk about saving the climate. She explains in great detail that the approach of the Extinction Rebellion group is conducting a campaign based on psychology. We hear the definition of propaganda here. Then rinse for a moment to 11: 30 minute to hear the definition of the truth of these ladies and gentlemen. "We tell the truth and then act like that truth is real“, Is what Mrs. Salamon says there. Of course, some will say she means that they should act according to the truth, but in fact her entire speech revolves around inducing panic among the population who, in her eyes, is not sufficiently shocked about the situation in which humanity finds itself. In fact, she explains that the organization was established to stir up fear among the people. That fear is completely unjustified and they know it themselves, but the story now is that it "should only be exaggerated" because otherwise nothing happens from governments. A psychologist at the helm of such a demagogic club is useful, don't you think?

The organization is also being rolled out professionally in the Netherlands. A reader of this site went to take a look at the Vondelpark and saw how the organization recruits and instructs participants about the organizational structure and working method. It is clearly a worldwide Gene Sharp Method Revolution and the youth are recruited to push the agenda, not knowing it is digging its own grave and calling a global police state over itself through a completely fabricated problem. Pay more, control everything you buy and sell regularly through a worldwide (China model) police state system.

We are witnessing yet another Gene Sharp color revolution method (a well-known CIA method), but this time on a global scale. We saw the same method in the time of the Yugoslavia war, the uprisings in Egypt and the Ukraine and in many other countries worldwide. It is a very well-crystallized method that is currently being used in Hong Kong again. We also see the same methodology behind the Extinction Rebellion. This method has been frequently discussed here on the site during the Ukraine Revolution, but for the sake of convenience I am posting a video here of a lady who explains the Gene Sharp method well once again. Have a look at the links in this article for background information about the climate hoax.

Do you not believe that we are witnessing the Gene Sharp CIA method? Then read the quote below:

The first major clue came in the form of a presentation given by Gail Bradbrook, one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion (XR for short - the main British group advocating for Climate Mobilization) at Off-Grid Festival a number of years ago, promoting her Compassionate Revolution / Rising Up! concepts / brands. In it, she was referred to as Otpor !, the ostensibly 'grass-roots' instigators of the Serbian 'Bulldozer Revolution' or 2000, as 'just a bunch of kids'. She also spoke glowingly or Gene Sharp, whose strategies were applied in that and each of the so-called 'color revolutions' that subsequently swept through various parts of the globe, culminating in the Arab Spring, which in turn inspired many to participate in the Occupy movement. (read continue here ..)

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  1. Martin Vrijland wrote:

    See also the latest video and the Jeffrey Epstein connection with the MIT media lab and the Gene Sharp method, including the connection with Extinction Rebellion.

    Interesting isn't it!

    • Martin Vrijland wrote:

      We are not ashamed of it. We are just openly applying the Gene Sharp method and bringing it as something positive, without reporting that it is intended to install a global police state system. It is a CIA method and the organization pretends that it is now using that method as a spontaneous citizens' initiative (and the people will also settle in here again):

  2. frameworks wrote:

    Financing such operations is also made possible with the accounting standard FASB 56, which makes it possible to keep certain cash flows out of sight. With this, the allocation of tax money is therefore legalized.

    FASB 56 = CLASSIFIED ACTIVITIES "permits government agencies to" modify "public financial statements and move expenditures from one line item to another. It also expressly allows federal agencies to refrain from counting taxpayers if and when public financial statements have been altered.

    Taxes are collected on the so-called budgets, which, however, says nothing at all about the financial position of government institutions. Therefore, add the Comprehensive Financial Accounting Report to the new FASB 56 standard and you can finance huge black ops.

    CAFR - sa set of US government financial statements including the financial report of a state, municipal or other governmental entity that complies with the accounting requirements promulgated by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).

  3. Camera 2 wrote:

    The ME loses a game of football in an afternoon.

    Now the ME was a full week before dawn, every day, not an afternoon and 1 location, no dozens of locations.
    Plus all those ME buses with a diesel tank, the horses, the police buses, police on Motor helicoprs? etcetra etcetra

    How is Rebellion going to pay for that, an interesting question


  4. Camera 2 wrote:

    Saturday Amsterdam 12 October 2019

    The hikers who bothered people by setting up fleshed walls (themselves) with flag whether or not with flag were deposited today at 12 Oct at a location, where everyone could enter the km allowance and enter the hours they made. see link telegraaf where they have again obtained a huge platform.
    Then everyone went to their warm cozy house or they are
    continue shopping in the Kalverstraat. The ME had to work overtime today as the walking bishops stayed in the streets of the Capital all week.
    Ambulances and fire brigades had to make a detour, or as a result of this the emergencies have become fatal is as yet unknown.
    Calling with mobile in traffic costs you a fine, cycling on the sidewalk costs you a fine
    hanging out a Nazi flag will cost you a fine.

    Rebellion extinction, but then turned around, has been proven to have a privileged position
    So also proven that it has been staged. So an agenda of the government itself serves.
    Can it be even more transparent!


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